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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 10:30pm-11:30pm CEST

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the discovery of the world around use subscribed to d w documentary on youtube. me . pfizer, in bio and tech se they are developing a corona virus booster vaccine targeting the del, to various do we need a booster? the vaccines are working and health authorities in the us say, no one will need a 3rd shot anytime soon. well, that is the positive outlook that u. k. prime minister bores johnson was trying to tap into today when he confirmed that england will lift all pandemic restrictions next week. despite more and more you infections. how dangerous is this? is it premature? johnson says it's cautious, progress, and that it's waited long enough on bread,
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gulf, and berlin. this is the day. the news this pandemic is not over please get vaccinated. it will protect you against the surging of the delta variance. please get back to me. now please go and get back to tonight. is goal related and do it today? do not delay. the vaccine is the case, right? it, we definitely to get vaccinated. that's the way we beat the variance. our hope was still is that with the vaccination that we would take the pain, the tragedy of the suffering also coming up on sunday, he flew to the edge of the outer space and into the history books. sir richard branson is now an astronaut tourist and he says as soon you'll be able to be one to
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the next generation, the dreamer raven. just imagine what you can do. so i went to our viewers on p b. s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin today with the mixed messaging about how best to protect ourselves against the corona virus. pfizer in buying on tech, say they are now working on a booster vaccine a 3rd shot. and they cite their study in israel showing, waiting efficacy as the delta variant has emerged. but public health authorities in the us are pushing back the centers for disease control and the food and drug administration. both saying that current data do not show a need for a booster shot. now that may change, but as the science stands now, people need 2 shots, not 3, a year and
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a half into this pandemic. we are still struggling to communicate with one voice and one message just asked the people in england one week from today, all remaining paid them restrictions will be lifted, and that despite a continuing rise in new infections, today, u. k prime minister boris johnson said the public must be cautious and yet he said, the public cannot wait any longer. but what does that mean when face masks and social distancing are no longer mandated? here is the u. k. prime minister. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday, the 19th of july to life as it was before k did. we will stick to our plan to live legal restrictions and to lift social distancing. but we expect and recommend the people where a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you come into contact with those. you don't normally meet, such as on public transport where removing the government instruction to work from
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home where you can. but we don't expect that the whole country will return to that desk as one from much less bringing doctor william chapter. he's an infectious diseases professor at vanderbilt university school of medicine in nashville, tennessee. dr. schaffner, it's good to see you again. the lancet medical journal says that it is dangerous and premature to lift all restrictions in england as new cases of the delta variant . so, or is this a case of the too much too soon? well, you know, the combination of vaccine and restrictions will restrict the spread of this virus and it's difficult farm country the country to get actually a good balance. one that will work locally and will be accepted by the populace. certainly, the more we vaccinate, we can ease up on some of those restrictions. we know the case with england at the
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number of hospitalizations and deaths from code 19 are not increasing, but the number of new infections that number is. is it then safe to assume that this trend will not change in england? well, i think it is very likely that the more we get vaccinated to fewer and fewer hospitalizations will be required. you know, that's actually what the vaccines were designed to do to prevent serious disease. they are less effective in preventing infection, which can have no symptoms or only mild symptoms. and so the spread of this virus isn't painted by the vaccines, but not as completely as we would have hoped for. want to ask you about what is going on on your side of the atlantic, pfizer and by, on tech saying that they are developing a booster shot vaccine. and they're pointing to their own study in israel. but all
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the data has been mounting that shows that the vaccines provide a lasting protection. so this really is shocked, as it almost seems like it came out of nowhere. what's your take? well, i don't think it's a good idea to make recommendations by press release, and certainly on the good side these vaccines continue to provide durable protection. we're out to lunch to a year now. and so the protection in the field in the real world is not diminishing number to the vaccines protect against the variance that are currently your problem, particularly the delta varying. so that's why the cdc in the food and drug administration said it's wonderful to have a booster available on the shelf book. we don't need to implemented at the present time. and i certainly agree with that. yeah. and you know, we don't want to accuse pfizer and buy on tech of, of trying to push up their,
