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the news the news lives from cuba is robbed by the biggest anti government, protested saint, on the island in decades. 1000. take this trace to protest, food shortages and rising prices. the communist regime pointing the finger at the united states. something washington denies. also coming up anger and unrest in south africa, deadly violence and widespread looting. after all, already put forward president jacob, zoom up behind bob and protecting the pollinators. and i just,
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the rescue is doing all they can to protect the insect so essential for our problems. ah, ah hello, i'm rebecca. it is welcome to the program. cuban president miguel diaz canal has accused the us of stoking unrest. off a thousands of cubans took to the streets in the largest anti government protest in decades. protest as march through the capital, havana on sunday, and gathered at other cities on the island. but i guess to disperse the crowd and arrested several people. there were also clashes. we've pro government demonstrators. heber is enduring shortages of food and medicine and record cove. at 19 infection cannot be made up. the president joe biden voiced his support for the protest. people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime.
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i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course, frankly, ever in the united states stands firmly with the people as they assert their universal rights bought. and secretary state anthony blinking rejected cuba suggestion that the u. s. has a hand in the protests. it would be a grievous mistake for the cuban regime to interpret what is happening in dozens of towns and cities across the island. as the result or product of anything, the united states is william. the grand is a professor of government and a latin american politics expert at the american university in washington, d. c. he joins me now. president graham diaz can now blame the us, being behind the protest. does he have any evidence for that?
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well, i'm sure he points to the fact that the united states has been spending about $20000000.00 a year in support of opposition elements inside cuba. but the reality is that these demonstrations were too large and 2 broad in scope across the island to be strictly the result of any effort by the united states to foment opposition. people are just, you can, i'm really desperate and frustrated right now because there's no food in the stores . there's no medicine in the pharmacy is there is no fuel of gas stations. and there are now rowing electric blackouts in the middle of summer. and so people who just angry and the result is this kind of social explosion. how much of a role does the us trade embargo play in that worsening economic crisis? well, the us embargo plays an important role. donald trump black remittances from cuban
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americans going to their families in cuba. and that was about $3500000000.00 a year in hard currency, low and foreign exchange currency that cuba no longer had. and that effected the standard of living of about 60 percent of cuban families. and it meant the government had a lot less foreign exchange currency to be able to import food and medicine. they the really the biggest protests in cuba for decades. we thing the start of a viable opposition movement against cuba, communist regime. so i think we'll have to wait and see whether this is the 1st of a kind of a cycle of protests as we've seen in a number of other countries. or whether this was just one single days worth of social explosion. but either way, the underlying social tensions and grievances that people have are not going to go
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away. and so they'll manifest themselves in one way or another. we're seeing people living in rural areas who could be easily identified by the regime. what do you think spock this level of anger? i think it's the desperate economic situation that, that people are facing. they just see no alternative. and the increase in the, in the pandemic in recent weeks is, has really, i think, chipped kip things over the edge. because cuba, for a long time, was managing the pandemic pretty well. but then the delta various got loose in the community and things have been getting worse day by day professor, thank you so much. in the analysis professor william layer graham in washington, south africa has deployed its military to start violence, stopped by the jailing of former president, jacob zoom or at least 6 people have died and hundreds more have been arrested.
