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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm CEST

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w, they want to know, well, they just love binding thing away. i'm not going to move to my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the german then join me. rachel, do it on the w. ah, ah ah, ah, ah, me this take skating to a whole new let the crust over the lawn, for example. we will show you more moves later in the so with that, welcome to a new addition of euro max and hear stories today. pam testing
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a new was the for the danish right 110 pictures. strong was a bike by the wrist, but 1st to the thought passable in can where for the 1st time in a long time the form industry has gathered. again, the french city on the court and does will be hosting the festival, i guess, until july 17th. among them is the american film director spike lee, who is head of this year's ken jewelry and the 1st black men chosen for this prestigious position this year. a total of 24th boom are competing for the time door, which is the same name as the favorite restaurant in can just still, since coffee has been hatch f at the pine door for almost 15 years,
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we met him and got a very special tour of his kitchen its been a busy few weeks in the kitchen of can only to mitchell and star restaurant castiano will p and his team has been preparing for the 74th can film festival martinez and its fine dining restaurant and up by them. doors are favorite among those working in the film industry. and it's not only because of the restaurants excellent french cuisine is to know the are, get, are very, are people and you, when they're used to traveling the world to be today, we are going to have exactly chase that, you know, i know they're not when steven spielberg was he was, he's impressed by the see the music, the whole setting. i regularly don't definitely on aging as seen. you now, you didn't,
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you don't center boring can to see all soon equal started the fine goals in 1989 is a kitchen assistant before training under european starships, a lover and defender of classic dishes. he returned in 2001 and became had chess in 2007 veterans of all the recipe with young kid you know, is used to which is briefing was and then based of again and again into a little vegetarian and joe with them made with margery up tissue this here is artichoke, are combined with, i mean pickled and mitigate in pure a lemons it all without the restroom. terrorist offers a panoramic view of the cotton deal and the course in the festival palace is also conveniently close.
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inside the restaurants, the car is an a march to the cities world famous film festival. traditionally, the can jury members gather here for an exclusive dinner. as many of them are filmmakers, they appreciate the showmanship with which the dishes are served. as i mean it was i've never had any complicated request to me and i don't people say stars are high maintenance, but i think that's are complicated. it was critical. so people don't just come here for food and they come for the experience is not, you can call this place the restaurant, but it is more than that. it's an experience. like when you go to see a movie in the cinema, well, yeah, yes. if you thing the see, your name was your whoever takes home the coveted pine dog award has 50 years can
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film festival year. she is likely to stop by the time the restaurant for some of the finest cuisine on dakota. looking good while dancing and not falling down while skating long. what dancing requires level of creativity and coordination, which i definitely don't have. i can only dream of moving as fluidly as do i feel along what dancing pro from germany who travels across europe, teaching the cross over sports. we caught up with the long boat dancer in portugal . the sprawling scene throw cascades, national park near portugal. capital listen is a much loved tourist attraction and a popular long boarding venue is also ideal for long board
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dancing. and our firm that combines freestyle skating surfing and dance. hi, i'm do and my pronouns and i'm along with density credit party and 27 year old. do i'll fail. has a background in figure skating. and contemporary dan both influence their long board dancing style was passed in a me about language dancing as i can few freedom and i can express myself. and that's something i want to share, that people can share the personalities and show with dance with a really long board. dancing was inspired by surfing as surface performance series of well timed, fluid movements to right waves. not unlike a choreography,
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the jew has created their own unique long for dancing style, and it's one the longer dance are numerous championships and international sponsorship deals. if you want to start long dancing, actually you have to start with long boarding, which is very accessible. in my opinion. everyone can just stand on the board and try to cruise on it. and once you're feeling a bit comfortable with cruising, carving pushing, then you can, everyone can actually learn number sense. you is kings, get more people interested in this crossover sport and offers long, bored dancing lessons all over europe. the very 1st thing that you can do if you want to start with lumber dancing, very simple stuff for the beginning. so what you basically do with your feet is taking the front foot to the right edge, left to the left edge. and then you just lift one heel and then you switch to the