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their profit margin here. but this quick drive to get a booster vaccine on the market. it makes people wonder, you know, whose interest are the pharmaceuticals really working in well, i'd like to stay away from that question and just remind everybody that including my friends and industry that they should be communicating with the f t m. the cdc. it only creates confusion if they come out with press releases in the, in the public. but the cdc is really pretty clear at the moment. we don't need a booster. we need to focus continuously on people who haven't gotten their 1st shot. rather than worrying about people who would want their 3rd, you know, and you mentioned your communication and these competing narratives that were getting on both sides of the atlantic. the show was that one and a half years into this pandemic,
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we are still struggling to communicate effectively and to communicate in one voice . sorry, i'm afraid we are. you know, if you had asked many of us before cobit, what's the most important aspect of controlling any new pandemic? and i think many of us would have said communication, communication, communication, clear science space, coherent, not from the politicians, but from public health authorities. we still haven't completely learned that lesson . i think almost anywhere. and, and i wonder for our viewers tonight, i want to ask about the situation in the united states. well, we have you here. almost all new cases are new infections that are being reported now are in people who have not been vaccinated. is that correct? pad is a very powerful statement because it is correct. people who are being admitted to the hospital or in behind ninety's percent on vaccinated or move only received
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one dose. it really is very unusual to have an unvaccinated person currently being hospitalized. number one, that's a testimony to the effectiveness of the vaccine. and number 2 is tragic because let you know that virtually all these admissions could have been prevented. and those persons receive faxing. that is the tragedy that continues almost 2 years into this pandemic. dr. william shafter is always start to shaft. it's good to talk with you . we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. always a pleasure. will england says that the success of its vaccination drive is allowing the remaining panoramic restrictions to be lifted next week. half of the population is fully vaccinated, more than 80 percent have had one shot of the situation across the channel and france is very different. only a 3rd of people there are fully vaccinated and with
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a delta cobit 90 variant running. why in the country, the government is turning to ever more drastic measures to contain it. today for president micron announced that the corona virus vaccination will be compulsory for all health care workers. you do live, we must move towards the vaccination of every one in france. because it's the only way to return to normal life. initially for nursing and non nursing staff in retirement homes, clinics in the hospitals, establishments for people with disabilities. for volunteers who work in contact with elderly or fragile people, including at home vaccination will be made compulsory without delay. we'll get to saw that don't. now, micron is likely to face opposition in his bid to make the vaccination compulsory and the health care sector. vaccine skepticism is higher in france that in neighboring countries, this lack of trust in the vaccine. it has spread to health care workers themselves
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. he w lisa lucas, reports celine has had her hands full during the pandemic, hoping some of the most vulnerable at this retirement home south east of paris, to protect them. the assisted nurse has been wearing masks and gloves, but there is one precaution. she'd rather not take, at least not for now. i don't care, but fidela. i want to wait a bit longer before i guess. i mean, i want to do it. we need to know more about these new vaccine. first of all, the government because a lot of things wrong at the beginning of the pandemic. what i don't want to rush into the precipitous shows like her almost for francis nursing stuff have not yet been immunized, but forcing them to would be unfair. says jocelyn. to wear the
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pandemic heroes and now are the black sheep because we prefer to wait before guessing the thing that makes me so angry and snippy. a probably guess it just leads manager agrees. she says, such a rule would cause major problems for the nursing home home. you know, they should try to convince people, instead of forcing the black already struggling fine personnel. i'm several of our highly qualified stuff. i've said that if they had to get the vaccine, they'd rather quit their jobs. yes. so do do that stuff. but this far ologist things that if france is going to prevent the next k with 1900 way from overwhelming hospitals, vaccination will be crucial. and that includes health workers near port to have 12 cast books on the vaccine. give 95 percent protection against severe symptoms causes mis say, you know, if we need to guess 80 or 90 percent of the population immunize. ethics especially
