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3 power plays and the lines behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw me the news . this is the news life from berlin. south africa rubs in anger and unrest. the nation sees deadly violence and widespread looting after authorities jail former presidents, jacob's whom, the army says, is this the point truth to quell the violence? also coming up crisis in cuba has thousands take to the streets to protest food shortages and rising prices. the communist regime is pointing the finger at the
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united states, but the protesters are in buying it. also anger mounts after the shocking death of a georgian camera, man alexander lush, got out, badly beaten by a far right mob. last week dies from his injuries and thousands rally against the government, accusing him of failing to protect for porters and emboldened groups and italy, our crown champions. you're a 2020 celebrate of their team to feeds england in a penalty shoot out at wembley. the duty lifts the trophy for the 2nd time in their history. ah, ah, i'm glad i thank you so much for your company, everyone. well, we begin in south africa, country is deploying its army to tackle the unrest,
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sparked by the jailing of former president, jacob's zoom up at least 6 people have died and hundreds more arrested since the protest broke out last week. the unrest comes as south africa. the highest court begins hearing mr. zoom as appeal against his 15th month, jail sentence for contempt. soldiers gone the streets of south africa. they dare to protect police after protests, month by looting and destruction of property become more violent. looted, planted a large shopping mall in durban. overnight is one of many businesses in the port city that will ransacked over the weekend. another shopping mall lies in ruins in peter mad. it's book some 80 kilometers from dirt and the unrest had been mainly concentrated in the south eastern province. of course, you're in a town doing this home region, many of his supporters. they are angered by him. it's 15 month jo,
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turn imposed for failing to appear as corruption inquiry. but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa's economic panel hill. we've police rich fin. the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions, the young race, these uncalled for said presidency were represented by those who may be hurt and angry at this moment. that can never be any justification whatsoever for anybody to embark on violent and destructive and destructive actions that's negatively affect the rights of others. juma is popular among many of south africa is less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad divisions in the country. and d w correspondence christine wanted to join us now from cape town in south africa.
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christine, what's the latest? while this values, this unrest has been intensifying. what began as just ready for the notation. it wasn't the whole purpose that the weekend has come out to full scale looting and ransacking and off shops and bath tree, the destruction of property to a great expense estimate, the hundreds of millions of rang. what the damage has been done, the nbc, why would we know that among the people that died is a teenage boy who took part in some of the new thing that we've been seeing happening mostly in was how as well as helping corporate it home to the medicine now been deployed, we're going to be hearing from the president in a few hours from now about the situation in terms of that. but that is the situation as a leader who is behind this later,
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it started out with the people in the room. i can calling out the former president support is to go and pray against his in cooperation. his imprisonment and so initially, brain processes were coming out with him, a blocking roads and a brief also chaos. they were saying that this is in the name of the president, mr. be brief. back it is now. the to ration league can see they are criminal, intimate. now you've got to be remind a lot of the people that will be carrying out, be buying these people come from and the privilege of communities. we have them on a policy and unemployment here in their present. you can see that people working in the shop feeling basic items in many cases, low the baby and items up in my car. there was not an image of opportunity to criminality taking place. people taking advantage of the situation, young children involved in the routing, elderly people as well. so there was some incitement from initially mobilizing,
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support the hearing supporters on in terms of the replete them of these videos. what people will do, anything more people to do the same thing in the name of, but it's not walk into a complete chaotic situation where there are different motivations. now, of course, mister zoom, i said appeal trial triggered all this interest. what am assisting with chances of success in this new court hearing legal space that i've been listening to has basically said listen to my need to be able to demonstrate one, all 3 things. he's got a game, but it's power before that is somehow what's called in reaching is a decision in find these and get him to see him or what made a great that new information had been married since that ruling and was handed down illegally spread the view that was being successful in demonstrating any practice.
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we know right now that he remains behind why many people think that will be the case for the next 2 weeks months, and that is how they see it's here, christine 10 seconds. how much support does mr. zoom still enjoy among the see well, the stresses in the agency has shifted significantly. this is why you for this cause we said that handled the approach when the lord took a course they could fit into defend and help me to do my. they chose not to do that, and this is way to find off of the support for the former president with him. the key structure correspond to christine when reporting from cape town, south africa. thank you. and purchase, have broken out in cuba with thousands of people taking to the streets against the communist regime. demonstrators express frustration of food shortages, rising prices of a lack of coven 1900 vaccines. the government has tried to blame the us for the unrest and is rallying its own supporters.
