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tv   Ein Sommer auf Hiddensee  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CEST

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with learning, like global ideas, we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for me. ah, this is devin news and these are our top stories. south africa military has stepped up deployment, says the government tries to co protests and looting. at least 45 people have been killed in the unrest and began last week after former president jacob's duma began serving a 15 month sentence to contempt. he's appealing the ruling of the high court in cuba, dozens of people have been arrested office. some of the biggest anti government demonstrations in decades excelled rights group. cuba legs says at least as many as
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$150.00 people would attain. thousands have been taking to the streets to protest. keep is economic crisis and the handling of the pandemic, right? police 11 on her 5 gas and scuffled with protested, many of whom were family of the victims of last year. they were poor explosion. the demonstrators were outside the home of lebanon's, k. take a interior minister. i said, well, thought he there, obstructing the investigation into the bluff that killed more than 200 people, an injured thousands of movies. this is data, but the news from berlin is more on our website. that's d w dot com the ah cruise. last week, former south african president, jacob zoom, went to prison,
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convicted of contempt of court by the country's highest court. soon supporters war and the result would be ugly and bloody. and they were right today jacobs, him a foundation said there will be no peace until zoom is released from prison and ultimate him for south africa. a country held hostage by a former president who is behind bars. i'm bred govern berlin. this is the day the me that the next, so public 5 and that kind of read, seen in the history of our democracy shop have been looted. property has been run their lives cannot allow
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anyone to make them look like democrats estates. yes. this is who we this is not the also coming up all health care workers in france and greece will soon have to decide be vaccinated against the corona virus or be without a job. you know, you know, if it isn't thinkable, unvaccinated nurse to care for an immunosuppressed cancer patient, you know when to our viewers on p b. s in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day in south africa where the rule of law for every one is under attack. soldiers are now patrolling the streets in many cities after a day that saw the worst violence in the country and years. looters, set fire to shopping centers and warehouses,
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crowns clashed without number police. more than 40 people have died. many say the violence is the result of high unemployment made worse by the countries in the mc vaccination drives. there is also the feeling that 27 years after apartheid, meaning promise is made by corrupt politicians have not been kept. south africa's political leaders certainly shoulder a lot of the blame, including former president jacob zoom, but he does not see it that way. zoom is behind bars tonight, 2 weeks ago, the country's highest court sentenced him to 15 months in prison for contempt of court. after he refused to appear before a panel investigating corruption allegations against him. zima says, this is all a political which haunt equating the decisions of the high court with the system of justice under apartheid. today, his foundation issued a threat. if zoom is not released from prison, there will be no peace in south africa. is this what it looks like and what it
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sounds like is former south african president, jacob zuba holding his own country hostage. we begin tonight with this report. this warehouse in durban was ransacked by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. it is only one of dozens of miles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters like this party supplies shop. and so i don't why. so over the over the overhead i owe banks money. i'm going to pay this one with what in some instances, armed local residents went after the looters themselves, the governments and soldiers the most effected areas. as police struggled to control the young rest,
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the cut over his ration on the ground is under strong service. and we will ensure that it does not deter it any further that cannot allow anyone to make a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after former south african president, jacob's duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court. after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry, the outrage of duma supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. over more now, when it was over to our corresponding christine when once she is in cape town, covering the story for its good evening to you, christine jacob mas foundation today said there would be no peace in south africa until zima is released from prison. is south africa, is it being held hostage tonight by its former president?
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well brains, it would be very difficult to argue that we are not here because of the former presidents incarceration, which must have been that was facing imprisonment. his supporters warned that there would be angry in the country. in fact, when they initially mobilizing the hash tag, doing the rounds on social media platforms, hash tag shut down. well, that's 3 jacobs and of course we will be off today. bring beyond the looting that we have been seeing happening in the provinces, is that destruction we're talking about the burning down on certain properties, building assets. if it is that there are people, how been making a disruptive in this country, doing significant damages to, to person assets and certainly see how it is the delivery of product team.
