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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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the who's, who's w news live from berlin, france, and poses curb for people who are not vaccinated. the government unveiled new restriction designed to boost inoculation uptake for health workers. that means compulsory jobs for facebook. consequences. also coming up, living with the mental scars of st. corona virus crisis, we will speak with some of the health care workers left deeply traumatized by what
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they witness. and the u. s. denies that is behind key, the biggest please. the pro decades cuban security forces clamp down after thousands takes us straight the communist government, blaine's washington for the unrest plus 10 days from the start of the olympic games in tokyo. the 1st of 11000 that li, again moving into the olympic village amid tight corona virus. ah, i'm sorry, kelly walked into the program. friends in greece are introducing mandatory vaccinations for health care workers and a bid to tackle increasing corona virus infection rates. on monday, great prime minister, curiosity, mid so talkies on it all staff and hospitals and retirement homes to book an
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appointment before mid august saying the country is not going to close down because of the attitude of some people. and in france, presidents manual macross has announced a september deadline for medical workers to be inoculated. he says the option of a compulsory vaccination for every citizen is also on the table. you do live, we must move towards the vaccination of every one in france. because it's the only way to return to normal life. initially for nursing and non nursing staff in retirement homes, clinics in the hospitals, establishments for people with disabilities. for volunteers who work in contact with elderly or fragile people, including at home vaccination, will be made compulsory without delay. probably get well, sat down and
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for more now i am joined by d. w. correspond at least louis let's bring her in now from paris. lisa. tell us what's the reaction among citizens while people were largely in favor of such a compulsory vaccination for health work has as you said, it that concerns doctors, nurses, and also non nursing staff, as you know, it hospices at retirement homes. and i've talked to some of the face working there who told me, you know, i'm hesitating to get back to that because i'm not outright against that. i want to see the possible side effects on other people's 1st. now these people will have to go back in a to until mid september, if they don't, they will lose their jobs and also won't received. they won't receive any money any more. so the fact of that will be that, you know, many people will probably get vaccine even some also will leave their jobs and go and work in and other sectors that they told me. it's quite dramatic. tell us the
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compulsory job for health care workers. it's not the only measure that ma kroner now absolutely he also now all of us would need the so called pass study to that is a certificate that shows that either you receive the 2 jobs at least you know, 2 weeks ago. or you recently recovered from coven, or you have a negative p, c, r. and you will need that pass from next week on to get access to all cultural values, whether the 50 people from early august on to get access to cafes. restrooms, including that terraces to a shopping centers to train to playing too long distance buses basically all days that are not vaccinated will basically be excluded from social life. we will be a personal lockdown for non vaccinated people, especially as the pci tests that are at the mainland. so free from will then you
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will have to pay for them from a paper on the government is really cracking down on those that are refusing to get the job. because the government says, you know, this is not the choice between you know, vaccination, normal life. but toys between vaccination and normal life and another lockdown, especially at the very contagious del silva ryan here could be 1900, is on the right in front. lisa lewis with the view from friends. thank you so much lisa. well in the meantime, franz has labeled neighboring spain as a corona virus. red zone as 2 regions. their re introduce measures to halt rising infection numbers, residence in catalonia will be limited to gatherings of no more than 10 people. and public activities must ends at half past midnight. in valencia, a nighttime curfew is being implemented between the hours of 1 am. and 6 am infections among unvaccinated. young people are contributing to the search for dw
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corresponded young. philip schultz, who is standing by with the view from seville and spain. so tell us a little bit more about the sky rocketing infection rates there. well, it's complicated as always, with a panoramic, but experts point out 2 main factors. first of all, delta, of course, contrary to many european countries, spain decided to lift all restriction on travel from the u. k. in may, and experts agree that contributed to the rapid spread of the jetta very. and the 2nd reason is big party. some weeks ago the feeling was saying that the funds could basically over and the hence and with the spirit of the upcoming summer season. so a lot of young people went on with a traditional you'd end up the party and they turned out into huge super
