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the who's this is the w news life from bell in italy, a crown champions that euro 2020. the fans celebrate that team defeats england in its penalties. shoot out ad when they lift a trophy for the 2nd time in the history. also coming out protests break out in cuba
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as thousands take to the streets against food shortages on arising prices. the socialist regime claims the united states and the election with no clear witness. barbarians have gone to the polls. but despite the narrow lead for the conservative political future for the bolcom country remains uncertain. plus a visit to the ed just space. and back down to us again, billionaire richard branson calls that mission accomplished. actually in a new era of space tourist ah i'm going to have as welcome to the program. italy have been crowned european football champions at wembley stadium. they beat england on panel. italy. fans
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rejoiced for nobody to finish, which saw england missing 3 of their 5 shots. heartbreaking end for the english. despite their home advantage, the wembley stadium lit up to celebrate italy's memorable victory. while thousands of u. k based italy fence turned out to support their side. they were massively outnumbered by their english counterparts. but that only made victory case meter. very, very uneasy and in a great game, new england, a very well. fortunately today independence, what can we say was a great game and i think we dominated and he was quite well deserved. like played a game of also good to italy did. it's a hard way falling behind to luke shaw goal after just 2 minutes
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with a goal, math scramble in the 2nd half. so leonardo minucci equal and then 3 english missed penalties, sealed victory for the suing. all was all i was lucky enough to be part of a great keen and it's late in the 990 world cup for twins. and i was also lucky enough to play enough antacids. you 21 sided, 198824 despite absolutely the best we managed not to win because like that. gotcha . and both times we lost the penalties and therefore luck owed me something that i saw to me the waiver. yeah. some england fans were so bent on seeing their team through up it's 55 year dry spell that they stormed a wimbley barriers throughout the tournament. they'd proclaim football was coming home and said it was off to rome. the never go
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john. so you know, the 2 of the parties in italy's capital red death as fans celebrated the victory as the suit reclaimed their 1st european championship since 1968. we have of course, boned them standing by the teams respective capital. see my go in rome there and pick a mass in london. let's go to rome 1st. seem like give us a sense of what italians are saying and feeling this morning. well, it's just pure joy in the us, the a rome and throughout the country. everyone is just eating a sense of believe it was an incredibly emotional and very final, especially when everything went down to those penalties, shoot out. but clearly the emotions running high as the team and the cup have
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returned to room. and i scheduled to meet the president and the prime minister later today in the talent capital. the peak was here to support the leading with get the trouble band meeting. it's just too beautiful, seeing the team take the final this way. the, let's say it's hours as the duty have just made it all very crazy, wembley on sunday night and for saying we it's apps now it's us that have taken home the championship. clearly emotional, but the feeling of jubilation here. and it's well beg in mos in london, possibly a very, very different mood that you are quite somebody and the rain is fitting . i have to say get had the nation yesterday was electric really. and they were so hopeful and also safety, 5 years awaiting that. i could bring home international championship,
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but it wasn't to happen and i work with a lot of young people and they were really, really to stroll to a lot of the girlfriends had to come for these young men. and also that's what the papers emphasizing is the comforting. the guardian has kept the tray now and one of the play as mister penalty saying so close. and then there is the son who also has the same embrace. but they also take pride of lions and they all to have a quote by prince william and he said you can all hold your head high and be so proud. so that's the other emphasis. it was a really good game and a really good team on the there. hopeful that maybe this maybe next year as well because they would have a bigger focus was very much all 3 young players who missed the spot cakes. and there's another story, rather unpleasant story has emerged to us about that. well, yes,
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it has been overnight. some racial abuse towards some of these players who missed the penalties. now, the english team is very diverse. i think over half of them have either parent or grandparent who was not born in britain and that has been this racial abuse. however, this also been a big backlash and the condemnation of, of that's abuse. why the football association vice prime minister is johnson. and also by a lot of people who basically all saying, well, you are young and you all diverse and you have actually actually recapture the english flag from the fall. right. and you've made it something that the whole nation can unite again to. you've got a much stronger sentiment and my view of people really standing behind this team is sima. this wind is coming off a very difficult 18 months of the pandemic in italy. that must have also made this victory even sweeter. yes, indeed. i mean,
