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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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the champagne for everybody, including judge, arguable. you're watching the w news after a short break. my colleague rob watts will be here with d. w. business news. dig around. he will be right back. the, the ah, my 1st vice, like a sewing machine. i come from women or bones by the social or even something as simple as learning how to write them by psycho, even me. so it was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle and it took me years to finally gave up and went to buy me bicycles and returned the sewing machine going i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for both by their
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social goals and inform them about that based. and my name is david and i work at ah, the, the, the, the us economy as bound thing back company to buy, storing prices, inflation hits the highest level in more than a decade. is consumer spending our supply? wall street correspondence has the details. also coming up we take the same sierra nevada where a shortage of water is the problem. climate change is robbing low cost of an important source. this is the date of your business time robots in berlin. welcome to the program. american consumers are seeing pro says rise at their fastest rate
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for 13 years. the latest figures from the us labor department show how costs are shifting as the economy. rebounds from its con demik lowes in june. consumer prices were up 5.4 percent on a year earlier. that's a big jump on economist have been expecting. inflation has been rising as us businesses recover following corona virus lockdown. well, let's get more on this from correspondent on bull street, jens quarter. yeah, and what exactly are we seeing prices going up? yeah, we see price this increasing in so many areas. i mean, especially if you look at the used cars or gas prices, for example, those are up 45 percent in june of 21 in comparison to june of 2000 to 20. but also airfare for example, are up. you'll see real estate prices on the rise,
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some raw material. some have been also quite a bit in comparison to last year. and if you look at the corp rate of consumer prices, so that exploits energy and to foods. and those prices are also up by about 4 and a half percent, and that actually is the highest increase of those quote prices since september of 1991. so if it's something that people are getting worried about well, so far it does seem that wall street, especially also the federal reserve, still believing that what we're seeing is a temporary, maybe they're right. maybe they're not. i mean, we have to say that all those movements with a lot of economic data that we're getting right now, it's pretty freaky. i mean, the economy basically was shot off a year ago, and now it is roaring. bet back like hardly economist had expected. so we will see if it's temporary or not, i guess what it really will depend on is a way, just so,
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so that's the big if afraid, just should also increase on a higher rate. and for an extended period, then we might actually run into some inflationary trouble. but i guess we really have to wait and see in the next couple of months and how growth in general. and those prices develop results from the big bank, often give us a hint of how the economy is doing. and we've just had a results from a couple of them. and we any surprises? well, i mean, the numbers came in much better than expected to goldman sachs, for example, had revenue about $3000000000.00 higher than expected. but also j. p. morgan did better than expected. what did help the bank that we had less a credit loss of that by the way it was because we got all the extra money from watching for us consumers. so they could for example, pay off their credit card debt. so that clearly helps. but then we also had
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investment banking getting helping shape your martin, for example, with mergers and acquisitions. we had an investment banking, very strong with goldman sachs with ip also with new companies that are coming to the stock market says that there was maybe one little disappointment and that was a trading revenue. and so that dropped in comparison to last year. but then again, that was also not a big surprise because with all the volatility that we saw last year, that was to be expected. that trading volumes would be a bit lower. so they're very good start into earning season from the big bang them on wednesday. by the way, we will get the numbers from citigroup on bank of america. maybe one final word thanks actually did trade to the downside, but not because the numbers disappointed i would say that the stock's up the big banks are up quite a bit so far this year. so that was mostly profit taking what we saw on wall street on tuesday. okay, and thank you again. it's quarter in new york for 11 and now and work has begun in
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bay route on one of the 1st large scale clean up operations. in last august catastrophic explosion. the chemical blast killed more than 200 people, and helped plunge lebanon into economic and political crisis. now, a french firm has begun picking through the pieces in the hope that some of what was left can be salvaged. $20000.00 tons of wheat. scattered here among the wreckage of the bay report. the explosion last august left large parts of the lebanese capital, destroyed, mangled cars. heaps of twisted metal. broken slaps of concrete are still visible everywhere. but the destruction of lebanon's main grain silo and the blast is causing one of the most urgent problems. almost one year on the wheat has begun to rot. leon kill them most rudely today, all the rebels should be removed so that the port can function properly. the wheat causes smell,
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insects and rats. we can't keep it like this. it has to be treated the right way. i am following up with the coolest firm has partnered with the french company recite group to find a solution for their riding. we can end up being used as fertilizer or building materials to come up with the process to separate the concrete, the rebel in the grain, and such a way to find a 2nd life for it. in our analysis shows, we can separate it and turn it into compos, which can be used in agriculture or into services. we can walk on and parks in garden or as roofing, material sheets on the package all down with the metal. you sifting the grain from the rubble could take up to 4 months, rebuilding the port and lebanon's crisis stricken economy will take much longer. now look at some of the other business stories making headlines. your finance