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other one. so basically you do a weight shifts between both feet. now i'm going to show the same step, why writing? what we do again stepping into the right position, s, explain, lift the heel, and do it maybe to view. and maybe you even want to move a bit and give it your own spies. why you're riding. the lessons focus more on the dancing than on long board interests. andrea loses from lisbon and one of juice pupils. andrea fell in love with one guard dancing ever since she 1st saw the video online. she was like flying. i love him because he feels like flying. it gives me confidence and i don't
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know if it makes me enjoy myself and i love myself more. you know, i do is originally from other house in western germany. they are a long board dancing pro, but take their skill lightly. i'm trying to communicate it to other people and that they can also learn how to long booked and are not only along with them, but actually dance on the board and have fun. basically with you out there is raising the bar using enviable onboarding skills with smooth dances. for generation kids all over the world have been growing up with house christian, i'm the fairy to many of the danish writers. stories have been turned into films
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like this needs re telling of his tail, the little mermaid, or the snow queen. the wire swarms and some belief now under the home town in denmark is paying tribute to the right. so with a new resume, it's not quite ready yet. in fact, from the outside, a lot of it's still looks to be under construction, but the opening was already celebrated. anyway. the very center of a very special place is being created to honor. the city's most famous son, cons kristian, under the new museum shed light on regions both above and below ground in the faint rider and poets world. here museum goers can immerse themselves in his fairy tales with all their senses. this is the moment and you will come in and you can lie down on the rocks and you can look up into the sky. and you can hear the other moments
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talking about how beautiful it is up there, and you can hear some beautiful moments singing. and then the sky is kind of like your canvas for, for your longing. as you look up into the sky, what are you longing for? just as the little mermaid was longing for life. ah, when my 2nd denmark, re open the expedition hans kristian understands very tales, themes and characters such as the nightingale, the princes and the p. and the little match girl are still popular with readers of all ages. the world over the we want to see this new place. very exciting, very tells that didn't always end of the day off and have a sad ending and make the reader thinking. and i think the museum here it gave you
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the freedom to feel the story in a very unique and different way. creative director hemsley clip guy has been working to make the project a reality for some 10 years. his vision is a space that synthesizes with the works of hands. under the new museum was in the former green space in historical old town homes. christian anderson was born in 18 . 05 in this yellow corner house. the main idea is that we wanted to create a museum that, that was more in tune with the way anderson told her stories. so, so we work from what is the values in his universe? what is his literary strategies? how does he actually tell these doors and how can we transform that from being literature and to be in being
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a spacial experience architectural firms from around the world submitted ideas for the new museums. the contract went to the renown japanese firm can go coma and associates. the proposal was thought to correspond most closely to homes, christie, and understand open ended narrative style. yuki good, she was behind the concept, an oversized implementation. we have tried to define in this particular case or focus is a circular elements that connects and organized a chain. so that would form the mentoring johnny through from the above ground to veto ground. so the hatch is that act this representation of the reality and fantasy. the complex is some 5600 square meters and lies mainly underground overhead. a fairy tale garden is the plan circular
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holes, the steel glass and wood are clustered around the venue where architecture and nature used to create a world full of imagination. what i'm very happy about is the scale and sequence of the architecture experience. so when i sun in a certain point, it's always comes to me as a surprise, a series of surprises. even i know i knew that the punning suggest many folk us, quoted the spaces. but something in between those faces appears us an unexpected. and corey thing, which i'm very happy about a spiraling corridor. i connect the upper and lower world, the ram just like a metaphor on end of this life. as you travel down as you travel through his life,
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every now and then you fall into a space devoted. busy to a certain scene, and you travel further away from your own world and into the world of me. in late october, the new museum for denmark's most famous writer is said to receive the finishing touches. one story that is headed for a happy end. the looking for more euro match. we've got you covered had to our youtube channel. so we know reporters on their adventure and mas, let good working for this and uniquely german habits. don't miss out in the garage, dw,
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0 met the face. it's hard to imagine our lives without gps, wherever we are. we can find our way at the top of the screen. apps designed for leads make use of the tech to track activity. but there are also those who use these apps to make arts like anthony hoyde from the u. k. he draws pictures with his bike, and i've actually cycle simula dork shape my cell, but not really on purpose. here is how he does it. anthony hall from england makes his street art with streets in 2016, aided by the strong gps after he started peddling our faces and figures on britain's road systems and maps. the app was originally designed to help athletes to keep track of their activity. anthony hoyt uses a bicycle to draw here. his canvas is the streets of manchester in northern england
