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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] the news this is the w news live from berlin, france imposes curb for people who are not vaccinated. the government unveiling new restrictions designed to boost inoculation uptake for help workers. that means compulsory jobs or facing consequences. also coming up to the u. s. denies it is behind cuban biggest wave of protest in decades. cuban security forces clamp down after fountain take to the streets. the government claims in washington for the
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rest. at 10 days from the start of the olympic games in tokyo, the 1st of 11000 athletes begin in to the limpid village. again, moving and feel epic village amid type corona virus controls. ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. france and greece are introducing mandatory vaccinations for health care workers and a bid to tackle increasing corona virus infection rates on monday. great prime minister curiosity mid so talk is ordered. all staff and hospitals and retirement homes to book an appointment before mid august. quote. the country is not going to close down because of the attitude of some people in france. meantime, president micron has announced a september deadline for
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a medical worker for medical workers there to be innoculated. he said the option of a compulsory vaccination for every citizen is also on the table. you do live, we must move towards the vaccination of every one in france because it's the only way to return to normal life. initially for nursing and non nursing staff in retirement homes, clinics in the hospitals establishments for people with disabilities. for volunteers who work in contact with elderly or fragile people, including at home vaccination will be made compulsory without delay. we'll get to off saw that don't. and for more on that, let's bring in the review correspondent lisa lewis and paris lisa, what's the reaction among citizens? well, a lot of people were in favor of that compulsory vaccination for health care workers . mind you. this rule will not only be valid for nurses and doctors and hospitals
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and retirement homes, but also non nursing stuff. fill those, you know, cleaning stuff, the people at the reception desk, etc. they will have until mid september to get vaccinated. if they don't, they will lose their job and also won't received. they wouldn't receive any money anymore from the government. that's what the health minister announced last night as well. so some of these people will now have to get the job, but some of them will certainly quit their jobs as they have told me, but they because they're just absolutely opposed to the vaccination. and we have to mentioned also that this compulsory job for health care workers is not the only measure that micron announced. so tell us more about that. exactly. again, the president also said that all of us would need the so called sanitary pass. that is, you know, the, the certificate that we got vaccinated that we got 2 jobs of the could be 19 knox.
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and also all of that we actually recently recovered from it could be 900 infection or that we have a negative p c r test that certificate that pass. we will meet from next week on to get access to cancel and use weather. at least 50 people get up so that rule is valid for 12 years and older. and from august on we will only get access to cost face and reference, including best terraces to shopping centers per train to planes and to long distance buses. if we have that certificate, that basically means that the government is opting for a lockdown for non vaccinated people. all the people who are refusing the vaccination were no longer get access to social life, especially as p. c. i will no longer be free as they are currently here in france by october. and that's when lots of restrictions will kick in for those who are not vaccinated because they will just simply no longer have the choice if they want to
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continue to go to restaurants and bars and flop is all of this realistic lisa imposing it. while it is, oh, well, it is actually realistic to say that lots of people will not appeal. they will have to get a job if they want to continue to participate in social life of the, the is the other possibility. as i said, you know, to impose the compulsive right. so that's the nation for everybody here in france. now, i don't really see where essential could be, you know, conscious, possibly kicked people out of the country because they don't get the job. but you can tell them you will no longer get access to all these places. now, some restaurant owner has said, there is no way we can control this. we don't want to play the police, but the government has also known that they will carry out lots of controls and it will certainly be very, very difficult to take the tray, you know,
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take the plane in the future if you don't get be covered 19 job here in front, lisa lewis and parents, thank you. at least 50 people have been killed dozens more injured after a fire broke out of the kobe 19 isolation unit in iraq. that is unclear exactly how the plays began at the aisle who same teaching hospital in the southern city of nasiriyah. the prime minister has ordered the suspension and the rest of the number of people, including the hospital manager. the dad lay downside out his st. hospital in nasiriyah, some have been identified, others have not as anxious people continue their search for loved ones. the just the latest disaster to hit iraq. the
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catastrophe that occurred tonight is a tragedy, and i'm speechless. it looks like a rock again has to suffer anguish and calamities. the fires swept through a new war, treating more than 60 people for cove at 19 it still on clear how it started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded while others point to an electrical short circuit. whichever the cause, the damage is plain for all to see. medical staff continue to treat the survivors, but questions are already being asked. this is the 2nd time this year. a fire has killed corona virus, patients at the rocky hospital. the.
