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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 1:00am-2:01am CEST

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now the lease clues the interview with george w bush july 14th at $1530.00 u t. c. on the w. me the news . ah, this is the devil. news lives from berlin, italy, a crown champions at euro 2020. the police celebrate and bid team defeats england and a penalty shootout at wembley stadium. is there a list of the trophies for the 2nd time in the history bringing batch analysis
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reactions from london? i'm here ah ah. hello, i'm rebecca. it says, welcome to the program. italy have been crowned european champions at wembley stadium after beating england on penalties. italian fans rejoiced for a nail biting finish, which for england missing 3 of their 5 penalties. it's only the 2nd time if they have ever won me european championship the last time they picked up, the price was in 1968th heartbreak for england, though, who had taken an early late in the game, but in the end, se narrowly missed out on lifting the trophy in front of the home crowd at wembley and bringing in more from on this story is charlotte chilson pill is outside wembley stadium for us. charlotte, hot breaking for english,
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and they thought football was coming home now. it's on its way to rome. tell us what the atmosphere is like the outside, wembley. well, absolutely. sorry. i'm sure you can imagine for the italy, fans that are here, but angling top right. they do both play out. number the fans. you were in the stadium today. just pouring out of the stadium behind me. some people we for 3 me emotional, some of them in tears, even as they came out the stadium to move in the final and to lose. and this why and penalties is really, really tough for these england fans to take you all made. what have trouble with coming home. and friends really did think that this was the moment of the 55 years . came that this would be the time that they would be victorious in a tournament like this one, but no, it did not go to england. they lost on penalties, and i'm sure you can imagine absolutely devastating such different things to what
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we saw or short time ago. thank you for absolutely denying me when the goal was for the fire was being sets of tail. hey, i was just trying outside the ground now. very dejected. frowns looking out to the stadium at the moment, i think so when you have to buy reminds of the prime minutes. devoris johnson said this himself ahead of the game. england haven't made it into a final all the major tournament like this since 1966 when they won the world cup. so regardless of the devastating outcome for the fountain, i have nevertheless made history channel. well commiseration to all those in the u . k. until sending outside wembley stadium and from all on the match, i am jonathan craig from dw sport to join me here in the studio on. awesome, thanks for coming in. what a game. first of all, commiseration as an englishman. i know you must be very upset, but before get to the actual match itself, there was
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a bit of controversy ahead of the game. can you talk us through that? yeah, we will get to the match in a 2nd. but i think important to mention this because before the match, some england signs my store in the state and ticket, the fans who didn't have a ticket for the match or they got through some barriers. the pictures have really not very nice things, to be honest. now, when we initially denied those fans who got into the stadium late, released another statement saying no, a small number got through. that's what we're seeing in the pictures. no social media seem like it was in the hundreds rather an more number. we for the stadium in some texas quite over they taking over a disabled area, sometimes cute with the so i think we see something that will traps that roll on. and there will be some kind of investigation into how this happened. every unsavory scene before we actually got to the game. yeah, definitely. well, let's get to the game now. talk us through the match and yeah, as we know and didn't shoot out, but a lot happens before that actually it was
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a dream starts to the match to england makes it really after any 2 minutes. i think we can see some of the photos from the game here in 50 a to start a new show with that you up with the finishing touches on that trip. yeah. for thin breakdown. now the master move from him as england had to fight defend, is restrict contain leaves the wing is in that pace on the wing. tasty didn't match the 2nd half. so, you know, they've been, you see the getting the equalized for, if you got the ball out of the line of england, clear a corner. and that was it then to the goal, the game to sing the bit in extra time. but i couldn't get a breakthrough penalty. it was, and at the end of the day, england missed more than 3 factor. missing the crucial one saved by a don raymond, easily winning 3 on penalties best 2nd european championship title. the 19th