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nurses that are responsible for the transportation of goods across the country has actually been hope is increasing per site. when the war not has been suspended, people are able to get the best team because of the expense on the damage that is being done in this country. and you know, we hear that this was all sparks by the jailing of former south african liter jacob zoom zoom though he turned himself into police almost one week ago with the violent reactions which his supporters promise it feels like they came somewhat delayed. i mean, what does that tell us? well, hey, ashley, this is? she started a few. our banks are the president, the former president was aggressive. we saw a small group of people. it. these were isolated incidents. you would have the information on a call really? yeah, a building safe and like more number of people gathered in the name of free jacob. by this time we went to the weekend, this was a full scale, often attack movie,
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the kinds of pictures that we're now looking at today, sufficiently heard it on the security platform that may be coming out and saying that they are now investigating that form security officials that are believed to be linked sort of presidents not to be involved in this. there was a sophistication that has taken a course yet, and that is what officials are investigating. and i'm wondering this unrest that is attached to his incarceration. is that likely then to impact his court case because he is appealing you know, the sentence of 15 months for contempt of court. when you feel, if yeah, especially those in the needle presents, you would argue that that has absolutely no bearing on their, on the midst of them is appeal case at the constitutional court on monday. and here's lawyers, the better part of the day for me making the case as to why back should reconsider . expensive thing is it's a judgment then conventional offer form
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a pretty good everybody who's watching that case. the legal side does not feel bad . this is in a way made and vincent in a case hurdles that they needed to get over to, to get to, to make that decision. they do have done that, but it doesn't appear that the development in the country do. they want to be really back to seeking the case. great. there are soldiers on some streets tonight in south africa. the military was the military deployed to do a job that the local police could not do or would not do essentially is. and that has caused outrage, this deployment of the menefee, although it is confined to these 2 practices, has really shown what is asked by many people will born in the country. it was clear to people that they would be some kind of reaction if the former president was incarcerated. so that was to be expected. the fact that day
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funding you had people call the, the damage that people have done the expansion, the new thing district. and they will no longer live, in some cases, how was learning and the single produced in size, and now you have a military prison, which itself is proving ineffective. it is a limited deployment, and it has nothing to qual, be al, breaking the risk in this country. we are still seeing more looting taking place even speaking at a number of the patient in the to affect your pocket is helping. and once, when you tell me of african, the friction that there has been a failure when it comes to this country, me to ship the police minutes. that state procures the official as well as the president, very much in the firing lines. and i had a disturbing situation and we know that you will stay on top of events forest, christine, what in cape town tonight, christine, as always, thank you. the,
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the corona virus delta variant is spreading across the globe here in europe. it is sending the number of new cases higher. almost all new infections are being reported to people who have not been vaccinated and yet to many still refuse to be knocked late in france in greece. the option of forcing people to get the shots is not an option, but an ultimatum, apparently is healthcare workers in france, and greece will soon have to decide either be vaccinated against the corona virus or face unemployment in france, beginning of september bars, restaurants, trains, and planes will also be off limits to people without a special cobit 19 pass. the french president saying that his country is in a new race against time to prevent a 4th wave for health care workers at this hospital in paris. president manuel my calls announcement means a choice between getting the job or losing that job. for some it's an easy choice
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to make sure that it's true that the paramedics department and especially assistant nurses having trouble to understand the importance of getting vaccinated. so i understand why emanuel micron asked for mandatory vaccinations. otherwise we won't get through this when you get laughing on the sequel of a hospital work as an angry, their jobs are on the line if they refuse. but unfortunately, i will have to get vaccinated against my will because i love my job. i love my patients and you measures also include the need to show proof of vaccination or an expensive negative test for long distance train, travel, and visiting restaurants. many provisions are embracing the challenges, but some worried by microns suggestion, that mandatory explanation for all may be necessary. it's a violation of al, right? we don't have the right to move around freely for me compulsory vaccination. it's
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inconceivable. frances joining other european nations like italy and greece, which have already announced mandatory vaccination for aged care and health workers . up looking to ship them from september. first, mandatory vaccination will apply to both public and private health care professionals. it is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an amino suppressed cancer patients. by the drastic measure is an attempt to find a wave of an occupation fatigue that some countries are witnessing with europe. opening up some politicians, a cautioning that different rules based on immunization status is the only safe way to motivate those. hesitant to get the jap private groups like the organization set up by form a u. k. prime minister, tony blair, a pushing the government to have a strict or approach. well, i just think we've got to be careful as we open up cove. it's not very well. we have to live with kind of it for a long time to come. the key thing is to draw