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has an idea. it's been around for a while. there are people all over the world doing them to, to varying so standards. and i've seen a few of these. i did my 1st 15 years ago, i suppose, and so i can go and see what i can find. and i found the door in which i live. i'm looking but couldn't out the rubbish really, but i still figured out what to do. what to look for, and i just sort of been doing them ever since. anthony hoyt generally covers 80 to 120 kilometers to make one image. in manchester, he's trying for a more complex motif. it usually takes him between 4 to 6 hours to write the distance, but it can take up to 3 months to plan. if it's fun to draw a picture of ducks across my system, driven by the st time really. i tend to look at maps and see what jumps out. so i'm looking at clouds, seeing what i see a picture in them. and it happened to be duck when i saw the big duck festival. and,
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but i like to sort of try and do something a bit complex. you traces out a wide variety of subjects, elephants in birmingham faces in sheffield, chosen ham and carter, yorkshire terrier and leaves in a flock of birds in bristol. anthony's creativity can best be seen on the app. it was his christmas sketches that 1st drew international attention. certainly seems to become a tradition. the 1st one i did was the snowman. and that was just really for the christmas one, but it went down so well. i had so much major attention and people messaging me small of the world. it was really so gratifying. so i thought we would actually try and do something else and then yes, it's become a solution. now the pressure is on and i think some international, the 53 year old travels all over britain, making his gps drive here in there even runs into the hands of his work. ah,
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it just makes you feel rather go with them. i think this was not we don't generally, but this was just a really nice story. base and pictures really well thought out what really meticulous and i just looked at all just makes you feel got what is all that anthony has acquired the epithet peddling picasso. my profession, she worked as an appraiser of historic buildings, but he originally studied product design, detail planning and implementation of his drawings, provides a creative balance to his daily routine. there's, there's always obstacles. am i look at the, the map and i find what i want to find, but then i have to, to go into google straight the same right into particular junction. i find that the, the nice clear line that i've got on an aerial view i made and actually it's a railway road road or something about the same motorized. so i have to jamie,
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right in a junctions work and how i'm going across busy. but whether i feel safe riding on that particular road, his latest piece requires him to peddle 76 kilometers around manchester. for about 5 and a half hours, he can use the real live gps tracking to follow his ducks as they hatch in the form of a video. i'm very sorry for that. it's come up as i planned is coming up shortly. right. so yeah, it's good. it's really nice coming back and how much the place has changed and some pretty new architecture around and some pretty good flight, very infrastructure to like a path in some places. anthony hoyt plans to also cycle outside of britain and paris, france, for example, where he's going to try and in mind. and for a challenge, he'd like to go to the united states and figure out ways to make drawings in the grid pattern, city streets over their robots. we already
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know them as waiters and cleaning stuff, and now they are also musicians. gym multimedia artist moves the bone, guys, write songs where every single instrument is played by a robot. and that sounds like the key has been building his music robots for more than 15 years. and he even released the tech. so every single track was played by a robot. we caught up with the artist and his little helpers in please you choose take sounds played by robots. more seam on guys from placed in the eastern germany makes music with the help, a little machines he built himself. so i have my favorite instrument, which is the robotic, the tar. it's basically
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a motor which is applied here and then it just triggers the tree. dream so that they are basically constantly in motion. he controls the robots by a computer. the sounds are picked up by microphones and sent to an amplifier. i don't want to make music which comes out of the computer. i mean, i'm controlling some of the stuff with a computer, but actually i want to grab things. i want to get my hands on things i want to like make noises with like objects. and that's why i'm making robot robots, which actually plays this house more. that's the guys built his 1st installation, the m r 8 away in 2013. it took him 3 years to build the 4 by 2 meter drums. robot mission is to make
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electronic music visible. these days. rhythms and drawn phones are often produced digitally. he has this little robot, physically play them. when i 1st pumped with the 8 and i was playing it, i saw that a lot of people who were just like going close and watching all the different parts moving. and that was the big interest in how this robot works, because that's actually the call part of my robotic work that people can actually get where this town is coming from. and so i thought okay, it would be a really good idea to let the people have the audience control of the instrument as well and not just like to let them watch. so that's why i'm an attack move. this is intrigued by the relationship between sound and music and between music and technology. this is what urges him to seek out new solution. a trained electrical engineer, the 40 year old place several instruments and just known as a pioneer of regarding music.