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in day. now they won this game, of course, and all the previous ones did they really deserve to win this torment the i think on balance, you have to say they did. they obviously had a more difficult path to the final than when they had the belgium in the course of final and then staying in the 70s. and of course then the final in front of a part of an english crowd, they managed to overcome that. so on that from they did that and we have to talk about robust him and she knew what he's done with this issue teaching because they didn't even qualify for the world cup in 2018. a massive, massive disaster by their standards. and he's totally transformed them. italy has the reputation usually as being a defensive team very starts the patient courses build up. he has still in still that tough, defensive rock at the back with k m. c. but also very interesting and exciting going forward. lots of attacking fact they've been enjoy watching this tournament. so i think they really have to have that. what about the tournament itself? i mean it with a lot more than just the field action. how do you think this tournament will be
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remembered? yeah, i mean i think it will be remembered for some classic games. obviously it's really boucher course. the final that i mentioned we had space 5 credits. that's free. that was an incredible game as well. that is a more goals this year, a tournament, and any other years tournament in history, a $142.00 inside. so more own goals than all the years. 20 minutes combined at the very weight statistic. the tournament nearly started in tragedy with christine ericsson, the danish, me feel to clap thing a thankfully he is now recovering from that. it's also been a tournament about corona virus, is what, of course the company get away from that. we've seen a tens of thousands of fans inside stadiums. fans celebrates the outside in squares, no starts with distancing. a lot of people questioning the wisdom of that. it's also raise awareness that the l g p t q. right? so you wait for the refuse to allow their aliana rena, and munich lights up in rainbow colors. but nonetheless, people still showed that darcy and of course it was
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a 2011 host cities is never been done before in the tournaments history. i don't think it will be repeated. some teams have to travel thousands and thousands of miles, but it will added to the craziness and excitement of a month of football more cities in the time of chrome. and that's quite strange in itself. i suppose. course, i mean, i guess in hindsight they probably would have done it like that, but it's one with facts and they've come with it. and as i said, it remains to be seen whether having all those found travelling across the seas. teams travelling across cities will be worth the risk. we'll find out, i guess in a few weeks. well, it was quite an exciting tournament. elephant crime, thanks very much. you're welcome. on british billionaire richard branson has successfully completed a maiden flight to the edge of space. france and, and 5 crewmates, thought 18 kilometers above the earth in the virgin galactic unity space plain france and has now edged ahead of his rival jeff base on the lawn mosque in a battle between high flying ty, codes, shoot and climbing. as we take off for it,
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said branson as it unit, the space plane took him and 5 crew members beyond atmosphere. the aircraft climbed 80 kilometers from the new mexico desert. during the one hour trip the crew experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. 10 seconds. i was once a kid with a dream looking up to this. and now i'm an adult in a spaceship, looking back to our beautiful to the next generation that dream is. if we can do this, just imagine what you can do for some, this is the mission of eccentric billionaires and a time when financial inequality is rising. others worn but space tourism will only create unnecessary emissions as the world faces climate change. but for branson and his team, it's a success that was long in the making. there's mach one trimming. now. i think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization. where anybody who
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has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space. that is, that is truly special. it's going to be a game changer. i think for space a trip with virgin galactic for a few minutes and space will cost around $250000.00 per person. but brands isn't alone and has venture to commercialize space travel. it hasn't feel we've been working out of town or just phase off the schedule to fly aboard his company blue origin rocket later this month. it's time to stay. meanwhile, tesla, ellen musk says he is planning to head into space in september. his space ex venture has received funding from the u. s. government and has even bigger plans. what space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other, other space systems to earth or vision. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all
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these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of micro gap microgravity time. branson beat his rival tycoon by being 1st off the ground and back down again here. but this new space race is really just beginning. hold it just like this for a minute before. when it's brand keith calling, he's the editor of the space news website. nasa watch dot com. he joins us from washington. they say, hey, thanks for joining us. what do you make of brand since virgin galactic plan? well it's, it's been a long time coming. we've had some road blocks along the way, but you know, i think everybody knew eventually would fly. the big question is ok, he did it once, can you do a multiple times? you can fish and then why would you want to do this? we're going to be buying tickets to go there. they've already got hundreds of people lined up to put money down. the question is, can they make this going?