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the people here are angry and want to know why the and here are some other stories making headlines. france's anti trust regulator has find google 500000000 euros for failing to negotiate with media companies in good faith. the legal battle centers around google's use of content from e media group. it is the biggest find ever imposed by the regulator. google says it is quote, very disappointed hotel collapse and eastern china has killed a lease, a people according to authorities. several others were pulled alive from the rebel in the city of su joe, a large scale rescue operation is now under way. the cause of the collapse on monday afternoon is being investigated. dozens of techs and democrats have fled the state to more the approval of
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a bill that they say makes it harder for minorities to vote. the texas house of representatives no longer has enough lawmakers to conduct business. the governor has threatened them with arrests upon their return after school. after special thousands of fish have been dropped from the sky into a lake in the us state of utah. aerial fish stocking helps to restore population in lakes where fish no longer naturally reproduce. the plane can drop up to 30000 fish in one single flight. and now the united states has denied cuban accusation that it is to blame for an extraordinary wave of protests. in the caribbean island, people across cuba took to the streets on sunday, venting their frustration over food and medicine shortages and record covert 19 infections. president miguel de canal said that
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u. s. economic sanctions were soaking the rest. the. these are the images, the cuban state tv broadcasts of sundays mass protests. the country is going for, it was a comic crisis in decades. they look at the 1000, talk to the streets of her mom and elsewhere, the process, food and medicine shortage in cuba. as president negro l. d of canal said it was the work of trouble may cause it. i love it. yesterday they threw stones at police forces, turned over columns. i'm a totally vulgar, indecent, and told him couldn't behavior, have gotten the response. they deserved the protest semester, almost unprecedented in the history of the communist country. president diaz can now claim us functions, who the unrest you have been carrying out policies that mileage
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the human rights of an entire people for more than 60 years, and you intensify them in the midst of a pandemic. and now you want to present yourself as the big savior, lift the blockade, left, 243 measures and we will see how we get along the way. well, no, we're going to double us secretary of state antony blink and says the cuban regime has no one to blame but itself, it will show that they simply are not hearing the voices and well of the cuban people. people deeply, deeply, deeply tired of the repression that has gone on for far too long and president joe biden expressed, followed archie with a protest of in the united states stands firmly with people as they assert their universal rights. and we call the government from the human to refrain from violence. their attempts to sign was the voice of people clients for time to
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the streets of havana. on monday, the com look for not free security forces patrolled the capital in large number of mobile internet outages. were frequent throughout the day and access to many social media sites was blocked. 10 days from the start of the olympic games in tokyo and athletes have finally begun moving into the olympic village. $11000.00 athletes will be housed in a strictly controlled environment due to the corona virus. they will only be allowed to leave the village to train or compete. athletes will be tested every day of their stay. no spectators will be allowed in the venue to see them compete. and it's another critical moment for ios, the president thomas bock who himself has emerged from quarantine. just as the city of tokyo has officially entered the state of emergency, due to sharply rise in case number's good fortune is not something tokyo.
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2020 has been blessed with the latest set back flooding at the international press center. i as the president thomas buck seemed to take it lightly after 3 days of isolation, he is out and about and trying to see the positives after testing negative. we all regret the decision for not having spectators for the spectators, but even more so for the athletes who will not be able to enjoy life, the olympic atmosphere. the athletes can come and concentrate on what the olympic games for in the essence. and these are the olympic competition. athletes will live in a bubble environment only outside at the olympic village and competition sites. organizers have toyed with the idea of sending them on bus ride through the city to give the guests at least some semblance of sight. seeing some locals feel
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less confused about rolling out the red carpet to the guests, arriving from all around the world. demonstrations were held on the weekend outside thomas bus 5 star hotel. we demand the games be cooled off. we have suffered enough under the current of iris pandemic and the strict measures, but by seems unconcerned with our situation, which makes me all the more angry i oh, it's so unfair that our taxes are being spent to further the interests of this i as the mafia all the i see claims, all decisions are reached in tandem with the japanese government with case numbers rising. local officials in tokyo have just enforced a state of emergency again for the 4th time. restaurants will close at 8 pm and cannot sell alcoholic drinks. but the city is already at breaking point with a virus running rampant,
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even without foreign fans arriving for the games. you're watching d. w. news coming up next is doc film that's taking a look at jewish life in europe today. so do you stay with us if you can for that? i'm sarah kelly in berlin. thank you so much for watching. take care and stay safe . the goal was right in front of it. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said tokyo with 2020 from of course, during the qualifying ground for sports heroes, countdown during lockdown starts july 19th on


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