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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 3:30pm-4:15pm CEST

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oh, i the see that the news a show on today's program. i look at the corporate situation across asia, beginning with taiwan. after months of delays and political intrigue, it's residents are finally going to get the biotech size vaccine, but not time, so it's covered. but it's 2 biggest tech companies. why small businesses and still feel the pinch as a south korean government imposes new restrictions to fight in cases. and the way corporate team is shattering traditions,
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but once comforted families who lost loved ones in thailand, the news i'm british manager. welcome to d. w. news. a shark ledger could join us to taiwanese tech giants have done what the islands government could not secure. over 900 vaccines made by germany biotech, p s. m. c, the world's biggest contract chip maker. and fox gone, which assembled apple phones will donate $10000000.00 jobs to taiwan after securing their supply from biotech. a deal under the yeah, between the german company and taiwan flounder. at the last minute taiwan government alleged it was at the behest of china. and teddy cool found a fox con, said this of the new deal. this batch of vaccines deliver directly from the german factory, i believe,
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will help tie when the society to increase confidence and offer respite in the face of the pandemic. and from all, i'm joined by the w correspondent, william gang from ty pay, william a. teddy was in his statement, stressing on direct delivery from the gentleman factory to taiwan. why is that important? well, that's basically due to the existence of a time when he's law of the band, all the vaccines and other kind of medical substance to actually be imported directly from china. so in order to fulfill the 27th requirement, these, this very specific negotiation neetha fulfill the fact that the vaccine will have to be manufactured and delivered directly from bio text factory inside germany rather than coming from the distributor factories inside china. and so that also makes one of the most a tricky aspect of this whole negotiation which took
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a few weeks in order for them to fulfill and get everyone at 3 like stakeholder in the pony go station on board or support the rude person here is how we're to private tech companies successful where the government wasn't so if we remember back in january, there was actually a revelation by the 20 government stating that some outside forces obstructed the process of their negotiation with bio tech directly. because that's, we know, most of the negotiation of the vaccine acquisition is actually between the government and the manufacturer themselves. so because of some political interference coming from, not directly naming china, of the government decided to bring in 2 of the most high profile international companies coming from taiwan to represent the government to directly deal with both the chinese distributor. but at the same time,
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the german manufacturer and because of the status of one of the particular company ts and see which is one of the biggest kit makers and around the world. this whole negotiation immediately get the interest of the entire world. and that also put a lot of, i think pressure on the german government to get also involved to ensure that this whole deal and the negotiation will not fall through again because of any of the potential political interference. and that vice versa. put also pressure on the chinese distributor, which originally was basically putting a lot of the messages directly from b jane on through the initial negotiation with box com. one of the companies that are involved. but once, since he got involved, this whole negotiation needs to be raised to a level where political interference cannot be viewed or can not be seen as the obstacle to prevent one from getting the 10000000 vaccines. right. but that's the
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politics offered. but when these vaccines do arrive in taiwan, will they be enough to help with time and vaccination program, and when do they arrive in taiwan? yeah, so, so far the media and also the experts are expecting government officials are expecting the batch of the vaccine to start arriving maybe in early september. and there are also plans a rival of more astrazeneca vaccines from japan and also with border and also more maturing that i've seen that is based on time one on order. so if we adding up to 10000000 with the a couple, little millions that are coming in between july and september, that should also increase the overall definition rate for time one to more than half of the population. by the time of the, the 10000000 batches the ride, and that is certainly going to help improve a lot of time with capability of defending itself against the possible outbreak
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that is going to happen in the future. and i want to also right now in the process of actually coming down in containing the current outbreak that we're seeing here did every correspondent william young interpret. thank you very much for that update. meanwhile, south korea is reporting an increase in crow. no virus infections for 7 straight days. it's recorded more than 1000 cases, mostly attribute it to the delta variant. first identified in india. it forced the government to impose its toughest restrictions. yet, in the capital soul, the center of the outbreak nightclubs have been shot. new rules introduced in james and private gatherings, limited to 2 people after 6 pm south korea. as late as cobra, 1900 wave has hit the country hard. the government has clamped down with new guidelines including social distancing that of especially, affected small businesses. these for rent signs tell the story in terms of the
