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tv   Kick off Spezial  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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or i'm going to medical, i know is not afraid to make a decision was not afraid. lady, the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know needs clues, an interview with george w bush, july 14th at 1530 t c. on the w this is the news pay show on today's program. i look at the corporate situation across asia, beginning with taiwan. after months of delays and political intrigue, it's residents are finally going to get the biotech spicer vaccine, but not tanks. so it's government, but it's 2 biggest tech companies. why small businesses and still feel the pinch as a south korean government imposes new restrictions to fight in cases and
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the way covey 19 is shattering traditions. but once comforted families who lost loved ones in thailand, the news i'm british manager. welcome to the w news. asia. glad you could join us to taiwanese tech giants have done with the islands. government could not secure over 900 vaccines made by germany's biotech d. s. m c, that was biggest contract chip maker and fox gone, which assembled apple phones will donate $10000000.00 jobs to taiwan after securing their supply from biotech, a deal under the year between the german company in taiwan flounder. at the last minute, taiwan government alleged it was at the behest of china. and teddy cool found a fox con, said this of the new deal. this batch of vaccines deliver directly from the german factory, i believe,
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will help tie when the society to increase confidence and offer respite in the face of the pandemic. and from all, i'm joined by the w correspondent, william gang from ty pay, william a. teddy was in a statement, stressing on a direct delivery from the gentleman factory to taiwan. why is that important? well, that's basically due to the existence of a time when he logged up bands, all the vaccines and other kind of medical substance to actually be imported directly from china. so in order to fulfill the time when he governments requirement these, this very specific negotiation needs to fulfill the fact that the vaccine will have to be manufactured and deliver it directly from bio text factory inside germany. rather than coming from the distributors, factories inside china. and so that also makes one of the most a tricky aspect of this whole negotiation which took
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a few weeks in order for them to fulfill and get everyone at 3 like stakeholder in the pony go station on board. i suppose the route question here is, how were 2 private tech companies successful where the government wasn't so if we remember back in january, there was actually a revelation by the 20 government stating that some outside forces obstructed the process of their negotiation with bio tech directly because as we know, most of the negotiation of the vaccine acquisition is actually between the government and the manufacturer themselves. so because of some political interference coming from, not directly naming china, of the government decided to bring in 2 of the most high profile international companies coming from taiwan to represent the government to directly deal with both the chinese distributor. but at the same time,
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the german manufacturer and because of the status of one of the particular company ts and see which is one of the biggest tip makers and around the world. this whole negotiation immediately get the interest of the entire world. and that also put a lot of, i think pressure on the german government to get also involved to ensure that this whole deal and the negotiation will not fall through again because of any of the potential political interference. and that vice versa. put also pressure on the chinese distributor, which originally was basically putting a lot of the messages directly from bay jane onto the initial negotiation with fox call. one of the companies that are involved. but once since he got involved, this whole negotiation needs to be raised to a level where political interference cannot be viewed or cannot be seen as the off the code to prevent anyone from getting the 10000000 back thing. right. but the
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politics offered, but when these vaccines do arrive in taiwan, will they be enough to help with ty vans a vaccination program? and when do they arrive in taiwan? yeah, so, so far the media and also the experts are expecting government officials are expecting this batch of the vaccine to start arriving maybe in early september. and there are also plans a rival of more after back seen from japan and also time went to border and also more mature. and i've seen that is based on our own order. so if we adding up to 10000000 with the a couple, little millions that are coming in between july and september, that should also increase the overall vaccination rate for time one to more than half of the population. by the time of the, the 10000000 batches the ride, and that is certainly going to help improve
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a lot of time want to keep ability of defending itself against the possible outbreak. that is going to happen in the future. and i want to also right now in the process of actually coming down in containing the current outbreak that we're seeing here. did every corresponding william young in type. thank you very much for that update. meanwhile, south korea is reporting an increase in car. oh no, virus infections for 7 straight days. it's recorded more than 1000 cases, mostly attribute it to the delta variant. first identified in india. it's forced the government to impose its toughest restrictions yet in the capital. so the center of the outbreak nightclubs have been shot. new rules introduced in james and private gatherings, limited to 2 people after 6 pm south korea. as late as cobra, 1900 wave has hit the country hard. the government has clamped down with new guidelines, including social distancing that of especially, affected small businesses. these for rent signs tell the story in terms of the
