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tv   Kick off Spezial  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 4:45am-5:16am CEST

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to me can, can i didn't guy who passed by what you do you as i pay you a gym and if i can believe it, it looks like what's going on. people didn't believe it is how cut a blank. i prefer germany. some germans didn't embrace the new look germany when the world cup came in the summer of 2006 extreme right wing groups distributed flyers, posters and stickers, which read know gerald. you are not germany at the start of his international career as a more even had to convince some of his teammates he belonged. i think it's like, i was supposed to them you, you can do something better than and then they thought it was empty. and i think because my face can call you go and do away, i saw ok. this guy can help us who i saw. i also like know i'm in a team by the beginning was not easy to just come and say okay,
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and if you need to wait for with him, gerald mower was not the only target in 2006 german i, jerry and player, patrick. oh, my yella was attacked in the far right propaganda white more than just the color of a jersey for a real national tea. back in the blender slager after germany's home, 2006 world cup. as a more was the victim of racist abuse and a cut match. fans made monkey noises when ever he touched the ball. ah, me lasting longer than the black footballers before him. some more wrecked up over 40 cash score 6 goals with germany. and his success had a trickle down effect. this area was to hope it went and i never took it. i'm happy
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for it to open doors for off for the kids or i think it's i remember when i came back everywhere, i went on black things for doing this. now i must have a mind workplace as a more has become a beloved figure. since his playing days, always wearing a smile. yes, my life too, so you never know what's truly behind it. so what happens when you take the non smiling approach? the way jerome bullets hang did. he never played the performer. he just played his football. stoic didn't cause this self confidence brought him to the attention of german politician alexander galvan bow. a tang took it a step further than as a mower, becoming the 1st black footballer to win
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a world cut with germany. he's the most recognizable black athlete in the country with countless endorsements, but even bow attain is not immune to the backlash of being black me racist comments by the deputy chief of the right wing alternative for germany party. a newspaper claims. alexander coleman said, germans thought he was a good footballer, but didn't want him as a neighbor. i'm interested. i got him as a racist. there's a question and doesn't always. it's quite sad that things like this happen. you can't change it. that's. i hope things get better, understand a lot of good responses unfortunately, cannot accept me because they put me in an ethical team and then comes, you know, the spectrum choice is do. i don't want to hear good, but you still get back. person government claims. he was only describing other
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people's attitudes and wasn't making a personal comment. problematic thing is that, you know, in a way he was right because many germans don't want to have people as to neighbors. ready especially when it comes not only to neighbors, but when it comes to black black men once a married have i daughter, cleanses? following the galvan fiasco coach yogi love named bow a tang the captain for a germany match. making that another historic achievement ah, lower tang has used his platform to fight against such attitude that still exists in the country. he achieved the ultimate prize in international football. 40 years after costs at a debuted for west germany. germany's 1st flag player never thought the national team would have so much diversity with the likes of ruder every sunday
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and read la boxes arising star who made his debut for the german national team in november 2020 because it was a big moment for me. it's rain comes through to play for the national team, germany. i grew up, i have a lot of friends here and it was my dream to play for them because i never thought it could be this way. i was in the play as a different today. these they have whole themselves confidence that they need these like slayers, you, my brothers and sisters and they have more self confidence than i could ever have imagined. so he's in football and looking at me for those. but buck, who feels the same pressure to out do his white teammates as cost it is. as a black, claire, you have to perform better than the others. you have to perform better. you have to guess to, to more than the,
