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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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president george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm going to medical and i was not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to lead kind person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know. the interview with george w bush july 14th at $1530.00 u t. c. on the w the another giant leap for mankind. surgeon, galactic successfully launched its found richard branson into space. first of many plans space tourism flights. we'll hear from an expert and your morning coffee could be under threat, my climate change. we take you to columbia to find out why local to dw business.
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i'm daniel winter in berlin, and welcome to the dawn of a new space age. the words of richard branson as a virgin galactic plain blossom to the edge of the earth's atmosphere. he's the 1st billionaire to reach space, but so richard's brief light is important for another reason. it marks the rival of a serious competitor in the race to dominate the space tourism industry. richard branson has done it the spacecraft, unity 22 was a success and the british billionaire did it before his competitors. jeff bezos and musk the flight reached about 90 kilometers above the earth. the whole trip only lasted about an hour, but was a special event for branson and his crew. who all you came down that i was wrong said child with a dream. looking up to the saws now and i don't hit a spaceship. was the last one. the whole i was looking down to you. so the
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next generation, the 3 of us do this, just the module, what you can do meanwhile, on earth, another billionaire jeff bezos plans to launch his maiden flight into space in just a few days on july 20th. he'll be taking along his brother and an 82 year old former us pilot. another seat was auctioned off a few weeks ago for $28000000.00. but richard branson beat bays those in this building aerospace race. so is the space tourism industry ready for blast off? i don't think you're see a wave of people signing up. i think it'll, it'll take some time. but certainly those who have already signed up are, are significant. certainly does it maybe hundreds. there's plenty of multimillionaires in the world that would like to go up on an adventure,
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so long as they see that it's relatively safe. a trip with virgin galactic costs cool. $250000.00. space ex meanwhile, has plans to ferry 3 people to the international space station as early as next year, for $55000000.00 a ticket. so perhaps a giant leap for space enthusiasts, but only if you have the cash. and marco folks is the boss of german space tech company o h b market was branson's flight historical. do you see it as just another step on a much longer journey? good morning. well, i felt it was a historic, was very exciting to watch. and the visuals around the whole piano around it. to me show that it is a step and i think we're going to be there. okay, well i guess we'll have to see how things develop because at the moment, virgin galactic is one of several american companies at the center of the space
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race including space x and blue origin. y is europe falling behind and yet another big tech industry here. well, richard branson is an englishman, so i'm not so sure that europe is falling behind the merchant company. so well, it's a headquarters in the united states. so i think i think it counts among the u. s. companies, even though he is a british billionaire, but you take my point, right, we're not seeing the same kind of space tourism ventures coming out of europe. right. well, i think, of course, this type of excitement probably easier to market in the us. and you have to call you meet people that spend a couple $100000.00 for an hour of few hours of flight, couple of days, reparation. and that's probably a market that is moment. sure. and developing earlier in north america. right. so.
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okay, so maybe we don't have the tourism aspect space here in europe, but europe does still have a very well developed space industry. so when do you see that we can make gains in the future space technology after all, you're very heavily involved in the industry yourself. yes, i think europe is leading in terms of satellites like technology, market share and export market. it's very strong in europe. europe is very strong and application live kind of remote sensing navigation is a strong clarence space and of course space tourism you need also the territory. i mean, you saw the images from, from new mexico. you wouldn't find these type of spaceport locations here and you're usually, so it's a tourist thing. but other than that, i think we see a global room in space, which includes europe. all right, and back to the the tourism question specifically, i know this is an industry which for now just seems to be for the super rich. when
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do you think you will, i will be taking a holiday in space. if i had to go, i would be tempted to do it actually, obviously you want to see a leg if you thought you want to see how much of success is because you don't want to be the 1st because obviously it's still a dangerous thing to do was when you saw the images that you see as a whole exciting. so i think a couple of years down the road. more and more people will do this and i hope prizes will go down. all right, well microphone i will see you upset as soon as the tickets get cheap enough. after that, let's hope we get to that sooner rather than later. you're the boss of german space to come the be thank you very much for talking to us. thank you very much. and now a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. china is tightening. it's cracked down on tech companies issuing draft rules, forcing firms to undergo security reviews for listing abroad last week, right?
