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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] the news this is the w news live from italy across champions as 02020 the celebrate as that team defeats england in a penalty suit at the very least the trophies for the 2nd time in that is also coming off, protest spread out in cuba as thousands to take to the streets against food
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shortages and rising prices. the communist regime blames be united states and visits to the i just space. i'm back down again. billionaire richard branson, called the mission, accomplished offering in a new era of space to ah, me. i'm going to have, as welcome to the program. italy have been crowned european football champions, wembley stadium, they beat england on penalties. italy fans rejoiced after a nail biting finished, which saw england missing 3 of their 5 shots. heartbreaking in for the english, despite the home advantage, the wembley stadium lit up to celebrate italy's memorable victory. while thousands of u. k based italy,
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fans turned out to support their side. they were massively out by their english counterpart. but that only made victory to mature. between very, very amazing, integrate game, new england very well. fortunately, we did the independence. what can we say was a great game and i think we dominated and he was quite well deserved. like played a game of also get to them as italy did. it's a hard way falling behind to show a goal after just 2 minutes with a goal, math scramble in the 2nd half. so leonardo the new t equals and then 3 english mrs. penalties sealed victory for the saudi e o l. i was lucky enough to be part of
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a great team and this late in the 1990 world cup for twins. and i was also lucky enough to play in a fantastic you 21 side in 198820 4. she was just absolutely embarrassed. we managed not to win because i was like that. gotcha. and both times we lost the penalties. therefore luck owed me something that i saw me the waiver. yeah, some england fans were so bent on seeing their teen threw off. it's 55 year drive bill that they stormed a wimbley barriers throughout the tournament. they proclaimed football was coming home and said it was up to rome. i never got the right john or any 3 of the parties in italy's capital red death as fan celebrated the victory as the
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suit reclaimed their 1st european championship since 1960 for more on this matter, i have maxed out from the w sports. it will be a studio at quite a game. just take us through it. well as we saw that brilliant, early start freeing the loop shows goal and a redemption story for him as well. after a tricky few years, when played a really good 1st half, they switched back to a 343 formation like they did against germany. gamble that the italian wing is maybe wouldn't be defensively, so involved that gamble paid off. and then italy, though, stayed focused patient and manage the game that deep soaked up, the pressure went to worried about scoring in the 1st half. and even in the 2nd, it took them a little while to get that goal eventually after a corner. but england kind of went into the shell, they didn't have the creativity, they didn't make the substitution of italy, we're making to get fresh legs onto the page the whole time. and i think, you know, as a coach, you have to be a bit of a gambler and sounds gates tactic was to gamble on the plays the on the pitch and
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very late to bring on then 1st 2nd, henderson and then an extra time other players than the penalties again, you know, you gamble and sounds great, gambled and he lost jordan, pick fitting and go to school. save 2 penalties using a wednesday. yeah. usually that winds your pal to shoot up. didn't pay off this. so italy deserve european championship. i mean on the whole, yes, it was that tournament and they didn't go into this tournament, is one of the key favorites. you know, you had france and portugal for instance, take that mantle with belgium. italy among a lot of inside is especially italian inside, as they said, watch out for this team because the city is getting better is a good mix of young, an old mancini. the coach brought a real togetherness to the squad. and like i say the league has improved and you have not just teams from the 1st full clubs providing place to the national team. i think that's always very important for the hunger as well as the side. they certainly went like favorites, but kelly and he put it best just so you said at the beginning of the tournament,
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there was certain magic amongst the group and you saw that through the tournament. great togetherness and great football. energetic. we never hardly ever say that about italy. you mentioned the gambling coach has to do so could bring in for the penalty. shoot, 3 inexperienced play as 2 of them hadn't been on the page before that match. was that a gamble too far? it's tricky. in hindsight, yeah, you probably say, you know, soccer coming on late in full time, and then the, the to just coming right before the panels he shoots out. on the other hand, you know, sometimes you have tired legs and then those people mis penalties. so in hindsight you could say yes young plays, but southgate put that honest on himself. he said i picked the play is based on what we had been doing in training. you can't replicate this sort of situation and training of course. and this is a really young group. we have to remember the next well compass. only about 500 days away. katasha 2022. so there's still lots to do for this england team. the italy team, they've got to kind of cross roads,
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their central defensive pairing. celine benoit, she a 36 and 34 respectively. so i think england, they have to look in the future. say, look, we're going to learn from this. we may have done things differently in hindsight, but there is still hope for england fans even though we suffer from disappointment . very often, if my comments are ations to you and all the other england fans, thank you max merrill from the w. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. official results, so no clear winner in bulgaria is parliamentary elections. the central ride party led by former prime minister, bicycle bar itself, won the most votes just ahead of a new populous party. but neither side looks like a formal coalition result could show in a period of political instability and it growing public and corruption. thousands of people in georgia have rallied in front of the parliament demanding the resignation of the prime minister, the angry over the death of