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south africa, the highest court has begun. hearing zoom is appeal against his 15 month prison sentence for contempt. president sarah rum opposed has called for com. warning. the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa, then to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction of property became more violent. lewters planted, a large shopping mall in durban overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins. in peter mounted book, some 80 kilometers from durban, the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the south eastern province. of course, we will in a town during this whole region, many of his supporters, they were angered by him. it's 15 months, jail term employees of failing to appear at
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a corruption inquiry. but now the violence is also sprayed to johanna, the south african economic panel hill. we've police rich been the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic acts of looting driven by hardship and poverty, the poor and imagine advised bad that out to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. it is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad divisions in the country at turn. not some other stories making headlines around the world. prosecutors in venezuela have charged a key opposition, politician with terrorism and treason after arresting him on a highway to vara is a close ally of opposition later on. why though, the on position says that security forces also entered quite
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a home on monday and threatened him with arrest at least 50 people have died in a fire at a hospital in southern iraq. many others are in a critical condition, ablaze ripped through a ward, treating corona virus. patients in the city of nasiriyah, the cause is yet unclear report by the you in found that corona virus pandemic has contributed to an increase in the number of people facing hunger worldwide. only one and 3 people did not have access to enough food in 2020, an increase of almost 320000000 people in a single year. jim and chancellor, i'm going to, michael has told ukrainian president below him is a landscape transit of natural gas through ukraine will continue even after the controversy controversial in old stream to pipeline linking. the country with russia is completed. the 2 ladies met in berlin on monday. alongside energy security, they discussed the corona virus pandemic,
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and renew tensions in east and new crime. clashes have broken out in georgia parliament as oppositional mike has demanded. the prime minister resign over the death of a journalist, alexander lash carumba was found dead in his home on the weekend. days after being attacked and anti pride rally george and police say they have to 1020 people in connection with the attack on the 16th. as journalists and opposition leaders pushed their way into georgiana parliament. se occupied to speak a chair and demanded that the prime minister resign. they blamed the ruling party for a tax on journalist and support for violent groups. among the protest is the founder of tv valley. the news channel where the camera man, alexander lashed corolla, worked until he was found dead in his home last sunday. georgia is prime
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minister dismissed protests, overlap carrabas death on the 2nd people. another failed conspiracy against the state masterminded by the state and anti cherry court, which failed. and we'll never be successful in that country when we all saw that they are trying to use this person's tragedy for their own political agenda. maybe we talk through it. georgie and police have not said how the journalist died last year. robin needed hospital treatments off to being beaten by far right activity as he films and l g b t q protests last week. right and church support is attacked l g, b, c, q, campaign us who are planning to hold pride events in the capital sibley. see dozens
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of journalists were injured in the violence that net to the pride march being camp . so now also, alexander lasker of the janice and opposition protest had promised to keep challenging georgie in societies, traditional values and demanding the prime minister's resignation. earlier we spoke to nana burge and id say. he worked with alexander les carrabas. she told us how she views the government's response to last week's attack on l. g. b t, q activist. today, the prime minister made the statement on the constitutional statements. i can't call any other way because you said that the majority of people are against they felt they denied the rights of minorities today was just the shocking press conference, not only they're not taking the responsibility over what they see last monday, but they're completely trying with all the supper talk and everything to justify all the mischief baby because there were no going forth meant by the l. c. b c
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office at that day where they knew that anti christ, why would, would, would be there british police and now investigating online racist abuse, targeting 3 black english football as after in the last 02020 final to italy. the police say raises social media posts were directed at marcus, bradford, jaden, santa mikaya, saca after their miss penalties. help italy when the game england coach garrett southgate has called the b unforgivable. meanwhile, the returning heroes of italy's victorious euro 2020 squad have delighted fence with an impromptu open top bus to a through run a plan parade was canceled because of corona virus concerned, but also meeting president sergio matter. ella, the italian players and stuff showed off the trophy and help that team bus as they made the short journey to be received by prime minister, maria draggy and 1000,
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turned out to cheer them. now imagine a world without coffee apples or tomatoes. according to the un, this is an entirely unthinkable given the steady decline in b populations all over the world. be active pollinators for many of our favorite fruits and fewer bays means less food. well, that's prompted a new braid of b. rescue is malaysia. it's not a job for the faint of heart when he's not working his day job as a software developer. oil and shares often hands deep in a swarm of bees or without a protective suit. he's just one of the volunteers that might be savior. a group of environmental activists rescuing hides from destruction. the volunteers handle up to 10 relocations a day, acting on people from the public, local officials. in malaysia,
