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tv   Geschaft mit dem Babygluck  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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but also the spirit commitments and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also featuring a different time than before the final. but it's this one feel in skin as 3 lions that really captures the english smooth way. arrogant. so a self set for cation, the fact is england, if not one of the major trophies in the world cup in 1966. ah, we're in a final and we were here to we're to win. so everything is important. how represented people and we're pleased that that legacy has been there . but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody to do that. so have to be the most informed side in wells football. if we are on beacon in 33 matches and the reverse him and
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genie, and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whisper it, they're pretty good at penalties too. and our london correspond into charlotte. chelsea and bill joined me now a from a wembley stadium. charlotte, what is the mood like over there as we head towards kick off you far? there's no other way for the have. i may have been here for hours singing, dancing, drinking that way into the final things that you are saying around the country and pub, up and down the land people drinking, celebrating we really have to understand about this is regardless of the outcome. history is being made. i surely didn't really get a sense of it's clear that england are playing at home and we've seen some of the fans just now. have you fought at any lonely italian fans also walking around?
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not as many. i have to say it is more of a thing than fans, but you just saw behind me that i don't know if you had one of them coming high and we had it in the report. while that's something that you're going to hear a lot this evening before coming home and not because there's not come home if you like. england has not won a major tournament like this in 1966, but it for that reason that much excitement that i know want to hear that we've spoken to have ever experienced a much like this in that lifetime. so a lot of excitement, that's why you think so many people really want to express out on the camera on the italy side the, the huge amount of excitement and wow, this is a big one. and then they've done very well in this one and they fall and are considered the favorite in the match. again thing and you are italian friends and we know why they're a co 19 restrictions talking people from coming into the country. i'm sure that
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during the game they will do the best to make them. so again, what we're seeing here is a very broken english crowd. charlotte, you can see already crowds gathering behind you. and in fact, over 60000 fans are expected despite rocketing cro virus cases in britain. and of course, as you said, people are also going to be gathering at home and the pubs are authority that worried about what this will mean for case numbers you write cases are storing here at the moment, but this is all permitted to authorize the call. 60000 pounds, not any of this match, but of the couple of the semi final matches, as well as far as the said, the people who go into the stadium either have to prove that they've had both vaccinations. all that they've tested negative for that reason. they think it's safe to go. 2 ahead, but i'm sure that would be a lot of people sitting at home looking at those rise in case numbers and hoping that this won't be a contributing factor in our corresponding to charlotte. so thank you so much for
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your reporting and we have a another continental football championship where argentina have been arch rivals, brazil, one nil to win the copa america final in rio. and had the maria score to the only goal with a ship over keeper edison's head, fans streamed onto the streets of argentina's capital when i was either to celebrate the victory and their national team. first, a title in 28 years. and the 1st tropi for argentine as captain leo mfc with his national watts. and that we can turn our attention to some of the other stories that are making headlines at this hour. unrest over the jailing of former south african president and jacob's duma has spread it through the economic capital. johannesburg. shops have been looted and a highway has closed. the protest began in human home province of wines do not tell where he has started a 15 month in jail sentence, for contempt of court. rwanda has sent 1000 soldiers to battle and is what
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most insurgents, the in mozambique. they will fight alongside national horses and troops from a southern african alliance. islamists have killed thousands of civilians in mozambique in the last 4 years. israel supreme court has ruled that same sex couples should be allowed to have children with the help of surrogates mothers, l g, b, t, q activists, have campaigns for the rule change. for years. the court says restrictions barring gay couples from sir, i guess he must be lifted within 6 and pulls of clothes in bulgaria, a 2nd to general election in 3 months. now the vote was called after the center right party, a former prime minister waco border solve, failed to form a coalition last time around. and worse off is facing a stiff competition from a new populous party. public anger over corruption has dominated the campaign in the use. of course, the country i left cross over to it dw,
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corresponded to barbara basal who was covering the election of 4 as a from it. sophia barbara, what did the exit polls tell us so far? they tell us that boys who bore a sofa the long time, the prime minister of the country has again lost a few seats again last around 2 percent. but it is not the devastating 90 lading last that many feet. some fear that many hope for and so he was 20 and to bid present. some house still in the running bought the opposition forces unite amongst themselves around 40 percent. so this result will again, was a lot of from a lot of food guarantee. be greeted with a grown off disappointment because what it means is there is no clear government, it will be difficult again to form an alliance. now los likely outcome after this, if the figures prove throughout the night and it's quite likely that they will be