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with the delta variants, nor which are those in an infected person, impacting up to one other and before they start to a huge number, rita skeeter, you know, so for just over one 3rd of the french population is fully vaccinated. and the number of 1st jobs per day has been falling over recent weeks. but the government knows that time is of the essence. that's why it has been ramping up its campaign to push people to go back tonight, in the media from pace. and with him from where we vaccination campus, like this one just outside paris city. for here you can get a cold with 19 jap without having to book a slot and it's on making health care workers get vaccinated might help the country approach the crucial vaccination threshold. but reaching it remains. an appeal struggle to south africa has deployed,
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gets military to push back in stop violence that was sparked after former president jacob zoom turned himself into the police. at least 6 people had died. hundreds more had been arrested. south africa, the highest court has begun hearing zoom as appeal against his 15 month prison sentence for contempt. presidents hero fossa has called for common the country warning that the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa, then to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction of property became more violent. looters planted, a large shopping mall in durban overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins in peter mad. it's book, some 80 kilometers from durden. the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the
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south eastern province of quantity in a town during this whole region, many of his supporters, they were angered by him. it's 15 months. dow time employed for failing to appear as a corruption inquiry, but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa, the economic panel health with police reached in the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic acts of looting driven by hardship and poverty, the poor and the marginalized bed that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. duma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad deep divisions in the country. or earlier we spoke with our correspondent christine, when was she is in cape town and we asked her who was behind this one rest. it
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started out with the people in the hands calling out before the president's support is to go and pray against his incorporation. his imprisonment i'm so initially when politics says were coming out where they were blocking roads and creating also pay on. they were saying that this is in the name of the for the president, mr. to be freed back. it is now, it is the to ration way you can see they are criminal intimates. now you've got a bad reminder. a lot of the people that we be carrying out the b s by these people come from under privileged communities. we have them on a policy and unemployment here in south africa. you can see that what people walking in the shop stealing basic items in many cases, low the baby and items of the night. so there was now in the, in the midst of opportunity, the criminality. people taking advantage of the situation,
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young children involved in the losing elderly people as well. so there was some incitement from mackenzie initially mobilizing support is sharing support is on, in terms of the retreat some of these videos, what people were anything putting more people to do the same thing in the name of but it's not walk into a complete chaotic situation. where there are different motivations that play and that was our correspondent christine, whether it reporting from cape town. the us to note there is there a one richard branson i'll be evaluating the customer space flight experience. well that was sir richard branson on sunday ahead of that maiden flight to the edge of space in his virgin galactic unity space plain branson and 5 crewmates splashed it all from the mother ship at 3 times the speed of sound and reached an altitude of 86 kilometers above the gray. all of that was a picture perfect,
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landing 100 in one our spaceports in the us state of new mexico. branson is passenger number one, as you heard tickets for future passengers. i cost about a quarter of a $1000000.00 just to experience a few minutes. 0 g branson is one of 3 billionaires along with the amazon family, jeff bezos, and most buying to usher and a new era, a private commercial space travel branch and got to space 1st, but he insists it's not a race. i don't know. i've said this so many times, it really wasn't erase. yeah, that were just delighted that everything went so when tacitly, well we wish jeff the absolute best and his the people are getting up within during his flight or more now when bringing keep counseling, he's editor of the spacing these websites,
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nasa watch dot com. he's also a veteran of nasa. he joins me now from washington. d. c. keith, it's good to see you again. what did you think yesterday when you were probably watching, like the rest of us watching this on television and saw him go to the edge of space in his space point? well, i mean, as a person i, when do i get to go? i mean, i've had the training, i've done the center of each month and the hero gravity stuff. and quite frankly, as a senior citizen, i went through with flying colors. anybody can do this. the issue is, as you mentioned, it cost a little bit of money, right? now, you know it's kind of interesting. you're asking me the billionaire question, these are branson isn't the 1st 1000000000 here to go into space. charles to moni has been to the international space station twice. he's a billionaire and a half a dozen other people with net values of 100000000 each. so this isn't the 1st time a rich person is going to space will be the last. but you know, as you'll probably be asking me to bit, where does it go?
