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tv   Die Wagemutigen  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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don't seem to listen to the field. the magic discovers the world around you subscribed to the w documentary on you to the me the the coming up on arts and culture more forgotten. female artists come to light as art institutions in europe, reject art history written for by and about men and innovations from the barrio architects look to venezuela neighborhoods. born
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out of quick necessity. ah. but 1st, germany's culture minister monica says, the re blossoming of jewish culture in germany is the biggest gift the countries seen since the end of world war 2. she was speaking at the reopening of a synagogue in the city of girl. it's the house of worship, survived a nazi attack, but then almost fell apart under east german communism. now, decades of work and millions of years later, it's been reopened as a cultural center, including small space for the city's small jewish community. the synagogue in college has been restored to its former glory renovation. work began 30 years ago following german unification was here. it's a very respectful restoration, but they also left a lot of the building scholars intact. and you can really see the buildings history, what it went through and survived and taught. the synagogue was completed in 1911
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despite and also attacked on crystal knox. november nights, 938. it survived almost and damaged, but it was neglected in the following decades. and the d consecrated synagogue used as a storage facility and commenced east germany. the plans to turn it into a gymnasium. and for years after unification it was unclear what speed done with the you can still structure. now it's being reopened as a cultural center of the student. and so for the, we imagined it becoming a place of reconciliation as well as education like school groups go the and hear about the history of jewish life in germany and in girl it's. but it's also meant to be a place for cultural event for us to thought that the jewish community also, once again has a home here, one area of the synagogue is really just worship. more culture news now from around to europe. the can film festival celebrated the premier of the movie petrovich,
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flu without the films maker russian director carol sarah branch of sara brent of is borrowed from leaving russia due to his conviction on embezzlement charges. critics of the travel ban say it's an attempt to silence the director for his critical stance on the church and on russia government a flashback to ancient rome. well, it's not just about the costumes. bosnia is hoping to attract tourists with this 2000 year old roman road, uncovered by a professor in the woods of the con you mountain and north eastern bosnia. the scholar and her team consulted historical records and interviewed locals to find the road which had long been a local legend. now you can visit it. and in italy, one of the world's oldest ballet company's la scala is out of the theatre performing all around milan. their latest stuff, a local swimming pool. their goal is to bring ballet to audiences who normally
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wouldn't fear from the vin sheets of because so the most famous artists in history have been men with moody personalities. art historians used to say that great art was the result of great genius and genius, of course was male. because if a woman turned out to be a gifted artist, she with the exception. but now more and more art institutions in europe are challenging that history of art written by men. the museum to look some book in paris is the venue for an exhibition of 18th century female painters who had been largely forgotten. bold and confident, self portrayed, reveal little of the struggles these artists fought for recognition in an era when women were imprisoned by a strict moral call search,
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women artists will not be denied access to an academy education. so they help themselves founding the own women's workshops. networks necessary to assert themselves in a man's world. this is how they conquered the art scene. as a bet, louise v. sheila blown a celebrated portrait painter of european nobility, one international claim for her painting of mary antoinette particularly did. the special thing about this exhibition is alluded to in the full name of the show female painters. the birth of a struggle to show looks at our history in a new way. these women artists were actually visible during the lifetime and were only forgotten in retrospect. and for that history is to blame, the young lady said posterior me how male is our
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history in artists say, took a look at a popular encyclopaedia of office and deleted all the entries on male artists. she wanted to make the women visible of the original $5200.00 entries, only $100.00. $69.00, remain 3 percent. the countless blank pages expose the established cannon as a questionable construct, a relic. patriarchy, me, no matter how successful the willing painters were in their lifetimes. later art history passes them over their work, disappeared into the store. rooms of museums, where they slowly decayed florida spaced organization advancing. women artists has taken up the fight and literally fries out by women. from the dust of oblivion, the nonprofit initiative has rediscovered 70 paintings,
