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tv   Ab in die Natur  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 1:00am-2:00am CEST

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me the news . this is data news live from berlin. cuba is rocked by anti government protest called the biggest in decades 1000, take the straits to protect shortages and driving prices. communist regime pointing the finger at the united states. something washington denied. also coming up anger and unrest in south africa, they've been violence and widespread looting. after all, socrates put form of president jacob's behind the pen scuffles, frank county, georgia. the parliament is opposition law,
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making the case the government of failing to protect it. they want the prime minister to resign, offer a journalist, was found dead in his home after being attacked. ah, hello, i am rebecca rate is welcome to the program. cuban president miguel diaz canal has accused the us of stoking unrest after thousands of cubans took to the straits in the largest anti government protest in decades, protested march through the capital havana on sunday, and gathered at other cities on the caribbean island gas to disperse the crowds and arrested several people. there were also questions with pro government demonstrated keepers and during shortages of food and medicine, and record, coven montana infection. number one, president joe biden has both boys to his support for the protests. cuba,
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people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course, frankly, ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q, what as they assert the universal rights abiding secretary of state anthony blank and rejected cuba suggestions that the u. s. has a hand in the protest. it would be a grievous mistake for the cuban regime to interpret what is happening in dozens of towns and cities across the island as the result of product. if anything, the united states has done, william grand is a professor of government and a latin american politics expert at the american university in washington. they say
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he joins me now. president graham diaz can now blame the u. s. a. being behind the protest. does he have any evidence for that? well, i'm sure he points to the fact that the united states has been spending about $20000000.00 a year in support of opposition elements inside cuba. but the reality is that these demonstrations were too large and 2 broad in scope across the island to be strictly the result of any effort by the united states to foment opposition. people are just, you can amicably desperate and frustrated right now because there's no food in the stores. there's no medicine in the pharmacy. there is no fuel to gas stations. and there are now rolling electric blackouts in the middle of summer time. so people who just angry and the result is this kind of social explosion. and how much of a role does the us trade embargo play in that worsening economic crisis?
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well, the us embargo plays an important role. donald trump black remittances from cuban americans going to their families in cuba. and that was about $3500000000.00 a year in hard currency, low in foreign exchange currency that cuba no longer had. and that effected the standard of living of about 60 percent of cuban families. and it meant the government had a lot less foreign exchange currency to be able to import food and medicine. they really the biggest protest in cuba for decades. we think the start of a viable opposition movement against cuba, communist regime so i think we'll have to wait and see whether this is the 1st of a kind of a cycle of protests as we've seen in a number of other countries. or whether this was just one single days worth of
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social explosion. but either way, the underlying social tensions and grievances that people have are not going to go away. and so they'll manifest themselves in one way or another where thing people are going to rural areas who could be easily identified by the regime. what do you think spock this level of anger? i think it's the desperate economic situation that, that people are facing. they just see no alternative and the increase in the, in the pandemic in recent weeks has, has really, i think, chipped kicked things over the edge. because cooper for a long time was managing the pandemic pretty well. but then the delta various got loose in the community and things have been getting worse day by day professor, thank you so much for the analysis. professor william layer graham in washington,
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south africa has the deployed it's military to push back and stop violence. that was sparked off the former president, jacob zoom. it turned himself into police. at least 6 people have died and hundreds more have been arrested. south africa, the highest court has begun. hearing zoom is appeal against his 50 month. prison sentence for contempt. president will rub, oppose. it has called for come warning. the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa, then to protect police after protests, month by losing and destruction of property, became more violent. looters, plundered a large shopping mall in durban. overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins in peter mad. it's book, some 80 kilometers from durban. the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the
