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tv   Judisch sein in Europa  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 5:15am-6:01am CEST

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moment who will probably be remembered as the face of euro 2020 christian ericsson watching database the news out cove at 19 special is offer a short break for that because you can always stay up to date on our website. that's a w dot com. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour from me and the teams ex, watching the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus? the 19th special next on d w. how does a virus spread? why don't we parent? and when will all this? 3 of the topics that we covered in
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a weekly radio. if you would like for information on the krona virus or any other to find topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find w dot com slash science ah cove at 19 it's complex. he can affect the nervous system leading to language disorders, strokes and seizures. scientists still trying to understand why 75 percent of people hospitalized with a virus continue to suffer from secondary symptoms at least 6 months after they recover. many find it hard to function in that day, the bytes are such as hope understanding of its impact on the brain could pay the
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way for treatment. india is breathing a sigh of relief with daily infections falling. but the havoc from the 2nd wave is fresh in people's minds, and many patients are still struggling with a knock on effects of colored d w. many or a child re met the puck guy was from delhi after losing 25 killers and still very weak. beepers is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normalcy and the life he had before it was disrupted by a severe over 19 infection. only she was came to mind, but 60 that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. the worst thing would happen is at the end of the dental day, my legs i, i found that my legs are looking, they are,
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they are not part of my body. i was not able to cope of the oxygen mask while they have put and i was really feeling helpless. i said, there is no point in living. no, because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my eldest cousin, brother that i'm not going to stay away. i think the lot is going to be my last day . each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the he saw some one dying. we both knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to cope with it. it was his 2 children. he says, who gave him the card. she needed the 1st feeling that was there with me. 247 was the feel fuel of losing him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to see with, for the members of your family together on the dining table, konica says the experience with their father and the site they saw at the hospital
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have made all of them stronger as a family was covered by him. if more tougher than the covert thing, i really finding it very difficult to cope with me. the recovery time because there's already one month, there's already one month. i'm not able to walk even that into techno. 30 p what doctors are telling it will take 6 plus one small slow step at a time. he's trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still a challenge. he knows it will take a long time. gimme limits. colby ac is a professor of cognitive nearest tree and joins as from copenhagen university hospital. patients like the one in our report and suffer from cognitive impairment half a year after recovering from cove. it. how often does that actually occur because the general lumber we found was 75 percent, which sounds extremely high. this is a very good question. so studies so far show quite varying results. we've conducted
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a study university hospital in copenhagen, where we found that 65 percent of people who've been hospitalized with coby to continue to show cognitive difficulties for month after the hospital discharge. this was quite a small study, but still it is consistent with the other studies in the field. so generally studies show that over half of patients who've been hospitalized continued to show cognitive impairments after them recovery. and i guess you won't have that much doctor on this, but it's worth asking how much longer could that sort of thing go on for, for these patients. so we don't know yet because it's a very new illness and we've only started recently to study the long term effect of co beat on cognition. so that based on our study and also other studies in the field that show quite consistent findings, we think that at least up to 6 months,
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that that, that these companies can last up to 6 months. but we can the conducted follow up studies of the same patients for one year after they got this, josh, and i know that other research groups are doing the same, so hopefully we can give a better answer to that very soon. what sort of other patterns are evident in patients in your studies? so regarding the patterns of cognitive impairments we have found and this is also quite consistent with other studies in the field. we found that it's mainly verbal memory. so the ability to remember words as well. 2 as concentration and planning abilities that seem to be affected. now it's worth noting that the cognitive functions after cobit a highly variable, and actually there is a large proportion of people who don't have any cognitive impairments after they've recovered from cobit so our findings only, you know, they only representative of people's been hospitalized. and even in these people,
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one 3rd or up to one half or at least one 3rd, i have no come to see if difficulties but, but those who have cognitive difficulties, they do have memory problems, concentration difficulties planning difficulties. and this is, if we look at the brain, this is mainly related to the frontal dope and campus where the hebrew campus is a structure and the brain that is really, really important for memory formation. and it's also very sensitive to oxygen. starvation could be a logical reason why we, for, for these difficulties that we see in these aspects of cognition and what are the problems associated with, with these impairments. so again, this is something that we only just beginning to study. and in our study, we found that that the cognitive impairments were related to a greater degree of anxiety and depression,
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and also to problems with functioning at work and also poor quality of life. but we don't really know what the direction of the relations, what the direction is. so we could be on one hand that depression is causing the cognitive problems. we know that from, from, for example, patients who have depression, that they also have cognitive problems. and so those symptoms can cause cognitive problems. on the other hand, we also know that if you have cognitive difficulties, difficulties with functioning in your daily life, then this can also cause stress and depression and anxiety. so we don't really know what the direction of this, of this relation is of this association, just that they seem to co exist and also influence each other. and what we know about the prevalence of these types of complications of acute illness from cobit. so the prevalence of cognitive impairments at the 1st cross study. so we've
