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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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everyone has the right i, everyone has the right. ah, ah, the news . this is the w news live from berlin tonight, cities across south africa alluded and ablaze, and the worst violence there in the years doesn't have died as writers ransacked stores in class with belief. soldiers are on petrol areas where people say they're angry. and the former president jacob xena went to prison. but that may not be the only reason also can make up tonight. under fire in afghanistan as native troops
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withdraw a lead afghan forces are fighting and dying, trying to stop the advance of the totally boss. and should the co owner virus vaccine should be required or an individual's choice. france and greece are making the shots mandatory for health care workers. germany is not the me i'm bring golf to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states and all of you around the world welcome. we start off with the deadly ryan's gripping parts of south africa tonight. authority say of the 72 people have been killed in some of the worst violence seen there in years. the unrest erupt last week after former president jacob zoom turned himself into police . he is now serving a prison sentence for contempt of court. he and his supporters are demanding that he be released. the this warehouse in durban was ransacked
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by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. that is only one of dozens of moles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters, like this party supplies, shop and so widow over the over and over his i o. banks might need to pay this one, which was in some instances, armed local residents went after the looters themselves. the governments and soldiers the most effected areas. as police struggled to control the young rest, it cut out his ration on the ground is on the stones of events and will ensure that it does not deter it any further. cannot allow anyone to make
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a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after 4 more south african president, jacob, duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court. after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry, the outrage of duma supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. are you able to bring in now, professor karen, rosie man who is the director of the center of social change at the university of johannesburg in south africa professor, it's good to have you on the program. there were predictions and promises of violence and bloodshed from zoom. a supporters, did you expect them to keep their word after zoom turned himself in to police? i think there was an expectation that there would be some form of mobilize ation
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and support of the former president. however, what we have seen on food and the div following, i think is quite unprecedented. and it's clear that those over into being but much more than just about situational for president g, and much more reflective or widespread concerns, but inequality, particularly the impact of the 19th monday and then on or recent of africans where we see the listing. it's really about basic items. it's about food, title. i'm so that has become about much broader than just i wanna ask you about that, about social justice in just a moment. but what about the reaction of the police? they appeared to have been caught off guard, were not prepared for this violence. how do you explain their reaction? i think it's still a very context and unfolding story. there are some allegations that some sections
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of the church before, so maybe over aligned to them, a faction may have income. we are a potentially supportive or what is happening. again, these are all things that are coming to light. i think it's very hard to verify these claims and, but i think we are certainly not a very, very difficult situation. the scale we are seeing there are concerns about the response of police. i know the deployment of army and neither of which have a particularly good track record in dealing with these things. we did not escalate bio and i'm sure you know, professor truly made. ansel is one of south africa's most respected legal mines. she is a woman who also helped write the post apartheid constitution in south africa. today. she tweeted that this, what we're seeing is not spontaneous. chaos, she writes that what we're witnessing was organized by transactional leaders to
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intimidate our judicial system, to allow impunity professor, she is talking about jacob zoom there, and his supporters and their desire for resume or not to serve time and to remain above the law. do you agree with this? as i said, i think that this began with some people support jacobs them up, but i think same span definitely wouldn't watch marjorie protest. and the looting are much more reflexive at all and just checking on that and particularly get them to africa is in the peak of it's 3rd week of crude, a virus. we are going to die and restrictions, but they're not in the 2nd mac relief that people who are prevented from going to their adults really needs. and i think that comes in a time of almost a perfect storm or some of the political turmoil combined with norm term while
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or is this what we're seeing? is this a perfect storm? 27 years after apartheid. you have you add the pandemic to the unkept promises, is we just seeing the public that has had enough of promises from corrupt politicians? i would say over the last 10 years, all of that africa as democratic regime, the what we've seen as increasing political and social fragmentation, the governing african national congress gradually be losing support. hartley released into issues or corruption from which the former president is implicated. and i'm to that kind of electrical fragmentation, declining support for the and it also then combined with long term economic inequality in africa, which 27 years of democracy has really feels to drain. we really, stephen sinew,