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economic impact of the cove at 900 pandemic, no neighborhood in sole, has been quite so stricken as to why this one's bustling, multicultural, entertainment and shopping district suffered a cluster outbreak in may of 2020 infecting about 250 people and causing a significant drop in visitors and business. young young man opened a cafe, offering a variety of drinks in her own blend of coffee beans. just as the pandemic arrived in early 2020, soon her business would really feel it. good, i will call you got my cafe is close to it's one. so last year outbreak there affected our sales as well. we have the so any customers you feel it was like a ghost town here when a young repair. that's all since monday, gatherings of more than 2 people other than family are banned after 6 pm in the
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capital saw where 80 percent of new cases are located. rule breakers of this and other restrictions face stiff penalties and fines. we need to be very careful. we disinfect the store every couple of hours and disinfect tables meticulously after customers leave. we give out hand sanitizer and ask everyone to wear a mask as well as register with a q r code. so crew has been praying for its early success against the virus only to have cases linger and grow soon, harsher restrictions return. what would happen to me as a business owner, i'm not happy about the new rules. trying to reduce the number of daily confirmed cases by maintaining social distance. thing is better than more people getting infected. but i'm calling you to think of. i was in y'all. i don't see severance hospital. dr. young men overseas covey, 900 testing,
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but he says the more infectious delta very. and now makes up more then 25 percent of south korea, new cases. eggs will this, delta variance starts to spread and the general population will encounter other variance and create a new variance. and this continues. the virus would be able to create a variable that resists the vaccines. so we should try our best to prevent delta from spreading further on pending, and i still will just 11 percent of the so green population is fully vaccinated. and officials hope heard immunity will be achieved by november. the new guidelines are set to be in place for the next 2 weeks, at least. and here's a few more updates on the current situation across asia. a 3rd wave of over 900 in india is inevitable and imminent, according to the indian medical association. in a letter to government leader of the i'm a call for strict cubs of mosque gatherings for 3 more months and ramped up
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vaccinations to me to get the impact. but director general has said the world's vaccine disparity is driven by greed. he has a drug make to prioritize vaccines for poor countries, rather than lobbying rich nations to buy booster shots. and in thailand, health workers already vaccinated with 2 chinese made son of jobs will not get an estrogenic, a booster. a study that has found the son of ac was less effective in fighting the delta variant that come just thailand imposes new destruction in the midst of sore in cases. the numbers of death is also going up and has be report one temple in a sub of bank or is struggling to keep up with the demand for commissions. it has also had to rethink the way it conducts its funeral services. curve 19 is changing everything including death. these volunteers are doing their best to give this person
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a respectful standoff. but the risks of handling the body in funeral services have to be quick. this is unusual in thailand where relatives traditionally spend days, think of byte their loved ones before they are created. the buddhist ceremony held by monks at this temple for the family of the deceased also has to be much shorter than usual. but officials say, i say they're facing an extraordinary situation, walking on the vehicle in our areas. there's so many deaths, and we don't know if they'll be more arriving today. crematorium isn't working well, because it's overheated from the continued use. if we place the coffins inside, it will just burn without pushing over any bathrooms or week daily. employees are working hard to keep up with the demand pie with suit true leads the foundation
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that of a funeral services. the free for the less will off. he says they've managed to raise funds to build a new crematorium, but he's afraid of what is to come lower made i thought, wow, what none, we don't know what will happen now. my. when i do my whole visit, everyone will be cautious of have tried to avoid this disease as it destroyed everything. and it weighed $190.00. for now it seems the death i'm closing 19 in thailand. unlikely to increase before the situation improved. relieve in our pictures of one man's vaccination story in militia fitness instructor can he see, says he carefully chose his outfit for the day, both for protection and to get a few laughs. we'll see you tomorrow about the
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research thing, information and context? the corona virus. 19 special next on dw, you ready to get these places in europe are smashing all the records into
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a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern globe trotter's cover. some of us are wicker break insight you to know. also in book form the strict lockdown saved lives. that's new zealand philosophy for dealing with cove. at 191 avoided them. it preferred tests, quarantines and mosques to contain the viruses spread initially, both islands enjoyed success. oh, but that changed for taiwan. what happened at is one government approach beta. ah, welcome to the show line ben physical and today will be talking to the co author of
