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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 7:03pm-7:30pm CEST

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in that southern johannesburg, the south of helping be heard of an incident way. 10 bodies had been discovered, it appears, but the thing is happening in the different locations stamped the happening and bodies of being discovered. so some discovery be made, particularly in one shop, you know, that i've just mentioned in less the way to that is that how big at that they've told it's time being as security officials going for make the plate through some of the site to make some of these discovery, very, very volatile situation, very grin. situation as you are reporting to governments, we understand sent in troops looking from the outside. it looks like the loss control has the government lost control the situation layla. in fact, many people would argue that government was never in control when these incident started breaking out. you had live footage where you could see no police. and we could see to be a very limited presence. and in many cases, they appeared to be helpless. and so the question was being asked,
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did the police not anticipate that we were hearing from zoom in supporters, that they would be great to this country if the former president was sent to jail? that happened. and so the questions have been off and people are very happy with the government's response. a lot of people have to take an issue with a deployment of the soldier, for example, opposition party saying that this was a law enforcement issues the failing off the police. but now the say security minister has also said that they are investigating a form of security officials that are linked to the former president. they believe that it is possible that they are behind the coordinates and attack specific location, mobilizing people on the outside. it does look like for people looting, but they seem to also be some port nations that so this situation is out of control and many people of the be that the need were never in this situation. speaking with christine, obviously mr. zoom was, jailing was the spark that set off this fire this unrest. is this still about mr.
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zoom or, or is there more to it? linda, there is perhaps more to it by now. when the president spoke and he address potentially last night. he said you had criminal opportunity who were jumping onto this as well the one of the high ranking officials and he said that the poverty people would be exploited later. this is a country where unemployment is high. we inequality is officially high. the pandemic at all. the restrictions that have come with it has pushed a lot of people put into poverty. a lot of the footage that you're seeing a lot of the people that you've seen under previous south africans who take this opportunity to go and get something for who they hold the same people feeling food, clothing, basic household. i could, there was no intimate, but of course the efficiency are investigating that the people mobilizing, as you can see, the violence remains concentrated to specific provinces, the homeland of the president as well as healthy, which is obviously the home teacher. so that is the commercial capital. so get it
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started out as the present a little bit. it's more into all kinds of motivation. but that's the course was the main trigger. you w correspond christine at 12 in cape town. thank you so much for your continued coverage while next to at least 290 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a fire broke out at a cove in 1900 i solution unit in the southern city of necessity. why it's unclear exactly just how the blaze began at the same teaching hospital. the prime minister now ordered the suspension and arrest of a number of people including the hospital manager. what's left of the corona, virus, isolation, ward more than 60 patients were being treated here. when fire sweat through this unit at our hussein hospital in nasiriyah, taking everything in its path. well,
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if you got the front door was burning in the back door with no said people couldn't get out. but before the fire broke out, some of them managed to get out and off, which people would stuck inside and the ceiling fell on them. we managed to take out some people, but they were suffering, and the rest of them burned and died. and now they are left counting the dead shod belongings. all that's left devastation everywhere. the horrors of what happened. hard to comprehend. it's still clear how the fire started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded while others point to an electrical short circuit. this just the latest disaster to
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hitch iraq must have to be a tragedy and i'm speechless. it looks like a rock again has to suffer anguish and calamity in the medical staff continue to treat the survivors some in a critical condition. the questions are already being oft, this is the 2nd time this year of fire has killed corona virus patient at an a rocky hospital. the anger is mounting. his people here want on says, from politicians, blamed for years if miss management and neglect too late, though for the ones whose last spend knives and for those left behind.
