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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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be w ah, yes. the news business b w, do live from italy. i crowned champions at euro 2020 the italy's and celebrate as that team defeats england and the penalty shoes out at the very least the trophy for the 2nd time in their history. also coming off protests
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break out in 2000 and take to the streets against food shortages and rise in prices . the communist regime tries to blame the united states. ah, i'm go ahead. welcome to the program. italy have been crowned european football champions at wembley stadium. they beat england on penalties. italy fans rejoiced after a nail biting finished with saw england missing 3 of their 5 shots a heartbreaking end for the english. despite their home advantage. the final whistle was just the start of the party in italy. after another glorious night on the world football stage, fans of the duty painted cities rate across the country are moved by their
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team writing another hard stopping chapter into the country. sporting folk, lord i jammed into cars on top of students that soon club city streets and on pretty much what else they could possibly get the keys to yeah, italian football fans were paying loud and joyful homage to a new set of heroes minted on english soil my g o by the hello to the wembley, want to tell in fan was dressed to deliver the highest of honors. he's the only want to know ring he's older, was counted as for the england fans, they dressed down to fit the mood of what was to be yet another football wake. i don't see what i was looking incredible
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saw along the way. you are the reason for everything to get so much as morning broke in italy, the spoils and big 3 will return to their new home. the put has indeed come to burn. the little earlier i spoke to a correspondence big mouth in london and seemed to enrollment asked what it was like for italian to wake up as the new european champions. well. 5 it's just pure joy in the piazza ca brome and throughout the country. everyone is just beating
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a sense of relief. it was an incredibly emotional and very final, especially when everything went down to those penalties, shoot out, but clearly the emotions running high as the team and the cup have returned to room and scheduled to meet the president and the prime minister later today in the italian capital, the peak was here, the sport, the paper leading with good that we try to pull back the meeting. it's just too beautiful. seeing the team take the final this way. they say it's ours as the duty have just made it all very crazy when be on sunday night and for saying we it's apps now it's us that have taken hold the championship. so clearly emotional, but the feeling of jubilation here and it's really well beg in math in london, possibly a very, very different mood that where you are quite some,
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the ends of rain is fitting. i have to say get, had the nation yesterday was really and they were so hopeful that off of safety, 5 years awaiting that i could bring home international championship, but it wasn't to happen. and i worked with a lot of young people and they were really, really distraught to a lot of the girlfriends had to come for these young men. and also that's what the papers emphasizing is the comforting. the guardian has the cap, say other the tray now and one of the players who missed the penalty saying so close. and then there is the son who also has the same embrace. but they also take pride of lions and they also have a quote by prince william and he said you can all hold your head high and be so proud. so that's the other emphasis. it was a really good game and a really good team on their hopeful that maybe just maybe next year as well because they would have been the focus was very much all 3 young players who missed this
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thought cakes. and there's another story. rather unpleasant story has emerged. tell us about that. well, yes, that has been an overnight some racial abuse towards some of these players who missed the penalties. now, the english team is very diverse. i think over half of them have either a parent or grandparent who was not born in britain and there has been this racial abuse. however, this also been a big backlash and the condemnation of that's abuse. why the football association boy prime and the sub or johnson, and also by a lot of people who basically all saying, well, you are young and you all of us and you have actually actually recaptured the english flag from the fall. right. and you've made it something that the whole nation can unite again to. you've got a much stronger sentiment in my view of people, really standing behind the scenes. sima. this wind is coming off
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a very difficult 18 months of the pandemic in italy. that must have also made this victory even sweeter. yes, indeed. i mean, you had these intense locked downs that would do it. let's not forget it. lee was at the center of the corona bar's pandemic, particularly in the beginning, and had lost more than 127000 lives due to call the 19 the highest death in the european union. so after all of that, this team, this victory, everything was building up to this moment. i think there's an overwhelming sense of feeling that finally they can celebrate. they can come together in something that is positive, the feeling on the ground last night. and at the end of the, with the semi finals was just one of pure joy. really want to come raji and getting together to me about the topic of cove. it been worries in many countries about