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all the plans in the way plans. and if you not do this it's, it's very hot as a black guy to get to be respected for the others. that same feeling in the back who has today about having to be better as a black footballer, costa, they had 50 years earlier. i'm frightened. if you fail, there wasn't person in the world list actually as a black person or if it's trim, i'm reeling with you. probably whenever anyone says it may be different today. that's how it was costing to live in a different germany. but given how diverse germany has become, why does bach who feel the same pressure today? in 2020 ryan setting yard, not a german, but a black british player share to vial a racist abuse he received on line following the blunder. among other things,
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the hop, anaheim loan was called a slave. he said the disgusting task. don't even surprise him anymore. cancer berlin, st george interior and reagan said he was racially abused by soccer fans during a german cup match in 2020 endorsements. jude bellingham was a victim during the 2021. but in this league a season. it's not only at the senior level. in december 2019 bernice league club head to berlin's under 16 team, walked off the pitch during the game. after several of their players said they were racially abused by their opponents. next me. so i see this if i listen to, to the class that this happen for me, this never happen. my football career right now. but believable. the pressure of the or in class a black footballers to be perfect,
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starts early me always since i'm a young kid and i know it's not easy for, for black young guy. germany's latest addition to the legacy that cost to the started is byron munich, started jamal most jala, early in 2021. he declared he play for germany, instead of england. there is a multitude of black football, the talent that's become a constant presence on germany's national teen and others are on the way from here's the thing. it will always be the case here in germany. maybe even in the whole world or man, this is always the 2nd choice him a lot of other there have been countless racial attacks in countless
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campaigns. in response, in 2020 player showed support for black lives matter. targeted players have condemned the hatred and continue to do so. but even f c buyer, the country's most successful club coach racially abused a player in the youth academy in 2020 help arrived in the form of stars like thomas mueller and the actual cambridge speaking out to combat the problem. i think everybody has to stay together and fight against this racism in football and in the normal social life, the sports has the power to bring the people together to speak with one with one time over a 1000000 people of african heritage live in germany today for the 1st time ever in
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2020, many african and afro d. as for people, share their life stories and experiences. that same year germany had a racial awakening. following the murder of african american, george floyd by a police officer i was me a spanish. how many people says windows flex anyway? and because it's been flex in the large mo, most that changed. awesome. despite the optics, germany is far from its cool moments of racial harmony. have been made up to the cold. let me get you all though. there has been ah,
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the, sometimes i ask myself why they go create different skin colors, white, black and so on i. well why did god do that? the the the news news
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news. the news the sun in the leisurely lifestyle. china, tropical island. paradise for surfers. but the country dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are training in in the least national program. they're part a lindsey gold for china. their
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price was treasures stolen for more zone. the blunders eluded for the international art market. collected really valuable pieces from the middle east, which comprises yours in auction houses in the moral business that filled the coffers of terrors. faction blood treasures in 75 minutes on the w. o. the news in george w bush invited us to his summer home. we had talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm going to medical on those not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know needs lose an interview with george
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w bush. july 14th at 1530 you t c on d. w. in december 2019 the european councils new president shot me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make europe the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by the 25th model in member state supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising glimpse into the very heart of power to vote when the game diplomatic poker increases, power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august 5th on d. w. me
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the news . this is data, but news live from the in the us denies. it's behind cube is biggest wave of protest in decades. given security forces has clamped down off a 1000 took to the streets a communist regime lamp washington for the rest. also coming up anger and unrest in south africa, deadly violence and widespread looting. after all, already put full of president jacobs behind bars and scuffles breakout in georgia. parliament. oppositional is accused. the government offended to protect reporters.
