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to keep your mouth in turn fuels my positive expectation for the rest of the study of food and vitamin. it's a theory, but we don't fully understand the question about this is me. what is, is that the dummy therapy cause no change in physical conditions such as mobility. the placebo only improved the individual's subjective perception and sensation of pain. clean vinny that might not sound like much, but this is for a lot of patients are holding up to 15 percent of the population suffers from chronic pain in math and he's still not getting adequate treatment. they also look medication disposal is limited. bush st. oh, not a angry, you know, it is now able to work out again some things she was previously scared of doing due to the pain and she intends to keep on taking the prestige in mind. i think my mind is now telling me i might need them. although i know that
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i could actually stop taking them opposite. the bose can help to relieve pain. come being void of active ingredients. free yes, side effects. what is the world's most popular home remedies for headaches? if coffee, small studies show that the metric beverage actually helps. in some cases, caffeine constricts the blood vessels and slows down pain. promoting the transmitters. but the rest of being brew can do even more stuff. i'm lisa is the owner of this berlin, coffee roaster. he knows everything about this classic conte beverage from trivia to more important information such as whether espresso has a particularly high caffeine content that's expressed. so definitely does not have more caffeine than regular coffee county. it can be measured probably mason and it's presto contains around 50 milligrams of caffeine and
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a couple of filter coffee around 80 milligram cities on that. that's because the longer the contact between the boiling water and the coffee, the more caffeine is extracted contact within that assume your coffee, emerald export in the case of an express. so the contact is brief only around 30 seconds slices, according to what i did. i rude coffee, take several minutes to pass through the filter and therefore extract more caffeine . quite yet. and this caffeine unhealthy. what effect does it have on our heart and blood pressure? caffeine is one of the oldest stimulus known to human kind boosts bodies, metabolic rate. and depending on the drinker can cause a breach spike in blood pressure. so people who need to have their blood pressure checked should refrain from drinking coffee, half an hour beforehand. otherwise, the reading will be deceptively high. but high blood pressure patients can still drink. coffee's doctors say that 4 to 5 today is fine.
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unless the drink causes an upset stomach, this depends to a degree on the type of coffee. the erotic a variety, for example, has only half the level of acidity as robust a beam management. and the 1st thing i'd say to people with sensitive stomach is by 100 percent. a wrap, a coffee, if possible, coffee, colorful, would not be call done movies to then go for dr. rosie and coffee express western. and finally, let's don't leave the pot on the warming plate for too long after making the coffee off. that's what i don't longer see. unless another comments conception is that drinking coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body. is that true? coffee in the village in giving a low dose of caffeine has a highly stimulating effect and accelerates the autonomic nervous system. knock it
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off and so all coffee drinkers will notice that the water they consume is flushed back out of the body. more quickly about the coffee doesn't in itself extract water from the body buffer in seat, but as is the case elsewhere, drink in moderation. and now we have a question for you. what's the 1st thing you eat or drink in the morning and wine? if you tell us about it, you might just win a special backpacks just with thoughts. you can take d w with you wherever you go. right to us or better yet, send a photo or a video t t w dot com slash slash my morning or by email. the deadline is august 6, looking forward to hearing from you. hands are amazing. they can grip and hold and handle both hard labor and perform tongues that require light touch me, they help us to communicate and reassure millions
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of sensors for pressure and temperature. that's why injuries to the hands, especially painful. when skinner behind is inflamed, it can become a torment. manuel has rediscovered the simple joy of being able to hold a hot drink in his hand. something that would have been unthinkable just 6 weeks ago. the howard i'll be gone in, i was like again started to develop a rash on which i initially underestimated. then it started to flake hot and gradually there was this growing pressure in the skin as if the skin was too small for my hands to help in. and then it started to crack and bleed. blue they don't is, i'll keep loved. this is what is handling to help in and then it started to crack and bleed. the blue they don't is of keep loved. this is what is hands used