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a minority government, that your position forces will go together and to be let themselves be supported. for instance, by the socialist party to form the communist barrier. or that they will give the interim government, which is quite well liked, among many people in the country, the ties to govern on for maybe another year. and then they might go to the polls again. of course, what this means is disappointment for voters. and it also means that they will be disaffected with politics because democracy in this case simply has thrown up the clear results. and with all these different possible outcomes in the guerria entering a phase of political instability. it looks quite likely because we don't really know and nobody knows the country really knows what this of party this talk show. host and single was meant the pocket popular in the country, but who is also quite gravely ill. so he is not standing for
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a government posed himself what this party stands for. actually, nobody really knows that the program is totally they. we one changes. we want to change everything we have seen before. yes, indeed. but in which direction. so there are nationalists undertone their populace undertone as so it will be quite difficult to guard where they will be going. a minority government will of course then started struggling amongst themselves, the different opposition parties and try to figure out the direction in which to lead the country. so yes, instability is on the cards. that result is for sure. d. w correspondent, barbara visa reporting for us from sophia. thank you so much. well, last month was the hardest june on record in the united states, and it's unlikely july will bring any rest wipes. the west coast is sweltering under yet a nother heat wave in northern california firefighters are battling to control a wildfire which has doubled in size. 3000 people have been ordered to leave their
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homes, and fires are also raging in several other states. and meanwhile, the canadian province of british columbia has been registering record temperatures . the impact on ecosystems is devastating. scientists say up to a 1000000000 shellfish may have perished, thighs like days in western canada and normally ideal for shellfish, they thrive in the secluded nutrient rich waters. but muscles and clans don't do well in extreme hate. and the regions, recent heat wide, has literally cooked them alive. never smelled like this. never smelled like this before. the british columbia agriculture industry depends largely on the regions. mog climate that is changing. bombing families who thrive teeth for generations, and not worried about the future. this,
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that used to be alive. now there's nothing, most of the muscles around here now are all gone. my clams, you see the sand dollars off for all dead. the mass times illustrates the impact of climate change here and now the climate ologist have concluded. it's virtually impossible the scorching temperatures could have occurred. with that global warming . we knew that heat might have been bad, but we weren't expecting to see what we saw or what we are seeing. and western candidates, race and record breaking. he may be a hobby, joe, for things to come, threatening a way of life out here in the base of british columbia. well know back yolk of it has claimed his fixed wimbledon victory to equal the record for most a grand slam titles. jarvis recovered from moving the 1st that to be italy's mateo better teeny in a worse, that's the victory put the job of a level alongside or roger federer and roughly on the dollar on 20 grand slam
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titles. the serve has now won the australian open french open and wimbledon, this year. not bad. and when it rains in japan, it pours with less than 2 weeks before the opening. the tokyo olympics can't seem to catch a break. after spectators were barred because of the pandemic, the media center has now what it torrential rain has caused the roof. the leak. the center will host around $6000.00 journalists during the games, and the building is expected to be open. next week. british a billionaire richard branson has completed a maiden flight through the edge of space. branson and 5 crewmates sword. 80 kilometers above the earth in the version of galactic unity, base plane and white aims to usher in a new era of private commercial space. travel aircraft touched back down in the new mexico desert. branson now has the edge and
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a battle of high flying high coons. amazon founder jeff bezos is due to blast off in his own rocket in a few days time. think a lot because it's broken. that is your news update at this our coming up next is world stories with the week in reports. remember, there's always much more on our website, d, w dot com or on social media at p. w. news. and clare richardson in berlin from the whole team here. thank you so much for joining us. the interest of the global economy, our portfolio d w. business be here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the
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site for market dominance versus west with d. w. business beyond on you to me what secrets lie behind me? it was the discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore fascinating world heritage site. the dw world heritage. $360.00 know me the news this week and world stories, protests and turkey against the planned mega canal springs. new euthanasia law takes effect. we begin in russia where vaccine fatigue has led to the rise of the
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delta variance. the kremlin is tackling the problem. the st. petersburg city beach could be busy with the temperatures about 30 degrees celsius fellows of russians have come to the gulf of finland to escape the hard to weather and social distances . russia is in the middle of its 3rd quarter. no virus wave thanks to the rapidly spreading belt the variance, the stories are sounding the alarm is in you. you taishan accounts for almost 90 percent over the u. k. scan them recitation, with school with 9 clean it explosive. you have had record numbers of new mortality statistics. i'm not going either because i've been here to record numbers of death within one day to switch. officials are talking about more than 20000 new