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i want the prime minister to resign off for a journalist was found dead in his home with the news. hello, i'm rebecca risen. welcome to the program. cuban president miguel diaz canal has accused the us of stoking unrest that thousands of cubans took to the straits and the largest anti government protest in decades. protest, march through the capital, havana on sunday, and gathered at other cities on the on it you get to the 1st the crowd and arrested several people. they will also clash with pro government demonstrated. cuba is injuring shortages of food and medicine, and reco covered 19 infection numbers, and we made us president joe biden voice his support for the protest. people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian. i don't think we've seen anything
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like this in a long time. of course, frankly ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q what as they assert their universal rights. the buttons secretary of state antony blink and rejected cuban suggestion that the u. s. has a hand in the protests. it would be a grievous mistake for the cuban regime to interpret what is happening in dozens of towns and cities across the island. as the result or product of anything the united states has done. william lear graham is a professor of government and a latin american politics expert at american university in washington d. c. i asked him whether cuba had any basis for accusing the us of having a hand in these protests. well,
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i'm sure he points to the fact that the united states has been spending about $20000000.00 a year in support of opposition elements inside cuba. but the reality is that these demonstrations were too large and 2 broad in scope across the island to be strictly the result of any effort by the united states to, for my job position. people are just you can, i'm really desperate and frustrated right now because there's no food in the stores . there's no medicine in the pharmacies. there is no fuel of gas stations. and there are now rolling electric blackouts in the middle of summer time. so people are just angry and the result is this kind of social explosion. us embargo plays an important role. donald trump black remittances from cuban americans going to their families in cuba. and that was about $3500000000.00 a year in hard currency flow. and foreign exchange currency that cuba no longer has
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and that effected the standard of living of about 60 percent of cuban families. and it meant the government had a lot less foreign exchange currency to be able to import food and medicine. so i think we'll have to wait and see whether this is the 1st of a kind of a cycle of protests as we've seen in a number of other countries, or whether this was just one single days worth of social explosion. but either way, the underlying social tensions and grievances that people have are not going to go away. and so they'll manifest themselves in one way or another. william lear, ground of american university in washington, d. c. speaking to us, a little earlier south africa has deployed its military. hist don't violence, sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zoom up at least 6 people have so far died and hundreds more have been arrested. south africa, the highest court has begun hearing him as appeal against his 15 month prison
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sentence to contempt, president cyril rub, oppose his call for com, wanting the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa, then to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction, of property became more violent. lewters, plundered a large shopping mall in durban. overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins. in peter mounted book, some 80 kilometers from durban, the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the south eastern province of quasi, in a town during this whole region. many of his supporters, they were angered by zoom, it's 15 months. dow term employee for failing to appear as a corruption inquiry, but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa,
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economic panel hill with police stretched in the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic acts of looting driven by hardship and poverty, the poor and the marginalized bad that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. duma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad deed divisions in the country. that's 10 of some other stories making headlines around the world. at least 50 people have died in a fire at a hospital in southern iraq. many others are in a critical condition. the blades ripped through a war trading corona virus, patients in the city of nasiriyah. the court is still unfair. prosecutors in venezuela have charged a key opposition politician with terrorism and treason after arrest or resting him
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on a highway. pretty close ally of opposition later on. why though, the opposition says that security forces also entered quite a time on monday and threatened him with arrest report by the you in his sound. the corona virus pandemic has contributed to an increase in the number of people facing hunger worldwide. anyone in 3 people did not have access to enough food in 2020, an increase of almost 320000000 people in a single year. when the french president emmanuel, my home, says vaccination against coven 19 will be made mandatory for all health stuff and other work come into contact with the patient. if part of the latest measure to contain the pandemic in france, where the delta varying is taking hold back home, said the controls and sanctions will be introduced from september 15. tim and chancellor, i'm going to michael has told ukrainian president below them in the landscape that the transit of transitive natural gas because we're ukraine will continue even also