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conducted studies in the study in the, in the hospitalized people. so the more severe cases and these findings not really applicable to a broader category of people who've had cobit, we know from several studies that the severity of illness seems to be related to a greater risk of long term cognitive impairments. so that people with mild illnesses seem to not be at risk. so much poor for these kinds of complications. lastly, but definitely not least what, what sort of therapies or counter measures can be taken? this is the $1000000.00 question and we are all wanting to study this. so i'm not aware of any treatment that has been shown to be effective yet based on research. but we are currently looking into this, the several research groups that are investigating this. and also until then until
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we have an evidence based treatment for cognitive impairments in these patients who clinical psychologist applying techniques from other diseases. so for example, traumatic brain injury where people also have cognitive problems. so they use, for example, cognitive rehabilitation techniques and so on. so we will just have to wait and see whether these methods also effective for cognitive impairments after coo it coming to the school we copenhagen university hospital. thank you very much. thank you. and here's a question. i've been asking myself about immunizing as i had no reaction from either of my shots over to derek williams. oh, not having any side effects after vaccination. mean you have a weak immune system. oh, this is a great question because it's about much more than the amused system. it's also about the ecology of immunization,
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which i've experienced in an up close and personal way. i had 0 side effects after either dose of my messenger r n a vaccine. my are didn't even really hurt close family members, on the other hand, were, were pretty uncomfortable afterwards with chills and fever, and headaches and fatigue. really, the whole 9 yards they moaned about the side effects of course, but they were actually almost happy to feel as lousy as they did. because for them, it meant the vaccine was working and they were kind of concerned for me and maybe even felt slightly superior because i didn't have any. after bracing myself for the worst, i admit that i felt a little let down and maybe maybe even a little bit worried that somehow my immune system was getting something wrong. but
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all the experts say, i shouldn't worry. the truth is, we don't really know why some immune systems go into overdrive briefly after vaccination. and others just seem to kind of coast through it the interactions between all of the different elements of the immune system or so convoluted. that knowledge is compare vividly to, to all of spaghetti. but as far as we can tell, experiencing powerful side effects after vaccination is mostly about how your own personal immune system works rather than about how effect the vaccine as, as a broad rule of thumb, women and younger people experience side effects more often than men and elderly people do and, and more people have them after the 2nd shot than after the 1st. but if like me,
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you didn't feel a thing afterwards. don't sweat at all. the evidence we have indicates strongly that you're just as well protected as someone who had a miserable couple of days. me. thank you, derek, now and feeling better. thanks for watching. stay safe as you again. ah, me the same way in the leisurely lifestyle. kind of tropical island paradise for surfers. but the country dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are trainings in the least national program. their target olympic goal for china,
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rice was treasures stolen for more zone, the lenders and looted for the international art market. collectors, really valuable pieces from the middle east, which comprises at years in auction houses and immoral business that still the coffers of terrorist faction. blood treasures in 45 minutes on the w. o. the news was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the game central care with 202421. thrown off course during the quantifying round. not least for sports heroes,
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actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during locked down the lucky go to tokyo starts july 19th. w. hey, ah ah, the southern chinese island of hi non is home to the countries new surfing industry . i know used to be just a winter travel destination for retiree. but that all changed. surfing offers, laid back lifestyle for some, for others, a chance at international sporting success
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in 2007. darcy lee, you moved to high non from her home province and central china. she learned to swim and then took up surfing and it was the best move she'd ever made. a change me anything. if it wasn't surfing, i might be living a normal life that mary, to have kids say city. yeah, just basic nice. but she ended up on a tropical island in the south china sea, 1300 kilometers away from home in the waves. now determined the course of her life. darcy made for history in china. she was the
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1st woman to take part in a professional, international surfing competition. today, she's brought us to her favorite practice spot. but we are not allowed to tell you where it is. i figure it there are no ho tells here and no tourists. but it's a long way down to the water. the bays cold surface is deceptive. there are large rocks below. and if you fall off your board and land on one, you could injure yourself. ah, darcy paddles out quite a way to find a good ways. but the effort is definitely worth it. ah, ah, darcy prefers to use a long board about 3 meters in length. this board allows her to ride smaller waves
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for longer periods of time, so she can improve her technique. darcy retired from competitive surfing in 2014 to focus her attention on cleaning up china, polluted coastal areas. but she can't imagine a life without service. and this is the perfect place to do it for any. so for the, you know, you don't want to serve some where does sobre crowded. so. 1 this the new ones out there and water temperature is good ways are consistent. so i got waives a lot of wasting an hour. yeah. 7 that was quite a workout that evening darcy arrives at a local club where she works as a d. j. the place is packed with young people, both local residents and tourists from the mainland.