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you had this intense lockdown that was in italy. let's not forget it. lee was at the center of the corona bar's pandemic, particularly in the beginning, and has lost more than 127000 lives due to colby 19 the highest in the european union. so after all of that, this team, this victory, everything was building up to this moment. i think there's an overwhelming sense of feeling that finally they can celebrate. they can come together in something that is positive, the feeling on the ground last night. and at the end of the, with the semi finals was just one of pure joy. really want to come raji and getting together see me about it on the topic of cove it and then been worries in many countries about fans attending my matches. and that's doing events, what's the view in italy on that? well, just before this final a, p was made by the health minister as well as the t v. a minute to really celebrate,
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but doing it carefully to the social distance where possible and when possible, please make sure where those mas even outdoors mean the knowledge you did to was a football analogy. the match against the pandemic, they say, is not sober. and it must do what's necessary. that's it. of course, last night it was just pure joy. a lot of people not exactly sticking to those rules, but i think it was a moment of celebration that they really wanted to save. and that will probably continue today as well as the 3 will be celebrating in the capitol hill, understandably so. thank you very much. see, my go to in rome and big mass in london as not take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in northern california, as firefighters struggled to contain a massive blaze that holds back was complex. fire doubled in size over the weekend
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and is now the largest in california. it's full to have been caused by lightning. more than $60000.00 acres, half band. a israel supreme court has ruled, same sex couples should be allowed to have children with the help of surrogate mothers, l g, b, t, q activists have been campaigning for years to have the rule changed. the court says restrictions barring gay couples from surrogacy must be lifted within 6 months . the police in haiti has said they have arrested a man who they allege, flew into the country on a private jet and conspired to assassinate president jovan al noise. the haitian national allegedly worked with him off the minds of the killing while he was shot dead at his omen for the prompts. early on wednesday. unrest over the jailing of former south african president, jacob zoom and had spread to the economic capital to 100 shots have been looted and
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highway close. the protest began in zoom as home province was all in the town where he has begun to 15 months jail sentence, for contempt of court. protest have also broken out in cuba with thousands of people taken to the streets against the socialist regime. demonstrators express frustration at food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of covert 19 vaccines. the government has tried to blame the us for the unrest and is rallying its own supporters. yeah, they are crying out for freedom in the streets of a banner. this the greatest show discontent with the socialist government since the 1991 in the trigger for this protest is the desperate economic situation. right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we call you because it's a repression of the people base sobbing up to death. the banner is collapsing, we have no homes,
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nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrate his angry. we are not afraid . they cry out. security beat me, my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street to supporters of the government had been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can know himself led this rally. it was organized quickly in town outside savannah, where the anti government protest began early on sunday we came together with the revolutionaries here, the st. long also. and how do you, with the president encouraging supported to mobilize against opponents. there were ugly confrontations. here revolutionary sit tight opposition protests to
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the cuban to here. we are never going to give up the revolution. never the meanest regime has ruled cuba since 1959. it survived the fall of the soviet union and the depth of it found the fidel castro. now would it again be challenged . wow. 7 so lot like they show it is unlikely you go without apply. earlier we spoke to hank and associate professor at the city of diversity of new york, specialize in cuba. and we asked him who was behind these protests? it's fairly obvious that the people are behind it. this is a protest that has no leader, has no organization. that may be a weakness of it going forward. but it seems to have broken through because the accumulated frustration over the past 21 or 2 years with the
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economic crisis, few food shortages, medical source shortages, caused primarily by the economic system of cuba that inefficient and unproductive. and on top of that, of course you have the us and margot, it isolates are attempts to isolate and cut off. i think the people are in the middle and they're fed up with excuses with wise with manipulation. the government claims that this is orchestrated, paid by the united states. how do you get people and 6 or 8 cities all across to about thousands of people in each case to protest from the united states. it's ridiculous to claim that at the same time, we don't know really what the next step is, how the government is responding. now it seems to be inflaming the protesters and not leading to any kind of negotiating solution. said hank and associates professor at the city university of new york speaking to us till bulgaria. now the 2nd