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well, earlier we spoke to journalist a free trade in baghdad and asked him if authorities could have done war to improve safety at hospitals, given that this is the 2nd similar tragic fire in a years time. know what clearly not because when that tragedy happened, that the prime minister at the time who is currently battled heading before an election in october at really little capital on the line. he had ordered that the time that all biased the electrical system safety made is across all of the iraq capital. not the back that the check the on and re delete maintain. that clearly hasn't happened in this case for a patient to go in and to come out. that is really calamity that embodied what's happening in iraq of the moment. part of free for reporting from
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baghdad. let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the funeral has been held for georgia, cameraman, alexander bus corolla, who was found dead at his home in the capital tbilisi on sunday. he was one of several dozen journalists attacked and beaten by anti l. g b t q. protestors. adam march, earlier this month, mister last gruff as death, has prompted calls for georgia prime minister to step down. your space agency says it will soon launch a new re programmable telecomm sound lie, while the craft called quantum will allow control is to change the frequency power and direction of beams being broadcast down to earth. it could harold shift from custom design satellites to more flexible ones. frances anti trust regulator has fine google 500000000 years for failing to negotiate with media companies in
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good faith. the legal battle centers around google use of content for you media groups is the biggest find ever imposed by the regulator. google says it is very disappointed and staying in france so that countries tightening corona virus rolls in a bit to head off a new search in infections driven by the highly contagious delta vary and presidents a minute my co ordered all health workers to get vaccinated against corona virus by mid september. meanwhile, bars strawn says, trains and plays will also be off limits to people without a special cove in 1900 pass starting next month. president's michael called the effort a new race against time to prevent a 4th wave for health care workers at this hospital in paris. president manuel mac homes announcement means a choice between getting the job or losing their job. for some, it's an easy choice to make. to me it's true that the paramedics department and
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especially assistant nurses having trouble to understand the importance of getting vaccinated. so i understand why a manual micron asked to mandatory vaccinations. otherwise, we won't get through this when we get off for the sake of hospital work, as i angry, their jobs are on the line. if they refuse, unfortunately, i will have to get vaccinated against my will because i love my job. i love my patients and you measures also include the need to show proof of vaccination, more inexpensive, negative test for long distance train travel and visiting restaurants. many peruvians are embracing the challenges, but some worried by my cross suggestion, that mandatory vaccination for all may be necessary. it's a violation of all right. we don't have the right to move around freely for me compulsory vaccination. it's inconceivable. frances joining of
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a european nations like italy and greece, which have already announced mandatory vaccinations for aged care and health workers. up looking to ship them from september. first, mandatory vaccination will apply to both public and private health care professionals. it is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an amino suppressed cancer patients. the drastic measure is an attempt to find a wave of an occupation fatigue that some countries are witnessing with europe. opening up some politicians, a cautioning that different rules based on immunization status, is the only safe way to motivate those hesitant to get the job. private group like the organization set up by former u. k. prime minister, tony blair, a pushing the government to have a strict or approach where we well, i mean, i just think we got to be careful as we open up the curb. it's not terrible. we've got to live with kind of it for a long time to come. the key thing is to draw
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a clear distinction between people who are vaccinated and people who are up. meanwhile, germantown language, michael has ruled out mandatory vaccines. she hopes more people will choose freely to get the job so life can continue returning to normal across europe. now to ascend of truly fit for a hollywood star, complete with 1st class transatlantic flight, champagne and caviar actor ga boars. the ashes have been buried in her birthplace, budapest, almost 5 years after her death or her 9th and final husband flew from the us with some of her ashes in her will. miss gore expressed a wish to be laid to rest in her native hungry. she was one of the last stars of hollywood, golden age or noun for her love of glamour, her exotic accent, and her sharp, which everybody everybody should
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get champagne. you're watching every news from berlin. lots more coming up at the top of the hour. but 1st, are special edition on the corona virus, a crisis stick like, ah, the news? the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus because the 19 special next on d w. how does the virus spread? why do we panic? and when will all of this and the 3 of the topics that we've covered in
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a weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com science. the strict lockdown saved lives. that's new villains philosophy for dealing with cars at 19 taiwan. avoided them prefer tests, quarantines, and mosques to contain the viruses spread initially. both islands enjoyed success. oh, but that changed for taiwan. what happened at is one government's approach beta. ah, welcome to the show line, benches all and today we'll be talking to the co author of the report assessing the
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outbreak responses of new zealand and taiwan. it was recently hit by the alpha variant. it hit hard despite the government's expertise in dealing with outbreaks of other diseases like saws running in and out every day. 39 year old mister chan delivers 300 orders a week. the reason copied outbreak and taiwan has brought him more orders. but he has to take more risks since nearly 85 percent of taiwanese population isn't vaccinated. well, this all high. no, i live with my 5 children, my wife and my mother. you asked me if i'm worried about them. of course i am. i had so many children, and i worry that i might get them infected to lose johnny bravo. as a father or 5, he has no choice, but to go out and make money. so i hope the government can offer food delivery drivers, vaccines as soon as possible. but you know,
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we're in contact with so many people doesn't. it's not hundreds every day by the many are still waiting. the vaccination program for high risk groups started rolling in june. so far, just 15 percent of tie ones, 23500000 people have been vaccinated. there isn't enough vaccines portal, you know, we have enough vaccines. can we do mass explanation? that's the 1st layer protection for all of the people. some things like that containing the virus and the insistence on developing domestic vaccines might have delayed high ones vaccine acquisition. and it was our mis judgement last year. not being able to, for seeing that there will be such of actually shortage. and we might have being a bit too confident about what we could do in terms of our own dramatically