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restore them and made them accessible to the public. but in france alone, 2000 paintings by women, artists still lie in storage. it's actually not just about the women artists in florence. it's about the women, artists in storage is and in the museums all over the world. and the art lovers beginning to ask, where are the women so that they can reclaim this part of history, that's been forgotten. the ball is rolling. now there's a whole series of projects that engage activists detectives to track down the missing women artists, international initiatives. exhibitions, all, for example, the film and online project. last women arts, it retails 100 years of european history by spotlighting women, artists who disappeared due to prejudice. and double standards, women from various heroes have been systematically marginalized by conservative art
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historians and timid institutions in terms of genre, painting, styles, and even lifestyles. the demands place the women artists were always rather different from those placed on male counterparts. this is, i observe this with quite a lot of women artists in the days they had opportunities, had exhibitions sold, paintings, got good reviews. but that when they were written about in retrospect, they suddenly play a very small role. and that shows that the problem is in the history on dust tight get us the problem. in a concentrated leaked, she was a legend in paris during her lifetime. suzanne valid dawn at the age of just 15. she modeled for the great painters. august when well and d g, and later emancipated herself as a painter. ah nudes,
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have an authentic maternity and directness, a provocative new look at the female body. ah, the visionary painting of swedish artist humor flint has been deliberately sidelined by the scene for decades. despite the fact that she was creating abstract paintings, years before vasily tendon ski, ah, dressed an artist l frida lois was a victim of the nazi regime. pictures boldly depict the other side of the supposedly golden twenties. what too has gone under in our history last, women art works to put this right. ah, history itself is a very old fashion till it is old as the museum. that's right, that these things there's no need to reinvent arts in many cases,
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90 percent of museum collections, life in storage. art history is ready and waiting for a new don't. how will we live together? that's the question and the theme of this year is architecture. be in late in venice, italy, every 2 years, architects from around the world come together to share their ideas and dreams this week and arts and culture, we're looking at different displays from the be an hour. today, a project that examines venezuelan barrios, informal neighborhoods that were long seen as separate from the city, but are slowly being recognized as an integral part of the urban fabric. for venice is architecture be in the award winning design practice in last, an architect to showcase the unusual part of the venezuelan capital correct. in the 1950, an oil based economic boom here triggered widespread internal migration. i mean,
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i get this group. so i don't see necessary to the 3 the border of the time, the economic system and acquisition laws didn't allow people who contributed to this growth to have their own home economy. call to we're not got a so called body or didn't use them and not just a phenomenal dennis way, le, but in all of latin america and the whole existing if that don't time. so the urban fabric is the heat or vinyl one, which is plant and one which is improvised. malia, you are not out there. on 3, you get an understanding of the spatial structures and life in the barrio, and not an architect to studied law. palmera neighborhood, incorrect. ah,
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i wish i did purchase and discrimination more test we think will dyess my my seat. i guess a difficulty is that make living together? the challenge is come on. we will hold their own grades on to token architect to, to use to build a relationship with the barrier residents. the design is documented the locals traditions and knowledge might their understanding of herbalism. plenty of pleasant surprises for the researches like the barriers lively pavements and stairways ah developed public spaces not only for their own community, but also was an opportunity to connect with the cities non barrier residents. ah no language amounting to people outside of the city. lived like this, and after many generations are professionals including doctors and lives professor and it's really time to understand that this is not about 2 cities. about one or 2
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different. last to that from the he was the friday and the studio and architect tudor in the barrier in a new light i that's it for this arts and culture. it's been great having you with us. and for more you can always check out our website. that's d w dot com slash culture. next time. ah, ah! what secrets lie behind these was the discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites the e w. a world heritage 360. now,
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how does a virus spread? why the repairman and when will all this and just 3 of the topics that we've covered and our weekly radio if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at w dot com, forward slash science. ah, poon and harry were journalists for apple daily, the most outspoken newspaper in hong kong. the painful farewell, the headline of its final edition. the popular paper was forced to shut amid china's tightening control over its free is city. the