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the report. assessing the outbreak responses of new zealand and tie one. it was recently hit by the alpha variant. it hit hard despite the government's expertise and dealing with outbreaks of other diseases like saws running in and out every day . 39 year old mister chan delivered 300 orders a week, the reef and coffee outbreak and tie one has brought him more orders. but he has to take more risks since nearly 85 percent of the ones population isn't vaccinated. well, i know i live with my 5 children, my wife and my mother. you asked me if i'm worried about them. of course i am. i had so many children and i worry that i might get them infected. we've done you as a father of 5, he has no choice, but to go out and make money. so good that i hope the government can offer food delivery drivers, vaccines as soon as possible. we're in contact with so many people doesn't. it's
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not hundreds every day. many are still waiting. the vaccination program for high risk groups started rolling in june so far, just 15 percent of tie ones, 23500000 people have been vaccinated. there isn't enough vaccine to portal, you know, we have enough vaccines. can we do mass vaccinations? that's the 1st layer protection for all of the people that have some things like that containing the virus. and the insistence on developing domestic vaccines might have delayed high ones vaccine acquisition. and it was the, i want ms judgment last year. not being able to, for seeing that there will be such a vacuum shortage. and we might have being a bit too confident about what we could do in terms of our own
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dramatically develop the vaccine to taiwanese drug makers. revealed phase to clinical trials in june. and applied for emergency use authorization, but there reflectiveness still needs to be examined, whether it's application, so not still remains the open question, but at least there sufficient scientific data to think it might be efficacious in such regards. it just to have it approved, in case of need to someone can use it. while that's how i need vaccines. a wait authorization, the government is trying, it's best the cure, more jobs overseas. so that people like mr. chan no longer need to worry that they and their families could get infected. amanda closer it is, an epidemiologist at the university of our target. wellington,
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what went wrong in taiwan? in your opinion? it's been very hard watching time long struggled to contain this very large opera like someone has done so well. photon independent, haven't post public health and destruction as the public response of connections in the south break. it's been interesting to see how different ones response has been compared to museums in museums. when we had about breaks, we react very swiftly and decisively to extinguish them straight away. and sometimes that straight into the short, sharp locked town on the other hand, has avoided using locked on as a panoramic response. and that may have kept the break going a little longer than if needed. and a matter of what i find striking when we look at the numbers is that outbreak you
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mentioned in taiwan, in comparison to new zealand numbers. the spike is really sudden and then time manages to bring those numbers back down, but not to the levels new zealand been enjoying the whole way through this pandemic . they've managed to keep the numbers down so low. what's it done? right. i think the most important thing is that you didn't have the right to have the right strategy. and it's easy to live in national strategy. this strategy centers population how we don't tolerate cases in the community. we react to even just one positive case of the community by moving to extinguish that outbreak as quickly as possible. that's meant that we've had very few cases when she deaths, our health services have continued to operate. it protects me. it's protected us be
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treated and a lot of things come right just from that initial impulse to protect your population. what i think is also really important to point out is that both countries a slow to immunize, which is a problem in taiwan, but not from new zealand. where you can argue that on both sides, actually, on the one hand, yes, you doesn't need vaccines. that can should be used in classes were still occurring, that should be used in cases where they can immediately save lives. on the other hand, we do feel vulnerable. we know that we get an outbreak. most of our population still affects nations, but couldn't and even more virulent and infectious strain pop up at any time and hit new zealand to that's right. and where they want to develop that. in fact, few weeks ago, an australian travel to new zealand,
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i spent the weekend in wellington holiday, went back and on the monday they started to be unwell and tested positive. i'm teen delta variant. now that doing that, we can have visited a large number of places around wellington museums, restaurants, shops will the place that it doesn't actually now butting experience for us. we were waiting to hear whether we got to have a very, very large upgrade. as it happens, we don't handle the distance, it has been a warning sign for us of how badly things could go wrong. so the warning signs there, what is the best way in your opinion then of containing, not only covert but also all of its variance. well, the interesting thing about this pandemic, and this is something that we as the asia pacific region, if the panic is control,
