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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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the way the nice people, especially in the cities, are used to writing motorbike some, even when their homes are very close to their offices. are schools on sunday. and i need to coordinate the schools to encourage children to rule out how to little activities on a regular basis. and children and parents can change that have a little more time to look at me. i don't know how i would have learned that when you cross the street, you have to stay on the pedestrian crossing the mall. and when you cross the street, you have to pay attention to the cars and cross at the right time of the
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matter about my friends and my colleagues often ask me when i'm going to buy a car. but it was that it was my goal is to write a bicycle as much as possible. me for walking well with the sidewalks in vietnam art for pedestrians that, that all they do is i just did my schedule and my committee to avoid rush hours with my choice and a lot of other people probably do that to buy a new company by
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the action we have to keep promoting public transport and provide adequate and affordable accessibility with consistent quality that everyone uses it on the even well, the people are willing to the mindset that we need to change. we need to learn to share with each other. so, i know, ah, no sir, that we're more than 70 conflicts and subsaharan africa most provide and some open warfare. the reasons for compliance fighting often revolts around political power, lungs and resources. these conflicts will only grow worse with climate change as water and usable land growth ever more. but we didn't conflict required cooperation
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between opposing parties. but keeping the peace can take grit and determination. the bush here in northern kenya has become almost a desert. the a one year old river reduced to little more than a trickle for years now. the area has had far too little rain. shepard up cooler, keeps his goats close to the water. at least there's something for the animals to graze on here. and he never strays far from his village sizes. these days, we fear for our safety. well, our neighbors cembura community keep attacking us, and that was what they kill and steal our livestock. he the how may you to help deescalate the conflicts habib teacher often reaches out to the shepherds along the river. she used to had the local nature conservancy and is well known in
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the region. disputes of water and grazing land have become frequent. here. she negotiates with the shepherds in this area of bare legal police, while other women are in dialogue with nearby community. we have many meetings, these meetings, extensively, lake and local willis. i'm leading lake sarah. there is a lead to call me see, think so even though because of the mother and we know the disadvantage is under the vantages of the conflict. so we decide to sit with our young ones, those who are living in conflict, what hasn't been and that's what makes this unusual. women are taking relief and making a difference. the canyon constitution upholds gender equality. but in practice, it's still the exception that kenyan branch of the environmental group t n. c is led by moon mirror and younger. she says can you needs more women leaders
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like happy, but actually raising their voices, making decisions on how that can someone can be managed, especially for example, there's a conservancy that has to be in facilities and they get conservation fees. these, the issue or file sharing of those proceeds between the operations of the conservancy and a percentage goes back to the communities so that it can, you know, invest in education, health facilities and others. the t n. c runs 39 nature conservancy is in kenya. it also finances the one in her be, but if you just community the conservancy is protect nature, offer john prospect and encourage women to play a greater role in society. how be returned each other benefited from the conservancy and is now helping others. i know she and other women in her village have built a culture center. they did
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a lot of the work themselves. the women rent out the home and the lodges to visitors and local people, which brings in money that allowed them to set up a savings club. here the women give out loans to each other using income from the culture center subsidies from n g o c. as well as members own savings that might be routed each and leads the club. she's given loans of $250.00 to more than a 100 women, mostly to finance small business ventures. dining room got a loan from the savings club to invest in an electric motor for her cornmeal. now she can earn more money. like so many year. she's benefited from the nature conservancy. villainy look, well i want to see in the beginning the local community here was opposed to the establishment of a conservative mama, but how bieber lobbied for it so that women could benefit. she's very bray. and she
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was one time she was even shot at. i thought she was intimidated and just carried on with her work. i got an idea. they were very happy. no idea. i mean, to me for years i'm happy to doesn't want to talk about the threat. she's received, she'd rather focus on being a role model for the next generation. at the local school, she encourages children to give up, even when they face opposition was a girl that don't allow yourself to be left behind and don't be shy all the time. during her time as head of the local nature conservancy happy, but at each year secured funding for 2 more classrooms. here today, she's part of the council of elders and has arranged financial help for children from poor families to attend school. those who have prospects for the future she says, are less likely to engage in conflict. petition is the best thing. can our life in
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every body's life because it's illiteracy. to next, i have been not stop list our standard for one. after getting indication, you have good jobs hunting, some follow this uplifting a standard and even additional education to every thing is important. if not the division i myself, i cannot be a leader of my community. she loves her work, but as often rushed off her feet. she has 3 children and also cares for her sick husband. then she has 2 small shops that she opened with loans from the savings club. thankfully, her eldest daughter is able to help out happy retired teacher hopes her daughter will follow in her footsteps. and she certainly seems to have inherited her
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mother's passion for leadership. she already leads the local youth group. the was allowed to go into that and she's a cleaning team in indonesia. my name is gala ginger robin. i'm 12 years old and from indonesia the me. my mother is a housewife, and my father is a photographer at
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a daily news agency for the nice media, indonesia. lot of good i'm. he's got to be honest. i don't like going to school. i find lessons quite difficult man. so i feel uncomfortable at school with the benefit of that when i grow up, i want to be a soccer player. i practiced twice a week, but when there's additional training, it can be 3 or 4 times a week. i wish the world would be safer from disasters in the future and i wish the world could be more child friendly, but i also hope there'll be no more traffic jams and lucky
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the but so from us this week at global $3000.00, we'd love to hear your thoughts, so right towards the global $3000.00 d. w dot com. we'll check our facebook page, c, w global ideas. see you next time. the the me, the news news
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news. the news, the news eco in the annoying led to humans and animals alive, polluted a big problem and especially in metropolitan city, wisely underestimated. enforcement duction, annoying pollution is very limited. to on d w o to
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janice you love batting thing away. i'm not going to have my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting a you ready to meet the german can join me. rachel, do it on the w president, george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor uncle medical is not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to leave the kind of person with a lovely song. and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush. july 14th at 1530 t c on d. w. in december 2019 the
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european councils new president show me show, embarked on a ground breaking mission. i hope you georgia to make your of the 1st time the gentleman held the planets by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power negotiations. on monday the fluttering and incentives, but best laid plans often go astray, to host who will win the game of diplomatic poker, the intrigue power plays. and the lines behind the scenes of the kind of summit starts august, 5th on the the,
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the, me ah was, ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. italy are ground champions at euro 2020 san celebrate. as there seem defeats england in a penalty shoot out at wembley stadium, theodore lift the trophy for the 2nd time in their history. also coming up after looters in south africa, set fire to a mall following the jailing of ex president jacob's luma. the army warned that he will deploy troops.


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