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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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the, the news this is the w news lies from berlin, flames in gulf, the united states as wes, a brutal, heat wave arches western regions. as more than 60 wildfires, rage, a largest covers that area larger than new york city, forcing residence in its path to flee. also coming up the cities across south africa, looted and ablaze than the worst and violence been there in years. more than 70 people have been killed as writers, brands, tact stores and flash the police after the jailing,
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the best president jacob ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. wildfires are ravaging parts of the western united states, forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. the blazes have been exacerbated by a record smashing heat wave that has killed over 50 people in the state of oregon alone. scientists are pointing the finger at climate change, fueling a mega droughts that has turned swayed of the u. s. into a tinderbox. the oregon is the largest of nearly 60 active wildfires, currently burning across the western united states. the extent of the blaze can be seen best from above. it now covers an area larger than
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that of new york city, forcing residence in its path to evacuate their homes. this is my 1st wildfire, and it is scary. isn't that to make you cry age enough to make your stomach? because you don't know if you're going to be the one that uses or house or you sit there and watch your neighbor lose their house and there's nothing you can do about it. many have had to take refuge in shelters like this. while the fires have been found by an extreme heat wave, with temperatures reaching 47 degrees celsius, the heat alone has proven deadly. at least 54 people have died from hot weather in oregon alone. over the last few weeks. the age range is from $4897.00 with an average age of 70. so that affirms what we know, which is that whole, the older individuals are at higher risk of heat related illness. the majority of
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them died alone and without air conditioning. scientists offer little consolation, they see a direct link between climate change and heat was that of fueling these extreme fires and the fires are also raging in the state of california for more i am joined now by isaac sanchez. he is a firefighter and battalion chief at cal fire in sacramento, california. thank you so much for joining us. what is the situation like in california right now? well it's very similar to what's happening across the west, elevated temperatures, low humidity's, and of course there are receptive feel bad that's, that's ready to burn with, with the introduction of the smallest part. so given that i mean, what sort of challenges are you now facing when trying to extinguish fires and keep people safe amid this extreme heat. so the primary challenge that we face this time
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of year and we're facing that sooner in the year than we ever have in the past, is the, the, the rate at which these fires grow and spread that can now obviously face present challenges not only for the firefighters who are trying to put the fire out in the very, in the 1st place. it's absolutely affecting the communities that so these fires are burning there. and of course, the, you know, causing the accusations that are clearly challenging our communities. talk with us about, i mean, if you could just put this into the broader context for us, you know, we've seen this relatively frequently in the past years. is it getting worse as the years go on, or is that just perception? well, it, it kind of seems like it is getting worse. you know, the, the number of fires that we are responding to is clearly growing that is being shown and proven through the data that we collect and keep track of every single year. but what's, what's growing also is the size of the fires,
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they're simply getting bigger than they ever have in the past. most of the, of the 20 biggest fires that we've had within the state of california historically have happened within the last 510 years. and that is absolutely concerning, and a trend that we absolutely would would like to see reversed. thank you so much. isaac sanchez, as you mentioned your a firefighter, a battalion chief at cal fire in sacramento, california for taking the time to tell us more about the important work that you are doing to try and keep people safe out there. so we appreciate it. thank you. let's get more insight. we are joined by carl fridge exploits nor he is a climate physicist at humboldt university in berlin and crawford. i mean we've just heard there we spoke to that firefighter there in california. we're also not only thing in the u. s, but also canada, russia, spain, extreme heat,
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waves record temperatures in many parts of the world. you know, a lot of people point to climate change. is this climate change, or is this just weather? well, it's both, but it's definitely climate change. one thing that we know for sure is the climate change is fueling heat and making them more severe and that's exactly what we are seeing and also exactly what we can linquist, anticipate methods to climate change. and we are seeing in particularly the case of the northwest and heat wave in the us and canada to be and not just loading the dice and making extreme he's based more frequent. we're also seeing untreated entity meant that wouldn't have happened without climate change. so we not just throwing was 6 is if you want to say, so climate change just making us throw sentence. and the impact of this is i know being felt all over north america. and part of your job is in fact, you know, not just to assess what's happening right now, but also to perhaps project into the future when it comes to the impact of climate
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change. what are you expecting now in the coming years given the current situation? well colleagues of mine does to keep the example, have done an analysis on the characteristics of this faith and why today is indeed a very rare and extreme event at a warming of 2 degrees above pre industrial level. such an event could happen every time for 10 years. so by bit by mid century and a couple of cases. and i think it's illustrating that the climate crisis is not some something that's happening in the future. it's something that's very much upon us. i'm being based in berlin and instead of saying we're leaving yet, and temperatures as be, quote him probably the highest and the last 12000 years. so in the time the human started to do agriculture and civilization started to possibly i'd like to ask you about the plans in the table to try and you know, combat climate change get emissions under control. the european union, for example,