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business concern branson is a 1000000000, or jeff bezos is a billionaire. you must get a bill. you know, the became doing years because they figured out how to sell things to customers. so i think if you take this all together, it's probably accurate to say this is really the 1st day of space tourism. there may have been some rich people who before, but this is an airline where the space line is something where you can just buy a ticket and get in and go to space. you certainly won't say made lining out to buy one of those tickets. but keith, this is, billy is throwing huge money. this, is it just rich man's folly, or is this our benefit to this space travel? well, 2 things. first of all, back back in the day when, you know, railroads are starting to become a thing in the u. s, around the world with a giant, you know, railroad barren steel barons. when the airline started up there were, you know, intimate flights between one big, rich guy and another. and yet eventually,
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airlines you know, offered something that people wanted and somebody came up with a cheaper way to do it. now we get like, breathing, you get an airplane. but at the start somewhere with usually with the crazy idea that are all express was a crazy idea. is there a scientific value to this? well, on his vision, there was actually scientific experiment. nasa has other space agencies have been buying sub over to like for over half a century. and so these missions won't be one trick pony. they will do many things . you'll see people flying in them for pleasure. you'll see scientific instrumentation that is paid for by gas or isa, or other countries, and another part of it and some more of the other. but at the end of the day, do you learn science about people from this re possibly can. but this is not primarily a scientific endeavor, it's a business endeavor, just like getting on an airplane or a bus or a pleasure, chris. i'll go a space tourism calling to a travel agent near you. keith cowling, editor of the spice news website, nasa watch,
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dot com. thanks very much for your time. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of cubans have taken to the straits in the country, the largest anti government protest in decades, the caribbean, on and enduring shortages of food and medicine and record code infection. numbers. keep as president, has called on his supporters to mobilize to suppress the demonstrations. and in georgia, thousands of people have rallied in front of parliament, demanding the resignation of the prime minister. they're angry over the death of a tv amerman who was badly beaten by a mob of anti l. g. basic. he protested. a man with light have found it in his home, but it's not yet clear how he died. i mean, other big sports event also taking place in england. know that chaco bitch has claimed his 6th wimbledon victory to equal the record for most grand slam titles shall commit to recover from losing the 1st set to beat. it leads mateo baron
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teenie, in 4th, 5th, the victory of joke of h level alongside roger federer and rough found the down on 20 grand slam titles has now won the striding open, french open and wimbledon. this year. this is dw news up next world stories. the week in report, you can always stay up to date with all the latest news and analysis on our website . that's www. dot com. i'm rebecca, which is invalid. thanks for watching. the people in trucks injured was trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away to be crated and treated people fleeing clean dreams.
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getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. why? because no one should have to flee the, make up your own mind. a w. need for mines. the news this week own world stories, protests and turkey against the planned mega canal springs. the youth uneasy law takes effect. we begin in russia where vaccine fatigue has led to the rise of the
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delta variance. the kremlin is tackling the problem. the st. petersburg city beach couldn't be busy with the temperatures about 30 degrees celsius fellows of russians have come to the gulf of finland to escape the hot weather and social distances. russia is in the middle of its 3rd corona fires. waif, thanks to the rapidly spreading. delta berry, i'm sorry, it is our soundings alarm is in your taishan account for almost 90 percent over the u. k. scan them this edition with school with 9 explosives. you have had record numbers of noon because mortality statistics are not going either here to record numbers. so within one day, officials are talking about more than $20000.00 new infections every day. most of
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them in moscow to get the situation under control, the russian capital has re open field hospitals and built medical stations, especially for corona virus. all of the hospitals are quickly being re equipped to handle it 19 patients. but their main goal is to get more citizens vaccinated against of 19 russia was the 1st country in the world to get seen to market with. so i have only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government wants that to change by degree from now on. all companies in moscow must have at least 60 per cent of their workforce vaccinated. and the other bread and the mayor is right. everyone has to get vaccinated to stop the corona virus. and the 7 year they shouldn't force them, they should try to motivate us. so that means all service sector employees
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have to get the jap, like those here in these hands alone. anyone who refuses won't be allowed to work. those will take part will be reward that we had a meeting with all the employees and told them that they would receive a cash bonus of around 35 years if they were vaccinated, that motivated them. but even these unprecedented measures are not cry from tough lock down the government imposed last year as infections began to rise. biologists say it's a case of too little too late and that the 3rd wave could be arrested oil . the news