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a clear distinction between people who are vaccinated and people who up. meanwhile, german chancellor, england, michael, has ruled out mandatory vaccines. she hopes more people will choose freely to get the job for life can continue returning to normal across europe. all right, let's take this story now to the united states and bring in to mr. arthur camp when he's the director of medical ethics at language medical center in new york city, which tablets good to see you again. let's talk about the ethics of all of bits. shouldn't it be expected of health care professionals, health care workers, caregivers shouldn't be expected. they be vaccinated because we expect them not to pose a risk to the people that are taking care of my dread. thanks for having me. and the answer quite simply is yes. health care workers. those working in nursing homes, hospitals, home care, whether they're doctors and nurses, respiratory therapist,
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social workers. they are around vulnerable people, often with weak immune systems. sometimes newborn babies who can't be vaccinated yet and they have to protect them. you look at the code of ethics around the world of doctors and nurses. they say, do no harm. protect the vulnerable patients 1st. so just on that basis, vaccination for health care workers absolutely must be mandatory. and yet what we're seeing here, france in grief, say the vaccinations will be compulsory here in germany as it stands right now, it's voluntary. what effect do you think this mixed messaging, these competing narratives have? well, i will read that with some countries saying, mandatory and other same choice. you're going to have people thinking there must be some reason of safety or uncertainty as to why you wouldn't mandate. but i think that we have been to respectful of this idea that it is the workers right
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to choose or even for that matter, the individual's right to choose in the middle of a pin demick that is killing millions, putting others at risk. and that may come back and kill millions bore to say that it's a matter of choice is false. ethics is basically you can choose, but you can't put others at risk. you can choose, but you can't harm others. and when we don't vaccinate, we're harming our neighbour, harming the community, putting others at risk. and yet, let me take a case in the united states where you are. we know that some state legislature terms now are trying to get laws passed that will ban requiring pupils young students to be vaccinated against the corona virus in order to go to school. how do you explain that? considering we know that in order to go to school, you have to be vaccinated against the mumps in the measles polio. for example,
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why is the corona virus vaccine different? it's for 3 reasons. brent 1st is become political. so conservatives basically are anti vaccine. that senseless. there were 10 children admitted to hospitals in the state of mississippi. today to i see you ventilator care is not a way to protect them. got to back today, and then some worry that the axes were rushed. but that isn't true. the science is strong and sound and then i think some politicians basically believe that choice. basically it's a better way to go. but if you have the explanation rates in some american states of 30 to 35 percent fully vaccinated, that's just the pathway for the buyers to explode. those laws do not make sense. we should be leaving the decision about vaccinations, doctor's and public health people, not politicians. and we know that nearly all people who are getting hospitalized
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with cobit 19 in the united states. these people are unvaccinated, but we also know in the united states, they've all had the opportunity to be vaccinated. so you know, how do you deal then with people like this? they are, they're getting sick and they're putting maybe nurses and doctors also in danger when they require treatment. so 1st we have to remind people, it's not just your choice. it's what it means to others. viruses are contagious. when you choose not to be vaccinated, you immediately are saying, i don't care about my neighbor. i don't care about the person with cancer. i don't care about the person with immune diseases. they can die. it's not right. and we have to make sure that people understand that the nation is a interpersonal choice, but just an individual choice. then i think it's important to keep educating and
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bolster confidence in the fact fees. but lastly, i'm in favor. going to mandate. i think we're going to see more of that here in the united states, and i think we're going to see more of that in europe. we cannot continue to play with fire when more and more risk is coming up, a variance would be taishan, can come back and cause us all to have to look down again. we can't do that again. kaplan, director of medical ethics at the language medical center in new york city. mr. kaplan is always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight, valuable stuff. thank you. thank you. the, the british government has denied allegations of hypocrisy after 3 black english footballers were targeted with online abuse. racist social media posts were directed at marcus rash for jaden santo and soccer after their midst penalties help italy, when sunday's euro 2020 final but players in campaigners have called out the government for fueling the abuse after comments about players taking
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a ne after the hate came to love this mirror living and play a marcus rash for now covered in well wishes after it was defaced following england . here a 2020 final of italy. these are the true england fans, one girl leaving a note that read, keep up the good work market, thrasher. it supports echoed by many here. the boy the really well for the team because really far so to get this kind of abuse like around the corner where i live, it was just shocking. rash fed with one of 3 black england players alongside jayden . stan sharon because sacker abused online for missing penalties. in the final shoots house 1st, some of them to be abused is unforgivable really. it's just not what we stand for. and u. k prime minister maurice johnson also joined in the condemnation to those who have been directing racist abuse that some of the players. i said,