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a tv camera man who was badly beaten by a mob of anti l. g. b t q. protestors. the man was later found dead in his home, but is not yet clear how he died. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in northern california as firefighters struggle to contain a massive plays. the so called back with complex fire doubled in size over the weekend and is now the largest in california. it's thought to have been caused by lightning more than 60000 acres. half bond protests have broken out in cuba with thousands of people taken to the streets against the communist regime. demonstrators express frustration at food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of covert 19 vaccines. the government has tried to blame the us for the unrest and his rallying its own supporters. yeah, they crying out for freedom in the streets of savannah,
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the greatest show discontent with the socialist government in the 1991 in the trigger to this protest. if the desperate economic situation right now, the country is suffering from food shortages, we because of the repression of the people based sobbing us to death. banner is slaps and we have no homes, nothing. now the, the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrate as angry as we are not afraid . they cry out, security beat me, my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the support of the government had been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can now himself
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lead this rally was organized quickly in a town outside savannah where the anti government protest began early on sunday time together with the revolutionaries here, the district long went out to you with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents, ugly confrontations. here revolutionaries detained opposition, protest to the cuban to here we are never going to give up the revolution. never communist regime, his root cubits in 959. it survived the full of the soviet union and the death of it found the fidel castro. now, would it again be challenged. i like the show. it is unlikely to go without a fight at folk to ted hank and associate professor of the city university of new york,
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specializing in cuba. we asked him who was behind these protests. it's fairly obvious that the people are behind it. this is a protest that has no leader has no organization that may be a weakness of it going forward. but it seems to have broken through because we accumulated frustration over the past 21 or 2 years. with the economic crisis, use food shortages, medical store shortages cause primarily by the economic system of cuba. that's inefficient and unproductive. and on top of that, of course you have the us and margot and isolates are attempts to isolate and cut off. i think the people are in the middle and they're fed up with excuses with lies with manipulation. the government claims that this is orchestrated, paid by the united states. how do you get people and 6 or 8 cities all across to
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about thousands of people in each case to protest from united states. it's ridiculous to claim that at the same time, we don't know really what the next step is, how the government is responding. now it seems to be inflaming the protesters and not leading to any kind of negotiate solution. to thinking that associate professor at the city on the verge of new york speaking to us. but this building richard branson has successfully completed the maiden flight to the edge of space. branson and 5 crew made sword 80 kilometers about the earth and the virgin galactic unity space. plain branson has no edge the head of his rivals, jeff phases and even mosque, and a battle between high flying typhoons. the sued and climbing as we take off or it had brands them as a unitary space plane took him and 5 crew members beyond erst atmosphere. the aircraft climbed 80 kilometers from the new mexico desert. during the one hour trip
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the crew experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. 10 seconds. i was once a kid with a dream looking up to the stars. and now i'm an adult in a spaceship, looking back to a beautiful to the next generation that dream is. if we can do this, just imagine what you can do for some, this is the mission of eccentric billionaires and a time when financial inequality is rising, others worn but space tourism will only create unnecessary emissions as the world faces climate change. but for brands, and in his theme, it's a success that was long in the making. there's mach one trimming. now, i think that this is now here, finally reaching the point of commercialization where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space. that is, that is truly special. it's going to be a game changer. i think for space a trip with virgin galactic for
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a few minutes and space will cost around $250000.00 per person. but branson isn't alone in his venture to commercialize space travel. has a few. we've been working, amazon found a just based off the schedule to fly aboard his company blue origin rocket later this month. this time to stay. meanwhile, tesla musk says he is planning to head into space. in september. his space ex venture has received funding from the us government and has even bigger plans. what space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other others space systems to earth or vision. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of micro gap microgravity time,
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france and beat his rival tycoon by being 1st off the ground and back down again here. but this new space race is really just beginning. hold it just like this for a minute before message from me and the news team don't go away. that's coming up after a short break. well, stories a week and reports on the back headline. as at the top of the built in berlin, thanks for watching the news in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make sure of the 1st time i turn things on the planet by 2050 model,


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