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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 3:00pm-3:04pm CEST

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the news, this is the w news live from berlin. south africa's unrest intensifies dozens are killed and the violent rise has run some stores back by the jailing of ex presidents. the military step in to help overwhelm police. also coming up a fire in iraq hospital kills thousands of throne of ours based on questions
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mountain. how this could happen was the 2nd time this year, the compulsory vaccines or the freedom to shoot, while bombs make jobs mandatory for health worker. germany says it will leave it up to 10 days from the start of the olympic games in tokyo. the 1st of 11000 athletes begin moving into the olympic village on the 5 corona virus. ah, i'm guy that says, welcome to the program. in south africa, the military has stepped up deployments, as the government tries to cub protests and looting, the violence is concentrated in the provinces of our thing and was natal authorities say the death toll has risen to the unrest begun last week?
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after full, the president jacob zoom, i began serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court is appealing the ruling of the high court . for me on this story, this cross over to w correspondent christine emerge, but she joins us from cape town. christine, give us an update, what's going all way? well. hi gay hodge. i have just been in touch with the ortiz low, important verity. it appears at least the city. okay. town is fine for the moment. of course, they are on high alert. they say they have been receiving some fake news alerts, but for the most part, things seem to be quiet, not just in the city, but throughout the province. it is of course halting and wasn't the natal, the 2 key provinces where the military has been deployed that continue to be an area or areas of concern. we know that overnight and into tuesday morning there have been yet more outbreaks of losing incidence in several sites. across the
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provinces, so we understand that the military has been deployed, of course, in the capacity of assisting the police as they try and quell the violence. the death toll is rising. we understand that as the looting has been taking place, there has been stampedes. so now that security officials and law enforcement offering to assist particular areas in the optimal bodies are being discovered and we're seeing the number of dead rising deploy minutes here is one thing other, any other options left to the authorities to quote these, these new things well, that, that really doesn't appear to be the case geared, and i must point out that the deployment of the military hasn't been welcomed by everybody here. you've got opposition party to take issue with the fact that they see this as a failure by the police that they should have been handled by law enforcement. of course, even that deployment of the military is very minimal hard. i'll remote,
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i'll point out to the view of that. in fact, when the government previously deployed at soldiers to, to keep people in check when it came to.


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