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shame on you and i hope you will crawl back under the rock from which youth emerged from the u. k. government, happy to be associated with the teen. success has faced called hypocrisy england. defend a tyra means had this message for home secretary, pretty patel. writing on twitter, you don't get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournaments by labeling our anti racism messages, gesture, politics, and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing, what campaigning against happens, that after the town had publicly criticized players for taking a ne, just to poll people, participate in that type of gesture, gesture, politics, this ethnic sense as well, much outcomes. so the funds are right to do. well, that's a choice for them. quite frankly. anti racism campaign is say the government must
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pass some responsibility for how fans behave. people remember that it's all debatable, but you don't have to take the knee because the prime minister government don't agree with it. and so therefore, you know, somehow their minds that also gives them some kind of freedom to be abusive when it comes to black place. in particular. in the meantime, england players will continue to fight racism based on and off the pitch. or let's take the story over to the u. k. i'm joined by our correspondence. charlotte chelsea pill. she is in london tonight. good evening to you, charlotte. this love affair between the england football team and the british government. is it over even before it started? i think the government might have wanted to characterize it as a love affair. i mean, the whole country was swept up by this team and their success in this tournament you did get and then because of the government, including the prime minister,
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posting pictures in england, shut supporting the team, cheering them on watching the game. they really wanted to show that they were on board with the national moment, this national pride in the success of the teams. i'm not sure necessarily though, whether some of the players would call this a lot of bad weather that they would consider it and mutual attraction. i think that that is clear from some of the tween that you have had from players in the mouth of the racist abuse suffered by 3 teammates. you heard one of those statements in that report there and just to reiterate, hiring them player ed, writing, directing a tweet, case interior minister sex tree saying you don't get to say the fire at the beginning. the tournament by labeling all anti racism message is just the politics and then pretend to be disgusted by the very thing which campaigning against extremely strong was from an english. but we'll play
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a directed at the government. one that's resonated with a lot of people here. even the conservative politicians now a questioning, how would the u. k. government should respond to this, a lot isn't feeling very much that the government has been put in a very difficult embarrassing situation. by now. you can imagine a lot of people been rolling their eyes when they've heard comments coming from the prime minister. what about the public response to these races? tweets on social media. what kind of backing are the players getting while, of course, initially extremely phase condemnations for him. all circles really you hands the prince william saying he was sickened by this racist abuse. you had the football english football association condemning just sweetheart, to tweak condemning this races to view what you've seen. now, though it's a complete out pouring of support for these players. just look at what happened at
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the mirror for one of those play marcus rush. but today was the face, the police are investigating that since though it has been covered by hundreds of messages of support. really moving images of, if children going down there writing notes, showing that support that pride and what the national team has achieved one message in particular direct to that market thrush with saying, thank you for all about dinner. that's pointing to the fact that this plan markets rush, but not just known for his own racial injustice, but also a social injustice is well, he's led to campaigns to feed children during school. holidays won the nation really did get behind. so huge amounts with outpouring, love of love to mock as rush, but in the play as a good 22nd charlotte, we know the team was booed at 1st when it took a nice protest against racism. the billing was silence after the tournament. so where are we now back at square 122nd. well, i think that said this incident,
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since it shows that racism is still a problem and needs to be 4, but i think it will also give them a good deal of hope. looking at the outpouring here that the majority of the vast. 1 majority of this country stands against racism like this rather very own charlotte nelson pill. on the story for us in london tonight is always charlotte, thank you. well, the day is almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter either at the w news or you can follow me at brent golf t v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then the the news,
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the news, the news, the news to me or not to well, what about a sharing economy change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new the nomics magazine was made in germany, dw,
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the great, just a handful of chemical to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets. however, they please. because of them from cost that are thousands of years old, almost $16.00. but farmers and consumers, whether he's the 45 minutes on the w o, ah news in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows important on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear jewels to make you the 1st time it's it's i don't see me on the planet by 2050 but not all member states supported and some
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persuasion is required. some time when the game, diplomatic poker, interesting power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on d w. me ah, ah, ah. the economics of depression with violence crackdowns corruption and restrictions on freedom. authoritarian regimes not on the home people. they also destroy the economies. the highly skilled and well educated often have the means to flee. but where does that leave the rest of us made looks of the economic impact of repressive governments.


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