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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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that they were now investigating out who is behind these, attempted to be, as there is some coordination, but also the death toll is cline big. for example, in that southern johannesburg, south of helping be heard of an incident way. 10 bodies had been discovered. it appears that the thing is happening in the different locations stamp the are happening, and forty's of being discovered. so some prim discovery, the made particular one shot more that up just need to wait till that is how big and that's the whole is time being and security officials law and make the way through some of the site to make some of these discovered very, very volatile situation, very grin. situation as you are reporting the government we understand sent in troops looking from the outside. it looks like we've lost control. has the government lost control the situation layla. in fact, many people would argue that government was never in control. wendy's incident started breaking out. you had live footage,
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where you could see no police and where you could see beneath a very limited presence and in many cases they appear to be helpless. and so the question was being, did the police not anticipate this? we will hearing from zoom in support, is that they would be great to this country if the former president was sent to jail. that happened. and so the questions have been, all people are very happy with the government's response. a lot of people have to take an issue with the deployment of the soldier, for example, opposition? party saying that this was a law enforcement issues the failing off the police. but now the safe, patrice minister has also said that they are investigating a former security officials that are linked to the former prisoners. they believe that it is possible that they are behind the coordinated attack. specific location, mobilize the people on the outside. it does look like for people looting, but they seem to be from 4 nations that so this situation is out of control and many people will be that the police were never in control of that situation. big
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christine, obviously mr. zoom was, jailing was the spark that set off this fire this unrest. it is this still about mr . zoom or is there more to it? linda, there is, have more to it by now. when the president spoke and hebrew potentially last night, he said you had criminal opportunities who were jumping onto this as well. the one of the high ranking officials in the see that's really why he said that the poverty people with the voices elated. this is a country way. unemployment is high. we inequality is especially high the pandemic at all the restrictions that have come with it has pushed a lot of people put into poverty. a lot of the footage that you're seeing a lot of the people that you see under privilege, thought african, who's taken the opportunity to go and get something. what will they hope? you think people feeling food, clothing, basic household, i could, there was no intimate that of course, the officials here are investigating that. there are people mobilizing,
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as you can see, the violence remains concentrated to 2 specific provinces, the homeland of the president, as well as healthy, which is obviously home to johannesburg. that is the commercial capital. so yes, it started out as a full presentation, but it's more into all kinds of motivation. the best and of course, was the main trigger, w corresponded christina and when do i in k town. thank you so much for your continued coverage. and we're going to pivot now, we're to iraq where at least 50 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a fire broke out at a covert, 1900 isolation unit in the southern city of a 3 year. while it's unclear exactly how the blades began at the la hussein, the teaching hospital, the prime minister has ordered the suspension and arrest of a number of people including the hospital manager. what's left of the corona, virus, isolation, ward. more than 60 patients were being treated here
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when fire sweat through this unit at el hussein hospital in nasiriyah, taking everything in its path while front door was burning and the back door was closed, people couldn't get out. but before the fire broke out, some of them managed to get out. and afterwards people was stuck inside and the ceiling fell on them. we managed to take out some people, but they were suffering, and the rest of them burned and died. and now they are left counting the dead shod belongings. all that's left devastation everywhere. the horrors of what happened. hard to comprehend it still on clear
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how the fire started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded while others point to an electrical short circuit. this just the latest disaster to hit iraq has to be, it's a tragedy and i'm speechless. it looks like her rock again has to suffer anguish and calamity in the medical staff continue to treat the survivors some in a critical condition. the questions are already being asked. this is the 2nd time this year of fi killed corona, virus, patients at an iraq you hospital. the anger is mounting is people here want on says from politicians blamed for years if
