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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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i i use it easy to live up front and well, the final whistle has blown at your 2020 and italy has been crowned champions. it'll be england on penalties at wembley, and lifts a trophy for the 2nd time in his dreams will bring you much analysis and reaction from london and run ah hello, i am rebecca richard. welcome to the program. italy have just been crowned european
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champions at wembley, debating england on penalties. england hit the ground running loose shore, taking the lead within 2 minutes of a match starting equalized early in the 2nd half, but neither side could find a winner in regular or extra time. italy won the match on penalties and the new european champion and bringing in more from on this story is charlotte chilson pill is outside wembley stadium. 4th charlotte, hot breaking to english fans. they thought football was coming home now. it's on its way to rome. tell us what the atmosphere is like the outside, wembley, well obstinate you. sorry, i'm sure you can imagine for the italy, fans that are here, but the angling top break, they do the i number the, the found to were in the stadium today. just pouring out of the state behind me
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some people for me emotional, some of them in tears, even as they came out to the stadium, to lose in the final and to lose. and this why and penalties is really, really tough for these england fans to take you off me. i was, i was coming home. even friends really did think that this was the moment all the 5 years came that this would be the time that they would be victorious in a tournament like this one. but no, it did not. so england way they lost on penalties and i'm sure you can imagine absolutely devastation is such different things to what we saw or short time ago before. absolutely delirium when the goal was for the 5 sets of tail, hey, i would describe outside the ground now very to jackson found out to say to you at the moment i think so what you have to bear in mind. the prime minutes devoris johnson said this himself ahead of the game and i haven't made it into
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a final all the major tournament like this since 1966 when they won the world cup. so regardless of the devastating outcome for him and, and found kids and i, they have nevertheless major history channel as well. commiseration to all those in the u. k. shall it tells me until standing outside, wembley stadium, more on the night time telephone crime from de w fault to join me in the studio. jonathan. hi. what again? just 1st of all of all, commiseration, obviously. as a man, you must be devastated, but take us through the match. yeah, i mean i just want to start with a very awful things before the game when some funds break through the barriers to get into the stadium. and we need to mention that because that really is unacceptable behavior, but the game itself, i mean that stuff from the beginning, obviously when the penalties. but before that, we have a lot of excitement loop show giving england to lead up to 2 minutes completely
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dream for them really risk. rebecca stopped cynthia asset that were not, he was bored by down south k tactic pretty much on at the start. they really didn't get much space to work in those 2 wing back kind of nullifying is the threat, but then completely different game in the 2nd half if we got back into it. but she getting the equalize the but that was it for the goals for the rest of the game. and the next time she felt the game swung back in england favor it did go to penalties. italy missed the 1st penalty. but unfortunately, england, me more italy winning 32 on the shootout operate ring. then i shot dead 3 winning that 2nd year in 1958. yeah. if the fans must be ecstatic. and the team members of course, as well. do you think it really deserved to wait? i mean, did they play the better of football they were playing an excellent tournament? yeah, i think on balance they did just have to win the entire toward them. and they arguably
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had a much more difficult path to the final than england did. they had to type out the core to final state in the semi finals, and then to be england, on their own staff and from such a pos is on home. crowd is also a big achievement. and we can not talk about rebecca. and me and seni, for games i'm beat and now it's the under him that forget they didn't even qualify for the 2018 woke up an absolute disaster by that standard proposed dimension is completely transfer inside the stereotype of italian really. but for the defensive, i don't see very cautious patient build up. they have got solid defensive players, but see and kill a, but they also attack now it's really they look so good going forward and i think, yeah, they really deserve it. well, these fans what you right now, the live pictures definitely agree with you. this isn't. what do you think the, the, how do you think the pan european tournament will be remembered? i mean, i think it's going to turn him in. that's how they all really different from absolutely
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classic matches. i think the court to find out about human liberal live long in the memory space, 5 croatia, 3 with another. i can gain more goals in this tournament than any other tournament, years at tournaments in history, a 142. and so it had more only goal all the year, a tournament combined, which is a bizarre statistic as well. obviously, the 20000000 really started in tragedy for generic and being on the pits, the danish, and it's field a thankfully, he's now well on the road to recovery. my rent, of course, has been an ever present theme, you know, matches taking place in front of thousands, tens of thousands. the support is supported back like we're seeing now crowding in the same social questioning. of course, the wisdom about the next few weeks to tell us that in a request taking and it's been, it's attention to l g b t q, right? you re refuse meaning value on the green light, the stadium in rainbow colors. of course,
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then people in germany and elsewhere start their own form of solid parity with that it was kind of like the streisand effect really to the band in a way amplify the shape. and then as you mentioned, $1150.00 this tournament, it probably won't be repeated like that's something for us to travel thousands of miles, but i think overall it just added to the uniqueness and excitement of a really crazy for weeks. the only press now i'm having a break. yeah. and date it certainly being quite the total just on a personal note, even though you're english obviously, personally, one of the england, when a little birdie told me that you didn't back them well that correct. particularly that work. and i before the tournament actually predicted in italy, england final kit, england, italy brother were still thinking maybe one event, but yeah, you didn't want. my predictions came off. alright, well jonathan kind thank you. thank you.