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ation of apartheid labels or inequality. and unfortunately, some african remains, one of them on equal size in the world, and the pen de mac has only served to entrench that. yeah. professor karen, rosie me, director of the center of social change at the university of johannesburg. professor, we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight. thank you. thank you. all right, let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. you, as president joe biden says, there is a quote, national imperative to pass sweeping voting rights legislation, despite republican opposition. several republican control states have approved laws that restrict voting would change election. move of this follows the former president, donald trump's false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him . 3 widespread voter falls in cuba. dozens of people have been arrested after some
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of the biggest anti government demonstrations in decades. the exiled rights group. she will let, says as many as 150 people have been detained. thousands have been taken to the streets to protest, keep us economic crisis and it's handling of the pandemic. italy has banned cruise ships from using the venice lagoon in order to protect its ecosystem. and the city's heritage government decided to act after the united nations culture organization unesco threatened to place italy on a black list. the band will take effect beginning august 1st. and these crews, companies and their workers will receive compensation we get an afghan, a stay, and now where the government is facing and increasingly dire. security situation. in recent weeks, tele binding surgeons have overrun dozens of districts and several provinces, seizing control of trade routes and forcing thousands to fully as native troops withdraw from the country. it is now up to government troops to provide their own
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security, but they are facing a daunting task. the a convoy of african commandos under attack by the taliban. they were on a mission near the city of kandahar, but ran into an ambush before reaching their target. all over us can extend the taliban or on the advance. i'm going to keep us trained to commandos are an elite force facing from firefight firefight determined to stem the tide understand is an independent country and has an independent army constitution and government. we are the defenders of islamic republic of afghanistan and its flag. this unit emerged
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from its latest battle without losses. but things don't always and well. gruesome footage emerged showing these a dozen commanders being massacred by the taliban last month after they surrendered the taliban. 3rd is not just the military disaster. thousands of families have fled . the military advanced swelling, the rank of the displaced. the dentist emitted 270000 of lawns have been newly displaced inside of lot of stun. since january 2021. primarily due to insecurity and violence. bringing the total number of uprooted populations, 2 or 3500000. to follow from this conflict does not stop, but if dennis stands border, an estimated 1000 refugees are fleeing the country every day. will join now
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by ali latifah. he's a journalist in cobb bowl, it's good to have you on the program, lead the video that we have seen of those special forces who were surrendering to the taliban and then who were executed. so graphic, we can't show the tel village and viewers, but it begs the question, do these government forces the soldiers? do they stand any chance against the taliban? yeah, of course they do. you know, they're there as much as, you know, districts are falling into tall by hands. they're also being taken back. and i think we need to be really careful of this very doom and gloom narrative ahead of time. the war still ongoing. you know, things are still happening. there's still a fight being put up and i think the more we sort of already hand over a victory until 12 i think we're doing this service to the country. where do we know in terms of percentage of territory,
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do you know how much the totally bounded taken and how much african forces then have been able to retake the problem with, with, with these territory issues is bad. unfortunately, these territories trade hands all the time. they've been trading hands for years currently, they're trading and all the time. i mean, avalon media is full of reports that you know, x province acts, district fell to the taller bond today. and then these districts were again backed by the tunnel on tomorrow. and at the same time, you know, the issue is that there are a lot of areas that are under the talk about influence are under total control or their areas where the government will have some present but not full presence. and so it's really hard to sort of one to fight these things because there's really no one going out and doing the studies and the claims keep, you know,
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both sides keep claiming, you know, control of x amount of territory at any given time. and there's really no one going around and actually, you know, and it's also not necessarily physically possible to go around and estimate the sorts of things. well, it is possible though to go to, let's say, is service positions, areas were camps, were native forces were present in see if they are under the control of afghan forces, right. is that being done? that is being done. and there have been instances where the taller bond have taken, or at least entered these bases in these camps. and they've taken the media to show that they've been there. for instance, by graham, when by graham was handed over, even though there was no actual official hand over, you know, the u. s. just basically left in the middle of the night. the tal bond said that it's not necessarily their priority at the moment to go retake that area and that
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they are concentrating on other areas and other tactics at the moment. but that they were happy that the us had left that base because that be had such a negative memory for so many reasons, including the prison that was known for so much abuse and torture and accusations of these sorts of things. ok, journalists, lots of joining us tonight from cobble with the latest on the situation and if canister, we appreciate your reporting only. thank you. in southern iraq, at least 90 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a fire broke out inside the hospitals cov, at 19 isolation board. it's unclear exactly how the blaze began. the prime minister has ordered the suspension and arrest of a number of people including the hospital manager. what's left of the corona, virus, isolation ward more than 60 patients were being treated here.
