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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, ah use this is e w, news live from berlin, the u. s. denies today that's behind cuba, the biggest wave of protest in decades cuban security forces clamped down after thousands take to the 3 the communist regime, blaine's washington for the unrest. coming up sorties in south korea, rambled to
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a search in corona virus cases imposing the toughest restrictions yet in the capital and anger and the rest in south africa. deadly violence and widespread looting after authorities put the former president, jacob's behind bars. ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. the united states has denied keepers accusation, but it is to blame for an extraordinary wave of protest on the caribbean island, people across cuba took to the streets on sunday, venting their frustration over food and medicine shortages and record covered 19 infections. president miguel de s canal said that u. s. economic sanctions were stoping the on rest. the these are the images cuban state tv, broadcast of sundays,
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mass protest. the country is going for, it was a comic crisis. in decades. thousands took to the streets of havana and elsewhere, the process food and medicine shortages. cubans, president negro l. d of can no, said it was the work of trouble may cuz i love it. yesterday they threw, the police forces turned over columns tersely vulgar, indecent, and told him couldn't have gotten the response of the protest semester, almost unprecedented in the history of the communist country. president diaz canal, them us function, who the unrest you have been carrying out policies that mileage the human rights of an entire people for more than 60 years, and you intensify them in the midst of
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a pandemic. and now you want to present yourself of the big savior, lift the blockade less than 243 measures and we will see how we get along. well, no, we're going to levels us secretary of state antony blink and says the cuban regime has no one to blame but itself, it would show that they simply are not hearing the voices and will of the cuban people. people deeply, deeply, deeply tired of the repression that has gone on for far too long. and president joe biden expressed holiday party with the protest of the united states stands firmly with the people as they assert their versus rights. and because the government from the human to refrain from violence or attempts to silence the voice of people accountable clients for time to the streets of havana on monday. but the calmer force not for security forces patrolled the capital in large numbers.
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mobile internet outages were frequent throughout the day and access to many social media sites was blocked. well, does cube as president have any ground for accusing the us of a hand in these protests? we asked william leo grand professor of government, an expert in latin american politics at american university in washington, dc. well, i'm sure he points to the fact that the united states has been spending about $20000000.00 a year in support of opposition elements inside cuba. but the reality is that these demonstrations were too large and 2 broad in scope across the island to be strictly the result of any effort by the united states to foment opposition. people are just, you can amicably desperate and frustrated right now because there's no food in the stores. there's no medicine in the pharmacies. there is no fuel to gas stations.
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and there are now rolling electric blackouts in the middle of summer time. so people who just angry and the result is this kind of social explosions. us embargo plays an important role. donald trump black remittances from cuban americans going to their families in cuba. and that was about $3500000000.00 a year in hard currency flow. and foreign exchange currency that cuba no longer has and that affected the standard of living of about 60 percent of cuban families. and it meant the government had a lot less foreign exchange currency to be able to import food and medicine. so i think we'll have to wait and see whether this is the 1st of a kind of a cycle of protests as we've seen in a number of other countries, or whether this was just one single days worth of social explosion. but either way, the underlying social tensions and grievances that people have are not going to go
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away. and so they'll manifest themselves in one way or another. and that was william leo grand of american university speaking with us a short while ago. here's some other stories making headlines. hotel collapse in eastern china has killed these. a people, authorities say several others were pulled alive from the rubble in the city. to jo, a large scale rescue operation is now under way the cause of the collapse on monday afternoon is being investigated. at least 50 people have died in the fire that ripped through a hospital ward, treating corona, virus, patient and southern iraq. many others are in a critical condition, and exploding oxygen tank may have sparked the blades. thousands of fish have been dropped from the sky into a lake in the us state of utah. aerial fish stocking helps to restore population in lakes where fish no longer naturally reproduce,
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while the plane can drop up to 30000 fish in flight. incredible image there. for now we had to south korea where another covered 19 wave has struck. spurred by the highly contagious delta vary and the government has imposed its toughest curves yet on the capital, sol. they include batting gyms from playing fast music to prevent visitors from breathing too hard. but the stringent measures are making it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. so gray is late as cobra. 1900 wave has hit the country hard. the government has clamped down with new guidelines including social distancing that of especially, affected small businesses. these for rent signs tell the story in terms of the economic impact of the cove at 900 pandemic, no neighborhood in soul has been quite so stricken as to why this once bustling