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the way does nice and people are laid back by now and to enjoy life than it is to working. i love it. the in the club is a great place to relax and have fun. darcy introduces us to a young man named joe, who's just moved to high knob and he's glad he did me over there are lots of problems with living in a big city, but there's no stress here. i feel relaxed and happy. wearing the darcy started her shift at midnight. she's got a long night ahead of her. i like to share my music. here people, i want to people to my music from fun to happen is and be free and come back with us out with their own body that day. the dorothy
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wants the crowd to get the most out of her music and to make sure that they do, she has to set the right move. she calls herself the medicine woman and burned dr. sage route to give herself and her audience more energy. the party continues until dawn later that morning. surfers are already chasing the waves that g u e bay. they include members of china's olympic team, which was founded just a few years ago a rigorous training program attract young people from all over china. jo washington is from fish one, a mountain is province in south west china. the provincial government is picking up
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the tab for him and several other boys to train here. go surfing is. and i want to do well. if i worked hard, i could win the national championship some day. these young people develop their skills here for 6 to 8 hours every day. me and other provinces are also taking part in the training program. when some of these kids arrived here, they didn't even know how to swim, let alone serve i'd say is just 9 years old. but after 2 years of training, he can ride the waves like a pro. joe has also made
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a lot of progress. the kids have to learn how to stay ahead of a moving wall of water and just a thought on that. during practice, you have to deal with lots of different ways in different conditions. you'll see, i mean, that will help you later on in competition because you'll know which waves are the good one. talk to me in the morning practice session is over now. joe and the others have worked up quite an appetite for lunch. there is no vol. meat and vegetables coach with links as proper nourishment as a key part of the training program. made him sound. please get up at 540 every morning. i'm going to stop 6. it's the way to do it. everyone goes to think you can go running the hive, enter yet. what about
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a $30.00 band that perhaps these young athletes will one day compete in international surfing tournament. the best of them will join china's olympic team. another member of the 61 team, 11 year old young c cheese has already made the olympic squad is that i want to win the national championship and you know, i can i, i tried last year, but i just wasn't good enough but i didn't get the title of young has the kind of determination that chinese sports officials just love to see. and there athlete right now, why not is getting ready to host the national surfing championship. china's head
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coach ma lie knows that his team will face stiff. international competition in other countries have strong staffing programs. we're just getting started to go what we put together, our 1st olympic serving team in 2017 and we've still got a lot of work to do. i mean, the job will get better, all know, and we want to qualify for the 2020 for a limburger. know what all you'll get out of the young athletes like jen and joe are part of china future when it comes to international surfing competition. and the coaches have to scout and develop even more new talent. 4th, officials have been scouring the country for promising candidates. the practice is over for the day. now the athletes will clean their boards and take
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care of other maintenance staff. most of these kids come from poor families, so surfing may provide them with a more prosperous future. but fish one head, coach, leaching says that only the best of them will be allowed. stay at the camp. holy, we had a lot of young people when we were just getting started to realize the whole continuing ship. some of them just didn't make the coffee high elsewhere, somewhat nervous. all they didn't like the training program. so you so, so they live with the gen and joe share a room in the dormitory. they say that their coaches are like parents to them. joe says he hadn't seen his mom and dad since he arrived at the camp. it's been 4 years now. do you miss them?