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develop the vaccine to taiwanese drug makers. revealed phase to clinical trials in june and applied for emergency use authorization. but their effectiveness still needs to be examined. whether it's applications or not still remains the open question, but at least there's sufficient scientific dade out to think it might be efficacious in such regards. it just to have it approved, in case of need to some we can use it while the town vaccines a wait authorization. the government is trying its best secure, more jobs overseas. so that people like mr. chan no longer need to worry that they and their families could get infected. amanda closer it is, an epidemiologist at the university of taco, wellington,
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what went wrong in taiwan in your opinion? it's been very hard watching time long struggled to contain this very large up for like someone has done so well. so far independent haven't post public health infrastructure as the public responses connections in the south. it's been interesting to see how different ones response has been compared to museums in museums. when we have breaks, we react very swiftly and they just possibly to extinguish them straight away. and sometimes that means going straight into the short, sharp locked down town, on the other hand, has avoided using knocked on as a panoramic response. and that may have kept the break going a little longer than it need. it's a matter of what i find striking when we look at the numbers is that outbreak you
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mention in taiwan. in comparison to new zealand numbers, the spike is really sudden and then tie one manages to bring those numbers back down, but not to the levels new zealand been enjoying the whole way through this pandemic . they've managed to keep the numbers down so low. what's it done? right, i think the most important thing is that you didn't have the right to have the right strategy. and it's elimination strategy. this strategy census population, how we don't tolerate cases in the community. we react to even just one positive case and community by moving to extinguish that outbreak as quickly as possible. that's meant that we've had very few cases when she deaths, health services continue to operate and protect job con me. it's protected us civic
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freedom and lots of things come right just from that initial impulse to protect your population. what i think is also really important to point out is that both countries flow to immunize, which is a problem in taiwan, but not for new zealand. where you can argue that on both sides, actually on the one hand, yes, you doesn't need vaccines. that should be used in classes were still occurring. that should be used in cases where they can immediately save lives . on the other hand, we do feel vulnerable. we know that we get an outbreak. most of our population is still, i'm fascinated, but couldn't, and even more virulent and infectious strain pop up at any time and hit new zealand to that's right. and worried about that. in fact,
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few weeks ago, an australian travel to new zealand, i spent the weekend in wellington on holiday, went that australia and on the monday they started to be on well and tested positive delta barry. now that pissed me during the weekend had visited a large number of places around wellington museums, restaurants, shops will the place actually now watching experience for us. we were waiting to hear whether we got to have a very, very large upgrade. as it happens, we talked last camera difference. that's it has been a warning sign for us of how badly things could go wrong. so the warning signs are there. what is the best way in your opinion then of containing goto, and be covert, but also all of its variance? well, the interesting thing about this pandemic,
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and this is something that we in the asia pacific region. if the panic is control, it can be stopped. we have so many tools in the toolbox. now we have good faxing. we have our public health infrastructure, that's the test and tracing all of those measures. and we have mentions that can keep our community safe, optimizing ventilation, one of those things learning a mock to protect others. supporting people to stay at home when they're sick. we've learned so much in the last 16 months of how to stop his father's. i feel confident that it's not really a question if i can redo it, but all begun to choose to do it. interesting stuff from amanda coltrane, epidemiologist at the university of chicago. wellington, thank you very much for being on the show today. a brief look at some other corona wire stories making headlines. malaysian officials have been forced to temporarily
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close a covert vaccination center after nearly half its worth is tested. positive malaysia is struggling to deal with a surgeon. infections the country recorded 11000 new cases on tuesday. it's most in one day in french president manuel my clause says, getting back. sedated against covert will be made mandatory for all health care staff and other workers who come into contact with loanable patients. it's part of the latest measures to contain the pandemic in france, where the delta barrier was taking hold. that was that part of the program where we put one of the questions to our science, corresponded derek williams. paul, will, manufacturers need to modify my fields to fight variance? this is really just another way of asking whether, sorry to be to will mutate so much that modifying vaccines makes sense. so. so let's approach this question from that angle. the answer is we still don't know,
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but. busy a critical moment experts say will be large numbers of fully vaccinated. people start contracting a serious enough case of cobra, 1900 anyway, to land in the hospital. that's not happening, at least not yet. even if some variance are infecting more vaccinated people than earlier versions of the virus dead in trials, none of them is viewed as what's called an escape variance. in other words, immunity and people who had the disease or who have been vaccinated appears by enlarged to be holding up pretty well. but if that suddenly changes, then, manufacturers will indeed have to tweak vaccines to, to help manage the threat and they're already doing so. the good news is that this isn't a new problem, it's one that we've had to come to grips with in the past. for example,
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with flu viruses and flu vaccines have to be updated regularly because flu viruses evolve really pretty quickly. so the background that we already have in redesigning vaccine fast to meet that constantly evolving thread that will come in handy. now, according to the vaccine alliance, garvey, updating messenger r n a vaccines and bio vector vaccines is still uncharted territory. but it shouldn't prove to steve of the challenge. manufacturers are also saying that they can tweak back seems to provide protection against emerging threats within weeks rather than months and, and trials with tweak vaccines are already going on. but some experts don't think that escape variance will develop. so the question of,
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to what extent will actually need modified vaccines? that still up in the air me, derek williams there and then for one thanks for watching. stay safe. as you again say, ah, the the news, the me, the
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the the, the ah, the willing to go beyond the citizenship amendment. we're all in, as we take on the we're all about the story that matter to the policeman following the fire made interest the global economy,
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our portfolio w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the market dominance with c w. business beyond on youtube, and this is the news a show on today's program. i look at the corporate situation across asia. the beginning with taiwan after months of delays and political intrigue, it's residents are finally going to get the biotech pfizer vaccine. but not so it's government, but it's 2 biggest tech companies. why small businesses and still feel the.


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