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miss management and neglect. too late, though, for the ones whose last night and for those left behind. frances tightening current of iris rolls in a bit to head off a new surgeon, infections driven by the highly contagious delta variant, present. and manuel my call ordered all health workers to get vaccinated against beaker and virus by mid september bars, restaurants, trains, and planes will also be off limits to unvaccinated people. starting next month, president mccomb called the effort a new race against time to prevent a 4th wave for health care workers at this hospital in paris. president manuel my called the mountain. that means a choice between getting the job or losing that job. for some it's an easy choice to make she couldn't find me. it's true that the paramedics department and
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especially assistant nurses having trouble to understand the importance of getting back to needed. so i understand why a manual micron asked for mandatory vaccinations. otherwise, we won't get through this home, you get walking on the sequel of a hospital work as an angry. their jobs are on the line. if they refuse, unfortunately, i will have to get vaccinated against my will because i love my job. i love my patients, all the new measures also include the need to show proof of vaccination or an expensive negative test for long distance train travel and visiting restaurants. many per the enter embracing the challenges, but some worried by my chrome suggestion, that mandatory vaccination for all may be necessary. it's a violation of all right. we don't have the right to move around freely to me compulsory vaccination. it inconceivable. france joining of
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a european nations like italy in greece, which have already announced mandatory vaccination for aged care and health workers . up looking to ship them from september. first, mandatory vaccination will apply to both public and private health care professionals. it is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an amino suppressed cancer patients. the drastic measure is an attempt to find a wave of an occupation fatigue that some countries are witnessing with europe. opening up some politicians cautioning that different rules based on immunization status is the only safe way to motivate those. hesitant to get the jap private groups like the organization set up by form a u. k. prime minister tony blair, pushing the government to have a strict approach. we well, i mean, i just think we gotta be careful as we open up. cuz it's not where we're going to live with, go of it for a long time to come. the key thing is to draw a clear distinction between people who have accelerated and people who up.
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meanwhile, german tom's langley, michael has ruled out mandatory vaccines. she hopes more people will choose freely to get the job for life can continue returning to normal across europe. i left so much to unpack want to turn out to andrew omen. he is a member of the german parliament for the pro business, the f d p. party dr. omen. great to have you. back on d. w. news. let's talk about the german french approach. it is a study, in contrast, you have on the one hand chancellor miracle and not making vaccination. mandatory. france leaning towards making vaccinations, a compulsory. what's the right approach? why i think the way we're doing it in germany right now is the correct approach. we do not need mandatory vaccination at this point in time. that is for sure. and the way things look like right now. not even for the near future or for the longer future since the willingness in their population. germany is very high to get
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vaccinated. we still have many people who do not have a chance to get their appointment for a vaccination. and i'm pretty sure that we do not need anything in that direction at all. i think the explanation has to remain voluntary, but the responsibility of course, for each individual is therefore the society. but also by the politicians. we have to make sure that the information is transported correctly, that everybody knows why it's important to get action needed. now obviously the vaccination, unfortunately, rollout currently injure me is slowing down. so what's behind that? well, there are many reasons behind out, right now we are going into vacation time in germany and many things they could postpone or delete their 2nd vaccine or their 1st vaccination chart. and so now this is slowing down and we have many areas where you can go up. actually we have explanation centers in almost every city in germany as well as the private
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physician, the ambulatory physicians are able to give the vaccination as well. so there is a lot of possibilities out there to get action needed, and right now ensuring we're over 40 percent have already the full vaccination. this includes all the population. and so far we do not have any kind of recommendation. beyond the age of 12, it gets actually because we have to get the youth backs it as well. that's my personal opinion. and i'm pretty sure that we could go into the autumn time without any kind of lockdown if we get this accident vaccination track ongoing and strong. because that is the important message that we have to get out there. that is an important message. but that's also where the dilemma is, isn't it? because as you alluded to about 43 percent of the population here in germany are fully vaccinated. but to germany's public health institute says they need, you know, the holy grail is at least 85 percent to reach that elusive or heard immunity?