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sharing at the dd. last $15000000000.00 of market share value after it's new york, i p o. when china announced a ban on new user sign ups currently due to security concern to taiwanese tech giants will buy 10000000 cove in 1900 vaccines from germany by on tech electronics, manufacturer folks, common ships make a t s. m c will pay around $350000000.00 for the jobs, which i'll donate to the government. taiwan had difficulty getting doses, blaming rival china for stopping the supply of the bio tech vaccine for political purposes. and the you could delay a proposal for a digital tax until this autumn. according to reports, the u. s. has pushed brussels to hold off on the measure on which focuses on large tech firms. as leading economies discuss tax reforms to 20 finance chiefs agreed to a minimum corporate tax over the weekend on informational sexy shown that we and the weekend also marked for the 1st time clubs could open in front since the
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government imposed corona virus restrictions present. manuel micron is expected to address the french people on monday night to lay out the next plan. the panoramic, the delta variant, is sweeping the continent increasing case numbers. however, the severity of the disease is limited by ongoing mass vaccination campaigns. and meanwhile, the survey by the german economic institute chose german firms are confident in the coming year from all, let's bring in conrad booms and on the frankfurt stock exchange for us. so conrad, are we expecting a fundamental rethink of how businesses and government approach the measurements of the corona virus spreads such as case numbers? good morning, daniel. well, i think this fundamental rethink is already happening. and of course the reason for this is the program. the reason for this is the progress of the vaccination programs all over europe. if you have 2 jobs of either the biotech, pfizer, or the as far as any vaccine chances that you end up in the hospital really,
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really small. so of course, governments and also businesses are saying as soon as you know, as long as the jap gets offered to the citizens and as long as hospitals don't get overcrowded again with you deadly covered cases. this is the time to open and to allow the economy to operate and grow again, right? it seems that the u. k is going the furthest is perhaps taking the 1st big initial risk with unlocking. they say that they're going to unlock everything on july. the 19th is this approach one, the other european nations will likely copy soon. you know, daniel's, the urge is definitely there because governments have increased their debt so immensely. they have stressed their budgets enormously in order to be able to fight the economic impact off the pandemic. now, of course, governments know that this cannot go on forever. eventually, people and businesses have to work again, make money again and pay taxes again. now, as you know, of course,
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part is johnson has a very populous hands on approach to policy making and to presenting it with a strong sense of what makes good headlines. very likely that here in germany, for example, the policies will be more data driven. and a bit more sober in the way that presented. okay, well just one week until the unlocking deadline, so we will see pretty soon what the results are. conrad thank you very much. now climate change affects every part of our lives. even our morning coffee, 60 percent of wild coffee species are a threat of extinction, warmer temperatures, pest and disease are all taking that whole. farmers in columbia are searching for new techniques to protect their crops. the inspection of her coffee field has just begun, but clara largo is already nervous. are the coffee berries healthy, or has the beetle gotten to them 1st as it has so often in the past?
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when they come get the not because i just climate change is feeling the spread of the coffee bore a beetle. me. if you don't consistently inspect, look at it, goes into the fruit and consumes everything on the c name for you to look around the village of can chia everything revolves around coffee just as it has for generations. some $3000.00 small farmers oppose the tradition. each coffee cherry is selected by hand like in other parts of the world. this quality control has helped make columbia a world leader. however, climate change is threatening to reduce the area that can support coffee cultivation, both here and worldwide. by 50 percent in the next 30 years. coffee could become scarce. many farmers that are already giving it up. that's out of the question for the you kito, we borrow family. they're fighting against these climate change consequences. up here at 1700 meters,
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the harvest is going well for them this year. i've lived off of coffee all my life. i don't have a lot of money. they don't think 1000000 k quarter. you know, i'm karnilia is really looking for e l. his family and his neighbors sought advice from an organization funded mainly from the netherlands. as a result, they now plant their coffee trees under larger shady trees. they also leave weeds to keep the soil cool and moist. could put the bull, it continued to act now and consolidate the soil. so the plan trees and all of that which will help us to survive commodities in the law. we can't stop climate change, but all of this will help coffee farming last longer. because we're
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e. l says he can't do it alone. but with his efforts and his neighbors combined, maybe they can make a difference. and the reminder of the top story this our virgin galactic plain carrying sir richard branson and the crew of 5 reached the edge of space on sunday. a trip marked milestone for commercial space flights. virgin could soon be followed by competitors, blue origin and space. next, i know you're up to date with the w business. if you want more, check out our website dw dot com. i'm daniel winter in berlin for me and the business team. thank you for watching. the goal was right in front of them. they are all then certainly we agreed to postpone beer olympic games that tokyo with 2023. of course during the qualifying ground for sports heroes down during lockdown starts july 19th on d, w. we're all set to go
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on as we take on the world, we're all about the stories that matter to whatever it may be on fire made for mines. i boon and harry were journalists for apple daily, the most outspoken newspaper in hong kong, the painful farewell. the headline of its final edition the popular paper was forced to shut and the china is tightening control over its
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free is city wide. apple daily didn't change when hong kong has what does the papers fate tell us about the future of hong kong? all this isn't a normal day at the office for poon, the 30 year old journalist has just learned that the newspaper he worked for for a decade would close at midnight. all day. i'm on hold. we just received. notice that apple daily will publish its final edition tonight. so i am rushing back to the office, although i still have a report pending publication that i see if i can make it today. the work prepared for its ending. it still feels unreal. that morning, another staff member from apple daily, an editor ariel writer,
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was arrested under hong kong national security law. it was imposed by beijing to outline act of some versions of session collusion and terrorism punishable by.


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