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. it has been an exhausting month, but yet your hon. 4 weeks, his son has been was jacked by fever and trouble breathing. so one who reads a scatter for a living, finally arranged a guard to take his son to the hospital in the city. has seen tested positive for the corona virus. 40 years later he was discharged. not because he was feeling better, but because they had already jacked up a bill of about 1500 years old and had seen a d. d. b joe own spice your of the day when he can find work or didn't improve at all in the hospital. and somehow it emerged in oxygen cylinder at home with great difficulty. i had to borrow money from several people. we didn't have a grouping for your child, you do anything. so new might have the car and could afford treatment for his father and siblings. he even raised beds to contact. he lost all 3 of them last
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week. the doctors asked the family to arrange medicine, but they were told count defeat porters in the oval band hospital charged twice as much but recounting the horrors of what he saw. modest deputy about the number of that's been reported in the state. i kept getting calls from the authorities for 3 days after my father's death, asking after the head. i told them he passed away. i don't even know if that was counted into what i thought it. bodies came out of the hospital with my father day care for my son without diagnosis. fever that's on the right. jemine's han, a social worker describes what has been happening 1st. they haven't been, they feel better. many eventually die at home. and this how someone died in that house to and i judge hahn thought of making a list of debts in the village. the cause of death for mort. it's feeble and
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breathless. almost none of these have been recorded at corona virus that was in the league of the day. people are dying and nobody has me just now when you haven't been told anything about the vaccine, nobody here has gotten to know doctor, have visited for the last till this village has been relatively untouched by the pandemic. no destiny identified the feel that as recorded. kiefer flag in open in the group of virus will continue to rec, inhabits the crew is done, boom is a prestigious project for the turkish government intended to reduce congestion in the bus for straight to turkish economy. there is also opposition to the project. these are the 1st scopes of dirt off a colossal project that could change eastern booth geography forever. a man
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made waterway that will flow through new urban districts with new settlements for hundreds of thousands of people. canal is symbol is the largest infrastructure project. perky has ever seen. it's long been a dream of president. read your type out once we're doing today, we're starting a new page in the history of turkey's development. today we are adding a new step to the path of progress for our country and the strengthening of our nation. any, anything that i do? but the controversial project is picking turkeys president against it stumbles mia? these will not cause she's, we're against it because it threatens is stumble completely, its water, its nature, its security and earthquake safety it threatens life in this case that make the according to polls that's of you shared by
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a majority of the cities residents. thank you to see for my future. i say no for my kids, i say no for my grandchildren. i know you look at the, i'm again investing billions of lira and, and such a project that they insist on the canal and we will insist on stopping them. but again, it's one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, more ships trends at the prosperous than the susan panama canal, combined to many according to the turkish president. he says, a 2nd waterway is needed to prevent accidents like these. the 45 kilometer long camel has an official price. take a $15000000000.00. chips like these, the government argues, will no longer have to wait days to enter the boss for us, and turkey will collect fees on them. but critics say president edwin's dream is an environmental nightmare. the canal will cut through agriculture, land and forests,
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often refer to as one of the few remaining green lungs of a stumble. it threatens marine ecosystems and crucial water. reza was where they did not wash the canal with stone from this lagoon and run through the saddler merridem, which is an important source of fresh water for a stumble. the city is already struggling, opening new areas for real estate development, bringing new population and destroying everything natural will make the city uninhabitable long holidays. the president, however, hopes to boost the construction sector, create thousands of jobs, and turn the gears of an ailing economy. the louder the opposing voices grow. we've seen the more determined he is to proceed. the only if you could please, worldwide allow use of easier stain. the new law is coming
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into a senate. that's what allowed terminally ill patients to end their lives. ah . as soon as miss boy don't takes care to keep the photos of a husband safe place, the important memories of him, the time they spent together and the challenges they had to overcome. especially after her husband, luis stopped at the fight against an aggressive type of multiple sclerosis and said that you will give us the disease would be devastating for him. it destroyed him within 10 years until he died in new york. and he was in great pain. it was so bad that he couldn't even stand the weight of a bed linen on his skin. and the pain got worse than usual. there was no drug that could have helped him even a little. but the worst thing was, and that is what he always said, that there was no dignity in his life any more in the way. he was completely