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south eastern province of quantity in a town during this whole region. many of his supporters, they were angered by zoom, it's 15 months. dow time employed for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry, but now the violence is also sprayed to johanna bird. south africa's economic panel health with police stretched in the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty, the poor and the marginalized bed that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. juma is popular among many of south africa, is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad deed divisions in the country. let's turn out some of the stories making headlines around the world. at least 41 people have been killed and another 16 injured in a fight at
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a hospital trading karone of ours patients in southern iraq. officials believe in exploding oxygen tank court supplies in the city of nasiriyah report by the us has found that the crown of ours pandemic has contributed to an increase in the number of people facing hunger worldwide. only one in 3 people did not have access to enough food in 2020, an increase of almost 300. $20000000.00 people in a single year. in french president emmanuel, my home says vaccination against coven 19 will be made mandatory for all health staff and other workers who come into contact with vulnerable patients. it's part of the latest measures to contain the pen to confront where the delta variant is taking hold back said the controls and sanctions will be introduced from september 15, fem and chancellor. uncle michael has told ukrainian president below them in the landscape . the transit of natural gas or ukraine will continue even after the controversial
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north stream to pipeline linking. the country with russia is completed. the 2 ladies met in berlin on monday and long side energy security. they discussed the current of our panoramic and renew tensions in eastern new crime. clashes have broken out in georgia parliament as opposition lawmakers demanded. the prime minister resign over the death of a journalist, alexander lash corolla, was found dead at his home on the weekend days after being attacked at an anti pride rally georgia police side of the time 20 people in connection with the attack . the 16th journalists and opposition leaders pushed their way into georgiana parliament say occupied to speak a chair and demanded that the prime minister resign. they blamed the ruling party for a tax on journalists and support for violent groups. among the protesters, the founder of the tv valley, the news channel, where the camera man,
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alexander lashed corolla, worked until he was found dead in his home. last sunday, georgia is prime minister dismissed protest, overland carrabas death. on the 2nd, yes, another failed conspiracy against the state masterminded by the state and anti chariot, of course, which was which failed and will never be successful in that country when we all saw that they are trying to use this person's tragedy for their own political agenda maybe we suffered georgie and police have not said how the journalist died early alaska robin needed hospital treatments off to being beaten by far right. activists. as he filmed m t m l g b t q protests last week. right and support is attacked l
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g, b, t q, campaigners who are planning to hold pride events in the capital tbilisi, dozens of journalists were injured in the vine and that net to the pride march being cancelled. now off the alexander lost her of the gen mission opposition protest. this has promised to keep challenging georgie and societies traditional values. i'm demanding the prime minister's resignation. british belief now investigating online racist abuse, targeting 3 black english players. it came sunday night after those 3 players, mis penalties in the countries shoot out last to italy in the euro. 2020 final metropolitan police say there have been quote, offensive, and social media posts directed at marcus branch for jaden santo, and miss penalties. help italy to win the game england coach guarantee south gate
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called the abuse unforgivable. meanwhile, the returning heroes of italy's victorious euro 2020 squad have delighted fence with an impromptu open temp bus to it through rome. a plan parade was canceled because of corona virus concern. spot after meeting president says you much rela, the italian place and staff showed off the trophy top payne buses. they made the short journey be received by prime minister, maria dragging and thousands turned out to them on now imagine a world without coffee, apples all tomatoes. while according to the un, this isn't entirely unthinkable. given the steady decline in bay populations all over the world. phase active pollinators from any of our favorite fruits and a few of bays means less food. it's what prompted a new breed of b. rescuers in malaysia, whose main job it is is to try and save them. it's not