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he built machines in his own workshop. every robotic instrument has its own, precisely defined humber and sequence of motion. i've been trying to find my way through random objects. i found a random ideas and through planning, which means that i basically try to think of as sounds and then try to think ok, how can this be accomplished with a motor car always like an electronic parts. and in the end then the bill finished and i'm trying to make music, was that up to us in 2018 that's released. it has no album which may well have been the 1st in the world to feature music, played entirely by home made robots. his work is regularly featured in exhibitions, and he appears internationally as festivals.
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lobo is only the physical body. what comes next is basically the brain, which now is me because i'm playing with of the robot and but like the next step of causes to have like the physicals have like the actual robot. and then an artificial brain which controls and composes the music. then popcorn can be used in a sound producing robot in the one of a kind used to go world, created by molded fema guys and with and we have reached the end of our show today. don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw. and the chance to win this, d, w back tag fills with goodies. and if you aren't following us on facebook already come find a stare and let us know your thoughts. and that's all from me for today. thanks for calling in and say well,
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the the the news, the news
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the news the news, the news, the all the, what's going on here? oh, no. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world shift in 15 minutes on dw,
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ah, the challenge ah, extreme to be the one electric mice divide 15000 kilometer the next power. at the end of the day. read 30 minutes on the w. ah, the news. how does the virus spread? why do we panic by and when will all this free of the topics that we covered in a weekly radio. if you would like me for information on the krona virus or any other science topics,
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you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com, forward slash science. in december 2019 the european council president show me show embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make sure of the 1st time i turn students on the planet by 2050 each member states supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising into the very hardest power of god who will win the game of diplomatic poker. the intrigue power please. and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on d. w. the
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the news . this is d to be your new, the why from berlin? count down to kick off as england faced italy in the euro, 2020 final football coming home, or will the trophy be going to roll? fans are hoping that the class lives up to all the hype. also coming up on the show, a trip to the edge of space and back down again. virgin. hi richard branson. his mission accomplished after the trip of a lifetime. the battle of the high flying billionaires is just beginning with ah
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hello, i'm claire richardson and a warm welcome to the show. just hours left until the game begins. italy playing england in the final of the european football championship. and will england will have the passionate support of nearly all the $60000.00 fans at london's wembley stadium. italy are hoping to build on their transformation under coach roberto, maintaining all promises to v a. k g and counter. are this proposed coming home then the team on this pass to the unwelcome guests looking to crash the party. silly. some people were happy to see you arrive in london for the year. a 2020 final o. d u. k base italy fans with their own spin on the classic england that
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team survived the 10th penalty shootout against spain to reach the final and then now hoping to weigh in the 1st european championship since 1968. got to get physic . i meant for to answer england, physically stronger than natalie, but football is played with the ball on the grass. and we hope we can do better than then knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones, when i want to be j to pick or crystal jacoby, that the bus out that we need support for england has reached the very top percent prime minister. not one to miss the chance of some political capital voting and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team while in a letter adding, quote, with the hope that history will recall not only your success, but also the spirit commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourself should also feature in a different time than before the final. but it's this one,
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the deal and skin as 3 lions that really captures the english move. why are we going so so that for cation the faxes england? not one the major tracy since the world cup in 1966. ah, we're in the final and we were here to we're to win. so everything is important. however, at present paper them, we're pleased that the legacy is been there, but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody to do that. so have to be the most inform aside in wells football, it's clear on beacon in $33.00 matches under reverse mancini. and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whispering, they're pretty good at penalties to and or london corresponding to charlotte.