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economic impact of the cove at 900 pandemic, no neighborhood in sole, has been quite so stricken as to why this once bustling, multicultural, entertainment and shopping district suffered a cluster outbreak in may of 2020 infecting about 250 people and causing a significant drop in visitors and business. the young man opened a cafe, offering a variety of drinks in her own blend of coffee beans. just as the pandemic arrived in early 2020 soon, her business would really feel it. good, i will call you got my cafe is close to it's one. so last year outbreak there affected our sales as well. we hardly. so any customers. it was like a ghost town here when a younger that's all since monday,
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gatherings of more than 2 people other than family are banned after 6 pm in the capital, sol, where 80 percent of new cases are located. rule breakers of this and other restrictions face stiff penalties and fines. we need to be very careful. we disinfect the store every couple of hours and disinfect tables meticulously after customer leave. we give out hand sanitizer and ask everyone to wear a mask as well as register with a q r code. so crew has been praised for its early success against the virus only to have cases linger and grow soon, harsher restrictions return. what would i don't have to me as a business owner? i'm not happy about the new rules, but trying to reduce the number of daily confirmed cases by maintaining social distance. thing is better than more people getting infected for me. it wasn't that i was in y'all and say, severance hospital. dr. young men overseas covey,
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900 testing. he says the more infectious delta very. and now makes up more than 25 percent of south korea. new cases is this, delta variance starts to spread and the general population will encounter other variance and create a new variant. and this continues, the virus would be able to create a variable that resists the vaccines. so we should try our best to prevent delta from spreading further. hello, i'm going to go just 11 percent of the so green population is fully vaccinated, and officials hope heard immunity will be achieved by november. the new guidelines are set to be in place for the next 2 weeks, at least. and here's a few more updates on the current situation across asia. a 3rd wave of covered $900.00 in india is inevitable and imminent. according to the indian medical association. in a letter to government leader, the i'm a call for strict cubs of mosque gatherings for 3 more months and ramped up
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vaccinations to mitigate the impact. the deputy director general has said the world's vaccine disparity is driven by greed. he has drug make to prioritize vaccines for poor countries, rather than lobbying rich nations to buy booster shots. and in thailand, health workers already vaccinated with 2 chinese made son of jobs will not get an estrogenic, a booster. a study that has found the son of ac was less effective in fighting. the delta variant of that come to thailand imposes new destructions. in the midst of sore in cases, the numbers of deaths is also going up and as be report one temple in a sub of bank or is struggling to keep up with the demand for commissions. it has also had to rethink the way it conducts its funeral services. curve 19 is changing everything, including death. these volunteers are doing their best to give this person
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a respectful send off. but the risks of handling the body in funeral services have to be quick. this is unusual in thailand where relatives traditionally spend days, think of byte their loved ones before they are created. the buddhist ceremony held by monks at this temple for the family of the deceased also has to be much shorter than usual. but official sir said they're facing an extraordinary situation. talking to me would be well in our areas. there are so many debts and we don't know if they'll be more arriving today. crematorium isn't working well, because it's overheated from the continued use. if we place the coffins inside, it will just burn it all without pushing any button. they dilute. employees are working hard to keep up with the demand pie with suit true leads,
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a foundation that offers funeral services, the free for the less well off. he says they've managed to raise funds to build a new crematorium, but he's afraid of what is to come. low thought made i thought, wow, one. we don't know what will happen next year. my. when not, when you go to my home visit, everyone will be cautious and tried to avoid this disease as it destroyed everything and it'll pass, wait a long time. and i think for now, it seems the death from cozy 19 in thailand likely to increase before the situation improved. relieving our pictures of one man's vaccination story in militia fitness instructor can you see says he carefully chose his outfit for the day, both for protection and to get a few laughs. we'll see you tomorrow about the
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news . in december, 2019, the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear door to make europe the 1st time. jennings, on the planet by 2050 each member states supported some persuasion as required. so surprising goes
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into the very heart of power to win the game of diplomatic poker trick power plays and the lines behind the scenes of the summit starts august 5th on d. w. the coming up on arts and culture more forgotten. female artists come to light as art institutions in europe, reject art history written for by and about men and innovations from the burial architect. look to venezuela neighborhoods born out of quick necessity. ah. but 1st, germany's culture minister monica says, the re blossoming of jewish culture in germany is the biggest gift to the country.