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a job for the faint of heart. when he's not working his day job as a software developer, oil and shares often hands deep in a swarm of bees or without a protective suit. he's just one of the volunteers that might be savior. a group of environmental activists rescuing hides from destruction, volunteers handle up to 10 relocations a day, acting on people from the public, local officials. in malaysia, those calls usually go to the fire brigade, who often taught the entire nist might be savior provides no tentative to killing the insects, but changing attitudes remains a major challenge. so perception, that means reading just so the moment if they see me there immediately try to find some way to, to remove the bees bees of vital 2 or 3 systems as
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pollinators of major crops. but the un is warning of rapidly declining numbers due to habitat loss, pollution, and pesticides. here's crisis in us and europe where the having problem will be going almost same thing. so before that happened here, i think is important that we continue to to piece of the b and make sure that doesn't happen here. and yes, these volunteers do get stung, but it's a price they're willing to pay to save the small but vital creatures. one swarm at a time you by watching data, but he needs his reminder of the top story. we're following for you. cuban president miguel diaz canal has accused the us of the unrest fountains of cubans took to the straits in the largest active government protest in decades. washington
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denies involvement in the demonstration. such a news update this our offer shall break my colleague, rob, what will be here with the dw business news that go away? i'm rebecca versus investment. thanks very much watches who's willing to go we're all in. as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to police. following the fire made i was interested in the global economy. our portfolio
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he w business be on. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. analyze the flight for market dominance . with the new business beyond on youtube, the richard branson flight plan. new height sends version galactic shares soaring. but plan to offer up half a 1000000000 in stock soon. bring them back down to work. we'll get the story from our correspondence on wall street. the un says 2020, sorry, dramatic listing of global food shortages with the global pandemic. a major factor, whether the goal of ending world hunger is moving out of reach and save your next morning coffee because it could be under threat from climate change. we take him to
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columbia to find out why. this is the to be a business on robots in berlin. welcome to the dawn of a new space age. those are the words of richard branson. as a virgin galactic plain blasted him to the edge of the atmosphere, monday saw investors reacting to it becoming to fulfill your air in space, at least by the us definition of kilometer. pretty trading. so event galactic chev price go up like a rocket. i don't need to come back down with a bump later on monday. moral math in a moment, but 1st his branson on beating 1000000000 arrival jeff fazel to the edge of the atmosphere. there's so many times it really wasn't erase. you know that we're just delighted that everything went so fantastically well. we wish jeff the absolute best and his people are getting up within during his flight. well,
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let's cross to our correspondence on bull street. he ends quarter because it has been a bit of a wild ride for virgin galactic shares on monday has met yet those chairs are getting traded here at the new york stock exchange at the opening . it looked like virgin galactic would be up by 10 percent reaching about $50.00 a piece just to put that into perspective, to stock trade it at around $50.00 a piece in may. so now the stock is more than a triple, but then we got the announcement that boise electric actually wants to give out new shares. so kind of to cash in from the rather high stock price giving out a new share in the amount of pipe $100000000.00. and what that usually means is that for current investors, their stake gets lower as more share stock coming onto the market. and that actually led to this huge sell off by the end of the day bridge. and galactic was
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down by about 17 percent. but generally, how excited their investors guessing about these developments in commercial space travel? yeah, they are pretty excited and there are also some other space companies being traded at the us exchanges and those stocks did gain in the mandate session. and then as richard branson and he actually expects the entire space travel industry a could have a market potential of about one trillion dollars. and so clearly there are also other companies like blue origin from jeff base also tried to profit from that trend. talking about jeff, based by now actually even more than one online petition. asking to jeff pathos, not grant re entry to earth when he goes out to space next week, tuesday. well, probably we will let him back in, but yeah, i mean it's the,