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chelsea and phil joined me now a from a wembley stadium. charlotte, what is the mood like over there as we head towards kickoff? euphoric. there's no other way for the fan have, i may have been here for hours singing, dancing, drinking that way into the final scenes that you are seeing around the country and pub, up and down the land people drinking, celebrating. we really have to understand about that. regardless of the outcome, history is being integrated. shirley didn't really get a sense of it's clear that england are playing at home. and we've seen some of the fans just now have you spotted any lonely tale and fans also walking around? not as many. i have to say it is more of a thing than fans,
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but you just saw behind me that i don't know if you had one of them. yeah, it's coming high and we had it in the report there. while that's something that you're going to hear a lot this evening, people coming home and not because it's not come home if you like. england has not won a major tournament like this in 1966 for that reason. that so much excitement today . no one here that we've spoken to have ever experienced a physical much like this in that lifetime. so a lot of excitement. that's why you think so many people really want to express that on the camera, on the italy side, those who are the huge amount of excitement and wow, this is a big tournament to them. they've done very well in the fall and considered the favorites in the mac. again, thing than. 7 you are italian fans and we know why they're. a a co good 900 restrictions talking people from coming into the country. i'm sure that during the game they will do the best to make themselves particular what we're seeing here is a very broken english crowd. charlotte,
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you can see already crowds of gathering behind you, and in fact, over 60000 fans are expected despite rocketing crude virus cases in britain. and of course you said people are also going to be gathering at home. and the pub are authority that worried about what this will mean for case numbers you write cases are soaring here as the name is, but this is all permits is authorized to call 60000 pounds, not any of this match, but the couple of the semi final matches as well as the said, the people who go into the stadium either have to prove that they've had both vaccinations, all that they tested negative for that reason. they think it's safe to go ahead. but i'm sure that would be a lot of people sitting at home, looking at those rising case numbers and hoping that this won't be a contributing factor in our corresponding to charlotte children. bill. thank you so much for your reporting. and in a, another continental football championship. argentina have been archer, rivals,
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brazil, one know when the copa america final in rio. and had the maria scored the only goal with a chip over keeper edison head and screamed onto the streets of argentine capital. want us to celebrate the victory. it is their national teams 1st title in 28 years, and the 1st tropi for argentina, the captain at leon on messy with his national slot. we can turn our attention now to some of the other stories that are making headlines at this hour. unrest over the jailing, a former south african president, jacob's duma has spread to the economic capital. johannesburg. shops have been looted and the highway closed. the protest began and the view my own province of was due the next how, where he has started a 15 month jail sentence for contempt of court. a israel supreme court has ruled that same sex couples should be allowed to have children with the help of surrogate mothers, l g, b, t, q activist campaign for the rule change. for years,
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the court says restrictions of bar and gay couples from surrogacy must be lifted within 6 months. exit polls show no clear winner in bulgaria, parliamentary election, but then for right party led by former prime minister waco boy of finish a marginally ahead of a new populace party. but it's unlikely to be able to form a coalition. the result could usher in a period of political instability amid a growing public anger. corruption and british a billionaire richard branson has completed a maiden flight to the edge of space. brandon and 5 crewmates, sword. 80 kilometer is above the earth and the virgin galactic unity, space plane, and the flight ames, you are in a new era of private commercial space, travel the aircraft touch back down in the new mexico desert and brands and now has the edge in a battle of high flying, ty coons, amazon founder jeff phasers, who do it and blast off in his own rocket in
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a few days time. perfect. what's bringing it, keith cowan? he is the editor of the space, the news web site at nasa. watch dot com. join us now from washington, d. c. thank you so much for joining us on the show. keith. i want to get your take what you make of a richard branson version galactic life. well, in some ways it's all, it's been a long time coming. i remember the 1st time the sort of spacecraft flew in it took them a lot of time. they lost emission at one point in a crew member. but you know, they kept on kept on keeping on. people have what tickets to reserve seats. and it all comedy today with a white with 2 pilots and 4 passengers. so nothing much more to say than, you know, 4 people became asked ross today is us billionaires spending huge amounts of money and defying all of these that back to eventually we eventually with the idea of taking tourists into orbit. but is this just a playground for billionaires?