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reading events. in one case on the island of my york out 600 students got infected in one evening. we just heard john phillip, that france and greece, you know, in response to, to rise in case numbers there that they are now making the job mandatory for some groups. how about in spain is something similar being considered well, some spanish region that has a lot of political autonomy talked about such ideas in the past, but they hadn't been a big discussion on the national political level yet. i think this had to do a lot with the fact that the general willingness to get vaccinated. it's very high . you're saying, sir, it's so that it, among the higher in all of europe, almost half of the entire spanish population is already fully
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vaccinated. and among the most vulnerable groups, including doctors and nurses, the rate is about 90 percent. in many cases, i think this has a lot to do with effect that especially at the big getting off the phone. let me explain what extremely effective as a virus we thought pictures of overwhelmed us, but, and this has had a long lasting cycle, logical effect on the venue or young hill of shelter, bringing us up to date with the view from seville. thanks so much. thank you. arrive and cases in spain is also leading to an uptick in hospital admissions. though, authorities say that's not translating into an increase in depth while the situation remains manageable. the horrors witnessed by health care workers during the peak of the crisis have left deep mental scars. many are now in therapy, while others have left their jobs completely. the atmosphere at the corona weren't
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off and our hospital and madrid seems almost relaxed right now. many bitch are empty at the moment. for internet clara, in this blanket, the days have again become a bit more bearable. she and her colleagues left for the worst of the pandemic. it has left them deeply traumatized. nancy me out into a big hole. i cried in the corner. i couldn't take hearing anything more about covert victims because in the end they were also my victims in a way that last february and march with 400 people who die every day. that was devastating. many were already desensitized at that point. what of each of these $400.00? i can give you at least 2 or 3 names and the names of the children. for me, these are not numbers. it also weighed on her that for months she could not see her daughters to avoid possible infections at amanda blanco is now in therapy that i
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mean you help me to understand that no one outside of you can really understand what we have lived through in here it was told, and we also don't want to talk about it that only get him on that. many colleagues in the hospitals in madrid, share that opinion. the experience was too traumatic. first studies show that at least 40 percent of medical professionals need a psychological assessment. and some experts even think that there's already another pandemic that will soon spread worldwide. the one that affects mental health and physical at the hospital, 500 out of a 1500 professionals require extra help. for instance, in the psychiatric ward, which has set up a special support group, she was much robust of deals, but we already put preventive groups in motion before it'll escalate it. get, i'm going to put, these are groups where people can talk about the experience with doctors,
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nurses help. and one of us i colleges to share what they're worried about, who people are going to be. of course, ask people in between the frustration of not knowing how to use their expertise, like under normal conditions and not knowing what you deal with. the huge car has developed. and it's putting a strain on metrics for laura sam. this strain forced to leave her job. the intensive care medic contracted cobit 19 and then went back to work in the ice. you despite suffering from long cove, it we're not keeping euro's when you work in the intensive care unit. you're used to $2448.00 or 72 hours shift, almost without a break. without help, you are strong, you can do that. and all of a sudden you come to any more than it's time to look for help i. i went to work crying, then at work i saw how the nurses would cry in the kitchen or where the patients were. the situation was desperate. i found them like this. i cried with them and
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then i cried on my way back home in the car. at some point i said to myself, it cannot go on like this way. now with a c. c, it's a decision. she doesn't regret many of the effective medic by now processing what they have witnessed. they hope the long queues at spain back the nation center will keep the best that the ice you free. so they will really have time to heal. at least 50 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a fire broke out at a cove at 19 isolation unit in iraq. it is unclear exactly how the police began at the same teaching hospital in the southern city of nasiriyah. the prime minister has ordered the suspension and arrest of a number of people, including the hospital manager. the dead lay downside out.