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the huge space race. we have mosque with his space x company on top of it. so there is quite some into the, as i'm on wall street and the stock markets in general. and with investors when it comes to this space, right. and go on more 3, thanks for staying on top of that for us. now a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. fessler bossy lawn mosque has been in court to defend the car, make a purchase of solar panel make a solar 55 years ago. investors accused muskets using the $2600000000.00 deal with rescue. the company from bankruptcy must founder this with his cousins and was also its chairman. he denies conflicts of interest. you is, but a proposal for a digital tax on hold like person is that the u. s. is pushed brussels to hold off on the measure which focuses on large tech as leading economies discuss tax reforms . g 20 finance chiefs agreed to
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a minimum corporate tax rates the retail international. it's like c shown. now the united nations says 2020 saw a dramatic worsening of world hunger progress towards eradicating food. poverty has been put into reverse in part because of the global pandemic. you figures from the us, food and agriculture organization, show the number of people without enough to eat rows ever 8 percent last year, when more than 750000000 people went hungry, maybe as many as 811000000 around the 10th of the global population, by far the worst hit regions, asia, and africa, where hundreds of millions of people are getting hungry. and each research is believe the situation in africa as worth and dramatically, let's say from cindy haldeman, who is a senior economist, the f a o. she told us climate change was and economic decline. we're all contributing to growing hunger. in 2020, we saw 35 countries with the highest increases in hunger. and that was not only in
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africa, some countries like kenya or wanda. but also the philippines and asia, sri lanka, mexico, columbia, brazil. so we can think this is only a problem of africa and we need to really scale up our, our efforts for climate resilience, terms of all of the food chain in terms of protecting and making sure that we don't have a problem back in food when we get these climate extremes. now don't take your morning coffee for granted. climate change means 60 percent of wild coffee species at threats of extinction. warmer temperatures, pests and diseases are all taking their toll. farmers in columbia of searching for take techniques to protect their crops. the inspection of her coffee field has just begun for clara largo is already nervous. are the coffee berries healthy, or has the beetle gotten to them 1st, as it has so often in the past?
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when it comes to not the climate change is fueling the spread of the coffee board beetle. if you don't carry out consistent inspections, then it gets into the fruit and consumes everything around the village of can shia everything revolves around coffee just as it has for generations. some $3000.00 small farmers oppose the tradition. each coffee cherry is selected by hand. unlike in other parts of the world, this quality control has helped me columbia world leader. however, climate change is threatening to reduce the area that can support coffee cultivation, both here and worldwide. by 50 percent in the next 30 years, coffee could become scarce. a many farmers that are already giving it up that's out of the question for the kito barrow family. they're fighting against these climate change consequences. up here at 1700 meters. the harvest is going well for them
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this year. so i need a copy. i've lived off coffee all my life. i don't have a lot of money, but i've been able to raise a family and move forward. thanks to coffee from the link is really looking for e l. his family and his neighbors sought advice from an organization funded mainly from the netherlands. as a result, they now plant their coffee trees under larger shady trees. they also leave weeds to keep the soil cool and moist in a court with the pool. we need to act now and consolidate the soils. the plants, the trees, everything that helps us survive. we cannot stop climate change, but all of this will help coffee farming. last longer because of the warrior says
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he can't do it alone. but with his efforts and his neighbors combined, maybe they can make a difference in climate change is set to transform city neighborhoods around the world. to older buildings in particular require expensive retrofits to meet new efficiency standards, such as new air and heating units in the united states. many of those buildings are in minority communities. is the story of one entrepreneur in new york determined to help those neighborhoods go green. a final adjustment and one last check of the new unit. danelle baird, is that a home in brooklyn? where a new combination air heating unit has just replaced an old oil run boiler. and as the air kinda get his company made it possible. it's called block power and it finances and contracts the work for retrofits of older buildings. its focus is neighborhoods of color home on idea. the reason that this is important is because