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know mr. mr. branson, although we had an earth patch on his sleeve, he's from the u. k. and eli mosque was born in south africa. well, the point here is that, you know, there people from other places and they come to either the west to do things or do this things elsewhere. but you look at the crew today, and one of the people, or several people from the u. k. one were some india, so you know, anybody can fly on these things. i've done the training and the 2nd flight straightforward. the issue is how much is going to cost them? where do you know who you are to check to? is it a playground for brainers? you know, you could probably derive that from some of the twitter exchanges in the past few days, but just look through history back here in the states when that can the 1800s when the railroads are 1st being form or the 1900, hers or the airlines are being formed was one rich guy here on the bridge guy there . they trash talk each other. at some point the expensive flights were, you know, becoming popular than somebody found a cheaper way to do it. now everybody flies and, you know, i expect that that will be the eventual result of this 1000000000 or boys club sort
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of thing that people perceive and the we a point perhaps 10 years from now. well, we won't even remember it will just be buying our cheap tickets for the space. is that your money? they think in 10 years are really going to see math space tourism. yes, matter of fact, i'm just waiting for one of these 3 people to be just mr. mosque or mr. branson to decide to do a business people off and doing that is take a price points like with amazon or whatnot. where you say, i need a price, a lot of people going to buy something up or some money into it with the risks that are grow a bigger consumer base. and at some point, i'll be able to sell, you know, many seats, because i have been customers. and if you look at what space x is doing with their starship, that could conceivably cost a few tens of millions of dollars to build. we'd be, we used many times and you spent a $1000000.00 and you each time you can do the math and quickly discover that you just have to have an economy of scale. and all these people got rich doing
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something else. so they teams, they seem to figured that thing out and how to take money and make more money. and the more money comes from more customers. i don't, i don't mean to sound like it evangelist, for capitalism, but it seems to be working, kicked out. sounds like you'll be a 1st in line, the editor of the new website, nasa watch, dot com. thank you so much for coming on dw news. my pleasure. last month was the hottest of june on record in the united states. and it's unlikely that july will bring any respite the west coast is sweltering under yet another wave in northern california firefighters are battling to control a wildfire which has doubled in size. 3000 people have been ordered to leave their homes, and fires are also raging and several other states and in the canadian province of british columbia. well, there they've been registering a record of temperatures. the impact on ecosystems is devastating. scientists say
8:13 pm
up to a 1000000000 shellfish may have perished. the values like days in western canada and normally ideal for shellfish. they thrive in the secluded neutral rich waters. but muscles and clans don't do well in extreme hate. and the regions, recent heat wide, has literally cooked them alive. never smelled like this. never smell like this before. the british columbia aquaculture industry depends largely on the regions mom climate that is changing bombing families to thrive t for generations, and not worried about the future. this used to be live. now there's nothing motional muscles around here now are all gone. my clams, you see the sand dollars off for all dead. the mass illustrates the impact of climate change here and now the climate ologist have concluded. it's virtually
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impossible the scorching temperatures could have occurred with that global warming . we knew the heat might have been bad, but we weren't expecting to see what we saw or what we are seeing. and western kansas race and record breaking have maybe a hobby, just things to come, threatening a way of life out here in the base of british columbia. the tennis now and novak joke of which has claimed his 6 wimbledon victory to equal the record for most of the grand slam titles took of its recovered from losing the 1st set to be italy's mateo better teenie in 4 sets of victory. put the joke of a level alongside roger federer and raphael the dol $120.00 grand slam titles. a serv has now won the australian open french open and wimbledon this year. and when it rains in japan, it pours with less than 2 weeks to go before the opening. the tokyo olympics can't seem to catch a break. after spectators were barred because of the pandemic, the media center has now flooded. financial rain has caused the roof to leak,
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and the center is expected to host around $6000.00 journalists during the game. however, the building is expected to be open next week. at your news update at this hour, i will be back with more headlines at the top of the hour and quite richardson in berlin from the whole team here. thank you so much for joining us. news printed and george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm going to medical, i know is not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know needs clues, the interview with george w bush, july 14th at 1530 u t. c. on the w. o.