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the 1st people to do something unusual, usually have something unusual about themselves where they're skilled. in this case it's wealth. are going to say if you're retired and you want to go up there, maybe they'll offer you a senior citizens are retired discount. i don't know. you have to ask sir richard branson about that. but let me ask you, what does this represent moving forward? can we say that yesterday we'll go down in the history books as the beginning of commercialized space, travel space tourism? well, it depends. you know where he stand depends where you sit technically dennis tito bought a see almost 20 years ago and like i said, half a dozen so all the people have as well. but that was one of the things that a russian spacecraft there were governments involved and so forth. this white, however richard branson and his company have built the space, got themselves from scratch, they funded it themselves. and so now you've got a space point space, space line, if you will, there you can actually buy a ticket,
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or if of course you've got the money, hundreds of people who bought these tickets. so as soon as they get a few other things fixed in terms of the, the, the, the space flight experience, you're going to see this become a regular thing. course at the same time blue origin would your basis is going to be launching their vehicle with people in less than a week. so, you know, it goes from a couple people to a bunch of people to, if it works, a lot of people, well, you, i mean, this is about economies of scale, right? i was watching the mother ship and the space plane yesterday. and i, you know, if you, let's say you produced 100 of these, you could, in theory, have one take off from spaceport there in new mexico every hour carrying passengers up with me. what's not really a right exactly as the thing is now this, this whole thing is re usable. so it's usually just the fuel the engine at. so you invest a lot of money to do it the 1st time, but then the next 10th and twenty's and $100.00 time,
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it's just buying fuel. and you'll find, for example, that with the blue origin ship, again, they just reuse everything space x is building already using reusable rockets in their building a larger starship, which not only will be able to take people into space and maybe the moon, but it may be able to do what's called a sub barbara to hop, where you go from, you know, london to being in 40 minutes clean to say rocket. and again, just reuse it and you're just, you only get up like you, if you've ever been on the airplane, they put the fuel in the plane. it doesn't cost for the $200.00 or few $1000.00 gets reused again and again. but the trick, you know, here's the tricky, you can ask me this. these 3 people know be up there, billionaires got to be 1000000000 years goes, they go business and they figured out how to get customers to buy their, their products, and then get more customers. and you end up with money, so these guys are just, you know, some people say throwing their money into the, when there's some smart behind this, or it'll work out when finance, you know,
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we don't. yeah we, we don't know that it's looking good right now. i was wondering why, why hasn't the airline industry to, you know, today been able to tap into this technology so that we can fly, let's say, from london to new york. you know, with one of these really high altitude flights. and let's say 2 hours, maybe kind of like the concord, you know, $3.00. i mean, why are we there yet? well, the concord lee flew for a long time because it had a lot of government assistance. and of course, richard branch does own an airline. it's been active. he has an a company that launches on may rockets into space with one of his old airliners. and in some cases, sometimes to change the industry, you have to reinvent it. and right now, you know, the commercial airline industry has very good applying a lot of people and people aren't in a big hurry. but you know, there's millions of millionaires out there who will pay for this privilege. and if you look back at how we align started, yeah, you know, this is sort of build the trash talk thing that we've been talking about. well,
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back in the, you know, century ago you had the airlines starting up with one trip or t n. m. and they were sort of brash about these things and their flights were expensive, but then somebody figured out how to do it cheaper now you and i fly without thinking about it. and i'm pretty sure we'll forget a lot of this rich guy thing. what would you say then, where are we at the stage, maybe of like the white brothers in the asian? or are we further along than that? i mean, if you want to draw the parallels there, know, and yes, i mean, believe we stand the shoulders of giants, the wright brothers being some of the original. so, you know, coming up with new technologies, now you're building on things that we know to work. and in the case of these 3 companies, they've put it together in a way that the government space agencies, for one reason or another really never had an incentive to do so they're just learning from the people came before them and the people before them. and so, but again, the trick is, you know, if it's a commercial entity, you've got to figure a way to be efficient and safe and, you know, find
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a way that the money is going to come in see reinvested it. and, you know, there's many examples of technologies that have started off like the real express. why do i need it there overnight? i just finished something today. i mean, it's like, you can't live without it now. that's right, that's right. well, if you, if you get that senior citizen discount for your flight, the outer space, let us know. keep telling as always, keep your classic ok, i will do that. we'll do that. good talk with you keith. thank you. the finally, tonight, a wedding anniversary that not many couples will get to celebrate. the former us president jimmy carter and his wife, rosalind held a gathering this weekend to mark 75 years of marriage among the well wishers who made the journey to the carter's home town. the plains georgia were building hillary clinton hands at 96. carter is the oldest living, former us president. he and rosalind also hold the record for the longest married presidential couple in american history. wow. and it's wonderful. well,