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in new york city, at 100 other 50 cities around the country, there are new laws that say that you have to green your bill there. whether it's been 7 years, 10 years, 20 years, we're going to have the green 100000000 buildings across america. who get those jobs who get the wealth that gets created from that transition. and are we as people of color, are we going to be at the forefront of that? or are we going to be like left behind? new york officials say that roughly 70 percent of city greenhouse emissions come from buildings. but retrofits are expensive and building owners hesitant. block power provides long term financing plans, working with investment banks like goldman sachs to create bond like assets from a debt which appeals to green investors. block power also overseas the work itself . hiring local contracting crews, also from neighborhoods of color. the challenge convincing customers. the question is, can we build that trust with black and brown community to say we're going to come
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into your building and do something that good for you. and you can have a 15 year financial relationship with us and we're not going to screw you over that . that's the hard part. it helps that retrofit buildings save their 10. it's money that st. margaret mary catholic church in the bronx. father rudolph gonzales, worked with block power to install individual climate units, and they are controlled by this remote. it has brought down our electrical costs and we don't have a boiler to, to deal with our oil to have delivered and what have you. so we're very, very happy with it. and for block power, happy customer is the best advertisement. and finally, a university in south korea is turning human waste into digital currency. the b v is an acre friendly toilet connected to a lab, which turns the waste into me in a source of energy. there are currently 3 toilets on campus where students can make
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deposits, so to speak. anyone using the eco friendly toilet and 10 units of a virtual currency called google, which is korean. the honey? the only catch the digital currency is only used on campus. and as over man, the business team here in berlin till next time. give us the sunshine. in the leisurely lifestyle, china's tropical island paradise for servers. but the country and dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are training in the least national program. their target olympic goal for china. the cake home
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in we travel back in time. when black german football is looking exhausted and remote, and now this residence is a matter of fact, also have in 16 mm. ah, excuse me. was right in front of the roll for this one moment. suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or game since you're 202421 thrown off course. during the qualifying round,
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not least for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face. but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready down doing walk down the walking go to tokyo, starts july 19th on d, w. i on the southern chinese island of high non it's home to the countries, new surfing industry. i know he used to be just a winter travel destination for retiree, but that's all changed. surfing offers, laid back lifestyle for some, for others, a chance at international sporting success
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in 2007. darcy lee, you moved to high non from her home province and central china. she learned to swim and then took up surfing it with the best move she'd ever made. a change me anything. if there was a surfing i might be leaving a normal life that mary, to have kids say city. yeah. just so basic. nice. but she ended up on a tropical island in the south china sea, 1300 kilometers away from home. and the waves now determined the course of her life. darcy made sports history in china. she was the
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1st woman to take part in a professional, international surfing competition. today, she's brought us to her favorite practice spot. but we are not allowed to tell you where it is. i to figure it there are no ho tells here and no tourists. but it's a long way down to the water. the bay's calm surface is deceptive. there are large rocks below, and if you fall off your board and land on one, you could injure yourself. ah, darcy paddled out quite a way to find the good waves, but the effort is definitely worth it. ah, ah, darcy prefers to use a long board about 3 meters in length. this board allows her to ride smaller waves
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for a longer period of time, so she can improve her technique. darcy retired from competitive surfing in 2014, to focus her attention on cleaning up china's polluted coastal areas. but she can't imagine a life without surfing, and this is the perfect place to do it for any. so for the, you know, you don't want to serve some where sobre crowded, so this is the best. no one's out there and what mergers, good ways are consistent. so i got a lot of wasting our yes. 7 then i that was quite a workout. that evening darcy arrives at a local club where she works as a d. j. the place is packed with young people, both local residents and tourists from the mainland.