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it can be stopped. we have so many tools in the toolbox. now we have protections, we have our public health infrastructure, that's the test. and tracing all of those measures, and we have mentions but can keep our community safe, optimizing ventilation, one of those things we're in a mark to protect others, supporting people to stay home investing. we've learned so much in the last 16 months about how to stop this virus. i feel confident that it's not really a question if i can redo it, but all me going to choose to do it. interesting. so from a matter cultural epidemiologist at the university of chicago, wellington thank you very much for being on the show today. a brief look at some other corona wire stories making headlines. malaysian officials have been forced to temporarily close
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a covert vaccination center after nearly half its worth is tested. positive malaysia is struggling to deal with a surgeon. infections the country recorded 11000 new cases on tuesday. it's most in one day and 1st president manuel, my cause says getting back and age against covert will be made mandatory for all health care staff and other workers who come into contact with loanable patients. it's part of the latest measures to contain the pandemic in france. where the delta variant is taking hold. i was out of the program where we put one of the questions to our science correspondence. derek williams. paul, will manufacturers need to modify vaccines to 5 variants? oh, this is really just another way of asking whether storage could be to will mutate so much that modifying vaccines makes sense so. so let's approach this question from that angle. the answer is, we still don't know, but
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a critical moment experts say will be if large numbers, the fully vaccinated people start contracting a serious enough case of covered 900 anyway, to land in the hospital. that's not happening at least not yet. even if some variance are infecting more vaccinated people than earlier versions of the virus dead in trials, none of them is viewed as what's called an escape variance. in other words, immunity and people who had the disease or who have been vaccinated appears by enlarged to be holding up pretty well. but if that suddenly changes, then, manufacturers will indeed have to tweak vaccines to help manage the threat and they're already. busy doing so, the good news is that this isn't a new problem. it's one that we've had to come to grips with in the past. for
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example, with flu viruses and flu vaccines have to be updated regularly because flu viruses evolve really pretty quickly. so the background that we already have in redesigning vaccine fast to meet that constantly evolving thread that will come in handy. now, according to the vaccine alliance, garvey, updating messenger r n a vaccines, and viral vector vaccines is still uncharted territory. but it shouldn't prove to steve of a challenge. manufacturers are also saying that they can tweak back seems to provide protection against emerging threats within weeks rather than months and, and trials with tweaked vaccines are already going on. but some experts don't think that escape variance will develop. so the question of, to what extent will actually need modified vaccines?
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that still up in the air. me, derek williams. there are for one thanks for watching. stay safe. as you again so ah, the the news, the news, the news,
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the news. the news, the news ah. the re travel back in time to watch football is looking exhausted. 100 miles and now this residence is a matter of fact. i also have no tickle in d w. can you hear me now?
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yes we can hear you in germantown, and i will bring you uncle mack on as you've never had before surprised yourself with what is possible to his medical really well packed and walk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics alike in the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg as bait. join us last was right in front of them. they gave it to me. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the game, said tokyo with $22021.00. thrown off course of qualifying ground. not for sports heroes. i'm fired up and ready. the count down during lockdown. why you go to tokyo starts july 19th on d w. this is
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a 15 year old girl. being gang raped me, his teacher is being a boy for talking back and class on the rest of the class punches and here is toddler's been his my mother breaking up last child mysteries because her family threw me here online bullying, which is a teenager over the age i just because you can see violence against children. doesn't mean it isn't there? make the invisible, visible help us make violence against children's disappear? ah. in
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the news . this is, you know, we news life from berlin out of control. south africa's unrest intensifies dozens, now killed, as rider is ransack stores and clash with security forces violence far to the jailing of ex president. zoom up the army step in the bolster and overwhelmed police force. also coming up. fatal fire tragedy strikes again at an iraq hospital where more than 60 corona virus. patients are killed in of late anger and questions mount over how this could happen for a 2nd time this year. and boiling points. cuban security forces clamped on protests
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against the communist government of anna blamed washington for the unrest which the us firmly denies. ah ha, thank you so much for your company. everyone will we begin this broadcast in south africa where that countries army has now stepped up deployments. and the government tries to cur, protests and looting and restore the rule of law. while the violence is concentrated in the provinces of wanting and cause, we will not tall authorities say the death toll has risen to 30 to the unrest began last week after former president, jacob's humor began serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court. he is currently appealing the ruling at the high court and we were going to take you to south africa,