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fans attending my matches and that's doing events. what's the view in italy on that? well, just before this final a, p was made by the health minister as well as the interior minister to really celebrate for doing it carefully to social distance where possible. and we're not possible to make sure where those moth even outdoors. i mean the, the knology they took was a football analogy. the match against the pandemic, they say is not silva. and we must do what that 30. that's it. of course, last night it was just pure joy, a lot of people, not exactly sticking to those rules, but i think it was a moment of celebration that they really wanted to save. and that will probably continue today as well as the a 3 will be celebrating in the capsule. understandably so. thank you very much. see my go to in rome and big mos in london . that's not take a look at some of the other stores making headlines. mandatory evacuations have
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been ordered in northern california firefighters. the struggle to contain the massive plays the so called beck wolf, complex, fun doubled in size over the weekend and is now the largest. and california is thought to have been caused by lightning. more than $60000.00 acres, half burned south africa, facing another day of unrest over the jailing of former president, jacob's new month, a mole in his home province of causal. natalie was lucid and burned. summa serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court. these asking for his sentence to be revoked. official results, so no clear winner in bulgaria is parliamentary elections. the central ride party led by former prime minister, bicycle boris of one. the most votes just the head of the new populace party, but neither side looks likely to form a coalition. the result could assure, in a period of political instability as public corruption is growing.
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police and a team say they have arrested a man who they allege flew into the country on a private jets and conspired to assassinate president jovan al noise. the haitian national allegedly worked with the masterminds of the killing. my. he was shot dead at his home in portal process. early on wednesday, protests are broken out in cuba with thousands of people taken to the streets against the socialist regime, demonstrate as expressed frustration, food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of coven 19 vaccines. the government has tried to blame the u. s. for the unrest and is rallying its own supporters. yeah, they crying out for freedom in the streets of savannah, the the greatest show discontent with the socialist government. the 1991 cracked in the trigger for this protest. if the desperate economic situation right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we're here because of the repression of
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the people they are starving us to death have on it is collapsing. we have no homes, nothing. now, the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd. the arrest and the violence only makes the demonstrators angry. we are not afraid. they cry out. security beat me and my daughter a child they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the supporters of the government had been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can now himself lead. this rally was organized quickly in a town outside of banner, where the anti government protest began early on sunday. so that we came here to show together with the revolutionaries of this town,
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that the streets belonged to us. with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents, there were ugly confrontations. here revolutionaries detained opposition protested the cubans, who were here, we had never going to give up this revolution. never communist regime, his rude cubits into 959. it survived the fall of the soviet union, and the death of it found the fidel castro. now would its, again be challenged on so like they show it is unlikely to go without a fight to the caucuses nation of georgia. now attention have been inflamed after a television journalist covering an anti gay riot was found dead in his apartment. xanda laska robber has been severely beaten by right wing riots as a few days ago. oh,
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attacked for doing his job. now found dead camera men alexander lush corolla was beaten by right wing mom. well, covering an anti l g b t q. right. the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear. thousands have taken to the streets in solidarity with the journalist. very angry protesters accused the government of enabling the violence. we all the government directly responsible for failing to provide security for the jordan. and therefore, we believe that the prime minister and the government only, that will be factory to the georgians inside him. they started with a very clear message. the government that has organized poker almost by the radical pacific targeted to the to dollars journalist and then has multiple people's was damaged. and now 11 that has
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to reside last week, writers attacks the l g b t q, campaign offices in georgia, capital tbilisi, lux. carrabas was there and filmed the attackers around 50 journalists were injured . the loss, carrabba's death has further inflamed tensions and more demonstrations are expected . and that's it from me and the news team here in berlin. don't go away though. up next we have a documentary look at that's how and dr. com can be peacefully shad. and so kelly will have more world news for you at the top of the hour until then you can always up to date with all the latest news and analysis on a website that c w dot com. before we go, that's join the italy, fans once again say bring their euro 201020 victory,
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