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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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and angry at this moment, that can never be any justification whatsoever for anybody to embark on violent and destructive and destructive directions that's negatively affect the rights of others. juma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad divisions in the country. and you have corresponding christine one to our joins as now from cape town in south africa. christine, what's the latest? well, maybe this is i use, this unrest has been intensifying what began and i've already posted the notation. it wasn't the whole purpose that the weekend has come, full scale looting and ransacking and off shops and bath, 3 the destruction of property to a great expanded estimate,
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the hundreds of millions of rank. what the damage has been done to in b, b, y we. we know that among the people that died is a teenage boy who took part in some of the new thing that we've been seeing happening mostly in was in the house. as well as helping corporate his home to johannesburg. mendecy now being deployed, we're going to be hearing from the president in a few hours from now about that situation in terms of that. but that is the situation as a span, lena, who is behind this look, it started out with the people in the room. i can calling out before the president's support is to go and pray against his incorporation, his imprisonment done so initially when they were coming out with him blocking roads and the creative also chaos. they were saying that this is in the name of the for the president, mr. b freeze. but it is now the to ration where you can see they are criminal
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intimate. now you've got to be my, a lot of the people that we be carrying out be buying these people come from under privileged communities. we have more privacy and unemployment here in south africa. you can see that you've got people working in the shop feeling base. the ice and the many cases, the baby and i some of them, i was not an image of opportunistic criminality taking place. people taking advantage of the situation, young children involved in the losing elderly people as well. so there was some incitement from the mac camp, initially mobilizing, support the hearing supporters on in terms of the replete them up these videos with people with anything more people to do the same thing in the name of but it's not walk into a complete chaotic situation. where there are different motivations. now, of course, mr. zoom, i said, appeal trial triggered all of this and just what am assisting with chances of
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success in this new court hearing legal space that i've been to think she has basically said, my need to be able to demonstrate one of 3 things. he's going to be able to tell me before that is somehow was reaching a decision in findings and build your husband to see him or what made it great. well, that new information had been married since that ruling and was handed down. also a legal policy review that mr. has wanting for faithful in demonstrating any practice. we know right now that he remains behind. many people think that will be the case for the next few weeks months, and that is how they see it's christine 10 seconds. how much support does mr. zoom still enjoy among the and see what the stretches in the agency have shifted significantly? this is why you, for this part he said that handled the approach when the law took it was they could
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fit into defend and help me. this is my, they chose not to do that. and this is where the find off of the support for the former president with him. the key structure you got correspond to christine when reporting from cape town, south africa. thank you. and next to there is astonishing, sees in cuba, where protests have broken out, thousands of people taking to the streets against the communist regime. demonstrators express frustration at food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of covered 1900 vaccines. the government has tried to blame the us for the unrest and is rallying its own supporters. yeah, they crying out for freedom in the streets of a banner. this the greatest show discontent with the socialist government since the 1991 in the trigger for this process is the desperate economic situation. right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we're here because of the
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repression of the people they starving us to death have on it is collapsing. we have no homes, nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrate his angry. we are not afraid. they cry out the security beat me and my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the support of the government had been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can know himself led this rally. it was organized quickly in town outside of bana, where the anti government protest began early on sunday. so we came here to show together with the revolutionaries of this town that the streets belonged to us.
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with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents. there were ugly confrontations here revolutionary detained opposition, protested cubans who were here. we had never going to give up this revolution. never communist regime, his root cubis in 959. it survived the fall of the soviet union and the depth of it found the fidel castro. now would it again be challenged on so lot like they show it is unlikely to without a fight the while william b, you're ground, a is a professor of government and a latin american politics expert at the american university in washington. he joins us right now. a very warm welcome professor, what has brought about this level of discontent? what are some of the main issues facing the country right now? well, the problem is that the government doesn't have any foreign exchange currency to
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import food or medicine or fuel. and so there are shortages of all basic goods in the stores. there are electricity blackouts which remind cubans of the worst times of the 1990 after the collapse of the soviet union. and people are frustrated at the spread of cobra, and it looked like cuba head cold, it under control early on. but now the del, some very, and has broken out into community spread. and health care system is just being overwhelmed. there prefers the president, negro d, s. can now blame the united states for being behind these latest protests. what role does the u. s. trade embargo play in the worsening economic crisis and hardships that are currently being experienced by cubans? while the us embargo is extremely important, at the very end of his term in office, president trump prohibited cuban americans from sending remittances to their families in cuba. that was about 3 and a half $1000000000.00 a year worth of revenue, which not only raised the standard of living about 60 percent of the cuban