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where does nice and people in a bag. i know and suited to enjoy life than it is to working. i love it. you know, the club is a great place to relax and have fun. darcy introduces us to a young man named joe who's just moved to high knob. and he's glad he did me. well, there are lots of problems with living in a big city already, but there's no stress here. i feel relaxed and happy. wearing ties in the darcy started her shift at midnight. she's got a long night ahead of her. i like to share my music here. people. i want to people need them to my music from happening and be free and come back with herself with their own body that day. the dorothy wants the crowd
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to get the most out of her music and to make sure that they do, she has to set the right move. she calls herself the medicine woman and burns dr. sage route to give herself and her audience more energy. the party continues until dawn later that morning. surfers are already chasing the waves that g u. a bay. they include members of china's olympic team, which was founded just a few years ago. a rigorous training program attracts young people from all over china. jo washington is from fish one, a mountain is province in south west china. the provincial government is picking up
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the tab for him and several other boys to train here. one thing is and i want to do well, if i work hard, i could win the national championship some day. these young people develop their skills here for 6 to 8 hours every day. me and other provinces are also taking part in the training program. when some of these kids arrived here, they didn't even know how to swim, let alone serve guides. they is just 9 years old. but after 2 years of training, he can ride the waves like a pro joe has also made
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a lot of progress. the kids have to learn how to stay ahead of a moving wall of water and just a thought on that. during practice, you have to deal with lots of different ways in different conditions just made that will help you later on in competition. because you'll know which waves are the good one. talk them in the morning practice session is over now. joe and the others have worked up quite an appetite for lunch. there is dove all meat and vegetables. coach wu, ya links as proper nourishment as a key part of the training program made him out on the last to actually get up at 540 every morning you'll get to fix it the way for everyone goes, you can go running the hive. enter. yeah, we'll hold all by the band that
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perhaps these young athletes will one day compete in international serving tournament. the best of them will join china's olympic team. another member of the 61 team, 11 year old young c cheese has already made the olympic squad is that i want to win the national championship and i can go and i tried last year, but i just wasn't good enough by trying to get the title to use young has the kind of determination that chinese sports officials just love to see and their athletes right now, why not is getting ready to host to the national surfing championship?
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china's head coach ma lie knows that his team will face stiff, international competition. you in other countries have strong staffing programs. we're just getting started to go what we put together our 1st olympics stuffing team in 2017 and i still got a lot of work to do. i mean the job will get better. all know, and we want to qualify for the 2020, for a limburger know for all you'll get out of young athletes like jen and joe are part of china future when it comes to international surfing competition. and the coaches have to scout and develop even more new talent . 4th, officials have been scouring the country for promising candidates. the practice is over for the day. now the athletes will clean their boards and take
1:40 am
care of other maintenance path. most of the kids come from poor families, so surfing may provide them with a more prosperous future. but fish one head, coach, leaching says that only the best of them will be allowed. stay at the camp. cleo, young people, when we were just getting started to realize the whole ship, some of them just didn't make the coffee type, hire someone all they didn't like the training program. so you know they live in gen and joe share a room in the dormitory. they say that their coaches are like parents to them. joe says he hasn't seen his mom and dad since he arrived at the camp. it's been 4 years now. william bob, from them and then do you missed them?
1:41 am
sure. but every sunday, the coach gives us a cell phone and we do a video chat with our families at evening roll call. the coach analyzes the athletes performance. then everyone heads off to dinner. afterwards, it's time for bed. joe is one of 21 members of team fish. one many parents can't afford to visit their children here, but joe knows that his mom and dad are proud of him. that gives him confidence and keeps him working hard on his surfing skills. now we're going to leave the bay where the surface practice and visit a different part of high non this is lee hong young, a retiree,
1:42 am
who lives in beijing, but spend a lot of time on the island. tonight, lee is having dinner with friends. they propose a toast to the joy of living on a tropical island. all of these men are retired and they spend a few months on high non every year the li worked for a state own food industry company and can afford to live well in retirement. so can the others here are ha, why don't i come down here every once in a blue sky, white cloud, the sea and why you and you know what more kitty want. especially now during the winter, you can take it if you want to live a long life, come to high. now the food is great and outside the weather is warm. 25 degrees celsius. lee and his friends meet almost every evening. life is good and at least
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for lee it's anything but boring. the next morning he shows us why he's backing up for a trip to the beach where he'll show us a different kind of surfing. you'll know there are 2 kinds of people. those who wait to dance, authenticity find there's humour in that statement, but also a bit of truth. the wind is up today, so lee and his dog head off for the water. li won't let us take pictures of his apartment. he said people might get jealous. the tie non real estate market is booming. a lot of older buildings have been torn down to make room for new residential complexes. a 100 square meter apartment on the popular south coast costs the equivalent of 800000 euro.