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but we're having trouble establishing connection. if we manage to do that, we'll go to christine and later in the show. but for now, let's turn our attention to a catastrophic fire in iraq, where at least 50 people have been killed and dozens more injured. after fire broke out at a cove at $900.00 isolation unit in the southern city of northridge. it's unclear exactly just how the blades began at the at 1st and a teaching hospital. the prime minister has ordered the suspension and arrest of a number of people including the hospital manager. what's left of the corona, virus isolation ward more than 60 patients were being treated here when fire sweat through this unit at all. who's saying hospital in nasiriyah, taking everything in its path that the front door was burning in the back
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door was closed. people couldn't get out, but before the fire broke out, some of them managed to get you out. and afterwards people were stuck inside and the ceiling fell on them. we managed to take out some people, but they were suffering and the rest of them burned and died. and now they are left counting the dead shod belongings. all that's left devastation everywhere. the horrors of what happened. hard to comprehend. it's still on clear how the fire started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded while others point to an electrical short circuit. this just the latest disaster to hit iraq the most up
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to for you to try to be and i'm speechless. it looks like a rock again has to suffer anguish and calamity. the medical staff continue to treat the survivors some in a critical condition. the questions are already being asked. this is the 2nd time this year of fire has killed corona virus patient at an a rocky hospital. the anger is mounting. his people here want on says, from politicians blamed for years of mismanagement and neglect. too late though, for the ones whose last night and for those left behind.
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well, earlier we spoke to june with the federal trade in by dodd and asked him if authorities could do more to improve safety at hospitals. given that this is the 2nd singular tragic fire interest, years time. no one really not because a lot. when that tragedy happened, that the prime minister at the time who is currently battled heading before an election in october at really little capital on the line. he had order that the time that's all biased, the electrical system, the old site images across all of the iraq possible, not the back that the check the on, and rate the leave maintain. that clearly hasn't happened in this case for a koby patients to go in and to come out. that is really calamity that embody what's happening in iraq of the moment transferred, freed,
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reporting from baghdad. our earlier turn our attention to france, which is tightening corn of virus rules in a bit to head off a new surge in infections driven by the highly contagious delta variant of residents on my call ordered all health workers to get back sedated against corona virus by mid september bars, restaurants, trains, and planes will also be off limits to unvaccinated people starting next month. for instance, my call called the effort in new ways against time to prevent a 4th wave for health care. well, because at this hospital in paris, president a manual microns announcement means a choice between getting the job losing their job. for some it's an easy choice to make sure it's true that the paramedics department and especially assistant nurses having trouble to understand the importance of getting back to needed. so i understand why a manual micron asked for mandatory vaccinations. otherwise,
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we won't get through this get flossing for the sake of others, an angry that the jobs are on the line. if they refuse, unfortunately, i will have to get vaccinated against my will because i love my job. i love my patients. the new measures include the need to show proof of vaccination or inexpensive negative test for long distance train travel and visiting restaurants. many prisons are embracing the changes, but some are worried by microns suggestion, that mandatory vaccination for all may be necessary. it's a violation of all right, we don't have the right to move around freely for me. compulsory vaccination. it's inconceivable. frances, joining other european nations like italy and grace, who have already announced mandatory vaccinations for aged care and health workers . applicant brought this up from september. first, mandatory vaccination will apply to both public and private health care
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professionals. it is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an mean or suppressed cancer. patients can go by the drastic measure is an attempt to find a wave of inoculation fatigue that some countries a witnessing with europe. opening up some politicians, a cautioning that different roles based on immunization status is the only safe way to motivate those. hesitant to get the job private group, select the organization, set up by form a u. k. prime minister, tony blair, a pushing for governments have a stricter approach. i just think we've got to be careful as we open up the cover. it's not very well. we're going to live with it for a long time to come. the key thing is to draw a clear distinction between people who are vaccinated and people who up. meanwhile, german chancellor, uncle michael, has rolled out mandatory vaccines. she hopes more people would choose freely to get the job. so life can continue returning to normal across europe. while our