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to look like. he was diagnosed with hand eczema a non contagious, but very common ailment in manuel case. it was likely triggered by his job. he's a mechanic and does a lot of work with his hands. suzanne has had hand eczema for a year. now. she works in music marketed, mine where required hospital stay, so that doctors could get to the bottom of what was putting his hands in such a terrible state. went up, i tend to do i'm patient what's in an environment where he's in contact with irritating substances. time with us, so he has to wear gloves a lot, and washes comes frequently hint of action on. all of that is compounded by the presence of moisture to cause damage to the skin barrier and white gloves a lot, and washes hums frequently hint of action on. all of that is compounded by the presence of moisture to cause damage to the skin barrier. and ultimately,
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to the hum ducks, most injury spend 200 x, same 1st, who doctors performed what was called an ebay genius test, which involves sticking a patch containing small amounts of contact, allergens to the patient skin. the aim is to determine whether manuel has analogy a possible cause of the exit 70 it. manuel is allergy test turns up negative. so doctors are also at a loss as to which chemical agent is causing the inflammation. when it comes to protecting your skin glove material is crucial. the islands, i think if the central made for no more suitable for home next monday, because that reasonable think of that. and then i asked for rubber glove. so study work or do they cause the patient to sweat more decent and not moist environment exacerbate symptom when you come to the home? so in the future, manuel will have to cover his hands with cock his hands will also be exposed to
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u. v. a. radiation applying a special notion beforehand increases the effectiveness of the treatment. although the risks from exposure to radiation mean that photo therapy can only be used for a brief period. another short term option for hand eczema is cortisone. cortisol claims in fish evening, there was various quarters and creams of different strengths available. tradition and a strong ones have a rapid inflammatory side effect that they make the skin simmer. so we switch fairly quickly to medium strength creation, to then gradually face the mouth as it as high. so that means using them only every 2 or 3 days and done. and eventually the amos caught his own free creams. suzanne's treatment involves count senior and inhibitors, which are used to relieve the itching by slowing down the immune systems response
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thanks for the oil industry pick up and severe cases where the external therapy is not sufficient. we can prescribe tablets that contain benet behind these and in the fan, the problem here is that the patient is a young woman. she has to avoid getting pregnant. confound here, waiting to find a shaft from maiden most. and if you do want to prescribe them to young women, they need to be closely monitored to get control for the leash. but above all proper hand cares essential for hand eggs. most sufferers moisturizing creams served as a kind of liquid gloves that protect the skin barrier. susan reads cream on her hands up to 20 times a day, and is careful to wash your hands only in lukewarm water. and with franklin's free soaps. and when it's cold outside, susan always wears gloves. she's helping herself, and the resulting drop in stress is also good for her skin. ah!
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now let's get moving. come on off the couch. it's time to work out, put the v and stop and go. now for the next exercise, mountain climbers and starts and push up position. your arms should be shoulder, which part. and now one after the other. pull your knees up to your find from both fast. i'm challenging enough, you can hop from in on the body of the mountain climate. you can do 20 repetitions with a short pause between one and 3 that was altogether but i don't enjoy those mountain time is see you next week and good shape.
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the news. the news news news the
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the all the merchandise is children. german couple desperate for a baby ah. the owner of a reproduction empire the biological mother, the complete story behind the baby business, ukraine's get mother's in 30 minutes on the w. daily life for jews in europe like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism in the conflict in the middle east effect like film producer, alice brown and publish cooler mon examined what it's like being jewish.
