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the discovery of the world around use subscribed to d w documentary on youtube. oh, when i got off the bus, they yelled in 10 gays and one. i said, all right guys, and then i got a couple of girls on the going to drive the oh, it starts with the tree. you reach your goal,
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but the one you know for me you can take is the one you were born. the black man, the black man is always the 2nd choice as a next to perform better than the oldest. you have to perform better to have to do more than the other players in the way. it's how kind of like, i feel for jim the gun. when i got off the bus, they yelled 10 games and one. i burn. yeah. i go to school. but 1st of all, i'm going to be like, live in germany. you'd be confronted. oh, i
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the germany. when people hear the word, what do they think? known for cars? later hose in the worst and beer. when it comes to sports is $36.00, the lympics comes to mind, invented film, blonde and germans. then we think of german boxes, tennis players in race, car drivers, all of whom have made their mark football wise. we think of guys like these winning the world cup 4 times when we're talking about germans. the automotive things that germans means to be white, for instance, rights will be given from, from my talking that when the talking about germans, we think of course l, y, and business of obviously is not the case, but it is the business to have the image of them and it's still walking the streets
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of berlin or frankfort. you could think you're in london or parents in some black germans have gone abroad to get recognition in popular culture. half a 1000000 been nearly was german. they didn't really sing, though, did they? but another black german b genamin, this number number also in films in tv and in sports, like the indian football is the main draw in germany. today. the national team looks like this, or among germany's new generation is re lubbock because it was a big moment for me to play for the national team. and then i will play games on an
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edge. but if we move back a few generations, we see a completely different picture. ah, this was west. germany's 1st roll cut winning team in 1954. and they're good. there was winning team in 1974. they were only called meyer and mueller. they also look like in germany's domestic lee, the one football or didn't look like the rest. but while i was alone, then i was really alive, alive. unlike the black players, they take to the field for the german teens. de evan cost in a shortly after world war 2 in munster was one of the very few
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died mission. there was 3 mixed children. so 3 children, black guy, 3, nothing more. the 1st black kid asked if he was an old boy and had to go to cemetery and then looked on the way back from the funeral, a truck. right. and he was dead on the phone to leave a found god. that was the 1st one. second, i was the 3rd, the 2nd he drowned and like me during his childhood costs, it was on the receiving end of racist insults on a daily basis for a 1000 on the open streets when i was about 12 put my look at the and that was here in month and then look at that and look how dirty years. and then i thought how they got, you know, it can't be, they can't be that you allow this. it's kind of to us to let me cost it.
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the son of a german mother and an african american father, he never me, wasn't the only target back in those post world war 2 days. race mixing was unwelcome was also important. why does my mother have to suffer so much? because she got the most races? yes she did. i don't want to repeat here what i've heard of the hear all the things that they've said to my mother. that's when i'm with other left through the storm cost that of found football and develop a neck scoring goal. playing for several blended clubs. he became a prolific striker. but the hatred father probably gone,
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but when i got off the bus, they yelled and the 10 gays and one i said, all right guys on the thing i got a couple of girls on sunday. school isn't the abuse fuel costs victory over frank, whose fans came up with a disgusting change in 1974. he scored the goal of the year in the league. and that same year, evan costa became the 1st ever slack footballer to represent germany that i played for germany. it's all as a black man with a sensation. all eyes were on adding cost it up. i'm delicately. it also represented an idea of race relations. in west germany had improved, the west was progressing. i thought was my gave interviews and the coach helmet. sure. and told me what i should say. this is now
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germany. there are no races. that's not true. well, if i said there are many races in germany, and then the coach was angry with me, that's pretty much the course not a close to design. it wasn't on one moment. unlike today where black and white players were childhood. friends like says, good non bring in the actual cambridge circumstances were different in cost of this . well, not everyone like me. i could tell me, but then you don't get the ball as much room and as a center forward, you has to get the ball. if kevin may act, i could tell that some of them already. right. and sometimes when i went to the showers, they would look at me before and say, what's that black guy doing an art team there about the cost of the score? 98 goals in the boonies league and was also a score in belgium and france. but he only made 3 international appearances.