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when fire sweat through this unit at all, who's saying hospital in nasiriyah? taking everything in its path with the front door was burning in the back door was closed, people couldn't get out. but before the fire broke out, some of them managed to get out and off with people with stuck inside and the ceiling fell on them. we managed to take out some people, but they were suffering, and the rest of them burned and died. and now they are left counting the dead shod belongings. all that's left devastation everywhere. the horrors of what happened, hard to comprehend is still on clear how the fire started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded
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while others point to an electrical short circuit. this just the latest disaster to hit iraq. a little. it's a tragedy and i'm speechless. it looks like a rock again has to suffer anguish and calamity. the medical staff continue to treat the survivors some in critical condition. the questions are already being asked. this is the 2nd time this year of fire has killed corona virus patients at an iraq hospital. the anger is mounting, his people here want on says from politicians blamed for years of mismanagement and
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neglect too late, though, for the ones whose last spend nights and for those left behind. well back here in europe, friends is tightening her bona virus rules and a bid to head off a new surgeon, infections driven by that highly contagious delta of area. president emanuel macros has ordered all health care workers to get vaccinated by mid september, or they could lose their job, starting next month. bars, restaurants, trains, and planes will also be off limits to people who do not have a special cobit 19 pass. president micron says that this is a new race against time to prevent a 4th wave for health care workers at this hospital in paris. president manuel, my calls announcement means a choice between getting the job or losing that job. for some it's an easy choice to make. she could have behind me,
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it's true that the paramedics department and especially assistant nurses having trouble to understand the importance of getting vaccinated. so i understand why a menu micron asked for mandatory vaccinations. otherwise we won't get through this soon as we get flossing for the sake of a hospital work as an angry, their jobs are on the line. if they refuse, unfortunately i will have to get vaccinated against my will because i love my job. i love my patients. and you measures also include the need to show proof of vaccination, more inexpensive negative task for long distance train, travel, and visiting restaurants. many provisions are embracing the challenges, but i'm worried by my cross suggestion that mandatory vaccination for all may be necessary. it's a violation of al, right? we don't have the right to move around freely to me compulsory vaccination. it's inconceivable from the joining other european nations like italy and greece,
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which have already announced mandatory vaccinations for aged care and health workers. up looking to ship them from september. first, mandatory vaccination will apply both public and private health care professionals . it is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an amino suppressed cancer patients. by the drastic measure is an attempt to find a wave of an occupation fatigue that some countries are witnessing with europe. opening up some politicians, a cautioning that different rules based on immunization status is the only safe way to motivate those. hesitant to get the jap private groups like the organization set up by former u. k. prime minister, tony blair, a pushing the government to have a strict or approach where we i just think we gotta be careful as we open up cobra . it's not what we're going to live with cove it for a long time to come. the key thing is to draw a clear distinction between people who are vaccinated and people who are up.
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meanwhile, german tom's langley, michael, has ruled out mandatory vaccines. she hopes more people will choose freely to get the job. so life can continue returning to normal across europe. and more now when i bring in health care analysts, dr. john campbell, he joins need tonight from carlyle in the u. k. doctor camp looks good to see you again. let's start with france in greece. they are making corona virus vaccinations, mandatory for all health care workers. talk to me about why this is necessary. well, because these patients are at risk and health care workers can pass the virus on to that patients that we now know quite definitively from day through the u. k. the people that are vaccinated a 50 percent less likely to get the virus in the 1st place. and if they do get that 50 percent less likely to pass it on. so we're talking about the 75 percent level of protection here. so there's a pretty good medical rationale for this. is there an ethical ration now for not
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making the vaccines compulsory? i'm thinking of the german chancellor, agular macro. she says that there's no need right now to make the vaccinations mandatory. this is a good division of course, and you'll get lots of different opinions from different ethicists. it's a fundamental principle in health care that we must give informed consent for everything that we do. so i can't even take a patients blood pressure without the informed consent that they allow me to do that. so is perfectly reasonable that everyone has the choice. what medications or vaccines they get? that's a basic human right? but then again, employers have a duty of care. they have a duty of care to the duty of character, their employers, who they have to maintain help often. they also have a duty of care towards the patients for whom their employees are looking after. so is balancing this risk between inform consent and the duty of care, the employer as an individual clinician have of course the properties. the 1st doctor who's documented said 1st do no harm, so it is incumbent on,