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population, but it also gave government access to foreign exchange currency. you could use to import vital goods. the lack of that money is really a critical component of this course. do you see, foresee the binder administration changing its policy piece of the cuba? well, you know, a candidate joe biden promised that he would in fact reverse a number of trump sanctions that hurt ordinary cubans. remittances would be an obvious one. and he also promised to restore travel, although that's really a move issue until the pandemic is over. whether or not he'll do that is still up in the air. we're 7 months into the administration and they have done nothing to reverse any of donald trump's sanctions. in some ways, i think these demonstrations will make it politically more difficult for bites to do that. now this is a very delicate time for you, but for all the reasons that you've mentioned as well,
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the challenging challenge is not new for the country. can cuba leader you go the kind of turn things around? well, he's got his work cut out for him. obviously, in past crises, fidel castro, and even ro, castro could lean on the legitimacy of being the historic leaders of the revolution . the people who founded the revolutionary regime. and they had a significant residual legitimacy among unimportant particularly older segment of the population of the us can obviously doesn't have that. and so he really has to demonstrate legitimacy through performance. and so far he hasn't made much headway, not so much because of the problems of his own, but because he just lacks the resources. he lacks the resources now serve in conclusion, could protest that many are describing is unprecedented. mark the start of a major opposition movement against cuba, communist regime i think we'll have to see,
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we'll have to see whether these demonstrations are now followed up by a kind of rising cycle of demonstrations against the government. like we've seen in a number of other countries, or whether this is just a single event and the government will be able to quickly re establish control by putting its own supporters in the street. professor william layer grande's, in washington, professor government and latin american politics. thank you sir, for joining us. thank you. the. it's been a whirlwind few hours for the italian national team since they beat england in london to win the football euro 2020 while the squad this and barked its plane in italy with airport staff cheering. as a coach of estimate seni displayed the trophy while from there they were whisked to the korean. all up pallets were after showing off the silverware again. they were received by the head of state president said your mother, a lot of earlier, we had the opportunity to catch up with our correspondence. lima, who,
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jackie in room, who described with this victory means to the people of italy. dr. speaking to a lot of test tally and there was a chance that the emotions were quite intense. and i think that also had to do with the talk that of course, italy under wind temperance trick locked downs. and i think that resulted in some bottom up emotions. well, of course you have to you couldn't meet up with friends. you couldn't watch football in math math gatherings. and i think yesterday when the one that was football became an outlet, it became a release. it became where they actually posed a life. i remember talking reporting there from the italian a capital r room you want, can you give me news for berlin? more coming up at the top of the hour, but up next to around for our special edition. on the corona virus crisis and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock and on demand
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website. the student dot com. i'm gonna rock in berlin on behalf of all of us here . thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us will be back at the 20 the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus. 19 special next on d w. that was right in front of them. they gave it. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with $22021.00
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thrown off course during the qualifying ground or not for sports heroes. and i'm fired up and ready to count down during lockdown. walk you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on w. ah, covered 19. it's complex. he can affect the nervous system leading to language disorders, strokes and seizures. scientists still trying to understand why 75 percent of people hospitalized with a virus continue to suffer from secondary symptoms at least 6 months after they recover. many find it hard to function in their daily lives are such as hope understanding of its impact on the brain. could people wait for treatment?
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india is breathing a sigh of relief with daddy infections falling. but the havoc from the 2nd wave is fresh in people's minds, and many patients are still struggling with the knock on effects of covered dw, many or child re met the park. a guy was from daily after losing 25, you lose and still very weak. the book is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normal seat and the life he had before it was disrupted by a severe over 19 infection. the only issue we came to mind is 60 that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. one thing which happened is, at the end of 10 to 12 day, my legs i, i found that my legs are not working. they are,
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they are not part of the body. i was not able to cope of the oxygen mask while they have put and i was really feeling helpless. i said there is no point in leaving because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my desk of another that i'm not going to stay away. i think the lot is going to be my last day. each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the he saw some one dying. the book knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to cope with it. it was his 2 children. he says, who gave him the card. she needed the 1st feeling that was there with me. 247 was the feel fuel of losing him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to see doors for the members of your family. together on the dining table, konica says the fetus with their father and the site they saw at the hospital have
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made all of them stronger as a family was forward. buying is more tougher than the corporate thing. i'm really finding it very difficult to cope with me the recovery time because there's already one month, there's already one month. i'm not able to walk even the 10th of techno. so taking a peeve, what doctors are telling you protect 6 plus one small slow step at a time. he's trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still a challenge. he knows it will take a long time. kimmy limits callback is a professor of cognitive no, it's like a tree and joins us from copenhagen university hospital patients like the one in our report and suffer from cognitive impairment half a year are recovering from covet. how often does that actually occur? because the general number we found was 75 percent, which sounds extremely high. this is
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a very good question. so studies so far show quite varying results. we've conducted a study university hospital in copenhagen, where we found that 65 percent of people who've been hospitalized with cobit continue to show cognitive difficulties. 4 months after that hospital discharge. this was quite a small study, but still it is consistent with the other studies in the field. so generally studies show that over half of patients who've been hospitalized continued to show cognitive impairments after that recovery. and i guess you won't have that much data on this, but it's worth asking how much longer could that sort of thing go on for, for these patients. so we don't know yet because it's a very new illness and we've only started recently to study the long term effects of co beat on cognition. so that based on our study and also other studies in the field that show quite consistent findings, we think that's at least up to 6 months. that that,