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he st. hospital in nasiriyah. some have been identified, others have not as anxious people continue their search for loved ones. this just the latest disaster to hit iraq. the catastrophe that occurred tonight is a tragedy. and i'm speechless. it looks like a rock again has to suffer anguish and calamities. the fires swept through a new war, treating more than 60 people for cove at 19. it still on clear how it started. some officials claim an oxygen tank exploded while others point to an electrical short circuit. whatever the cause,
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the damage is plain for all to see. the medical staff continued to treat the survivors, but questions are already being asked. this is the 2nd time this year. a fire has killed corona virus. patients at an rocky hospital. the. the people here are angry and want to know why the let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. a whole tell collapse in eastern china has killed at least 8 people authorities day. several others were pulled alive from the rubble in the city of su joe, a large scale rescue operation is now under way. the cause of the collapse on monday afternoon is being investigated. dozens of texas democrats have fled the
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state to more the approval of a bill that they say makes it harder for minorities to vote attacks. this house of representatives no longer has enough law makers to conduct business. the governor has threatened them with arrest upon their return to session after special session . after spending thousands of fish have been dropped from the sky into a lake in the us state of utah, aerial fish, saki helps to restore populations in lakes where fish no longer naturally reproduce . playing can drop up to 35000 fish in a single flight. incredible now to the united states, which has denied cuban accusation, that it is to blame for an extraordinary wave of protest on the caribbean island people across cuba took to the straits on sunday, venting their frustration over food and medicine, shortages and recoil record covered 19 infections. president miguel de canal said
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that u. s. economic sanctions were stoking be unrest. the, these are the images, the cuban state tv broadcast of sundays must protest. the country is going towards was a comic crisis in decades. they look at the 1000, talk to the streets of havana and elsewhere, the price of food and medicine shortages, cubans, president miguel de of canal said it was the work of trouble may cause it. i end up yesterday they threw stones at police forces turned over columns tersely vulgar in decent and told him behavior. they've gotten the response of the protest semester, almost unprecedented in the history of the communist country. president of canal the same us function who the unrest you have been
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carrying out policies that might lead to human rights and people for more than 60 years. and you intensify them in the midst of a pandemic. and now you want to present yourself of the big savior, lift the blockade less than 243 measures and we will see how we get along the way. we're going to doubles us, secretary of state antony blink and says the cuban regime has no one to blame but itself, it would show that they simply are not hearing the voices and will of the cuban people. people deeply, deeply, deeply tired of the repression that has gone on for far too long. and president joe biden express followed. darcy with the protest of the united states stands firmly with the people or q as they assert that versus rights. and because the government human to refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of people acute
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clients for time to the streets of havana on monday, the comma force not free security forces patrolled the capital in large numbers. mobile internet outages were frequent throughout the day and access to many social media sites was blocked. and monica rivero cup ada is a cuban journalist. she is joining us now from the northern italian city of terrain where she is currently staying. monica, thank you for joining us. what's the latest you're hearing from cuba? good morning. thank you for having me. well, yesterday we, we had a report from new project, not nationwide us sunday. and also it was hard to say whether dvds and photos we were eating where from sunday or monday. but we do have some testimonies that there were and other approaches just today along with the fact that the government
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has their supporters to take to st. and to deploy to the police. and we understand the, you know, these, these protests that are taking place in the country. we're, we're also hearing reports that it's not only in the capital, it's not only in havana, but also in several cities across the island. if that proves true, how significant is that? yes, i see. it was amazing to see how what, how was nationwide it started on sunday in the west of the island. and then you could, you would start receiving videos and information that it was nationwide. it was a nice one demonstration in every province of the island, the number, the president event in q, 62 years in the revolution. so he's the 1st time the cuban government has to deal
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with massive expression of, of discontent both because of the economic situation and because the accumulation effect, because of the case of prices, of course, triggered by the worsening of the situation with the 19 and the us pensions, you're in trump, of ministry. yeah, and we're, we're having the, the cuban government, in fact, blaming the united states and international sanctions. indeed for the unrest, the u. s. denying any involvement, praising the protests. how are the u. s. as comments as comments from the secretary of state, the comments from president biden being received in cuba, you think well, well, what we're seeing is 2 actors. we share responsibility. just blaming the other side is both the us economic us speaks. yeah. and, and the co, the government may miss management for decades has responsibility on the situation