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ah, in 70 ah, cruise kind of in george w bush invited us to this summer. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor uncle. i'm not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave the kind of person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know the interview with george w bush july 14th at 1530 u t. c. on the w. b in december, 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a breaking mission. i for you to make sure of the 1st
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time i turn students on the planet by not all member states support it. and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of power to host a little when the game, diplomatic poker, scenery, power plays, and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august. 5th on d, w. me the news
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. this is day w. news live from berlin, italy, a crown champions. your road 2020. the celebrate advancing defeats england in a penalty shoot out a wimbley story lift the trophy for the 2nd time in history will bring you mass analysis and reaction. also coming up, protest rank out in cuba or a 1000 to take to the straits against food shortages and rising prices. the communist government blank, the united states and game set an record for novak joke of edge winds at wimbledon, declaimed 20th grand. slam title equaling the record of roger federer, and raphael ah
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hello, i'm rebecca riches. welcome to the program. italy have been crowned european champions at wembley stadium out debating england on penalties. italy fans rejoiced after a nail biting finish, which saw england missing 3 of their 5 shots. heartbreaking and for the english, despite their home ground advantage, the when the stadium lit up to celebrate italy as memorable victory. while thousands of k based elite bands turned out to support their side, they were massively out numbered by their english. that only made victory to mature . very uneasy and the great game paid very well for me today and the penalty. what can we say? was a great game and i think we dominated and he was quite well deserved. like
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played a game as well. so it really did it the hard way falling behind to lose the goal after just 2 minutes. with a goal, math scramble in the 2nd half. so leonardo minucci equal and then 3 english missed penalties, sealed victory for the saudi e o l. i was lucky enough to be part of a great team and this late in the 990 world cup for twins are going to i was also lucky enough to play in a fantastic you 21 sided 198824 just by doing absolutely was embezzling, we managed not to win because i was like that. gotcha. and both times we lost the penalties so therefore luck owed me something that i saw to me. the waiver. yeah. some england fans were so bent on seeing their team through if it's 55
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year dry spell that they stormed the wembley barriers. throughout the tournament, they'd proclaim football was coming home and said it was up to rome. the never goes right. john, i've gone through the parties in italy's capital, red duff as fan, celebrated to victory as the suit reclaimed their 1st european championship. since 1960 the devil is alaina taki was in rome for the match and gave was a feel of what it was like to be there. i was i was your, i mean and i've been to a lot of them and they had that because coming to rome. 7
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and not a home. and a lot of times that i spoke to said that this tech in europe and kept in the time because of the grown up demick just being able to experience the so i showed up sort of emotions to be able to stand next to my mind. a deeper to put content to feel the high to feels and all, and of course the body, it's just getting started in rome. a lot of these fan, they are out night at the moment and i think they have a sleepless night ahead of them and roam. let's take a look now. it's over the other stories making headlines around the world, police and say the rest of the man who flew into the country on a private jet and conspired to assassinate president jovan l. no. e z. i say the haitian national worked with the legend mass minds of the killing,
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always was shot dead at his home and prince. on wednesday. unrest over the jailing of former south african president, jacob's duma has spread to the economic capital johannesburg. shops have been looted and a highway closed, the protest again in time province who knew the town where he has begun a 15 month child sentence. the contempt of court, british billionaire richard branson has completed a maiden flight to the edge of space. france and and 5 crewmates spent 60 minutes on board. the virgin galactic spice plain, soaring 80 kilometers above the earth's surface. the flight to usher in a new era of commercial space, travel exit polls show no play a winner and vulgar gary is parliamentary elections. the center right party lead 5 form of prime minister point boris off bally lead a new populous party. but neither side looks likely to form a coalition. the result could usher in a period of political instability. amid growing public anger,
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a corruption a camera man has been found dead at his home into place in georgia on exam. the last caravan had previously covered an attack on an l. g. b t q. protest where he was severely beaten by rioters. police have opened a criminal investigation into his death. oh, attacked for doing his job. now found dead camera men alexander less co rubber was beaten by right wing mom while covering an anti l g b t q. riot. the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear. thousands have taken to the streets in solidarity with the journalists. angry protestors accused the government of enabling violence. we all the government directly responsible for failing to provide if you re key for the jordan. and therefore, we believe that the resignation of the prime minister and the government is the
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only response that will be set to factoring oregon in circles. very clear message. the government that has organized poker on the, by the radical recipient good target to do the 2. so it's journalist has multiple people who are damaged and now 11 that has to reside last week, writers attacked the l. g b t q, campaign offices in georgia capital tbilisi. last carrabas was there, and filmed the attackers around 50 journalists were injured. the loss carrabba's death has further inflamed tension and more demonstrations. are expected. protests have broken out in cuba with thousands of people taking to the straits against the communist government.