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that's looking very, very unlikely. well right now we have a little bit of, i think 65 percent have already received their 1st shot. so what they need to get their 2nd shot as well. and then we are beyond this 65 percent already and there's still, i'm going, there's still appointments. being done for the 1st shock and i saw the model was done by the robert coff institute and it's 85 percent would be ideal, but with 75 percent would do a good job already. i would not give any trouble to our health care system in germany at all. so i am, i remain optimistic, but nevertheless, the information has to go out there that everybody gets vaccinated and that doesn't happen, then we will have a problem. but i don't think that mandatory vaccination will help to dr. andrew omen. a member of the german parliament for the pro where business? the f d p party. sir. thank you for coming back on. thank you or one for you and some
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of the other stories making headlines around the world. france's anti trust regulator has find google 500000000 years for failing to negotiate with media companies in good faith are the legal battle centers around google's use of content from you media groups. it's the biggest fine ever imposed by the regulator. google says it is quote, very disappointed, i guess the funeral or has been held for georgian camera, man alexander, the caroll, who was found dead at his home in the capital tbilisi on sunday. it was one of several dozen journalists attacked and beaten by anti l. g. b t q protesters at a march earlier this month, mister les carrabba's, death has prompted calls for georgia prime minister to step down. a convoy carrying 900 tons of aid has arrived in ethiopia, is to get a region. the un says some 400000 people are on the brink of famine. a conflict has
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been raging there since november to get a defense forces. say they have launched a new assault. 2 weeks after the government declares at washington has denied cubans occupation that the us is to blame for an extraordinary wave of protests on the caribbean island, on sunday, people across cuba vented their frustration with the communist government over food and medicine shortages and record cove. in 1900 infections present, negro lady s kinda said you were sick and i'm extensions were stoking the rest the, these are the images, cuban state tv, broadcast of sundays mass protests. the country going towards was a comic crisis in decades. they look at the 1000, took to the streets of havana and elsewhere, the process food and medicine shortages. cubans, president miguel de of canal said it was the work of trouble may cuz it
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i end up yesterday they threw starting the police forces turned over. cars totally vulgar in decent until and behavior have gotten the response of the protest semester. almost unprecedented in the history of the communist country . president diaz come no same us function, who the unrest you have been carrying out policies that might lead to human rights. some of them tie people for more than 60 years and you intensify them in the midst of a pandemic. and now you want to present yourself of the big savior. lift the blockade, left, 243 measures and we will see how we get along the way. i'm going to double your secretary of state antony blink and says the cuban regime has no one to blame, but itself, it would show that they simply are not hearing the voices and will of the cuban
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people. people deeply, deeply, deeply tired of the repression that has gone on for far too long and president joe biden expressed solid archie with a protest of the united states stands firmly with the people as they assert their universal rights. and because the government from acumen to refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of the people, a cubicle clients returned to the streets of havana on monday. but the calm, forced not free security forces controlled the capital in large numbers. mobile internet outages were frequent throughout the day and access to many social media sites was blocked. or i'd like to welcome now my colleague isaac reese, go who used to be based in havana and she was so good to have you with this. you
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were based there how significant a moment is this for cuba? hillary, how are you? think these are the biggest progress we have seen in cuba since the beginning of relation because cuba is and all authority regime protests like this are very rare in cuba. we don't, we don't see just a lot. i mean we just have see a protest similar brought a protest in 99494. and then it was a protest all in have and on in have, and then you have from a precedent, people, castro, go in to me, to protest, to humanity, dissuade, to come down abroad. now you have a project that is all around the country and, and field guest, so it's not a life anymore. and you have another leader that don't have to carry sna that used to have fidel castro. well, let's talk about this relatively new liter presence. we go the can now, how much room does he have to maneuver, especially taking into consideration these very onerous trade embargo is still