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the day's almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter either the w news you can follow me and brent got tv. every member, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. ah, the the news. the news
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the news. the news, the news, the ah, the, what's going on here? no house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers fact and shows what's the future holds. living in the digital world. shift in 45 minutes on d. w. in december 2019 the european
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councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear ga, to make you the 1st time to try to join us lennox by 2015 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requires a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power. negotiations lines the flattering incentives, but best laid plans often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker. the entry power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august, 5th on dw,
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that we will get back love and respect. ah,
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ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight, anti government protests in cuba, the biggest in decades, thousands take to the streets to protest shortages and rising prices. the communist regime is pointing the finger at the united states, but the protesters, they're not by also coming up tonight, anger and the rest in south africa, the deadly violins, and widespread looting after authorities. but former president jacob zoom behind barnes and the former soviet republic of georgia. a photo journalist found dead in his home in parliament scuffles as opposition. lawmakers accused the government of
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failing to protect reporters. ah, i grant golf. it's good to have you with us. we start tonight in cuba with the largest anti government protest, seeing there in nearly 30 years, thousands of people are voicing their anger against the communist regime for rated over food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of cobra. 1900 vaccines. both the united states and the european union are urging the cuban government to listen to the protesters demands. but havana is blaming washington instead. yeah, they are crying out for freedom in the streets of a van of the greatest show just content with the socialist government since the 1990s. like that in the trigger for this project,
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the desperate economic situation right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we're here because of the repression of the people. they are starving us to death. havana is collapsing. we have no homes, nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrated angry. we are not afraid, they cry out the security beat me and my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the supporters of the government had been avenue streets to president miguel diaz can now himself lead. this rally was organized quickly in a town outside havana, where the anti government protest began. early on sunday we came here to show it
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together with the revolutionaries of this town. but the streets belonged to us with the president, encouraging, supported to mobilize against the pony. there were ugly confrontations here revolutionary sit, tight opposition, protest to the cubans who were here. we had never going to give up this revolution . never the communist regime, his root since 1959, it survived the fall of the soviet union. and the depth of it found the fidel castro. now would its, again be challenged on so lot like these show it is unlikely to go without a fight or they want to pull it. now, monica roberto cabrera. she is a cuban journalist when it gets good to have you on the program that we're hearing from the white house in the us in a statement that these protests appear to have been spontaneous. what's your take
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on there? well, thank you for having me. i will started my saying that it is the 1st time in 60 years so sharp, popular in huge demonstration of social breast. it was a nationwide, i mean we started to cooperate from the, on the 1st row this that it was in the, in the west of the island. and then through social media you can see how there was then at least one demonstration in every province of the, of the country. so it was re nationwide and even even the island, the island of use that is our island also have some money to stations on the demonstrations. and monica mean, it seems on the outside. it seems surprising when we, you know,
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that these protests, in part, over the lack of access to a cobit 19 that seen, and we know that cuba has developed its own vaccine. i mean, how do you explain that shortage? well, i would say that is actually not a single cause. the grass is caused by an accumulation of situation. i condition that is, that didn't start even with the, with the, with the pandemic. of course, worse and the worsening of this situation with the co with 19 is a fact. it's a trigger is i would say this more about food shortages, lack of solar and or treaty people. these people are doing our lines to have access to, to food and basic needs and also pain in their currency. they don't have what's happening with the back in cuba is developing 5 koby vaccine
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candidates. and actually they just have approve the 1st one as in itself and at least 2026 percent of the population has received so far. at least one, those of one of these candidates and then the percentage is fully back. there's like i said, inches and also the fact that they were in the actual vaccines. but rather, roy, back then let me ask you before you another time president miguel diaz can now he blames the united states for being behind these protest. saying that the u. s. trade embargo has made life harder for cubans. is there any truth in that? well, actually not only him, the united states itself acknowledge that the, that the propose,
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the purpose of the embargo is to cause social impressed on the spirit in the human population until overthrown the human regime by, by this mean. so what happens is that q and people is also tired of hearing that the embargo use of the, of the government, just an alibi or cues for me is it's bad decisions in the, in the management of the country, which is also true. people are eager for, for freedom of, of the, for economy, freedom, boys, aggression freedom. so i would say it is hard to say that is only one cause produced on breast ok. cuban journalists, monica really, beryl cobra. want to, we appreciate your time in your insights tonight. thank you. thank you for having me. good night. but tonight,