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we're sure, but every sunday the coach gives us a cell phone and we do a video chat with our families by the harvey at evening roll call. the coach analyzes the athletes performance. then everyone heads off to dinner. afterwards. it's time for bed. joe is one of 21 members of team fish. one. many parents can't afford to visit their children here. but joe knows that his mom and dad are proud of him. that gives him confidence and keeps him working hard on his surfing skills. now we are going to leave the bay where the surfers practice and visit a different part of hi non this is lee hong young, a retiree,
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who lives in beijing, but spend a lot of time on the island. tonight, lee is having dinner with friends. they propose a toast to the joy of living on a tropical island. all of these men are retired and they spend a few months on high non every year. we worked for a state own food industry company and can afford to live well in retirement. so can the others here are ha, i come down here every once in a blue sky, white cloud, the sea and the b. y engineers my highest. what more could he want? especially now during the winter, you can take if you want to live a long life, come to high. now the food is great and outside the weather is warm. 25 degrees celsius lee and his friends meet almost every evening. life is good,
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and at least for li, if anything but boring. the next morning, he shows us why. he's packing up for a trip to the beach where he'll show us a different kind of surface your wrath. there are 2 kinds of people. those who wait for dance all sent those who define a charm. i prefer there's humour in that statement, but also a bit of truth. the wind is up today. so lee and his dog head off for the water lea won't let us take pictures of his apartment. he says people might get jealous the tie knowns, real estate market is booming. a lot of older buildings have been torn down to make room for new residential complexes. a 100 square meter apartment on the popular south coast cost,
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the equivalent of 800000 euro. construction companies are thriving here. lee has traveled widely for business and for pleasure. he'd been to europe and the united states. on one of his trips he saw people kite surfing and decided he wanted to try it. he made his 1st attempt here on high non 5 years ago. lee and his friends can afford these kinds of vacations because they benefited from china. spectacular economic growth over the past several decades. ah . conditions today or near perfect air temperature 26 degrees water 25 degrees.
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ah, i dung has been waiting patiently for lee to return their future a year. i feel happy and free. gone. you know like a sailor are no, it's like i'm connected to the sea gardner and either holly or you can, you're just floating over the water watch or talk. these people are also enjoying the breeze. a lot of seniors like to come to the beach to cool off, but li once more out of life, the weather report for tomorrow calls for more wind. so he'll be back
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the news until just a few years ago about the only people you'd see on the water at whole high bay, where fishermen now the place is hacked with surfer jones. they have been here for a decade. don't, would you know, joe, when we 1st came here to serve, the villagers were very friendly and they thought we were crazy to go out on the water every day. and they thought that life on the bay was really boring. and so they were curious about this. how did you hope she knew now makes his living as a surfing instructor kind of one year. he's showing you fun and how to properly
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paddle out to the waves and then stand up on the board. afterward he grades her technique, paddling good standing up to need them proven. woo says the best way to keep your balance is to place your feet properly and look straight ahead o doors. this is really the only one that can chime and didn't have extreme. like this holes, but that's all changed now to keep our hands or even have experience thing in this stuff. so i decided to keep trying how does the local service community include children and their grandparents, 6 year old jo, one has just made us 1st. we'll do the council, it's great for the youngsters around side all day, and they get plenty of anxious cation. so i've got lots of time
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in the meanwhile, you is working on her technique instructor will stays close in case she needs help . you tries to focus on standing up despite being tossed around by the ways i know that it is a challenge. this is helping me to overcome any inhibition. you have. the view is proud of the progress that she's made so far. and
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then when you press on now you can things get individual law. that's a whole lot to me like on the i still make a mistake, but when you finally sounds up on my poor, it's a great feeling good at the face of whole high village has changed since the surfers arise. now there are beach bars and other businesses that cater to young, hip customers, the the serv, tourists are welcome here, provided that they spend lots of money and don't criticize china, communist government. you can see them everywhere. some of the older residents sell beetle not on the sidewalk as they have for years
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and lots of stores and restaurants are making good money. ah, some people here are still making a living by catching fish. their boats are tied up in a lagoon not far from whole high bay. today we'll meet one of those fishermen. one shall buy one. he and his wife and son live on their fishing boat. the family can't afford to buy a house on land. they don't make enough money from fishing to qualify for a mortgage. so they've been living on this boat for more than a decade. we set off across the lagoon and we have to stay there because it's too windy right now on the open sea. it's