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ministers have approved spending plans from 12 countries to help their economies recover from the pandemic. thank you. proposals from italy, spain, and france, the reset it all out. 750000000000 your as under the recovery plan, boeing is planning to temporarily cut back production of its 787 dreamliner playing after inspections and give it a new production problems. if they make says the defect isn't a safety risks, but it will further delay deliveries in the jet. italy has band cruise ships from venice. unesco, have threatened to put the historic canal city on its list of endangered world heritage sites if the giant vessels weren't kept out starting next month. they will dock at the nearby port of la getta instead of the automated world. if that change enormously in the next few years, germany's folks bargain believes it can lead the way. he says it's doubling down on him ability, digitalization,
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and services. one thing that won't change though is the company see his contract has just been extended for another 4 years, allowing him to lead the new strategy. how about t says folks, bargain must be ready for an electric future by 2030. it's high. the german car maker has a lot of catching up to do the 5th side tracked in recent years by the fallout from the emissions cheating scandal, the autonomy. but when it comes to emissions, these is promising 0 by 2040 can hope for our business models, that means revenue and profit pools really shift gradually through 2031st from intown combustion engines, or c, s 2 electric vehicles and later to software and services. as the market is said, to decline by over 20 percent over the next 10. yes. it's the same time by 2030. the global electric, the market will be on par this i c, c, v. w,
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same or ambitious, hoping to become the global market leader. an electric mobility, that means overtaking the world's most valuable car company, tesla, and tackling long standing problems of high costs and low profitability. v w will ultimately have to earn back to 73000000000 years. it plans to spend on electric technology over the next 4 years. it will use the money to upgrade its german plants, and it will build a battery factory in germany. but that won't mean independence from asian suppliers . it says it will do it together with a chinese partner in spain, sierra nevada, mineral water is down important natural resource so much so that we tracked it. several multinational is eager to make a profit, but local se, climate change is already robbing them. the ground water and the company's just making matters worse. the new buckling facility at its main plant and of a say it is the pride and joy of day. a ceo. the high tech conveyor can
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fill 45000 bottles and now with mineral water, that's a national record almost. but he's in alison and jane with the 9th biggest producer in today is to keep developing the equity as brand and expand internationally as well as the north. honeywell interlock and i and i know exactly what environmental activists do. 9 to lose. you don't want at the foot of the sierra nevada, the company build the 2nd factory fucking anger amongst local residents. but if they say the water is needed locally and shouldn't be exported to china's become in the summer, they see that, you know, now we have a water deficit of 1400000 cubic meters
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a year in this region. and they want to build a factory would uses up a 1000000 cubic meters a year. and how can they be allowed to exploit the ground water here in this region where there isn't enough that we fiddle. there's no cap peaks of the sierra nevada home to some of the best mineral water sources in spain. that's attracted several multinational companies. climate change threatens the regions more to supplies if and i and thought i already getting dry and climate change is just making that worse on lot of the magic, i've already seeing less overall rainfall probably to see. i mean, i mean, i said we get sporadic downpours that a lot because the soil can't absorb them. men or probably town today is doesn't want to hear about the company even plans to expand a 2nd plant, the end of the liter jugs slated to be rolling off the new facility there. no one
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knows what effect that might have on the environment. because sofa, the company doesn't have to provide any studies on the, as you and that's all for me in the business team here in berlin, if you'd like, won't check out our website feeder dot com slash business next time. ah, the people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center and more refugees are being turned away at the board. families playing on the tag in syria credit don't have that against and the trade people fleeing and explained around ross getting 200 people in the gmc around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. we asked why?
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because no one should have to flee. we make up your own mind. d. w. for mines. double use crime fighters are back for radio drama theory continues. this season's a story focus on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of those are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on the w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters to noon. now. i look closely. listen, carefully. don't seem to listen to the the discover the world around you.
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subscribed to w documentary on you to me the the coming up on arts and culture more forgotten. female artists come to light as art institutions in europe, reject art history written for by and about men and innovations from the barrio architects look to venezuela neighborhoods. born out as quick necessity. ah, but 1st, germany's culture minister monica says the re blossoming of jewish co.


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