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my play for a long time, but in germany i could have made more out of additive male all with all the people i played within myself, it helped me back from i couldn't show my football skills cost and i felt pressure to perform bessy here. allan smith's mother and i had to do everything that's in my neighbor. my teammate, who is wise, was allison. and if i did something wrong, everything with 2 or 3 times is bad. nowadays, after retiring from football doors have opened up for some black germans. but for cars today, things took a turn for the worse or is it just didn't cost it? it was wrongly accused of the norm robbery in 1990. nearest hometown of minster
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me, he spent 6 months in jail. there were no witnesses. german law required there to be at least 6 people in the police lineup, but cost and it was the only $1.00. he suffered a mental breakdown. so i'd say that 80 percent of germans are not racist. 20 percent of bad people in his reputation and family were never the same. someone, my wife never got over at s compensation. germany gave him the equivalent of about $1500.00 euros. as for accosted up being the only one in the police line up, they said they couldn't find any more black men in the area. despite there being several african students at the local university. on a side note, the famous musician miles davis performed in minutes during the 1990. maybe he did
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it, but it wasn't all bad. and then 1900 ninety's though there was some positive change . the youth began to embrace black culture, hip hop, the black suddenly seemed to have become a color in germany. but it was always there. people just didn't see me in the late 18 hundreds, germany had their share in the bay colonial game. germany controlled multiple african colonies into the 20th century. migrating to their colonial power. a permanent black presence in germany began to emerge before the 1st world war. but
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life was biracial children were called rhineland bastards. in the 1900 twenty's speaking peoples imagined fears of an emperor race. up until the thirty's black germans were displayed in human zoos. companies have used races, imagery, hyperlink, this get home on the new work would come. that would be good to so cool. i did meet the move and the the word nigger was widely used in advertising. it used to be considered a neutral term. around the same time evan cost and made his debut in 1974 for wes jeremy. jimmy hot big became the 2nd black german to suit up for west germany in 1979. but he only managed to appearances more than 2 decades would pass before germany would field another black player, african born player. it's gerald as
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a molar. the 1st black german to play in a world car had a different childhood experienced in cost of the decades earlier. the more quickly found acceptance through performing the accepted remo. when there was a band from dyna who had to i think closer, you know, a school monday guys a go for it and going down with them. so i just went for in front of them and i danced with them. so this was like, i went now, i got new my name in the school from josephine baker in 1920 to roberta blanco in the 1900 seventy's. historically, blacks have entertained the masses in germany. performing with his feet as a mower, made history becoming the 1st african born player to play for germany, making the decision to represent either his native no or germany didn't come easy.
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i remember decided to pay for jimmy. it's not easy for me because like i think i've, i've before and i had some difficulties. i do some wisdom, things who came about me and so i was afraid not to be accepted. if i should to pay for gemini, i was afraid, maybe how will you want game and you never be much again. i made a fool for me. however, as a more score on his debut and went on to play at the 20022006 world cups. i did have a story about my fast work of my 1st wake up in japan, korea. and i was fits on a bench for it before the game and then there was a photograph i think we can can i didn't guy who passed by the what do you as
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a pair, you a gym and it's crazy. i can believe it was like what's going on. people didn't believe it. how can a black guy for germany, some germans didn't embrace the new look germany. when the world cup came in the summer of 2006 extreme right wing groups distributed flyers, posters and stickers, which read know gerald. you are not germany. at the start of his international career, as a more even had to convince some of his teammates he belonged. i think it's like, i was supposed to them you, you can do something better than and then they started to step deal. and i think because my face can call you go and do where i saw ok, this guy can help us who i saw i saw. so right now i'm in a team by the beginning was not easy to just come and see.


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