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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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talking to the co author of the report, assessing the outbreak responses of new zealand and ty, one, it was recently hit by the alpha variant. it hit hard despite the government's expertise in dealing with outbreaks of other diseases like saws running in and out every day. 39 year old mister chan delivers 300 orders a week. the reason copied outbreak and taiwan has brought him more orders. but he has to take more risks since nearly 85 percent of taiwanese population isn't vaccinated. a little bit, i know i live with my 5 children, my wife and my mother. you asked me if i'm worried about them. of course i am. i had so many children and i worry that i might get them infected. please, john, you're as a father o 5, he has no choice, but to go out and make money. so i hope the government can offer food delivery drivers, vaccines as soon as possible. we're in contact with so many people,
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dozens, if not hundreds, every day. many are still waiting. the vaccination program for high risk groups started rolling in june so far. just 15 percent of tie ones. 23.5000000 people have been vaccinated. there isn't enough vaccines. portal, you know, we have enough vaccines. can we do mass vaccinations? that's the 1st layer protection for all the people that do some things next that's containing the virus. and the insistence on developing domestic vaccines might have delayed tie, one's vaccine acquisition. and it was our ms judgment on last year. not being able to, for seeing that there will be some vaccine shortage. and we might have being a bit too confident about what we could do in terms of our own dramatically
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develop the vaccines to taiwanese drug makers. revealed phase to clinical trials in june and applied for emergency use authorization, but their effectiveness still needs to be examined. whether it's applications or not still remains the open question, but at least there's sufficient scientific data to think it might be efficacious in such regard. just to have it approved in case of need to someone can use it while the tower need vaccines await authorization. the government is trying its best, the cure, more jobs overseas, so that people like mr. chen no longer need to worry that they and their families could get infected. amanda closer it is, an epidemiologist at the university of taco, wellington,
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what went wrong in taiwan in your opinion? it's been very hard watching time long struggled to contain this very large upright . someone has done so well. photon in the pandemic, haven't strong, have to come in destruction and the public response connections. in this break, it's been interesting to see how different ones response has been compared to museums in museums. when we have breaks, we react very swiftly and decisively to extinguish them straight away. and sometimes that means going straight into the short sharp lock them on the other hand, has avoided using lockdown as a response. and that may have kept the break going a little longer than if needed. and a matter of what i find striking when we look at the numbers is that outbreak. you
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mentioned in taiwan, in comparison to new zealand numbers, the spike is really sudden and then tie one manages to bring those numbers back down, but not to the levels. new zealand has been enjoying the whole way through this pandemic. they've managed to keep the numbers down so low once it's done, right. i think the most important things that museum has got right is have the right strategy and hands on it. and it's elimination strategy strategies centers population, how we don't tolerate cases in the community. we react to even just one positive case of community by moving to extinguish that outbreak as quickly as possible. that's meant that we've had a few cases when she deaths, our health services have continued to operate. its protect me, it's protected,
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us having treated a lot of things come right just from that initial impulse to protect the population . what i think is also really important to point out is that both countries slow to immunize, which is a problem in taiwan, but not for new zealand. where you can argue that on both sides, actually, on the one hand, yes, you doesn't need vaccines. that can should be used in classes were still occurring, that should be used in cases where they can immediately save lives. on the other hand, we do feel vulnerable. we know that when we get them on break most of our population still, i'm fascinated, but couldn't, and even more virulent and infectious strain pop up at any time and hit new zealand to that's right. and where they wanted about. in fact, few weeks ago, an australian travel to new zealand,
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i spent the weekend in wellington on holiday, went that australia and on monday they started to be unwell and tested positive delta buried. now that pissed me during the weekend had visited a large number of places around wellington museums, restaurants. shops will the place actually now biting experience for us. we were waiting to hear whether we got to have a have a large outbreak. as it happens, we got luck, camera, difference that's it has been wanting time for us of how badly things could go wrong. so the warning signs are there. what is the best way in your opinion then of containing not only tova but also all of its variance. well, the interesting thing about this is something that we in the asia pacific region,
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if at the time it is control, it can be stopped. we have so many tools in the toolbox. now we have protections, we have our public health infrastructure. that's that testing tracing. all of those meshes, and we have mentions but can keep our community safe. optimizing ventilation, one of those things wearing a mask to protect others. supporting people to stay at home when they're sick. we've learned so much in the last 16 months about how to stop his father's i feel confident that it's not really a question. if can we do it? but all me going to choose to do it. interesting stuff from a man call tweak epidemiologist at the university of chicago. wellington, thank you very much for being on the show today. a brief look at some other corona wire stories making headlines. malaysian officials have been forced to temporarily
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close a covert vaccination center after nearly half its worth is tested. positive malaysia is struggling to deal with a surgeon. infections the country recorded 11000 new cases on tuesday. it's most in one day and for president manuel, my cause says getting back. sedated against covert will be made mandatory for all health care staff and other workers who come into contact with loanable patients. it's part of the latest measures to contain the pandemic in france, where the delta variant is taking hold. that was that part of the program where we put one of your questions to our science correspondence, derek williams. paul, will, manufacturers need to modify maxine to fight variance? this is really just another way of asking whether stars could be to will mutate so much that modifying vaccines make sense so. so let's approach this question from that angle. the answer is we still don't know,
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but. busy a critical moment experts say, will be as large numbers, the fully vaccinated people start contracting a serious enough case of covert 900. anyway, to land in the hospital. that's not happening, at least not yet. even if some variance are infecting more vaccinated people than earlier versions of the virus dead in trials, none of them is viewed as what's called an escape variance. in other words, immunity and people who had the disease or who have been vaccinated appears by enlarge to be holding up pretty well. but if that suddenly changes, then, manufacturers will indeed have to tweak vaccines to help manage the threat and they're already. busy doing so, the good news is that this isn't a new problem. it's one that we've had to come to grips with in the past. for
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example, with flu viruses and flu vaccines have to be updated regularly because flu viruses evolve really pretty quickly. so the background that we already have in redesigning vaccine fast to meet that constantly evolving thread that will come in handy. now, according to the vaccine alliance, garvey, updating messenger r n a vaccines and bio vector vaccines is still uncharted territory. but it shouldn't prove too steep of a challenge. manufacturers are also saying that they can tweak back seems to provide protection against emerging threats within weeks rather than months and, and trials with tweaked vaccines are already going on. but some experts don't think that escape variance will develop. so. busy the question of, to what extent will actually need modified vaccines?
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that still up in the air. me, derek williams. there are 10 for one. thanks for watching. stay safe and see you again. same by, by the, the the news. the news the me
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the news this is you reading this life from berlin out of control south africa unrest intensified, doesn't now kill as writers ransack stores in clash with security forces. violence sparked by the jailing of ex president, zoom up the army 7 to bolster and overwhelmed police force also coming up. fatal fire tragedies strikes again as a rocky hospital where more than 90 co. no virus, patients are killed in a blake's anger and questions. mouse over how this could happen for a 2nd time this year.


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