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dependent on others. he didn't have any freedom anymore. he wasn't able to do anything by himself except move his head procedures. and with them, articles passed away 4 years ago, all the while he was fighting for the legalize ational euthanasia in spain. he wanted the right to end his life in dignity, as a window has continued. her husband fight together with many others until they will listen to in march, spain became the 4th country in the you to approve youth and asia supported by a clear majority parliament. historical moment expense was that the law is now in effect. yesterday, she for a dignified death estimates that in densely populated regions like madrid, that could be one application for youth and asia per day. per applicant will probably be people who have an advanced form of cancer and only a few months left to live. and we are those who have severe heart lung kidney
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disease and would also dive within months. this is still a lot to learn about. the new law says that nobody, only people who are incurable ill and stuff an unreasonable hardship can make a request for youth in asia, people with mental illnesses excluded before the request is approved. several doctors into condition need to discuss each case and intentionally long process designed to avoid mistakes. the new law also means that doctors is the death won't have to stay hidden in the shadows anymore. some conservative politicians have criticized the law for putting life in the hands of authorities. the catholic church rejects euthanasia to that resistance is why it took years for the law to be passed for her husband. the law comes too late, but his wife is sure that he be pleased to hear that from now on a self determined death is legal in spain. the
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news the challenge, the extreme tv, the 1000 kilo the next at the end of the day read on e w theory in the little mermaid and split in a daydream. the escape reality into a world as fantasy stepped into the theory. kristin anderson, a special pilgrimage. psych in the birthplace of the danish author is now
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attracting fans from around the world. 0 in 30 minutes on d. w. w. crime fighters are back africa. most successful radio drama series continues. there's a whole episodes are available online. course you can share and this goes on v w, africa, facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now, the me the news, the we are living during the most extraordinary times in the history of transport for the electric
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damage. read the auto and mobility show me an expedition on an electric motor bike from robot and morocco to cape town in south africa through a total of 20 countries. this sounds like a huge challenge. and it was for a german canyon couple who told read all about the the planning to go on this trip with someone. this is what you're going to experience. i would definitely do the level that we thought
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me and we will travel africa with an electric motor by how far we get. is it possible? how can it be done? the the idea was that he would be on the bike full time and i wouldn't drive the support vehicles because it was a trust that had never been done before. so we wanted to be prepared. my name is thomas my part of this phone call and my mom is from germany. i was born and raised williams. and i'm an entrepreneur. and in my free times, and in my work time, i'm traveling the african continent. my name is darcy. i was born and raised in kenya, i moved to berlin in 2017. i origin, talent acquisition. and my free time is trips across
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the motor back that we were driving had a touch tank which helped you to charge the battery quicker. so you have an on board charger tech, you can plug in any way, and then you have the charge time, which can speeded up the boxes for the equipment to decide one top case. and of course the charging cable, very important, right? mm. mm. mm. thank you to for the life of our trip. now, just the one really nature very happy this possible nowadays without the thing in going know where
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the electric motor bike tor just popped into my head and you know, with inspiration issue, i tend to trust it is i have such an idea. i just want to see where it takes the production. we found something humorous over. we can charge a know i'm going to ask the staff if you did or if i need to pay you somewhere. morocco and south africa were the only countries on our route that have these e, v chartering stations. morocco was the only country where we use them one hour, 12 minutes away. enough time for ok. so
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let's check the we had idea to make the trip even south africa, and in 6 months we want to travel the continents and i wanted to expand africa in a way that it's not painted in the news. for example, this just blew my mind somehow we made it the most challenging that i could get. we looked at the map. okay, what is the maximum amount of countries that we can kind of cover, right? only 20 countries mean try to cross the 20 borders in 6 months and it's not like the shannon shannon area where you get through with one visa, but no, it's like each country needs its own thing, right. and then we have 2 different passports. the