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south africa has deployed its military to push back in stop violence that was sparked after former president jacob zimmer turned himself into police. at least 6 people died and hundreds more have been arrested. south africa's highest court has begun hearing zoom is appeal against his 15 month prison sentence for contempt. president tara photo is calling for com. warning to the unrest could lead to shortages of food and medicine. soldiers gone the streets of south africa. they're there to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction of property became more violent. looters planted a large shopping mall in durban overnight. it's one of many businesses in the port city that were ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins in peter mad. it's book, some 80 kilometers from durban. the unrest has been mainly concentrated in the south eastern province of quasi, in
11:09 pm
a town during this region. many of his supporters, they were angered by zoom, it's 15 months. dow time employed for failing to appear at corruption inquiry, but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa's economic panel hills with police reached in the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty, the poor and the marginalized bed that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. duma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad divisions in the country. let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world report by the us has found that the corona virus pandemic is contributed to an
11:10 pm
increase in the number of people facing hunger world. why? nearly one in 3 people did not have access to enough food in 2020. that's an increase of almost $300.00. 20000000 people in a single year for president emmanuel macro and says that vaccination against cobra, 1900 will be made mandatory for all health care staff and other workers who come into contact with vulnerable patients. it's part of the latest measures to contain the pandemic in france, where the delta variant was taking hope, macro and said there will be controls and sanctions that they will. again, september 15th german chancellor angle america has told ukrainian president, but miss lensky, the natural gas transit 3 ukraine, will continue even after the controversial nor stream to pipeline and making the country the russia is completed. the 2 leaders met in berlin on monday, one side energy security. they discussed the corona virus pandemic, and renew tensions and eastern crane. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in
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northern california, as firefighters struggled to contain a massive fire. there the so called beck worth complex fire doubled in size over the weekend is now the largest in california. is thought to have been caused by lightning. more than 60000 acres have been destroy. officials in india say that lightning strikes have killed at least 50 people as monsoon rains and thunderstorms hit the country's north. among the dead or children forecasters have warned of more lightning strikes over the coming day. tonight in the former soviet republic of georgia opposition, while bakers are demanding that the prime minister resign over the death of journalist alexander laska roth. the camera man was found dead in his home over the weekend just days after he had been attacked by a right wing mob. george and police say they've detained 20 people for violence against journalists and the media. ok,
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i'll take seen as journalists and opposition, politicians pushed their way into georgia, parliament. se occupied the speakers chair and demanded that the prime minister resign. they blamed the ruling party for a tax on journalists and support for violence. group. among the protest is the founder of the tv news channel, where camera man, alexander laska, rob had worked until he was found dead on sunday. oh, georgia and police have not said how the germ this died. the days earlier last, rob i had needed hospital treatment. after being beaten by fall right activists, as he filmed, and he l g b, t q, protests saw right. and church supporters
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attacked l g b to you campaigners to a plan and the whole pride events and the capitals, tbilisi. and last week georgie, as prime minister, had called the planned pride events, unacceptable for many parts of georgia and society. and on monday he dismissed the fresh protest. save alaska ralph as death. on the 2nd people. yes, another failed conspiracy against the state masterminded by empty state, an anti catch forces which failed and will never be successful in that country. so this come, we're going to be not the but the protesters have promised to keep challenging. georgiana societies, conservative values and demanding that the prime minister resign the british police are now investigating online races abuse targeting 3 black english players. it came sunday night after those 3
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players missed penalties in the countries shoot out last to italy in the euro. 2025 . the metropolitan police say there's been quote, offensive in races. social media, post directed, and marcus rash for jason santo. and because you saw there mist pendleton's help is to win the game which was held at london's wembley stadium, england coach garrett, south gate. it's called the abuse and forgiven. meanwhile, the returning heroes of italy's victorious 02020 squad have delighted fans with an impromptu open top bus tour through rome. a plan parade was cancelled because the corona virus concerns, but after meeting president, sergio martha rella, italian players, his dad showed off the trophy a top there team bus as they made the short journey to be received by prime minister, mahdi drug thousands turned out to cheer them all you
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want you to w news after a short break, my colleague rob, what? so be here with the w business news stick around. he will be right back. the news, the secret lie behind these was the discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore the fascinating world heritage site, the p w. world heritage, 360 now in laxative inspired big changes. the people making go africa. fantastic.