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a lot of work to keep the boat in good shape. one's wife has mending some naps. they'll try their luck at fishing in the lagoon without him move and not making any money. so we have to borrow from friends and relatives, the lesson plan when dies down. we'll start fishing again and pay them back on the now they're hauling the nets back on board with the long sun. wong's coupon is helping out he's 17. and as finished school, the family didn't catch many fish today. life for these people is hard and want to pump says he doesn't think much of the local surfer community. i've never talked to any of them. if they stay here,
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prices will go up and that will cause problems in my me, surfers, on one side of the lagoon golfers, on the other hand, between them, the fishing boats. these groups seem to have nothing in common. all that one knows is that it's tough right now for him to make and meet the guys most, all the more and more people from the mainland coming here to spend the winter. as it is, especially people from the northeast. what the control when i envy them, and what we do is work hard every day. i mean that, and they come down here and eat in restaurants and have a good time and hulu, but the family has enough to eat and overall their life on the fishing boat is okay . and as soon as the winds on the open fi died down,
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they'll go back out and do some real fishing mega chip come at long. says that if he had more money, he'd like to provide a better education for his son. but for now, the 3 of them will stay on the boat and hope for a change in the weather. me. meanwhile, darcy has lots of new business ideas. she's building a skateboard track here, and also rent surfboard, the tourist. she plans to open a cafe as well. darcy is working with her friend, lee ging to try to get young people to eat healthy foods like vegetable smoothies and organic alva condos. she thinks the idea will catch on leaving lifestyle. i have is very healthy and very keening and very empowering. and i would love to have anyone who come there and serve and to observe our not just
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sending on the surface, it would be like, how would you travel, you could fly. he asked darcy to call her mom back home in jose providence. what does she think of her daughter's new life? we're going to thank you lisa. now you don't want to live like we do. what can we do? what that mean? we don't understand, you know, somehow we do a darcy parents would like her to get married and have children. but her rejection of that lifestyle is reflected in these paintings in her cafe. darcy says that surfing has broadened her horizons. it's like you're in town or that you can see life. but when surgery showed out, you see the lights, them my, it's mega lighthouse. i had a direction and what i want to go, what i want it to come, please. darcy says that the skills she learned from surfing have helped her to
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navigate the twists and turns of everyday life. me. young, the chief from the olympic team is a little nervous right now. the she's made it to the finals of the under 15 competition for the national championship. young will have to serve as many waves as possible to stay on the board for as long as she can and successfully perform a number of turning maneuvers. and she has to do all that over 20 minutes, but she's confident that she can win again, i don't feel good about my chances. don't jack her. the next stage of the competition will get underway to me is the finals for the under 18 group at the age of just 11
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young managers to come out on top. young teammates cheer as she waved their sor. today, every hour of practice that she's put in over the past 2 years has paid off the she owes a lot of her success to her coach with me when you, when we get a well the whole machine, we discuss things and then go back out. i've been training non stop for 2 years now and i'm israel to one today. and now it's time for some food. and for the 1st time in days, young doesn't have to deal with the pressure of competition. later we talk with
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team hi, non coach michael weaver. he's one of several foreigners hired to turn chinese surfers into champion. weaver is optimistic about china, the chance that with averages the government's putting in the amount of money being invested. the quality of waves here. i think by the time the next lympics comes around, i think china will be ready to compete in the world class level now it's time for the national service championship awards ceremony. young as the star of the fish one team. she took part in 3 competitions. one them all and there and 3 gold medals for her effort yet he failed. joe and jen are in the audience with their team. me. joe didn't win a metal this year,
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but that makes them want to train even harder. the morning i'll have to give it everything i've got i so i can win next year. the head coach is proud of her team, but young says that winning the national title is just the 1st step in her career. the other i want to be the best in china and compete in the olympics and then join the professional team. good me. these young athletes plan to take the surfing world by storm and that's just what the government wants them to do. china has discovered surfing both as a competitive sport as a way of life. mm
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. priceless treasures stolen from more zones. the 100 and looted for the international art market. collectors, extremely valuable pieces from the middle east. which tom sizes at european auction houses in the moral business that fill the coffers. appearance factions blood treasures in 15 minutes on d. w. tito, in the noise the humans and animals alike. pollution is a big problem in india, especially in metropolitan city. widely underestimated the enforcement action on voice. bullshit is very limited. 90 minutes on d. w. the
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news news live from berlin. the us deny this behind cuba, the biggest flavor of protests in decades. keeping security forces have clamped down office thousands took to the streets. the communist regime blamed washington for the unrest. also coming up anger and unrest in south africa, deadly violence and widespread looting after authority put the president, jacob's zoom up behind and scuffled breakout and george's parliament. opposition will mike is accused the government of failing to protect.


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