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apple daily didn't change when hong kong has what does the papers fate tell us about the future of hong kong? the all this isn't a normal day at the office for poon, the 30 year old journalist has just learned that the newspaper he worked for for a decade would close at midnight. all day. i'm on hold. we just received notice that apple daly will publish a final edition tonight. so i'm rushing back to the office. although i still have a report pending publication. i will see if i can make it today. although were prepared for its ending. it still feels unreal. that morning, another staff member from apple daily and added tauriel writer was arrested under
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hong kong as national security law. it was imposed by beijing to outlaw active, some versions of session collusion, and terrorism punishable by up to life in prison. all the people we know media workers are at risk, especially those from apple daily. all day. it's kind of expected, but journalists are humans to that. what we don't want it to happen. boon is joined by harry. a photo journalist who's worked for apple daily for 7 years. what's your last assignment today? and i'm of judy. i didn't expect things to end today. i regret that none of my photos will be in the final edition will what? i understand. the freezing of its assets made it almost impossible for apple daily to continue operating or even to pay it staff with tears. i'm bringing
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my own camera with me to document the historical moment. the ending is not ideal, but i understand the decision made by management because they care a lot about our safety. high hold on the as night, more and more supporters come to bid a sentimental farewell. it's not just the paper that's coming to an end. all its online content will also no longer be accessible in a few hours time. go up or go home, it shows so ironic. and so many people read our newspaper and even travelled all the way out here to support us. but in the end, the only reason that forced upon daily to shot was government pressure. if i thought it breaks my heart even more hold on to hold for both. i got my last report was to test preservative in fast food. it was published on the website that night and i couldn't be added to the print edition. there was no more room on my
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report, survived for 3 hours and then vanished all. so we couldn't do much on the last day . or during the last few hours, we were still journalists. we fulfilled our duties to continue reporting. paula, now perhaps we won't find anywhere else as free to report as here. the oil photo. i haven't kept any printed record of my previous report. oil. we want to have all of them had vanished. i don't say, but it's not enormous pity for me personally. i only lost a little. she hung on, but the whole of hong kong had locked numerous important pieces of news and history, as well as a large group of journalists, dejani. that's what's most regretable. merkle was something away from. 1000000 copies of apple daily's final edition were published a record high in this city of 7500000 people. the popular paper just marked it 26th
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anniversary 3 days before its closure. founded shortly before the former british colony was handed over to china. apple daily had long been seen as an indicator of hong kong free speech under painting rule. but it was also an outspoken thorn in the authority side. it's founder jimmy ly is currently in jail for organizing illegal protest and charged with collusion under the sweeping national security lock. last year we spoke to him right after police 1st rated apple daily's newsroom . i was seeing was a ship. because this space gave me everything. you know, i mean, death to this phrase. i'm very grateful for what this has given me. i told them that consider your own safety, your conscience, and your appreciation to that society. we are not asking you to be the marker was, you know, do whatever you think is the right thing to do. so we would just continue to do it and pass the water. his media empire did carry on,
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but was constantly tested a week before its closure. apple daily was dealt another blow. 5 executives were arrested reporters, computers were seized on that night. the remaining editorial board continued publishing. the massive raid was front page news. then the government froze, its assets, putting the papers very survival at risk. even worse, 2 executives were brought to court for conspiracy of collusion with dozens of apple daily articles cited as evidence by young. suddenly our editor in chief became a suspect. we saw him in court on the wall. i'd never imagined a reporter having to undergo this boy. during the court hearing on that day, we realized that reports and commentaries we once deemed ordinary. we're now problematic. hope hope things are going to happen, impacted us a lot. one. how can the remaining freedom of press and expression protect
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someone? yeah, we were frustrated on that day bold already man. a journalists can hardly for protection since then. i thought the whole so use red lines are everywhere, but which are not to on the scene. i. so i go hide fishing, blamed opposition, media for the mass protests in hong kong. and vowed to clamp down on what it called subversive dissident, even months before its closure. rumors and threats of shutting down apple daily had struck fear into its journalists. some left, others chose to stay until the bitter end, including boon and harry. i seize every last opportunity to perform my duty when i go home, don't even before it's closure, reporters for opposition media like apple daily, already encountered many restrictions just a day before the newspaper closed. harry was on his last photo assignment. outside