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on health care work is not to do harm. and there's a lot of talk right now to about whether or not societies will reach her immunity. is it even realistic to have that as a goal at this point, considering that there is, you know, there is vac seen hesitancy as well. there's not enough people getting vaccinated generally in the world, but very often this is due to lack of vaccine supply. not as this is increased, then the level of immunity due to vaccinations will also increase. and especially in the u. k. at the moment you've probably heard what guys wrap these release of the legal restrictions. there's going to be a lot more cases cases than the u. k. could well go up to a $100000.00 per day. that is not impossible. and that means a lot of people are going to be exposed to the virus. so there's going to be a lot more natural immunity. and people that have been vaccinated when they're exposed to the virus, being exposed to the vice will get them an extra boost of immunity as well as if that got a boost that does the faxing. so overall immunity communicate,
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you heard immunity. if you want to call it that is increasing, but we're not there yet. it's probably going to be around about the 9995 percent mock because this delta variant is so transmissible. we know that pfizer and by on tech are developing a what they say is a booster vaccine that could protect against the delta variant. the f d a in the united states says it's too early to say that they're needed it. but do you think it's inevitable that we are all going to need booster shots? think there's 2 questions that one is how long will the emergency last for now, the early indicators from, from the oxford oxford type vaccine, the ethnic vaccine i'm from the 5 maternity vaccines immunity so far seems to be lasting for a long period of time. and i'm hopeful it's going to last for a year or several years. so there's that, but then we might need to vaccinate to give back things that are more specific to particular veterans. the so called tweaked vaccines. so these,
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these companies are now working on a more specific vaccine. and the plan in the u. k. is to give a 3rd to people over the age of 50 or 60, we haven't decided yet. who are more or people that are more clinical. clinical hon in the autumn, but this is going to be a dose of what you might call the old fashioned vaccines. so 3 doses of the old fashioned vaccine is going to increase immunity against new values to some degree. while we wait for these more tweak to vaccines and it may be that we end up needing a booster vaccine that's specific to the particular barriers that around that. yeah . every year for the next few seasons, that is the possibility of being actively planned for in the u. k. yeah, an end in sight certainly is not the case that is for sure drug dr. john can't was always that we can't. we appreciate your time in your insights tonight. thank you. thanks man. i 10 days from the started the olympic games and tokyo and the athletes . they finally begun moving in to the elliptic village. $11000.00 athletes will be
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held in a strictly controlled environment due to the corona virus. they will only be allowed to leave the village to trained or to compete and they will be tested every day. no spectators will be allowed inside the veins. one athlete who will not be making use of the olympic village is tennis, start roger federer, he's pulled out of the upcoming olympic games. federer a 20 time grand slam champion has been struggling to bind, is best for master having double need surgery. last year he went out the recent wimbledon tournament in the quarter finals header said that he's still experiencing problems with his knee, but he hopes to return to action later in the year. so the envelope please, who will the awards go to the nominations are in for the m p. 's as the highest honors in the world of television and 2 very different dramas are leading the way with the most no time to make sustain that
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must be netflix is the crown it along with star boards spin off drama, the man delorean both have an impressive $24.00 nations also looking to when big is super hero drama, $81.00 division. with 23. the pandemic disrupted production of tv shows, meaning some favorites did not return to our screams in time to be considered. the awards will be handed out at a ceremony in los angeles, september 19th, dot com. and you're watching the news from berlin. i'll be back in a few moments to take you through the day tonight, the former president of south africa, jacob zoom, and he's behind bars and demanding to be released. is he holding his country hostage will be right back the ah,
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the the oh the with the news the ah, ah, was kind of a the george w bush invited us to summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor uncle. i'm not afraid to make
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a decision was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know needs clues of interview with george w bush july 14th at 1530 you t c on d. w. in december, 2019 the european counties, a new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. hi georgia to make us the 1st time in 202050. but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power negotiations. mines ah, money can be
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a process of flattery and best laid plans and often go astray. most of will when the game of diplomatic poker was power please, and the lines behind the scenes, the climate summit start august on d. w. me last week, former south african president, jacob zoom. it went to prison, convicted of contempt of court, by the country's highest court, seemed supporters warned the result would be ugly and bloody and they were right today jacobs, him a foundation said there will be no peace until zoom is released from prison and ultimate him for south africa, a country held hostage by a former president whose behind bars i'm bred,
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gulf and berlin. this is the day the.


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