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demonstrate is expressed frustration at food shortages, rising prices and the lack of coven vaccines. the government blames the u. s. for the unrest and is rounding its own supporters. yeah, they crying out for freedom in the streets of van. these are the greatest show just content with the government. the 1991 in the trigger to this protest, the desperate economic situation. right now the country is suffering from food shortages. we because the repression of the people based on solving to dep banner is collapsing, we have no homes, nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd, the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrated angry. we are not afraid. they cry out.
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security beat me, my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street and supporters of the government has been out in the streets to president miguel diaz can now he's self lead this rally. he was organized, prickly in a town upside savannah, with the government practice, began early on sunday, trying to show together with the revolutionaries here, the strict, long so now you, with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents. they were ugly confrontation. here, revolutionaries detained opposition, protest to the cuban to here, we are never going to give up these revolution. never communist regime, his route cubis in 1959. it survived the fall of the soviet union,
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and the debt found the fidel castro. now would it again be challenged? i like the show. it is unlikely to go without a fight, the kid hank, and is an associate professor at the city university of new york, specializing in cuba and join me now. ted, thanks for your time. seems like this. i'm pretty rare in cuba who's behind a protest. well, i think it's fairly obvious that the people are behind it. this is a protest that has no leader, has no organization. that may be a weakness of it going forward. but it seems to have broken through because the accumulated frustration over the past due one or 2 years with the economic crisis, few food shortages, medical source shortages, caused primarily by the economic system of cuba that inefficient and unproductive.
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and on top of that, of course you have the us and margot, that isolates are attempts to isolate and cut off. i think the people are in the middle and they're fed up with excuses with wise with manipulation. the government claims that this is orchestrated, paid by the united states. how do you get people and 6 or 8 cities all across to about thousands of people in each case to protest from the united states. it's ridiculous to claim that at the same time, we don't know really what the next step is, how the government is responding. now it seems to be inflaming the protesters and not leading to any kind of negotiating solution. could this be this start? do you think of a major opposition movement against the communist regime? well, i would say that as a continuation back in november of 2000, you had the beginnings of an unprecedented coming together of artists.
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intellectuals who had mostly kept quiet, kept their heads down so they could keep their jobs. 1 and their positions and they came out in the street at the end of november to protest. and that was scuttled, but it has kind of gone underground. it has built up of following that lead to the chat. and the song part 3, e v, the homeland and life that was directly aimed at the government claim of either you choose the homeland or dead. that was a very popular song. and that was the thing that many of the protesters were chanting. so this seems to be a continuation of that, but it's been triggered by the scarcity of medicines and spike, the sudden and deadly spike and cobra cases and cope with death in various parts of the country. right, i keep an excellent kid, hank him,
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thanks very much for your analysis. thank you. and intents, know that chunk of it has claimed his fixed wimbledon victory to equal the record. for the most grand slam titles, he recalled you recovered rather from losing 1st set to be italy's natasha baron teenie, in full fits in some days. final victory puts junk of level alongside roger federer and rough found that down on 20 major titles. after his victory, he was asked where he rates himself among the tennis grapes. when i consider myself best, i believe that i am the best otherwise, you know, i wouldn't be talking confidently about winning slams and making history. but whether i'm the greatest of all time or not, i leave that debate to other people. i said before that it's very difficult to compare the arrows of tennis,
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but i am extremely honored to definitely be part of the conversation. you're watching data for the news coming up after a short break. well, storage the week in reports, i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the alex until then you can always stay up to date with all the latest news on analysis on our website at www dot com . but before we go, let's join the italy, fans one more, favoring the euro. 2020 victory. enjoy. yeah, because the news
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these places in europe are smashing the record. dip into a ball, but i'm sure it's the treasure map for the modern globetrotters. discover some of your record breaking sites on your team. and now also in book form the point against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing.


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