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says that it wants to drastically cut emissions in the next decade. what do you make of that plan? is that enough? it's urgently needed. but we do know the plans that we have on the table are insufficient to achieve the want to have to be limit of the purchase agreement and use impact reminders that we should cut emissions as soon as possible and drastically as possible in order to limit that future impacts. so while you see a lot of promising developments and recent years, also the change in the global political landscape on climate action and a lot of countries committing themselves to achieve material emissions by the century, much more is required and particularly next the k to slow down climate change and get us on a trek towards achieving the purpose of being confrontational and kind of climate physicist joining us from berlin. thank you so much. thank you very much. has some other stories making headlines around the world in cuba,
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dozens of people have been arrested after some of the biggest anti government demonstrations in decades. according to cuban authorities, one man died in what they are calling the disturbances exiled rights groups. cuba lex says, as many as 150 people were detained, thousands to part in protests against cuba, economic crisis, and pandemic handling. right, a police in lebanon have fire tear gas coupled with protesters, including family, members of the victims of last years. they report explosion. the demonstrators were outside the home of lebanon's, caretaker interior minister, they say authorities are obstructing the investigation into the blast. they killed more than 200 people and injured thousands more. funerals have been held in the rocky city of not just for the victims of a hospital fire official say that more than 90 p were killed when he please talk to
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a corona, virus isolation. ward. a committee has informed to investigate the cause of the fire. here are some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic. south korea has tightened social distancing restrictions across most of the country. it is struggling to contain its worst ever 3rd in new cases, driven by the delta, very and in australia. sydney has extended its locked down by 2 weeks. as infections continue to rise, the public is under stay at home orders except for essential outings. and london's mayor has announced masks will remain mandatory on public transport. it comes in the face of plans by the government of prime minister for johnsons, who lived most cove in 1900 restrictions. despite rise in cases. a thought is in south africa, say that more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence the
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country has seen in years. the unrest ruptured last week after former president jacobs numer turned himself into police. he is now serving a prison sentence for contempt of court. he and his supporters are demanding his release. this warehouse in durban was ransacked by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. it is only one of dozens of moles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters like this party supplies shop. and so i don't why. so over the over going over his i o banks, money. i'm going to pay this with what in some instances, arms local residents went after the looters themselves,
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the governments and soldiers the most affected areas. as police struggled to control the young rest. the current situation on the ground is under strong service. and we will ensure that it does not deter it any further, cannot allow anyone to make a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after 4 more south african president, jacob's duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. the outrage of zoom of supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. so wanted to take police so long to react, despite the warnings of unrest. well, we asked professor karen runs a man, director of the center of social change at the university of johannesburg. i think
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it's still a very cold x and unfolding story. there are some allegations that some sections of the state of jersey for so maybe over aligned them of action may have in some ways a sort of to should leave the poor to what, what is happening. again, these are all things that are coming to light of food, so it's very hard to verify these claims and, but i think we are certainly not a very, very difficult situation. given the scale of what we are seeing. there are concerns about the response of police. i know the deployment of army and neither of which have a particularly good track record in dealing with these things does not escalate violence . and that was professor karen once a man from the university of johannesburg canister. roger federer has pulled out of the upcoming olympic games because of injury federer a 20 time grand slam champion has been struggling to find his best form after
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having double knee surgery last year. he went out of the recent wimbledon tournament in the quarter finals. federal says that he was still experiencing problems with his knee, but hope to return to action later in the year. and the nominations are in for the, i mean is the highest honors in u. s. television and 2 very different dramas are leading the way over time make sustain netflix is the crown and star wars spin off drama. the mandel laurie and both have an impressive $24.00 non nations. also looking to when take is super hero drama, the one division with 23. the pandemic disrupted production of course of a lot of tv shows, meaning that some favorites didn't return. in time. he said he is going to be awards will be handed out in los angeles and he's on september 9th
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and with that, now you're up to date here on d. w. news coming up. next, it is businesses with my colleagues, daniel winter. i'm sarah kelly in berlin. thank you so much for joining us. take care. ah ah. by that time and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with these with lions. what's your story. ready


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