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a court, all reported movements are monitored by the police officer and the scope for reporting had changed. fundamentally, when the government clarifies you as our position media, it often excludes you from certain press events and information. therefore, court news and their own interviews. some of the few things we can still cover. the climate has become totally different in the wake of the protests. in the past, we could shoot freely, but now there are always metal barriers everywhere. always hang on. just 2 days later, harry's life has been turned upside down. he's no longer a photo journalist. this gear, which helped him to record many historical occasions, has to be returned to the now defunct newspaper outlet. well, i can't get used to it. i feel empty with all there are so many uncertainties ahead
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. so many question marks in my head. i haven't been like this for a long time or hung. a news in hong kong makes me feel really exhausted and powerless. every time i shoot in the field, there's a great sense of powerlessness. we're hot, there's nothing else i can do more. we went over the gun as a photo journalist. i witnessed the collapse at hong kong and it's most frustrating era against the board. once the most vocal critic in china, the unprecedented death of apple daly raises another pressing question. who's next? the domino effect it triggered intensifies the chill. a number of opposition media outlets have removed commentary suspended service or even left hong kong. yet another editor from the now shot apple daily was arrested at the airport when he
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tried to leave full. i was socked. i didn't go as i was. i like the chinese proverb . so with apple daily is like the sacrificial animal. that slaughter to intimidate the other farm animals and make them obey god, how pessimistic there's always stakes are high when get go. we also wonder whether a previous reports will cause us trouble getting home language. but we can't be fearful, as long as we work in line with journalists to conduct a towards our meeting again. or to do what i had the chance to enjoy the last light of press freedom. every journalist is under pressure. i think a lot. i haven't come up with the conclusion of whether i can still be a reporter even if i can, it will be very difficult. please know. this is the 1st time they've met since had both daily closed out. it felt so strange to have nothing to do yesterday on
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such a busy day for old reporters. a few of their former colleagues are now on social media to continue reporting as independent journalists. but many are quitting the industry. how are the photo journalists doing some plan to get a text license in b drive is not shooting anymore. it's hard to find another liberal platform call. time and independent journalist must bear all the risks and consequences on their own. designs on the pressure and burden are different going on like poll, my powerful yes. in hong kong. nowadays, any article control various accusations, it could be a huge risk by, by the shooting photo safer. so who knows? maybe a photo could also be blamed as incitement. hong kong detour from democracy has
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forced them to put the brakes on their journalistic endeavors. does it also spell the end, the freedom of the press in their home city? own? i don't think hong kong press freedom a died, although it seriously wounded kings all legal say we're being all witness the change of hong kong from a place with free speech where there is basically no taboo for journalist to a place filled with red line for the whole, you know how, okay, and then we would all seen many opinions and acts are now prohibited. hello my uncle and it's not only me as a journalist that witnesses it but all hong kong or she hung on my. if i didn't think i won't get like hong kong itself, boone and harry are at a crossroads and there's no clear path ahead. so he faces an uncertain future says he's done his best and has no record to go with
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the news. the news, the news the
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news, the the you don't want to see them. they are, they're open your eyes. vietnam out of control in illinois. and someone likely heroes beat it every day. retails and w. o. 2 or not to well. what about a sharing economy?
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change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. b, e to nomics magazines, and in germany on d. w. printed in george w bush invited us through the summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor uncle, medical i know is not afraid to make a decision. it was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know needs clues, the interview with george w bush, july 14th at 1530 u t. c. on the w. the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly,
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we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with 2020 to 21. thrown off course during the qualifying round. not please for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready count down during walk down the go to tokyo, georgia july 19 w o. the this is data abilene use and these are on top stories. south africa military has stepped up deployment, says the government tries to kind of protest and looting at least 45 people have been killed in the unrest and began last week after fuller president jacob zimmer began serving a 15 month sentence to contempt. he's appealing the ruling of the high court
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in cuba, dozens of people have been arrested answer some of the biggest anti government demonstrations in decades.


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