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right behind it. when i get back behind the diving here we are riding along 40 kilometers up and get right on. so they advertise strains of the black forest around 250 kilometers. i think in city traffic. now some stretches, morocco don't have charging points every 260 kilometers. so we were kind of experimenting. how can we extend that range in some way? more okay, i found out then if you drive behind the truck, you are nicely in the slipstream and the range extends massively right. of course you can only do this when the road doesn't have any potholes, and it's not the safest driving. but then i don't think we did this trip just to experience safety. i wanted to know is it possible, right? and so i remember one stretch. we did 350 kilometers from one town to the next
1:37 am
where we were able to charge to me it seems in lives, you know, go with the things that speak to your heart, kind of listen to your intuition the. so we needed to calculate in such a way that we were not moving the by could not the next case, we stopped at it had to have electricity, so we could charge the bike. ah, tricity was like the key factor for the entire undertaking, right? we charge a gas stations, hotels, restaurants, the hell could tell us the touch that the generator, the tellico tower,
1:38 am
the middle of nowhere was well through the chart. everywhere you go, where the electricity is, what you get electricity in the kitchen. let me run this cable through dell. move the chicken right. let me plug it in. every night for us. what sort of like an adventure? you never know what you're going to eat. you never know where you're going to sleep with. it's going to be nice where you're going to find electricity. i don't think we have the final say on how good the electricity systems are. but they vary a lot. and even in one country, they could vary a lot like for example, and they bury a lot of things are running on generators. but then the closer you get to ivory coast come up, that electricity might be coming from the bar and they have a better electricity system. all i know at the end of the day that when you find a place like the bike is charging, it's just like we did good today,
1:39 am
like the bike and charging, we're just sitting down going over like what the day was like having a beer. those little moments also like made such a difference. it was raining and the threats was ordered that did not have carmax, but it was just like sure, we got stuck so many times. it's not much coming up. you can click on the suv from the
1:40 am
office and we had to always get the help of other villagers to come and help us to push the car out of the month. if you want to try me back in the day we actually had to military as a cord special forces we were like, oh we have to say it was so shocked that you didn't have an escort. you can just get kidding out. and then one thing led to another, and we haven't actually in the middle printer bank in the back. otherwise i wouldn't make the distance like 50 home 60. i tried. i tried to explain this to
1:41 am
them. they didn't know. at the time was the weather was not so great. sometimes it was really hard to rearrange some friends with money so also never know what the money has killed to build
1:42 am
them for 5 minutes to take the motor out because we have a complete plan in the front. it's stretched our capacity, but then also a couple in terms of our communications. i think it was a great opportunity to practice patients to practice listening, to practice understanding and all that. the what was the the the
1:43 am
the the, the the the we moving again on the back of the truck. everything is back together. is our lovely princess. the protagonist in the play, horace motorcycle, there is a crazy print poly. got to be all this crazy.
1:44 am
one crazy selling. i've been up in this been summer. i think this is the last time you see the one let's. let's have a look together. maybe check sort of funds everything again, if, if anything that we might need to bypass
1:45 am
the we decided overnight. so right now we haven't gotten that before. i use it in 3 back. does he have to do everything already? but we have to mention that we got 3 more and some of the other is just crazy. with
1:46 am
me we have gotten rid of all our stuff. and now if the car is ready for sale on having this is some of the stuff that we're still trying to get rid of. even when we had to leave the van, i was like, how does an interesting turn of events? and it might just make a story more interesting, you know, let's see where this takes us. and it's like in the beginning, you're like, it's annoying, it's closer down. but then the next part is like it's interesting, unexpected, fresh. and actually i always love how you would and okay, i leave all my stuff here. all my fancy, an expensive perfume. then i go, i mean this is what i was saying. like we went in and there was nothing. there was
1:47 am
no way we were going. you just had to sit in this space and be like, ok, this is where we're at. this is what is happening right now. that's go the me me, i would also just like to be honest because it gets very monotonous. it really does tell us has better view like to be at the front. and like, for me it was i would always have to be like crunching my head like this and were packed onto this bike with so many things. and let's go over a lot of stuff i was just like in between thomas and then our baggage on this side and on the side it was quite uncomfortable. sometimes i was just going to see
1:48 am
why had netflix. so i literally would download like shows the when it's so loud when you're driving. so i would like to just make sure i'd like to put on subtitles . so i'm not even really hearing anything, but i like reading stuff over the back of the bike and tell me was it always be like, oh no, but it's still green. those theories so beautiful and everything like, no, i just need my masters to get through this. mm mm. use we will be taking the train and i have both on the to 0 right now,
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the distance dramatically. so yeah, it seems that it should be electricity or stop by the gas station or see a nice otherwise you keep going the i should be back within the country by tomorrow. otherwise my chances expires. so i have to leave thomas to finish the journey without me.