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elections in 3 months have failed to produce a clear winner on official results show. the center ride party of the former prime minister local bar itself has finished barrier ahead of a new populace party. several anti corruption pipe parties ran in the election, though none have one enough votes to form a majority in parliament. tanya draven has been fighting for change for years. she is a member of democratic bulgaria, an anti corruption alliance that hopes to form the new government. if it succeeds, it will be the 1st change of government in 11 years. circle with you. i want to win back our country a freedom of choice. so bulgaria becomes a better place to live. i want an economy that's not undermined by corruption and a country where you funds they use properly business and is the target just the criticism is ex prime minister boy co borrower sells his image
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as a man of the people has been badly damaged after a year of anti corruption protests in april far as the one the most votes but fails to find religion. partner far so excuses his opponents of trying to falsify results . the good. this is the ok. the chaos they have created is visible. people line up in a few hours. the central election commission is asleep. at 7 am, people started working the c e. c. first meeting was at 9 sides of complaints. machines which don't what paper, no print history, nothing's complete. chaos back up. but observe as reports that the election went smoothly, though with a lower turnout than last time. bar subs party came at neck and neck with the new popular party that is such a people beneath credit forming a coalition, government is likely to be complicated of the w 0 correspondent,
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bob in sophia, covering bulgarian election that now the preliminary results show a very narrow lead for a self conservative barbara. he seems to have gotten the most votes. does that mean he'll be back in power? no, it doesn't get ahead because more or less the party, the head of the party last night has conceded that they will again not be able to form a government. we've seen those spring where nobody wants to go into a coalition with them because for the opposition parties, of course, this would have been suicide is sort of treason against the voters. so this is not going to have the bars of party and bulk of boris of itself. louis for so many years dominated by gary and politics. they will have to go onto the back benches and so to sit it out to wait and see what happens because more than more likely than not gary's in for a period of relative political instability, they will have to somehow make something out of this 2nd election result because
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they can send the voters to the polls. again, we've seen how low the turn out was between 30 and 40 percent this time. and so people are frustrated and they would, they would want more better functioning democracy. but somehow the vote hasn't thrown up a result that is going to help them to move forward. so what other options are on the table then? then 2 options on the table. one is that there's going to be a minority government that the opposition parties who together is sort of guarded about 42 percent that they get. for instance, the socialists form a communist party to tolerate them all that they will have some sort of supply arrangement, like we've seen it in the past in the united kingdom where another party just supports the government and doesn't topple it. so that would be radically be possible, but the talks between the 3 position parties will be distilled because there are
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political ideas of very divergent as well how to get them together. it could be difficult. and the last option in the table would be to sort of talk to the interim government and say ok and stay there quite well. like in the country, stay in office for another year. we just have to start yourself out and guarantee some stability. that's really what most bulgarians want, voter turnout was between 30 and 40 percent. that's pretty low. why? it's incredibly low people. i mean there's several reasons. one is of course, this is the some vacation time. so many people have gone up to the c side and you have to go to your local polling station here. so people didn't want to travel for that, for instance, and the other more. the larger reason is, of course, that there's incredible frustration was politics per state. and people have been really shocked throughout the last months about the, the reports about these huge corruption scandal wondering of money that matthew,
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having that tend to kill everywhere in the life of even average bulgarians. everything being undermined the institutions of the state, the police, the judiciary, and so the people are frustrated with it all. they turn away, they just say, you know, just go do what you want. we are not in for this anymore, but that is particularly bad because it means that there's not going to be strong enough for the cool cause to pull the country out of the walk. my air of corruption correspond to barbara. thank you, barbara. going to the caucuses nation of georgia, now attentions have been inflamed, after television journalists covering an attack on l. g. b. teach you protest was found dead in his apartment. alexander last caravan has been severely beaten by right wing rioters. a few days ago. attacked for doing his job. now found dead camera men alexander less co rather was beaten by right wing mom.