11:16 pm
might join them as they set out to save the environment, learn from one another, and work together for other better future men tell you all what's choosing in africa on d. w ah, the rigid branson's flight to new heights and virgin galactic shed, soaring bus plans to offer up half a 1000000000 in stock, soon bring them back down to earth. we'll get the story from my correspondence on wall street. the un says 2020 story dramatic listing of global food shortages with the global pandemic. a major factor, we'll ask whether the goal of ending world hunger is moving out of reach and save your next morning coffee because it could be under threat from climate change. you
11:17 pm
take him to columbia to find out why a 50 to be a business on robots in berlin. welcome to the dawn of a new space age. those are the words of richard branson. as a virgin galactic playing blasted him to the edge of the atmosphere. monday saw investors reacting to becoming a 1000000000 in space, at least by the us definition of kilometer pretty trading celebration, galactic shadow price go up like a rocket. i don't need to come back down with a bump later on monday of moral math in a moment, but 1st his branson on beating 1000000000 arrival just based off the edge of the atmosphere. i've said there's so many times it really wasn't erase that. we're just delighted that everything went so patently well. we wish jeff the absolute best and his people are getting up within during his flight. well,
11:18 pm
let's cross to our correspondence on bull street ends court because it has been a bit of a wild ride for virgin galactic shares on monday. husband yet they all share started getting traded here at the new york stock exchange at the opening. it looked like virgin galactic would be up by 10 percent reaching about $50.00 just to put that into perspective, to stock trade it at around $50.00 a piece in may. so now the stock is more than a triple, but then we got the announcement that version galactic actually wants to give out new share. so kind of to cash in from there. rather high stock price a, giving out a new share in the amount of pipe $100000000.00. and what that usually means is that for current investors, they are stake, gets a lower as more shares not coming onto the market. and that actually led to this huge sell off by the end of the day bridge. and galactic was down by about 17
11:19 pm
percent. but generally how excited their invest is guessing about these developments in commercial space travel? yeah, they are pretty excited and there are also some other space companies being traded at the us exchanges and those stocks did gain in their mandate session. and then as richard branson, he actually expects the entire space travel industry a could have a market potential of about one trillion dollars. and so clearly, there are also other companies like blue origin from jeff base, also tried to profit from that trend to talking about jeff, basically by now actually even more than one online petition. asking to jeff pathos, not grant re entry to earth when he goes out to space next week tuesday. well, probably we will let him back in, but yeah,
11:20 pm
i mean it's this huge space race. we have to mask with the basics. the company on top of it, so there is quite some into the of them on wall street and then the stock market in general and with investors when it comes to this space race and go into on wall street. thanks for staying on top of that for us. now a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. fessler bossy law must have been in court to defend the comic as purchase of solar panel make us solar city 5 years ago. investors accused muscular, using the $2600000000.00 deal with rescue. the company from bankruptcy must founded this with his cousins and was also its chairman. he denies conflicts of interest use, but the proposal for a digital tax on the whole system is that the u. s is pushed brussels to hold off on the measures which focuses on large tech firms as leading economies discuss tax reforms. g 20 finance chiefs agreed to
11:21 pm
a minimum corporate tax rates having to reach out on the information. see shown that by the united nations says 2020 saw a dramatic worsening of world hunger progress towards eradicating food. poverty has been put into reverse, in part because of the global pandemic. you figure from the us food and agriculture organization. show the number of people without enough to eat rows ever 8 percent last year. when more than 750000000 people went hungry may be as many as 811000000 around the 10th of the global population. by far the worst hits regions, asia, and africa, where hundreds of millions of people are getting hungry. and each research is believe the situation in africa is worse and dramatically. let's say from cindy haldeman, who is a senior economist, the f a o. she told us climate change was and economic decline. we're all contributing to growing hunger. in 2020, we saw 35 countries with the highest increases in hunger. and that was not only in
11:22 pm
africa, some countries like kenya or wanda. but also the philippines and asia, sri lanka, mexico, columbia, brazil. so we can think this is only a problem of africa and we need to really scale up our, our efforts for climate resilience, terms of all of the change in terms of protecting and making sure that we don't have a problem with accessing food when we get these climate extremes now them to take your morning coffee for granted climate change means 60 percent of wild coffee species at threats of extinction. warmer temperatures, pests and diseases are all taking their toll farmers in columbia of searching for tick techniques to protect their crops. the inspection of her coffee field has just begun for clara lago is already nervous. are the coffee berries healthy, or has the beetle gotten to them 1st as it has so often in the past?