1:44 am
construction companies are thriving here. lee has traveled widely for business and for pleasure. he's been to europe and the united states. the on one of his trips he saw people kite surfing and decided he wanted to try it. he made his 1st attempt here on high non 5 years ago, lee and his friends can afford these kinds of vacation because they've benefited from china. spectacular economic growth over the past several decades. the who's condition today or near perfect. their temperature 26 degree water,
1:45 am
25 degrees. ah, i done down has been waiting patiently for lead to return on their c sharp a year. i feel happy and free. god. good. now like a sailor are no. it's like i'm connected to the sea. gardner, and these are highly, if you can, you're just floating over the water watch or how these people are also enjoying the breeze. a lot of seniors like to come to the beach to cool off but li once more out of life. the weather report for tomorrow calls for more wind.
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so he'll be back the news until just a few years ago about the only people you'd see on the water at whole high bay were fishermen. now the place is hacked with surfers jung day has been here for a decade on would you know joe, when we 1st came here to serve, the villagers were very friendly and they thought we were crazy to go out on the water every day. they thought that life on the bay was really boring. amazon, so they were cured. yes. so you need me 100. you to hold. she now makes his living as a surfing instructor tenant. you mean here he's showing you fun and how to properly
1:47 am
paddle out to the waves and then stand up on the board. afterward he grades her technique or the paddling good. standing up and we need them proven. woo says the best way to keep your balance is to place your feet properly and look straight ahead towards me when i was a kid. china didn't have extreme like this whole. but that's all changed now. even have experience this thing in the summer. so i decided to give a drawing to the local service community includes children and their grandparents, 6 year old jo, one has just made us 1st. it's great for the youngsters around side all day and they get plenty of thanks vacation. so lots of time.
1:48 am
in the meanwhile, new is working on her technique. instructor woo stays close in case she needs help . we will try to focus on standing up despite being tossed around by the waves. i know that it is a challenge. this is helping me to over in the me view is proud of the progress that she's made so far.
1:49 am
will you tell me clearly? oh, who then when you press on land, you can think of individual law. that's a whole lot to me if lightning obama on the door, i still make a mistake. but when you finally stand up on my pool, it's a great senior sleep on the face of whole high village has changed since the surfers arrived. now there are beach bars and other businesses that cater to young hit customers. the serv, tourists are welcome here, provided that they spend lots of money and don't criticize china's communist government. you can see them everywhere. some of the older residents sell beetle and that's on the sidewalk as they have for years and lots of stores and restaurants are making good money.
1:50 am
mm. ah, some people here are still making a living by catching fish. their boats are tied up in a lagoon not far from whole high bay. today we'll meet one of those fishermen long shall buy one that he and his wife and son live on their fishing boat. the. the family can't afford to buy a house on land. they don't make enough money from fishing to qualify for a mortgage. so they've been living on this boat for more than a decade. we set off across the lagoon and we have to stay there because it's too windy right now on the open sea. it's
1:51 am
a lot of work to keep the boat in good shape. wong's wife has mending some nets. they'll try their luck at fishing in the lagoon without him live and we're not making any money. so we have to borrow from friends and relatives. when dies down, we'll start fishing again and pay them back and get the now they're hauling the nets back on board. flung sun, lungs, who pump is helping out. he's 17. and as finished school, the family didn't catch many fish today. life for these people is hard and want to pun, says he doesn't think much of the local surfer community. i've never talked to any of them. if they stay here,
1:52 am
prices will go up and that will cause problems. ah, surfers on one side of the lagoon golfers on the other and between them, the fishing boats with these groups seem to have nothing in common. all that one knows is that it's tough right now for him to make and meet with those guys muscle. he turns it more and more people from the mainland coming here to spend the winter. especially people from the northeast. what i, what the control. when i envy them, and those we do is work hard every day and they come down here and eat in restaurants and have a good time and hulu, but the family has enough to eat and over all their life on the fishing boat is okay. and as soon as the winds on the open fi died down,