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seeing since the end of world war 2. she was speaking at the reopening of a synagogue in the city of girl. it's the house of worship, survived a nazi attack, but then almost fell apart under east german communism. now, decades of work and millions of years later, it's been reopened as a cultural center, including small space for the cities, small jewish community. the synagogue in college has been restored to its former glory renovation. work began 30 years ago following german reunification was here. it's a very respectful restoration, but they also left a lot of the building scholars intact. and you can really see the buildings, history of what it went through and survived and taught. the synagogue was completed in 1911 despite an attack on crystal knox, november nights, 938. it survived almost and damaged, but it was neglected in the following decades. and the d consecrated synagogue used
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as a storage facility and commenced east germany, the plans to turn it into the navy. and for years after unification, it was unclear what speed done with the you can still structure. now it's been reopened as a cultural center. we're still on the poor the we imagine it becoming a place of reconciliation as well as education. i like school groups go there and hear about the history of jewish life in germany and girlish. but it's also meant to be a place for cultural event post thought that the jewish community also once again has a home here one area of the synagogue issues further just worship more culture news now from around to europe, the can film festival celebrated the premier of the movie petra flew without the films maker russian director carol sarah brandt, gulf sara. brent of is barred from leaving russia due to his conviction on embezzlement charges. critics of the travel band say it's an attempt to silence the
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director for his critical stance on the church and on russia government a flashback to ancient rome. well, it's not just about the costumes. bosnia is hoping to attract tourists with this 2000 year old roman road, uncovered by a professor in the woods of the con you mountain and north eastern bosnia. the scholar and her team consulted historical records and interviewed locals to find the road which had long been a local legend. now you can visit it. and in italy, one of the world's oldest ballet companies, la scala, is out of the theater, performing all around malign their latest stuff, a local swimming pool. their goal is to bring ballet to audiences who normally wouldn't fear from da vinci to picasso. the most famous
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artists in history have been men with moody personalities or historians used to say that great art was the result of great genius and genius, of course with male. because if a woman turned out to be a gifted artist, she with the exception. but now more and more art institutions in europe are challenging that history of art written by men, the museum to loop some book in paris is the venue for an exhibition of 18th century female painters who had been largely forgotten. bold and confident, self portrayed, reveal little of the struggles these artists fought for recognition in an era when women were imprisoned by a strict moral call search, women artists will not be denied access to an academy education. so they help themselves founding the own women's workshops. networks necessary to assert
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themselves in a man's world. this is how they conquered the scene. as a bet, louise de la blow a celebrated portrait painter of european nobility, one international claim for her painting of mary antoinette particularly did. the special thing about this exhibition is alluded to in the full name of the show female painters, the birth of a struggle to show look at our history in a new way. these women artists were actually visible during the lifetime and were only forgotten in retrospect. and for that history is to blame the last night. he said, posterior me how male is our history in artists say, took a look at a popular encyclopaedia of office and deleted all the entries on male artists. she
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wanted to make the women visible of the original $5200.00 entries, only $100.00. $69.00, remain 3 percent. the countless blank pages expose the established cannon as a questionable construct, a relic. patriarchy, me, me, no matter how successful the willing painters were in their lifetimes, later art history passes them over their work, disappeared into the store. rooms of museums, where they slowly decayed florida spaced organization advancing. women artists has taken up the fight and literally fries out by women from the dust of oblivion. the nonprofit initiative has rediscovered 70 paintings restored them and made them accessible to the public. but in france alone, 2000 paintings by women, artists still lie in storage. it's actually not just about the women artists in
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florence, it's about the women, artists in storage is and in the museums all over the world. and the art lovers beginning to ask, where are the women so that they can reclaim this part of history? that's been forgotten. the ball is rolling. now there's a whole series of projects that engage activist detectives to track down the missing women artists international initiatives. exhibitions, or for example, the film and online project. last women arts. it retails 100 years of european history by spotlighting women, artists who disappeared due to prejudice. and double standards, women from various areas have been systematically marginalized by conservative art historians and timid institutions in terms of genre, painting, styles, and even lifestyles. the demands placed a women artists were always rather different from those placed on male counterparts