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that these companies are comparing last up to 6 months. but we can the conducted follow up studies of the same patients for one year after they got this, josh, and i know that other research groups are doing the same, so hopefully we can give a better answer to that very soon. what sort of other patterns are evident in patients in your studies? so regarding the patterns of for cognitive impairments we have found and this is also quite consistent with other studies in the field. we found that it's mainly verbal memory. so the ability to remember words, as well as concentration and planning abilities that seem to be affected. now it's worth noting that the cognitive function after coby to a highly variable and actually there is a large proportion of people who don't have any cognitive impairments after they've recovered from cove it. so our findings only, you know,
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they only representative of people been hospitalized even in these people, one 3rd or up to one half or at least one 3rd, i have no difficulties but, but those who have cognitive difficulties, they do have memory problems. concentration difficulties planning difficulties. and this is if we look at the brain, this is mainly related to the frontal dope and campus. and whether people campus is struction and the brain that is really, really important for memory formation. and it's also very sensitive to oxygen. starvation could be a logical reason why we, for, for these difficulties that we see in these aspects of, of cognition and what are the problems associated with, with these impairments. so again, this is something that we only just beginning to study. and in our study, we found that that the cognitive impairments were related to great
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a degree of anxiety and depression, and also to problems with functioning at work and also poor quality of life. but we don't really know what the direction of, of these relations, what the direction is. so we could be on one hand that depression is causing the cognitive problems. we know that from, from, for example, patients who have depression, that they also have cognitive problems. so those symptoms can cause cognitive problems. on the other hand, we also know that if you have cognitive difficulties and difficulties with functioning in your daily life, then this can also cause stress and depression and anxiety. so we don't really know what the direction of this, of this relation is of this association, just that they seem to co exist and also influence each other. and what we know about the prevalence of these types of complications of acute illness from cobit. so the prevalence of,
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of cognitive impairments at this 1st cross study. so we've conducted studies in this study in hospitalized people. so the more severe cases and these findings not really applicable to a broader category of people who've had cobit, we know from several studies that the severity of illness seems to be related to a greater risk of long term cognitive impairments. so that people with mild illnesses seem to not be at risk. so much poor for these kinds of complications. lastly, but definitely not least what, what sort of therapies or counter measures can be taken? this is the $1000000.00 question and we are all wanting to study this. so i'm not aware of any treatment has been shown to be effective yet based on research. but we are currently looking into this, the several research groups that are investigating this. and also until then until
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we have an evidence based treatment for cognitive impairments in these patients, clinical psychologist applying techniques from other diseases. so for example, traumatic brain injury where people also have cognitive problems. so they use, for example, cognitive, we have the patient techniques and so on. so we will just have to wait and see whether the methods also effective for cognitive impairments after coo it coming to the school we copenhagen university hospital. thank you very much. thank you. and here's a question, i've been asking myself about immunizing as i had no reaction from either of my shots over to derek williams. oh, not having any side effects after vaccination. mean you have a weak immune system. oh, this is a great question because it's about much more than the immune system. it's also about the ecology of immunization,
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which i've experienced in an up close and personal way. i had 0 side effects after either dose of my messenger r n a vaccine. my are didn't even really hurt close family members, on the other hand, were, were pretty uncomfortable. laughter works with chills and fever, and headaches and fatigue. really, the whole 9 yards they moaned about the side effects of course, but they were actually almost happy to feel as lousy as they did. because for them, it meant the vaccine was working and they were kind of concerned for me and maybe even felt slightly superior because i didn't have any. after bracing myself for the worst, i admit that i felt a little let down and maybe maybe even a little bit worried that somehow my immune system was getting something wrong. but
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all the experts say, i shouldn't worry. the truth is, we don't really know why some immune systems go into overdrive briefly after vaccination. and others just seem to kind of coast through it. the interactions between all of the different elements of the immune system are so convoluted that knowledge is compare it vividly to, to all of spaghetti, but as far as we can tell, experiencing powerful side effects after vaccination is mostly about how your own personal immune system works rather than about how effective the vaccine as, as a broad rule of thumb, women and younger people experience side effects more often than, than men and elderly people do. and, and more people have them after the 2nd shot than after the 1st. but if like me,
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you didn't feel a thing afterwards. don't sweat it. all the evidence we have indicates strongly that you're just as well protected as someone who had a miserable couple of days. mm. thank you, derek, now and feeling better. thanks for watching. stay safe as you again. ah, the, the news, the news, the news
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news, news, news, the news every day for us and for our planet my dears is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable
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martin solutions overseas said in our ways or is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas, the environmental global 3000 on d, w. and this is the of the news asia coming up today, 5 years of illegal chinese actions in the south china sea. despite the court ruling, china is still preventing filipino fishermen from accessing foot fishing grounds. why and can the philippines do anything about it? plus protecting the pollinators. the rescuers in militia are doing all they can to ensure the creators of our foods don't die off the.


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