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the good
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news. all right, folks, just left hand on writing their own chips. by my love. there you go. to heartbreaks. but then again, we didn't. i was so happy that i arrived to help africa safely, and i was able to get back to 0 to 0 model. like i didn't destroy your bike, your bike actually made it right. so it's like, well, and in the one sentence like all, i won't have a wonderful motor back to right anymore. but on the other hand it's of, she's your responsibility. so yeah, with the news . go back to german
1:52 am
who's left clicking that check in time i have no, i don't know how to me that back in one because i was also having my computer to be able to do like the last bit by himself. so when i saw him at the airport, i was like there is safe and sound back home. so if the i wouldn't do it again, not in that way just because everything has its time. everything has its purpose. within 6 months, during the rainy season, with a car and an electric motor bike, right. either one could have, you know, maybe it worked out easier, but both so i think we just gave us health the proper challenge.
1:53 am
the we have very different experiences our trip while traveling for in the beginning. the com on the motorbike trying to extend the range because it's just hanging out in the borg. are you saying that you had more responsibility and i was just like, living my best? no, i wouldn't say so. i think it was just different experiences. have a problem. but in general, thomas, i will do it again. the use.
1:54 am
what on earth is the common polonium? the luxury hyper car been pump street racer the electric rebirth of a motoring legend. what is going on? it hits banos. only 5 will be billed at a price from $1650000.00 euros each. we went for a ride to see what you get and found out more about his bonus. we've been gone for some time and the current valona is only their 2nd model since 946 in yo, cathy because european our speak their reaction of getting
1:55 am
ways where the flash card is made this joshua a fiber for the electors got 1700 kilos. he's got such a way when you're driving the road. he's driving around the governor's this car development from the technology always shade that the scottish coming from their race tracks the road bonus. we started making cars in 1900 for the cars designed as an homage to their 1900 twenty's and thirty's hate. it was a looks to run and that was really fun with them the moment. but what also successful brand in terms of racism of the sparse, but we have tonight donnie's combination between the past 4 months of the vehicle and the luxury. and excuse me, the, the really tough company friend will defend forever.
1:56 am
this is the number one of the fight lines that are going to be billed for sure. you are going to be as with this kind of cars because we are going to be just fight with 19 government. big is going to be easy to meet. our science is a spanish suites. up back on the right track. i don't miss our full report coming soon . the next on on read the rule. the the the news
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the news the the the lose. the variance, the little mermaid and split into a daydream. the escape reality into a world of fantasy stepped into the palm. kristin anderson, a special pilgrimage. psych in the birthplace of the danish author is now
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attracting sams from around the world. coming on dw the meal, we want to see them because they are, they're open your eyes. vietnam trotted you out of control inventory, and some unlikely heroes beat it every day. the retails and oh, the news was right in front of them. they gave it, then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the are the games that tokyo with $22021.00.
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thrown off course during the qualifying grounds for sports hero. i'm fired up and ready to count down during walk. walk you go to tokyo. starts july 19th on w. o. in december 2019 the european counties, new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time of judging by your 25th but not all in new member state supported and some persuasion is required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. money
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money can be a process. flattery and incentive. westlake plans often go astray the will when the game of diplomatic poker was power please, and alliances behind the climate. some it starts august on the w. ah, this is day w news and these are on top stories. italy has been crowned european champions at wembley stadium after beating england on penalties. italian fans rejoiced after a nail biting finish, which for england, missing 3 of their 5 shots. it's only the 2nd time if we have lifted the european championship trophy the 1st time they picked up the prize within $968.00. 2
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1000 cubans and taken to the straits in the country.


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