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multicultural, entertainment and shopping district suffered a cluster outbreak in may of 2020 infecting about 250 people and causing a significant drop in visitors and business. the young man opened a cafe, offering a variety of drinks in her own blend of coffee beans. just as the pandemic arrived in early 2020, soon her business would really feel it. all you got? my cafe is close to one. so last year's outbreak there affected our sales as well. yeah, we have the so any customers you feel it was like a ghost town here. when a young replied, that's all since monday, gatherings of more than 2 people other than family are banned after 6 pm in the capital saw where 80 percent of new cases are located. rule breakers of this and other restrictions face stiff penalties and fines. we need to be very careful. we
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disinfect the store every couple of hours and disinfect tables meticulously after customer leave. we give out hand sanitizer and ask everyone to wear a mask as well as registered with a q r code. so crew has been prayed for its release success against the virus only to have cases linger and grow soon, harsher restrictions return. what would i don't have to me as a business owner? i'm not happy about the new rules, but trying to reduce the number of daily confirmed cases by maintaining social distance. thing is better than more people getting infected. that told me that there wasn't that i was in y'all, i don't say severance hospital. dr. young men overseas covey, 900 testing. he says the more infectious delta very and now makes more than 25 percent of south korean new cases. nagel. this delta variance starts to spread and
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the general population will encounter other variance and create a new variant. and this continues, the virus would be able to create a variable that resists the vaccines. so we should try our best to prevent delta from spreading further on. and i still cool, just 11 percent of this green population is fully vaccinated, and officials hope heard immunity will be achieved by november. the new guidelines are set to be in place for the next 2 weeks, at least. so let's bring in the author of that report. now, frank smith, who is joining us from sol. so frank, tell us, i mean, south korea of course, was known as a success in keeping growing virus infections relatively low. what's gone wrong now? well, i think the really success was part of the reason doing because they were handling the corona virus epidemic here. the pandemic well to be in.
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ringback being well, as you can see, we're having problems connecting to frank smith who was joining us from sol, telling us a little bit more about the koran. a virus situation in south korea. we'll try and reconnect with him if we can. in the meantime, we're going to bring you some news from south africa, which has deployed its military to stop violence, sparked by the jailing of former president, jacob's assume at least 6 people have died. hundreds more, have been arrested. south africa, the highest court has been hearing zoom was appeal against his 15 month prison sentence, for contempt presidency. a robber poster has called for calm warning. the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa. they're there to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction of property became more violent. looters planted,
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a large shopping mall in durban overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins. in peter madison book, some 80 kilometers from durden. the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the south eastern province, of course, in a town during this whole region, many of his supporters, they were angered by soon it's 15 months jail term employ failing to appear at corruption inquiry. but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa, the economic panel hills with police reached in the army, will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and the marginalized bad that
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are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. juma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad divisions in the country. now clashes have broken out in george's parliament as opposition lawmakers demand the prime minister of resign. over the death of the journalist, alexander lash corolla, was found dead in his home on the weekend days after being attacked at an anti pride rally. george and police say that they have detained 20 people in connection with the attack remotely succeeded, as journalists and opposition leaders pushed their way into georgiana parliament say occupied to speak of chair and demanded that the prime minister resign. they blamed the ruling party for a tax on journalist and support for violent groups. among the protest
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is the founder of the tv valley. the news channel where the camera man, alexander lashed carafe or worked until he was found dead in his home last sunday. georgia is prime minister dismissed protests over last carrabas death on the 2nd people. not a failed conspiracy against the state masterminded by the state, an anti chair of course, which failed and will never be successful in that country when we all saw that they are trying to use this person's tragedy for their own political agenda. maybe what georgia and police have not said how the journalist died. other days. alaska robin needed hospital treatments off to being beaten by far right. activists as he filmed, and l g b t q protests last week. right. and church support is attacked l
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g b t q campaign is who are planning to hold pride events in the capital tbilisi dozens, the journalists were injured in the violence that net to the pride march being cancelled. now off the alexander lost her of the genesis and opposition protest. i have promised to keep challenging georgie in societies, traditional values on demanding the prime minister resignation. you're watching d. w. news up next business. the news wide waiting streaming for gretchen again world might be a couple weeks in burned in south africa with disabilities more likely to lisa job .


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