11:23 pm
when it comes to not the climate change is fueling the spread of the coffee board beetle. if you don't carry out consistent inspections, then it gets into the fruit and consumes everything. you need you to look on or around the village of can chia everything revolves around coffee just as it has for generations. some $3000.00 small farmers oppose the tradition. each coffee cherry selected by hand like in other parts of the world. this quality control has helped make columbia world leader. however, climate change is threatening to reduce the area that can support coffee cultivation, both here and worldwide. by 50 percent in the next 30 years. coffee could become scarce. many farmers that are already giving it up. that's out of the question for the 2 kito barrow family. they're fighting against these climate change
11:24 pm
consequences. up here at 1700 meters. the harvest is going well for them this year . so i mean, i've lived off coffee all my life. i don't have a lot of money, but i've been able to raise a family and move forward. thanks to coffee from. the lincoln is really looking for e l. his family and his neighbors sought advice from an organization funded mainly from the netherlands. as a result, they now plant their coffee trees under larger shady trees. they also leave weeds to keep the soil cool and moist in court with the info, we need to act now and consolidate the soils. the plants, the trees, everything that helps us survive. we cannot stop climate change, but all of this will help coffee farming last longer. this is,
11:25 pm
gloria says he can't do it alone. but with his efforts and his neighbors combined, maybe they can make a difference. in climate change is set to transform city neighborhoods around the world. to older buildings in particular, require expensive retrofits to meet new efficiency standards such as new air and heating units in the united states. many of those buildings are in minority communities. is the story of one entrepreneur in new york determined to help those neighborhoods go green. a final adjustment and one last check of the new unit. danelle baird, is that a home in brooklyn? where a new combination air heating unit has just replaced an old oil run boiler. and as the air kinda get his company made it possible, it's called block power and it finances and contracts the work for retrofits of older buildings. its focus is neighborhoods of color and home on idea of the reason
11:26 pm
that this is important is because in new york city and 100 other 50 cities around the country, there are new laws that say that you have to green your bill there. whether it's been 7 years, 10 years, 20 years, we're going to have to green 100000000 buildings across america. who get those jobs . who gets the wealth that gets created from that transition. and are we as people of color, are we going to be at the forefront of that? or are we going to be like left behind? new york officials say that roughly 70 percent of city greenhouse emissions come from buildings. but retrofits are expensive and building owners hesitant. block power provides long term financing plans, working with investment banks like goldman sachs to create bond like assets from a debt which appeals to green investors. block power also overseas the work itself . hiring local contracting crews, also from neighborhoods of color. the challenge convincing customers the question as can we build the trust with black and brown community to say we're going to come
11:27 pm
into your building and do something that's good for you. and you can have a 15 year financial relationship with us and we're not going to screw you over that . that's the hard part. it helps that retrofitted buildings save their tenants money. that st. margaret mary catholic church in the bronx, father rudolph gonzales, worked with block power to install individual climate units. and they are controlled by this remote. it has brought down our electrical costs and we don't have a boiler to, to deal with or oil, to have delivered and what have you. so we're very, very happy with it. and for block power, happy customer is the best advertisement. and finally, a university in south korea is turning human waste into digital currency. the b v is an acre friendly toys that connects us to a lab, which turns the way into me saying a source of energy. there are currently 3 toilets on campus where students can make
11:28 pm
deposits, so to speak. anyone using the eco friendly toilet 10 units of a virtual currency called google, which is korean honey. the only catch the digital currency is only for use on campus and that's over man. the business team here in berlin. so next time, goodbye the the, what's going on here? house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world shift in 15 minutes on the w.
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o. the news against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context use of data. special monday to friday on d w. the goal was right in front of them. they were all for this one moment. suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or, or didn't the game central here were 202021. thrown off course during the quantifying round. these 4 sports heroes, actually it was a slap in the face,
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but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready to help down doing walk down the rocky. go to tokyo starts july 19th, d w. the time now for 13 minutes of arts and culture coming up, the oscar winning musician composer john bad teeth talks about black lives matter and how he help inspire. pixar is 1st black leading character is. this is me. i was.


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