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political course on teresa chopper is joining us right now to get you more on the german perspective on how this country is handling this issue. teresa, what makes chance a michael so confident that her government will manage q in ocoee late enough german? so without making vaccines compulsory well, the chancellor knows that according to latest polls, the willingness is still comparatively high to get vaccinated. he and germany around 58 percent of germans have already received at least one shot and 42 percent of fully vaccinated already. and among the people that haven't had a jap, most of them are planning to do so at some point. so that being said at the moment that campaign is slowing down a bit. and in some areas, there are already more doses available than people wanting one while the dominant strain here is also becoming the delta variance, which is more infectious as we know. so nevertheless,
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mandatory vaccines off the table here in germany at the moment because it's a wildly on popular measure and the government has ruled that out long ago. and of course, it's now determined to keep its word, especially since we have federal elections coming up in september. so, authorities are now trying to get the jobs to the people to make it easier for people to get vaccinated. for example, in shopping centers or in drive throughs and chance langler macklin has also appealed to germans who have not had a jap and to maybe think that it's not necessary at the moment or even dangerous to them. so let's listen what she had to say. there was this up. so i wanted to say something to everyone who's still unsure about whether they should get vaccinated. vaccination protects not only you you, but also always those. you are close to important to you whom you love vaccination, not only protect you from serious illness and pain, but also from the owner of the restrictions of our everyday life. the more who are
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vaccinated, the free, and we will be again, the free or we can live again the via the does i and the fire can visit. i live in the german chancellor. they're making a pitch for people to get vaccinated to me. so, so far the government has based most decisions in the fight against depend on the incidence rate. that approach is now changing. what can you tell us about that? yeah, that's true. layla, michael said on the one hand that the incident rate would remain an important way to monitor the situation in germany. but at the same time she said we will also have to take into account other numbers, for example, of the number of serious cases. and the frequency of the vaccine against those serious cases. because as we know, studies suggest that people who are vaccinated are less likely to end up in the hospital even if they are infected with the virus. so hospitals out probably will will be probably be able to cope with much higher incidence numbers than in the past. and so the government has already said that they will also take that into
4:12 pm
account, and that the country will not automatically go back into lockdown if the incidents rate again reach us. $100.00 infections per inhabitants. as we've seen in the past, the w political correspondent face that tupper reporting. thank you. all right, let's take a look now at some of the other stories and making headlines around the world. a convoy carrying 900 tons of aid has arrived in ethiopia is to get a region. the un says some 400000 people on the brink of famine. a conflict has been raging there since the month of november to get a defense forces see they have launched a new assault. weeks after the government declared to fire hotel collapsing, eastern china has killed at least 8 people. authorities say several others were pulled alive from the rubble in the city to jo,
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a large scale risk operation is now underway. the cause of the collapse on monday afternoon is still being investigated. presses the anti trust regulator has find google 500000000 years for failing to negotiate with the media companies in good faith. the legal battle centers around google use of content from you media groups and the biggest define ever imposed by the regulator. google says it is, quote, very disappointed that washington has denied q. was accusation that the u. s. is to blame for an extraordinary wave of protests on the caribbean island, on sunday, people across cuba vent that their frustration with the communist government over food and medicine shortages and record cove at $900.00 infections. president and the grand canal said us economic sanctions were stoking the unrest. the, these are the images, cuban, state tv,
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broadcasts of sundays mass protests. the country is going for, it was a moment crisis in decades, they took out the 1000, took to the streets of havana and elsewhere, the process food and medicine shortages. cubans, president miguel de of canal said it was the work of trouble may because it i love it. yesterday they threw stones, the police forces turned over columns on a totally vulgar indecent until in behavior. have gotten the response of the protest semester. almost unprecedented in the history of the communist country . president diaz can now claim us functions, who the unrest you have been carrying out policies that mileage the human might someone who type people for more than 60 years and you intensify
4:15 pm
them in the midst of a pandemic. and now you want to present yourself of the big savior, lift the blockade left and 243 measures and we will see how we get along one more.


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