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those calls usually go to the fire brigade who often towards the entire nest. my be savior provides no tentative to killing the insects, but changing attitudes remains a major challenge. so gap, affectionate me re dangerous, so the moment is they see me immediately try to find some way to to remove the b, b 's a vital 2 or 3 systems as pollinators of major crops. but the u. n. is warning of rapidly declining numbers due to habitat loss, pollution, and pesticides. here's crisis in us and europe where the having problem will be going almost same thing. so before that happened here, i think is important that we continue with the phase of the be and make sure that doesn't happen here. and yes,
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these volunteers do get stung, but it's a price they are willing to pay to save the small but vital creatures. one swarm at a time, you know, watching days abilineisd station now for dark film, up after a short break from me and the entire team. thanks very much for watching the news. the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with 2020 from of course, during the qualifying ground for sports heroes down during lockdown starts july 19th on dw me
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the it took 6 months of negotiation. but finally, we were granted permission to film the cargo targeting unit and work here at child to go to airport, provided we don't show their faces. the customs officers are a highly trained team. they hung for suspicious cargo among the 2500000 tons of goods passing through the international air every year. they're mainly looking for cocaine, heroin, and counterfeit goods. but increasingly, they're also on the hunt for another illegal and lucrative product. antiquities smuggled out of countries torn by violence and wor, no, not really sure. we are interested in the cargo of a flight from africa. we want to check whether the items are older or more recent. we don't know much about the people involved. so we want to dig a bit deeper and tell me the import of antiquities
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smuggled in from areas under terrorist control has been illegal in france since 2016 in his hand made become real. let's be extra careful. these are the shipping papers in supporting documents, certificate of origin and provenance invoices, they'll determine whether or not we take control of the good news for the country of origin. comical molly ok. bringing me the documents will open the crate. when i get molly has been mired in war since 2012. the officials want to give the shipment a close look. this here is animal can it's
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a false alarm, although this object looks old, it was made quite recently. now that's also we pay special attention to conflict. so now we have to examine the item to determine whether it's an antique or not. look, i don't know if we're not sure we get in touch with the expert so pushy or fail me. the customs officers are especially interested in the antiquities from the middle east, including areas that were recently still under control of the atlantic state. looted antiquities helped fund their war chest. the sculptor marble slabs from syria were seized in 2016. they were headed for sale in asia, the course, and when we checked, we found a wooden crate that supposedly contained garden decor, java. when we opened it, we could see objects that were antiquities, you know, their marbles dating from between the 14th and the 16th century services. and so
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there intact, which makes them exceptionally valuable to me. experts have estimated their value at 250000 years. me pushing, given the timeframe and the secrecy involved, looted art probably finance to terrorist activities and terrorist groups are funding themselves by trafficking and cultural antiquity is always ah, the stolen artifacts have been named what antiquity in the middle east and north africa. recent wars have cost untold lives and have given rise to a black market that has helped to fund islamic terrorist groups. ah, was so much so go, you see. but we found and $200.00 going once
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solve 423000 over there. the illegal trade that totals and hundreds of millions of euro's a year sold. this carving was confiscated in london and was to be listed for 1500000 euros. this one here was listed 220000 heroes was intercepted by police in the u. s . in order to put this type of shady business to an in a group of archeologist students are helping the police. ah, how can an artifact appear on the market in the midst of award? without anyone wondering, without any response from the auction houses, from ancient cities in libya, someone dug the 2 most clearly looted to the art galleries of paris and online dealers. the hello,
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are you interested in anything in particular? ah, we spent an entire year on the trail of these are traffickers infiltrating online chat routes were plunderers and middleman plied their illegal trade. the how do these antiquities cross international borders? are some dealers complicit in the funding of terrorism? you sold objects from libya, which is a war zone that's not true. it was the cultural event of the season. an exhibition at the fulton blow palace south of paris, a royal setting worthy of, or on market collection. the way the extra security to match the occasion. ah,
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the works all stem from the private collection of shake. ahmad bid. tony, a member of guitars, royal family, and cousin to the current amir. the wealthy collector also financed the restoration of the ballroom. chandeliers, one artifact catches r. i a bronze ibex, more than 2000 years old. it's listed as coming from south arabia or what is now yemen. a country myers and civil war says 2014. we check the catalog. it's only been exhibited once before and beijing again as part of the all thought collection . there is no mention of a previous owner. it's a stunning work of art. what could the bronze ibex be a stolen antiquity? the curator says he's verified its origins. because of the i think you're concerned that i worked with the curator of the l funny collection.