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yeah, they crying out for freedom in the streets of savannah, the, the greatest show discontent with the socialist government in the 1991 fact in the trigger to this protest, the desperate economic situation. right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we're here because of the repression of the people they are starving us to death. have on it is collapsing. we have no homes, nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes the demonstrators angry. we are not afraid. they cry out. security beat me and my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the supporters
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of the government had been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can now himself lead this rally was organized quickly in a town outside havana, where the anti government protest began early on sunday. so that we came here to show together with the revolutionaries of this town, that the streets belonged to us with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents. they were ugly confrontation. here, revolutionaries detained opposition. protest to the cubans who were here. we are never going to give up this revolution. never. the communist regime has ruled cubis in 959. it survived the fall of the soviet union and the death found the fidel test drive. now it's again been challenged on why it's like they show it is unlikely to without
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a fight the well. earlier we spoke to hank and an associate professor at the city university of new york who specializes in human affairs. and we begin by asking him who is behind these protests? it's fairly obvious that the people are behind it. this is a protest that has no leader, has no organization. that may be a weakness of it going forward. but it seems to have broken through because the accumulated frustration over the past 21 or 2 years with the economic crisis, few food shortages, medical source shortages, caused primarily by the economic system of cuba. that's inefficient and unproductive. and on top of that, of course you have the u. s. and margot and isolate their attempts to isolate and cut off. i think the people are in the middle and they're fed up with excuses with lies with manipulation. the government claims that this is orchestrated,
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paid by the united states. how do you get people and 6 or 8 cities all across to about thousands of people in each case to protest from united states. it's ridiculous to claim that at the same time, we don't know really what the next step is, how the government is responding. now it seems to be inflaming the protesters and not leading to any kind of negotiating solution. and that was ted hank, an associate professor at the city university of new york speaking to w news a little earlier. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. police in haiti say they have arrested a man who they allege, flew into the country on a private jet and conspire to assassinate president jovan and the haitian national allegedly worked with the masterminds of the killing. maurice was shot dead at his home and passed early on. wednesday and ukraine's president of
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a lot of miracle lensky is in berlin, where he has been received by german presents hong kong to shine. meyer. mister lensky will also, who talks with the chancellor, they are expected to discuss ukraine's reform process and the conflict in the countries east. ukraine is seeking you and nato membership went to the caucus, a nation of georgia, and now were protesters have been calling for the prime minister to resign? over the death of a journalist, alexander les carrabas worked for an independent television news channel. he was found dead at his home on sunday, after he was badly beaten by far right. activists during a protest against and l g b t q. pride, march in the capital tbilisi over attacked for doing his job. now found dead men alexander less co rather was beaten by right wing mom covering an anti l g
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b t q. riot. the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear, of thousands have taken to the streets in solidarity with the journalist. very angry protesters accused the government of enabling the violence. we hold the government directly responsible for failing to provide security for that, you know. and therefore, we believe that the resignation of the prime minister and the government is that only that will be secretary the majority and they started with very clear message. the government that has organized progress on this, by the radical, this was civically targeted to the, to the journalist and then has multiple people who are damaged. and now 11 that has to reside last week writers attacks the l. g
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b t q, campaign offices. in george's capital sibley, see much carrabas was there and filmed the attackers around 50 journalists were injured. the last 4 of us death has further inflamed tension and more demonstrations are expected. i'd like to welcome and now georgia writer and l g b t q activist, 0 by feet say, who is joining us from the capital of georgia to please see a very good day, sir. is anyone being held to account for what has happened to mister alexander les corolla? hello, everyone. i think that in the morning go quite my georgia play minister, made clear the government is standing on the far right side. he made a time for the rest of people to do anything they want it. we often police standing there doing nothing. well aggressive people are teaching people for media me and many people around around me believe that those are right. not the main problem for,
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for our community and for minority. we believe that the main enemy, for the future of georgia government and georgia not charged. they are feeding those by rights movements which have every election time. every major political parties are making common public statements. they know that the best way to collect well so yeah i.


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