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ballpark. is i observe this with quite a lot of women artists in the days they had opportunities, had exhibitions sold, paintings, got good reviews. but that when they were written about in retrospect, they suddenly play a very small role of the school. and that shows that the problem is in history. on dust tight get us the problem in a concentrated, leapt ah, she was a legend in paris during her lifetime to san valid dawn. at the age of just 15. she modeled for the great painters, pierre, august, law and ed degas and later emancipated herself as a painter. ah nudes, have an authentic maternity and directness, a provocative new look at the female body. ah,
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the visionary painting of swedish artist humor flint has been deliberately sidelined by the scene for decades despite the fact that she was creating abstract paintings. years before vasily tendon ski, ah, dressed an artist l. frieda lois of x was a victim of the nazi regime. pit just boldly depict the other side of the supposedly golden twenty's work to has gone under in our history last women art works to put this right. ah, history itself is a very old fashion till it is old as the museum. that's reinvent these things. there's no need to reinvent arts in many cases, 90 percent of museum collections, life in storage arts history is ready and waiting for
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a new don't. how will we live together? that's the question. and the theme of this year is architecture. be in late and venice, italy, every 2 years, architects from around the world come together to share their ideas and dreams this week and arts and culture, we're looking at different displays from the be an hour. today, a project that examines venezuelan barrios, informal neighborhoods that were long seen as separate from the city, but are slowly being recognized as an integral part of the urban fabric. the venice is architecture be in the award winning design practice enlarge architecture. showcasing an unusual part of the venezuelan capital correct. in the 1950, an oil based economic boom here triggered widespread internal migration. i mean, i get this group. so i don't city necessary to the 3 the border
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of the time, the economic system and acquisition laws didn't allow people who contribute to this growth to have the home economics to we're so in that gosh, i've called body develop ah, no problem and hope and i'm and i'm just a phenomenal dennis whaler, but in all of latin america and the whole thing at the time. so the urban fabric is the heat or vinyl one, which is plant and one which is improvised and you are not out the can stream. you get an understanding the spatial structures and live in a barrier and lawson architect to studied la palmera neighborhood, incorrect. ah, i wish i did prejudice and discrimination what we think will die by my seat. i guess a difficulty is that make living together a challenge into it. come on,
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we will hold their own grades. it took an architect to 2 years to build a relationship with the barrier residence, the design as documented, the locals traditions and knowledge might their understanding of herbalism. plenty of pleasant surprises for the researches like the barriers, lively pavements and stay away the developed public faces. what i need for their own community, but also is an opportunity to connect with the cities non barrier residents. ah, no language about who are people are outside of the city, lives like this. and after many generations are professionals, including doctors and lives professor and it's really time to understand that this is not about 2 cities, but about 115. they go with 2 different to that go to he will be friday and
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studio and architect tudor in the barrier in a new light i that's it for this arts and culture. it's been great having you with us. and for more you can always check out our website. that's d, w dot com slash culture. the next the the news, the news, the news ah,
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the in many countries education is still a privilege. property is one of the main causes some young children work in my job . instead of going to class can attend classes and finish working. the millions of children all over the world can't go to school. the we ask blind. because the education makes the world more just the make up your own mind. w made for mines in the room. the
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news is cool. but just me move the frankfurt airport. international gateway to the best connection, south road and radio. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the world experience standing shopping and dining offers, enjoying our services. be our guest at frankfurt, airport city, managed by from board. ah
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ah was ah, this is who did we news life from berlin? me. him in south africa doesn't now killed us writers ransack stores and clash with security forces violent sparked by the jailing of ex president through the army. so then to bolster and overwhelmed police force. also coming up, fatal fire tragedies strikes again and then your rocky ospital for more than 90 corona virus. patients are killed in a blaze, anger, and questions mount over how this could happen for a 2nd time this year and come.


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