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that you once are undergoing at this point. so both art, i mean when, when you get them bite and blaming them is the mismanagement of the us government. it's right. and then when you get the u. s. embargo understanding of president trump for administration, it's also a fact. so we got to 2 things, 2 actors that are both responsible, right? responsible. what's going in cuba on each site is just blaming the other one people in between monica rivera cravat at a journalist. thank you for joining us. thank you for having me. the morning. 10 days from the start of the olympic games in tokyo and athletes have finally begun moving in to be limping. village. $11000.00 athletes will be housed any strictly controlled environment to the corona virus. they will only be allowed to
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leave the village to train or compete. athletes will be tested every day of their stay. no spectators will be allowed into the venue to see them compete. it's another critical moment for ios, the president thomas bock who himself has emerged from quarantine just as the city of tokyo has officially entered a state of emergency due to sharply rising case. number's good fortune is not something tokyo. 2020 has been blessed with the latest set back flooding at the international press center. i as the president, thomas bass, seemed to take it lightly. after 3 days of isolation, he is out and about and trying to see the positives after testing negative. we all regret the decision for not having spectators for the spectators, but even more so for the athletes who will not be able to enjoy life of the olympic atmosphere. the athletes can come and concentrate on what the olympic games for in
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the essence. and these are the olympic competitions. athletes will live in a bubble environment only outside the olympic village and competition sites. organizers have toyed with the idea of sending them on bus rides through the city to give the guests at least some semblance of sight seeing sun locals feel less infused about rolling out the red carpet to the guests. arriving from all around the world. demonstrations were held on the weekend outside thomas box 5 star hotel. did i think that we demand the games be called off? we have suffered enough under the current of ours pandemic and the strict measures, but by seems unconcerned with our situation, which makes me all the more angry i oh, it's so unfair that our taxes are being spent to further the interests of this. i
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see mafia. all the io c claims. all decisions are reached in tandem with the japanese government, with case numbers rising local officials in tokyo have justin forced the state of emergency again for the 4th time. restaurants will close at 8 pm and cannot sell alcoholic drinks. but the city is already at breaking point with a virus running rampant, even without foreign fans arriving for the games. in italy, the returning heroes of the victorious euro 2020 squad have delighted fans with an open top us chore. through rome, a plan parade was canceled because of corona virus concerns. but after meeting president, sergio my had ella, the italian players and staff showed off the trophy a top their team, but as they made the short journey to be received by prime minister mario druggie. and 1000 turned out to cheer as well. now imagine
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a world without coffee apples or tomatoes according to the un. this is an entirely unthinkable given the steady decline in b populations. the world over be act as pollinators. for many of our favorite fruits and fewer bees means less food. that has prompted a new breed of b, rescuers and malaysia. the. it's not a job for the faint of heart when he's not working his day job as a software developer. oil and shares often hands deep in a swarm of bees or without a protective suit. he's just one of the volunteers that might be savior. a group of environmental activists rescuing hides from destruction. the volunteers handle up to 10 relocations a day, acting on people from the public, local officials in malaysia. those calls usually go to the fire brigade who often towards the entire nist. my be savior provides no tentative to killing the insects
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. but changing attitudes remains a major challenge. so yeah, perception the me reading just so the moment if they see me immediately try to find some way to, to remove the bees bees of vital to us 3 systems as pollinators of major crops. but the un is warning of rapidly declining numbers due to habitat loss, pollution and pesticides, that here's crisis in us and europe where the having problem will be going almost like thing. so before that happened here, i think is important that we continue to to piece of the b and make sure that doesn't happen here. and yes, these volunteers do get stung, but it's a price they're willing to pay to save the small but vital creatures. one swarm at
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a time. you're watching d w, it is coming up. next, it is close up a new addition of the current affairs documentary, catch a wave surfing in china. and with that you're up to date on dw. i'm the sarah kelly in berlin. thanks for watching. the news . the news news, the news, the news
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the the the the the sun wing in the leisurely lifestyle. china's tropical island paradise. but the country, dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are true in the national program there target. limping goal for china.
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the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own the see their house standing stories in women in asia as weekend on d, w. i on the southern chinese island of high non it's home to the countries, new surfing industry on used to be just a winter travel destination for retiree, but that all changed. surfing offers a laid back lifestyle for thumbs for others. a chance at international sporting
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