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imposed by the us kenning. do anything to turn things around without the us doing something. i don't think he has a lot of a lot of things to do to he's just going to ask with repression. the truth is he would need to dialogue with, with christie, united. no, it would be wise from the bite and registration to go to, to meet, to do go towards yes. can, there's no try to, to loosen the sanctions again. bad in asking for, for something respond, for example, the repression to that repressed opposition anymore. to add qualified for elections? no, i don't seem to kill yes. can. i was going this way because he's really new. he don't have to support a he doesn't have to support a party. like he said, he sorta casper, and it's going to be difficult to him. i think, i guess he's going to ask what rubbish. and so if he goes along that route, i mean, is the genie out of the bottle? i mean, people going out on the streets. i mean, they don't, there's no fear. there is no fear anymore or any more because of the,
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of the difficult state. the cubans are suffering multiple factors behind this board as you have these food and medicine charges, the cube as so for a not since a couple of weeks at 4 years, you have to condemn nick. did they lose him for the 1st time since the beginning of the pandemic? the cubans are losing their contract upon damage and they have hospital collapse in it. and in some towns, in some provinces, in cuba. and, and you have to did the us sanctions and it from titan is dissension. and this is for sure. are recent for the, for the, for the trouble they are, they are leaving now nor did ministry. liquidity is another reason for the stroke of, for the struggles. tell us a little bit more about that. how does that play into the, the current unrest? yeah, that, yes is still a, be a big
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a big is political allies from cuba. and the reason they used to be important, unimportant economic partner for cuba debt collapse and they don't have to possibly just have to to had them the way they used to. and you have to then be that the cubans depends on the tourism industry. and the last year they manage to, to, to manage the pandemic. but they, they suffer a lot under economic crisis. that's a reason for it. these challenges are not new. so i'm just wondering why is this happening right now? obviously, the hardships. i mean, they're, they're the worst they've ever been, but still, there seems to be something that has sparked it off. is there an event that you can point to? i think just a mix of this, of this multiple factors. you have to crisis the economy question. it's getting worse, you have to shorter shifts that are getting worse all the time because of the sanction because of the trailer, you have to condemn make, you have to regime. and so we're,
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we're with repression after day in november, a small protest last year. and all these reasons together put to mix for this and precedent protest now, making for a very, very volatile situation in cuba. isaac, or we go, we're from d. w new sir. thank you so much for being with us. good to have you here. i thank you. the is just 10 days from the start of the olympic games into you and athletes have finally begun moving into the olympic village. $11000.00 athletes will be housed in a strictly controlled environment due to the current virus will. they will only be allowed to leave the village to train or to compete and will be tested every day. no spectators will be allowed into the venues and live for another or critical moment for you see president thomas bar. he just emerged from quarantine himself as the city of tokyo has entered a state of emergency new to rise in case number's. good fortune is
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not something tokyo 2020 has been blessed with. the latest set back flooding at the international press center. i is, the president thomas bock seemed to take it lightly after 3 days of isolation, he is out and about and trying to see the positives after testing negative. we all regret the decision for not having spectators for the spectators, but even more so for the athletes who will not be able to enjoy life, the olympic atmosphere. the athletes can come and concentrate on what the olympic games for in the essence. and these are the olympic competitions. athletes will live in a bubble environment only outside the olympic village and competition sites. organizers have toyed with the idea of sending them on bus ride through the city to give the guests at least some semblance of sight, seeing some locals feel less infused about rolling out the red carpet to the
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guests, arriving from all around the world. demonstrations were held on the weekend outside too much fuss. 5 star hotel did i think that we demand the games be called off? we have suffered enough under the current of ours pandemic and the strict measures . but, but it seems unconcerned with our situation, which makes me all the more angry that i owe you. it's so unfair that our taxes are being spent to further the interests of this. i see mafia, all the i o c claims. all decisions are reached in tandem with the japanese government, with case numbers rising local officials in tokyo have justin for the state of emergency again, for the 4th time. restaurants will close at 8 pm and cannot sell alcoholic drinks. but the city is already at breaking point with the virus running rampant, even without foreign fans arriving for the games. you're watching the news from
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berlin. lots more coming up at the top of the hour, but stick around up next in just a moment for the magazine kick off with a special report about being a black footballer in germany, the headlines will be back at the top of the news news news, news news
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