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o. people to say matters to us in. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. i doing the dishes, floating laundry and pecking lunchbox scientist exploring the different ways in which robots could help us. so exactly. could robert shape our everyday lives? our topic on shift today. the japan produces around 50 percent of was robots, no one that is called the robot. nation, this even an official government scheme that focuses on a new industrial revolution through robotics, but robot, a commonplace in many other areas too. in japan where nearly 30 percent of the
8:17 pm
population is 65 or older robots and more important for personal use. he is, he, russia, she gurro a world leading robot assist on why and you find that we need to have a more all boss that's going to help was outdated life. i believe they can have to develop a kind of a lot of hide it in human, symbiotic and the other for the future symbiotic robots and sounds a little to science fiction need to me still, many tech companies claim that their robots can really make a difference in house work, but this is still far ahead in the future, even in japan. at the moment, most robust take care of one specific chore and leave the rest to humans like me. it is the japanese thought of, however, working on a robert, which they claim will take care of all the housework. but there's a catch introducing you go all around talent and future household superstar you
8:18 pm
go can grid is height, adjustable enrolled and we'll start up near robotics promot. you go as a more discrete and cheaper alternative to a human cleaner. we're pretty uncommon in japan at the moment. you go still appears to be quite slow and clumsy. but in the future, this new robot butler is supposed to be able to take on any household chore imaginable. critic i. so when you, when you book a ticket that i would like to let robe the whole time to talk and routine to us so that people can be more creative, for example. and what a robot does the housework for making, dedicating this time to our family fun. let's cover. almost all we have more time for us to sort of this is how we want to improve the quality of life to so they say you goes equipped with a total of $22.00 sensors and 3 cameras to assist and navigating space and recognizing objects. despite being equipped with an ai system,
8:19 pm
you go is still incapable of doing chores properly on its own. so a staff member has to operate it by remote control. a controller synchronizes the robots movements with those of the human operator. hugo is still a long way off from working autonomy asleep. so hugo is operated by someone i don't know from the remote place. what do they see? and does the camera ever get turned off? what happens to my data? who protects my privacy mirror body? same, that operators only see blurry images. so do robots have to guess what they're cleaning? so someone like me that's not very convincing. i can be a bit of a neat freak. toyota is also working on a ton of robots to help manage house work, but there's one issue that is difficult to solve. the robot has to know how much pressure the sponge needs to apply on 2 different surfaces to properly clean them. with an expensive flat screen tv, the machine should be very careful when humans and robbers work together, security becomes important. this robot is already working with humans in japan
8:20 pm
and europe. next age is a humanoid robot, developed to collaborate with human colleagues. companies like run and co water robotics are leading the race in developing collaborative robots. these new colleagues have one important advantage over people. their work is precise and they never get tired. typically, we have to make various productivity improvement for that. so we japanese that use machines and robots to do this. we're still no more robot extra fairs. like i reckon, tokyo show what the future workplace could look like in japan. robot production has long been a key industry around 130 companies make robots here. in the past,
8:21 pm
these trade bears were opportunities for companies to show off big robots used in industrial production. now there's a trend towards service and partner robot. thank you know where we also know or got a recently the government's focus has shifted from making new robots, teasing them sensibly and society. so no matter what i have to you go to the more do you have a higher check? i need to stay calm, check i did call to do you and i think we need to think of robots as tools or partner. so to reach our goal of doing a better society where people can feel good and helping them all or more. you can go to get it for you and i thought you stuck with you guys when you know that pizza, big vision, it's a long way to go. there are still many technicalities that need to be addressed, particularly because collaborative robots are often a security risk for their human colleagues. since robot can't estimate their own
8:22 pm
strength, next age operates in battery saving mode. 8 cameras attached to his head and arms are supposed to help the robot to analyze face and objects. interchangeable. robot hands used to grip enhance its many uses. but at around 90000 bureaus a piece not every company can afford this technology right now. next stage is just working in the afternoon, just cyber cooperative robot. we needed every room. we're hoping that we'll be able to take it to the construction site, the boy st. fishery home in japan. they will not be taking away jobs. there'll be, there'll be co workers, partners like many other western countries. we're still prejudiced against industrial robots here in germany. the main argument is they'll take away jobs, but they're leaving out something else. co working can also make jobs easier. venture