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well covering an anti l g b t q riot. the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear. thousands have taken to the streets in solidarity with the journalist. very angry protesters accused the government of enabling by violence. we all the government directly responsible for failing to provide security for the jordan. and therefore, we believe that the resignation of the prime minister and the government is the only response that will be set to factor into the origin in they started with very clear message. the government that has organized poker almost by the radical with simply good targeted to the, to always journalist and then has multiple people who are damaged. and now 11 that has to reside last week,
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writers attacked the l. g b t q, campaign offices in george's capital, tbilisi, must carrabas, was there, and filmed the attackers around 50 journalists were injured. the loss carrabba's death has further inflamed tension and more demonstrations are expected. british billionaire richard branson as successfully completed a maiden flies to the edge of space. branson and 5 crewmen thought ac kilometers above the earth in the virgin galactic unity space plain branson has no edge the head of his rivals, jeff bezos and long mask in a battle between high flying typhoons. suit and climbing as we take off for it had brands as in unity space plain to him as 5 crew members beyond erst atmosphere. the aircraft climbed 80 kilometers from the new mexico desert. during the one hour trip,
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the crew experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. 10 seconds, i was wrong, the child were the dream. looking out to the saws. now, i mean i don't hit a spaceship. was a lot of wonderful, i doubt looking down to you for being so the next generation of dreamers. and just imagine what you can do for some, this is the mission of eccentric billionaires, and it's time when financial inequality is rising. other one that face tourism will only create unnecessary emissions as the world faces climate change. but for branson and his theme, it's a success that was long in the making. there's mach one trimming. now. i think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization. where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space. that is, that is truly special. it's going to be
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a game changer. i think for space a trip with virgin galactic for a few minutes and space will cost around $250000.00 per person. but branson isn't alone in his venture to commercialize space travel. it hasn't feel we've been working out of town or just phase us scheduled to fly aboard his company blue origin rocket later this month. this time to stay. meanwhile test last elan mosque says he is planning to head into space in september. his space ex venture has received funding from the u. s. government and has even bigger plans with space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other, other space systems to earth or vision. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism,
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taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of micro gap microgravity time. branson beat his rattle tycoon by being 1st off the ground and back down again. here to this new space, race is really just beginning. hold it just like this for a minute before larry spoke to keith cowley, he's the editor of the space, the website, nasa, watch, dot com and awesome if this is just richmond fully, or is there any scientific benefit as well? well, 2 things. first of all, back back in the day when, you know, railroads are starting to become a thing in the u. s. around the world with a giant, you know, railroad barren steel barons. when the airline started up, there were, you know, intimate flights between one big, rich guy and another. and yet eventually, airlines you know, offered something that people wanted and somebody came up with a cheaper way to do it. now. it's like breathing. you get an airplane. but at the start somewhere with usually with the crazy idea that are all express was a crazy idea. is there a scientific value to this?
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well, on his vision, there was actually scientific experiment. nasa had other space agencies have been buying sub over to flights for over half a century. and so these missions won't be one to ponies. they will do many things. you'll see people flying in them for pleasure. you'll see scientific instrumentation that is paid for by gas or isa, or other countries, and another part of it, some more and someplace from the other. but at the end of the day, do you learn science about people from this you possibly can. but this is not primarily assigned, terrific endeavors of business endeavor, just like getting on an airplane or a bus or a pleasure, chris. some time that you're watching t w isn't that fits from from in the, the new stream to don't go away the next day. your winds up has the business news for you. i'll be back with more worldviews headlines at the top of the on till then . of course, you can stay up to date with all the latest news and analysis on our website.
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that's d w dot com. but before we go, let's join the italy fans once mom severing their euro. 2020 victory says the news . the news . the news, the news,
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the news the news an incredibly hostile environment and he has a sight of international conflict, peaceful cooperation. and man
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scientists investigation secret struggle going on for control. a message from another planet. in 45 minutes on d, w o. the virus spread. why don't we panic by? and when will all this? just 3 of the topics that we covered and our weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other to find topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com slash science president george
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w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm going to medical and i was not afraid to make a decision. it was not afraid to leave the kind of person with a lovely soul, and that's a person i got to know that interview with george w bush july 14th at 1530 u t. c. on the w. ah, another giant leap for mankind. virgin galactic successfully launch. it's found a richard branson into space. first of many plan space tourism flights. we'll hear from an expert and your morning coffee could be under threat. my climate change. we take you to columbia to find out why you're welcome to dw business. i'm daniel
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winter in berlin and welcome to the dawn of a new space age the words of richard branson. as a virgin galactic.


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