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the controversial nor stream to high find linking the country with russia is completed. the 2 ladies met in berlin on monday, alongside energy security. they discussed the current of ours pandemic and renew tensions in easton. ukraine. clashes have broken out in georgia. the parliament has opposition law, mike has demanded. the prime minister resign over the death of a journalist, alexander lash corolla, was found dead at his home on the weekend. days after being attacked of an anti pride rally george and police say they have detained. 20 people in connection with the attack. succeed journalists and opposition leaders pushed their way into georgiana parliament say occupied to speak his chair and demanded that the prime minister resign. they blamed the ruling policy for a tax on journalist from support for violence group among the pro
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testers, the founder of tv valley, the news channel, where the camera man, alexander lush corral, worked until he was found dead in his home. no sunday. georgia is prime minister dismissed protests, overlap carrabas death on the 2nd people to another, failed conspiracy against the state masterminded by the state. an anti chair of course, which was which failed and will never be successful in that country when we all saw that they are trying to use this person tragedy for their own political agenda. maybe what georgia and police have not said how the journalist died and days early alaska robin needed hospital treatments to being beaten by far right. activists. as he filmed,
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and l g b t q protests last week. right. and church support is attacked l g, b, c, q, campaigners who are planning to hold pride events in the capitals, tbilisi, dozens of journalists were injured in the violence that net to the pride march being cancelled. now off the alexander lasker of the jennison opposition protest had promised to keep challenging georgia in societies, traditional values, and demanding the prime minister's resignation. earlier we spoke to none of boys in id say, who worked with alexander lash corolla. she tells us how she views the government's response to last week's attack on l. g. b t, q activists. today, prime minister made the statement on the constitutional statements. i can't call any other way because you said the majority of people are against the so basically denied the rights of minorities. they were just the shocking press conference,
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not only they're not taking the responsibility over what they see left monday, but they're completely trying with all the supper tags and everything to justify all the chief safety. because there were no or inforcement by the l. c. b, q office, at that day where they knew that anti pride violent would be their non version need. so the channel executive, a tv, parvati speaking to d, w a little earlier from tbilisi or british police and now investigating online racist abuse. targeting 3 black english football as after england lost the euro 2020 final to italy. the police say races, social media posts were directed at market. bradford jaden sanchez bouquet of the miss penalties held italy when the game england coach garris southgate has called the abuse unforgiveable while in italy,
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the returning heroes of the victorious euro 2020 squad have delighted fence with an open top boss to it through rome. a plan parade was cancelled because of corona virus concerns, but also meeting president sergio material of the italian players and so showed off the trophy a top team bar as they made the short journey to be received by prime minister. maria, dragging and 1000 turned out to chatham. so you wrote 2020 has wrapped up after a month of sporting thrills and bills and also some shocks. let's take a look back at some of the stand out moments from the tournament. the, the euros began with a colorful fire display, as eventually when a italy big turkey in the opening match in rome. but football was soon shaken to its core. kristian ericsson needed to be revived on the pitch after a cardiac arrest in denmark. first game, restarting the match was controversial. but his remarkable recovery spurred is and
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fancied side to the semi finals. something germany could only dream of a psychic elephant at hamburg. do correctly predicted the germans would lose their open as a friend. that was also writing forecasting a window of a portugal and a draw with hungry. you wafer refused request to illuminate the munich stadium in rainbow colors for that hungary game. you wait for said the l g b t q symbol would be overly political as it was aimed at hungary, right? when government, germany and the elephant look then ran out against subsequent runners of england, who beat the old rivals to nil in the last 16. as you came lives 15 year rain ended on a sour note, which slicked in mine for underwater. my responsibility and of course i also take responsibility for this exit know if no boats all you a for was again accused of not taking responsibility when it came to large crowds
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in cities such as london and some petersburg, where corona virus cases were rocketing a raft of positive tests followed the idea of playing this tournament across the continent was dreamt took long before corona virus. complicated travel restrictions aside. some themes such as switzerland, director hughes journeys, the swiss flew over 15000 kilometers from back to rome, back tobacco, and then on to book arrest, where they eliminated world champions, france in one of the matches of the tournament. they finally wilted in some petersburg against the spanish in the last 8. italy then overcame spain on penalties in the semi before beating england in london to deservedly lift this 2nd euro title. and yet it is a man who play just 42 minutes of the tournament,
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who will probably be remembered as the face of euro 2020 christian ericsson watching database the news out cove at 19 special is offer a short break for that because you can always stay up to date on our website. that's a w dot com. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour from me and the teams ex, watching the news . the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing what those belated research information and contact the corona virus off the 19th special next on d w? how does virus spread? why don't we parent? and when will all this 3 of the topics.


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