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british belinda richard branson has completed a maiden flight to the edge of space. branson and 5 crew members sold a few kilometers above the earth in the version galactic unity space plane. frances now edged ahead of his rival, jeff bass off and 8 on mosque in a battle between high flying typhoons. suit and climbing as we take off for richard branson as a unitary space plane, took him and 5 crew members beyond earth atmosphere. the aircraft climbed 8 kilometers from the new mexico desert. during the one hour trip, the crew experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. 10 seconds. i was once a kid with a dream looking up to the stars. and now i'm an adult in a spaceship, looking back to a beautiful to the next generation that dream is. if we can do this, just imagine what you can do for some,
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this is the mission of eccentric billionaires and a time when financial inequality is rising. other for that space tourism will only create unnecessary emissions as the world faces climate change. but for branson and his theme, it's a success that was long in the making. there's mach one trimming now. i think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space. that is, that is truly special. it's going to be a game changer. i think for space a trip with virgin galactic for a few minutes and space will cost around $250000.00 per person. but brands isn't alone and has venture to commercialize space. travel hasn't feel we've been working on amazon or just based off the schedule to fly aboard his company, blue origin rocket later this month, this time to stay. meanwhile, test last mosque says he is planning to head into space in september. his space ex
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venture has received funding from the u. s. government and has even bigger plans. what space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other, other space systems to earth orbit. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are speaking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of my crew gap. microgravity time, branson beat his rival tycoon by being 1st off the ground and back down again here . but this new space race is really just beginning. hold it just like this for a minute. before i turn up, some of the stories making headlines around the world. thousands of people in georgia have rallied in front of parliament, demanding the resignation of the prime minister. they're angry, over the death of a tv cameraman, who was badly beaten by a mob of anti l. j. b. take,
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he protested. the man was found dead in his home, but it's not yet clear how he died. unrest over the jailing of foreman, south african president jenkins luma. spread to the economic capital johannesburg shall have been looted on a highway closed. the protest began in them as harm problems, of course, to top natal, where he has begun a 15 month jail sentence for contempt of court. bulgaria is 2nd election in 3 months, has failed to produce a clear win up the sent right party of the former prime minister boy cobra's off his neck and neck with a new populace party born out of anti corruption protest. other protest alliances are also making their mark tanya, reva has been fighting for change for years. she's a member of democratic bulgaria, an anti corruption alliance that hopes to form the new government. if it succeeds,
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it will be the 1st change of government in 11 years. unless you're willing, i want to win back our country a freedom of choice. so ball game becomes a better place to live. i want an economy that's not undermined by corruption and a country where you funds they use properly business. and is the target of the criticisms is ex prime minister boy co borrower sells his image as a man of the people has been badly damaged after a year of anti corruption protests in april. far as the one the most votes but fails to find some relation partner far so acute his opponents of trying to falsify results again, the good this is the ok be the chaos they have created is visible. what people line up in the hours the central election commission is asleep. at 7 am, people started working the c e. c. first meeting were that 9 sides of complaints machines, which though what no paper, no print history, nothing's complete. chaos,
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football, i call that observe as reports that the election went smoothly, though with a lower turn act than last time. bar subs. party came at neck and neck with the new populace party. that is such a people beneath credit forming a coalition government is likely to be complicated. now it isn't only football happenings day in the tenant novak chunk of which has claimed his fixed wimbledon victory to equal the record. for most grand slam titles, he recovered from losing the 1st set to beat italy's mateo there attaining in 4th it in some a final. the victory puts chunk of edge level alongside roger federer and raphael on 20 major titles. on this was the man past 3, stopping back just a bit from getting close to the tennis history. matea very teeny, wasn't simply that to make up the numbers coming back from 5 to down to when the 1st set on a tiebreaker and proving he could go to tell with a well, number one,
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even if it required some creativity joke, a beach is the world's best play for a reason. he absorbed everything, the italian throughout him showing off a list 215000 crowd was mostly on bertina site. 33rd just to be shown great thing. having caps there, teeny bay, he was twice denied himself on championship points before stealing. it's on the 3rd
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20 grand prices now, novak 3 this year already. he's right on the way to becoming the greatest men player of all time. you're watching data, but sports law is up. next for the look at the rocky road to the tokyo olympics, we'll have more on for you at the top of the hour. don't go away. ah. my 1st wife, i was a sewing machine i found from women or bones by the ocean or something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my own and it took me years to finally, they gave up and went to buy me by sizes and return because sewing machine going, i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite.


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