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most surely i trust the documentation given to us by the collections cure. i thought it was, i thought that i could actually oh, but as it turns out, the filter little curator had been alerted the question surrounding the ibex journey. she got a prominent french archaeologist, had warned the curator of its dubious providence. he had even emailed him. the day before the opening ah, i wanted to tell you that a number of objects from this collection are without a doubt the result of archaeological looting carried out these past 15 years and yet in particular a bronze ibex. ah, young ibex comes from the archaeological site of mariama, which is situated in a valley in the center of present day yemen and r q
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n. there were never any excavations. there are security reasons to secure archeologists shouldn't go there without risking abduction or risk. don't move in, these are the ruins of the ancient town or the ibex was found. the photos were taken by many archaeologists. the only one who can access the site. oh, don't prove what she could. you can see here that the mariama temple would illegally excavated. i don't, it's hard to establish when these illegal dig to lace and if we promised, you know, the, the looters took advantage of the chaos, the situation. and yet it was this whole around 10 meters deep gave the looters access to the temple where the ibex was found. buckets used during the excavation were simply discarded. despite the the ologist morning, clinton blow palace exhibited the bronze ibex.
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a year later we encounter the bronze ibex and tokyo. the japanese capital is a hotspot on the international art market for a job ex addition and work from the also the collection is opening at the national museum. so the bronze ibex is also on display. on a lot of time, i mean jennifer to reader of the all funny collection is also here. he's in charge of acquisitions and never goes anywhere without his public relations officer shake . i'm really embodied the true spirit of a collector. is 100 wise things from a number of different sources, of course, from reputable dealers, sometimes buying directly from the collections often at auction. so perhaps we can continue over here. this section of the exhibition looks at nature and animals and
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the anybody, the green one, there is no doubt about the origin. it was from the site which was luton. so now i think any information that was there with obviously the cut thoroughly thing being able to get hold of that information is probably a conversation how and why would you just how i don't think in front of a camera. these conversations are best carried on. i think the best thing is that we look into any information we did this project because it doesn't it information i'm not, i'm trying to reach. i don't personally. however, i know that everything is acquired with, with the due diligence, and that before the pieces work part, they have been published by a very big name in the field. and i will go back to him. he's well known as me ah, in france,
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such questions about the provenance of an antiquity face and uphill battle ah, under french law purchase, therefore, acts in good faith will not be prosecuted. even in the case of looted antiquities, all that's needed is a receipt of purchase. and as soon as it's exhibited in a well known museum alluded, antiquity takes on the veneer of respectability and becomes easier to sell as it keeps changing, hands moving from public exhibitions to art galleries, determining its true origin becomes more difficult, though not impossible to researchers have made it their mission to uncover, trafficking and looted antiquities. archaeology professor saw me show, and doctoral student more gone basic. they specialize in researching, looted, artworks that are sold by galleries or online. i saw michelle is
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training an army of students from all over the world. are going to correction collectors, one unique pieces, what no one else has, but there's a 3rd as possible, you know, get this information 1st. once he hopes the students will go on to raise the alarm about the problem, the french customs officers and police often call on the to researchers more gulf as the specialty is busts and statues from libya, the country that is over the past 10 years seen more than its share of war and conflict, the antiquities self or tens, or even hundreds of thousands of euro's the just morning. he's on his way to brussels in between his university seminars. he conduct search into the european antiquity straits, the. it's a race against time in
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a week and object might move to another country and disappear. but how can researchers prove that an antiquity was looted? luckily, in the case of libyan statues, some characteristic details make identification easier. the busts and statues share a distinctive form and drapery. and the reddish stain on the marble comes from the soil that enveloped them for 2000 years. he has worked together with several european police forces, and it's been quite the help. thanks to his expertise around a dozen questionable antiquities have already been seized in europe and in the united states. he's conducting research in brussels because the city has become a hub for our trafficking me aided in part by
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legal standards that are less stringent than in france. italy started doing. we're going to the main antique shops to see what they are selling. and if we can find anything that look interesting, some of this shock draws his attention. there's a button with a red stain on the marble in the window. we begin to film using a hidden camera. to avoid drawing the dealer's attention. we're posing as potential buyers. well hello, hello, how are you on was looking for a gift or our grandfather who is a collector and if you do that, we're not exactly expert on the book on.


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