8:23 pm
about this young to you has been working and living in japan for a long time. she says that co working with all of us is used differently there. there is something like just about craftsmanship and about the art of making things perfect. and there is also like a very clear social care by companies there was good. and so they never introduced to replace workers, but the introduced boss to make their work better working with the robot. it's something that is really cool, or like having a robot in your company, something that is really nice. this attitude bedroom was a cool, is a sentiment that you got. developers also share a remote control used by an operator isn't exactly cool, but it's only a temporary measure. you are believes that intelligent machines will take on short, independently and the future. you go to target audience for the elderly and professionals. the company believes that you can make a real difference in their life,
8:24 pm
but it's also expensive. depending on operating times, the monthly rental costs are between 800 to 1600 euro's the upside. if you go suppose to make life longer and more comfortable for the whole lot of them are in the future. i envision robot and uttering all houses and doing a choice on the home wall. so along with the advancement of medical care in japan, i think that this will enable people to live longer. you will not go, but the part of robots let you go. also saw off that for the ability to assist in medicine, especially since the outbreak of the corona virus. now robotics companies i flipping their robot to assist in 3 key areas. cleaning robots could be content rooms are dispose of hospital waste. so humans avoid risks. checkups robots could help check on patients confined to their bed or in quarantine. this could alleviate
8:25 pm
the pressure on medical stop. telemedicine robots have been assisting during surgery for a while in japan that also creating so called surgical robots, tokyo, based on river field. once the launch its new model in a few years to compete with a current and b, p of surgical robots made in the u. s. when it comes to surgical assistance, davinci is state of the art. this robot can remove tumor, a tissue from someone with prostate cancer, but it doesn't operate autonomously a control panel. let's surgeons use the robot arms and real time, which has one big advantage, motion scaling and tremble filters. this allows the surgical robot to work more precisely. but the da vinci robot has to disadvantages. it doesn't receive any have to feedback, meaning it can't feel for specific body parts. and it's very expensive. davinci costs up to 2000000 euros. tokyo based company river
8:26 pm
field is trying to solve these problems. there robot is quite similar to davinci and will cost less. here the robot arms are powered by air pressure. this enabled tactic feedback, producing the risk of patient injury. so this should make the operation more intuitive to the use of a surgical robot because much more important in japan because the aging society is coming and the rate of becoming increasing in japan. so these are what are mainly for account for cancer treatment. many other countries are also turning to robots to help in the medical and care sectors. the future physicians will have to train intensively to use these new technology, the global. how will also benefit not only for the patient, but also the vision for the patient. hospital stay would have become shorter or
8:27 pm
recovery. it becomes faster also for the doctor. they can do the surgery by sitting in the chair so that you can be minimized by using the robot. surgeons probably won't be replaced anytime soon. but with the right mobile communication, doctors could soon be performing tele surgery across long distances. this may be beneficial for people living in remote area without access to medical care whether they're assisting in surgery or doing chores at home, robots are supposed to help people with things that are difficult. all that we simply don't want to do. in japan, i saw how a i machines i used in daily life. and if it were up to professor, when we talk to him it's, you know, we wouldn't even be aware of the role that machine stay in our lives. there is
8:28 pm
a lot that i always use, which is that of the disappearing robot. the kid with that, i mean in the future, robots will become invisible to be such a common part of our lives that we don't really think of them as robots anymore. well, if my own vacuum robot had only done his job, probably, then i'd probably still be using it. robots for personal use at home, helpful, or just you electronic waste. let us know what you think on facebook or the w dot com. had to use you for more videos from japan, including more robots. that's it for me today. see you next time. ah. in the i the
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that challenge me extreme to be the one electric, my son like 15000 kilometers in the next hour. so at the end of the day, read on an incredibly hostile environment and he has the science of international conflict, peaceful cooperation. i'm trying to scientific investigation. struggle going on for control and natural resources. a message from another planet. in 45 minutes on d, w. these places in europe are smashing all the records into
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a venture. the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of european record breaking sites. and now also in book form the news. the news we are living during the most extraordinary time.


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