1:53 am
they'll go back out and do some real fishing mega chip long says that if he had more money, he'd like to provide a better education for his son. but for now, the 3 of them will stay on the boat and hope for a change in the weather. meanwhile, darcy new has lots of new business ideas. she's building a skateboard track here and also rent surf board the tourist. she plans to open a cafe as well. darcy is working with her friend, lee ging to try to get young people to eat healthy foods, like vegetables, smoothies, and organic off condos. she thinks the idea will catch on leaving the lifestyle i have is very healthy and very heating and very empowering. and i would love to have anyone there who come there and serve and to observe our days
1:54 am
non just sending on the 3rd. it would be like, how would you travel, you could fly darcy to call her mom, back home in jose province. what does she think of her daughter's new life? we're going to be in the you, lisa. now you don't want to live like we do. what can we do? what i mean, we don't understand, you know, somehow we do it today. yeah. darcy's parents would like her to get married and have children, but her rejection of that lifestyle is reflected in these paintings in her cafe. darcy says that surfing has broadened her horizons. it's like you're in that you can see light though and showed up. you see the lights, them my, it's a lighthouse. i had a direction what i want to go. what i want to complete, darcy says that the skills she learned from surfing have helped her to navigate the
1:55 am
twists and turns of everyday life. with young c, g from the olympic team is a little nervous right now. she's made it to the finals of the under 15 competition for the national championship. young will have to serve as many ways as possible to stay on the board for as long as she can and successfully perform a number of turning maneuvers. and she has to knew all that over 20 minutes, but she's confident that she can win. i don't feel good about my chances. don't jack her, you know the next stage of the competition will get underway soon. ah,
1:56 am
the finals for the under 18 group at the age of just 11 young managers to come out on top, young teammates cheer as she waved their sor. today, every hour of practice that she's put in over the past 2 years has paid off. the she owes a lot of her success to her coach mill and john, and yet when we get a well the coaches whole, the same, we discuss things and then go back out. i've been training non stop for 2 years now . and i was really when today your now it's time for some food and for the 1st time in days, young doesn't have to deal with the pressure of competition. later we talk with
1:57 am
team hi, non coach michael weaver. he's one of several foreigners hired to turn chinese surfers into champion. weaver is optimistic about china, chances with the effort and the government is putting in the amount of money being invested. the quality of waves here. i think by the time the next the lympics comes around. i think china will be ready to compete in the world class. now it's time for the national serving championship award ceremonies. young as the star of the fish one team. she took part in 3 competitions. one them all and earned 3 gold medals for her effort. yet joe and jen are in the audience with their tea. me. joe didn't win a metal this year,
1:58 am
but that makes them want to train even harder. the morning i'll have to give it everything i've got so we can win next year. the head coach is proud of her team, but young says that winning the national title is just the 1st step in her career. the. the well yeah, i want to be the best in china and then compete in the olympics and then join a professional team goes out to me. these young athletes planned to take the surfing world by storm. and that's just what the government wants them to do. china has discovered surfing both as a competitive sport as a way of life. the me take all
1:59 am
the way travel back inside when black german football is what it is now, is a matter of fact the also have snow. in dw printer is stolen from more zone lenders and looted for the international art. market collectors, really valuable pieces from the middle east. scratch compromises at european auction houses and the moral business that fills the coffers of terrors. factions, blood treasures in 75 minutes on e w. i read a t as
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a mentioned home the 4th time. some of the most recent member about the valley that the last dragon had called to home. the w books. ah ah, this is de w news and these are the top stories. the u. s. is denying claims by keith as communist regime. that is to blame for a wave of anti government protest. cubans took to the streets in the thousands on sunday, protesting against food shortages, rising prices and record over 19 infection. us.


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