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infections every day. most of them in moscow to get that the situation under control is irrational. capital has the re open field hospitals and built medical stations, especially for corona virus. all of the hospitals are quickly being re equipped to handle it 900 patients. but their main goal is to get more citizens vaccinated against private 19 rosabelle. so the 1st country in the world to get seemed to market with sport leak v. so however, only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government wants to change by degree from now on. all companies in moscow must have at least 60 percent of their workforce vaccinate. and the other one on the side of the mayor is right. everyone has to get vaccinated to stop the corona virus for the 7 year they shouldn't force us, they should try to motivate us. so that means all service sector employees
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have to get the job like those here in the past along. anyone who refuses won't be allowed to work. those who take part will be rewarded, that we had a meeting with all the employees and told them that they would receive a cash bonus of around 35 years if they were vaccinated, that motivated them. but even these unprecedented measures, i saw a cry from tough lock down the government, imposed last year as infections began to rise. biologists say it's a case of too little too late and that the 3rd wave could be arrest. we can give us the news . it has been an exhausting month, but yet john,
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for we his son has seen was racked by fever and trouble breathing. so hun, who reads the scatter for the living, finally arranged a car to take his son to the hospital in the city has seen tested positive for the corona virus. 40 years later he was discharged. not because he was feeling better, but because they had already jacked up a bill of about 1500 years old. had been a d. d. b jo own 5 your of the day when he can find work or had i didn't improve at all at the hospital. but somehow it easy oxygen cylinder at home with real difficulty. i had to borrow money from several people. we didn't have a roofing for your child, you'll do anything. so nice. komatt has a guard and good for treatment for his father and siblings. he even raised beds to contact. he lost all 3 of them last week. the doctors asked the family to arrange
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medicine, but they were told count defeat bottles in the oval vend hospital charged twice as much for services. recounting the horrors of what he saw, modest deputy about the number of debts being reported in the state. i kept getting calls from the authorities for 3 years after my father was asking after his head. i told them he'd boss to be. i don't even know if that was counted and i thought a body's getting out of the hospital with my father day to do or for my son without diagnosis. fever that are on the right jemine's honda, a social worker describes what has been happening 1st. they have a fever, then they feel better. many eventually die at home. in this how someone died in that house to i have thought of making a list of debts in the village. the cause of death for most is feeble and
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breathless. almost none of these have been recorded at corona by step was a boy though every day people are dying and nobody has me just now. you haven't been told anything about the vaccine. nobody here has gotten no doctor have visited for the last till this village has been relatively untouched by the band demik, no deference identified the field that has recorded cases flag in open in the group virus will continue to rec and inhabit the bull. is the prestigious project for the turkish government intended to reduce congestion and the bus for a straight, introduce the turkish economy. there is also opposition to the project. the. these are the 1st scope of, of a colossal project that could change a symbol geography forever. a man made waterway that will flow through new
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urban districts with new settlements for hundreds of thousands of people. canal is symbol is the largest infrastructure project. turkey has ever seen. it's long been a dream of president reggie type out once again. today we're starting a new page in the history of turkey's development. today we are adding a new step to the path of progress for our country, the strengthening of our nation. any, anything that i do, but the controversial project is pitting turkeys president against it stumbles me up. these will not cause she's, we're against it because it threatens it stumble completely. its water, its nature, its security and earthquake safety. it threatens life in this case that make the according to pose. that's a view shared by
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a majority of the cities residents. thank you to see for my future. i say no for my kids. i say no for my grandchildren. i know that i'm against investing billions of neurons and such a project. they insist on the canal and we will insist on stopping them. but again, it's one of the world busiest shipping lanes, more ships trends at the boss growth than the susan panama canal, combined to many according to the turkish president. he says a 2nd water way is needed to prevent accidents like these. the 45 kilometer long camel has an official price. take a $15000000000.00 ships like these, the government argues will no longer have to wait days to enter the boss for us. and turkey will collect fees on them. but critics say, president ed ones, dream is an environmental nightmare. the canal will cut through agricultural land
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and forests, often refer to as one of the few remaining green lungs of a stumble. it threatens marine ecosystems and crucial water. reza was where they did not wash the canal. we'll start from this lagoon and run through the saddler dara dam, which is an important source of fresh water for a symbol. the city is already struggling, opening new areas for real estate development, bringing new population and destroying everything natural will make the city uninhabitable long holidays. the president, however, hopes to boost the construction sector, create thousands of jobs and turn the gears of an ailing economy. the louder the opposing voices grow. we've seen the more determined he is to proceed. the only a few countries worldwide and now use an easier spain. the new law
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is coming into effect. that's what allows terminally ill patients to end their lives. ah, as soon as miss boy takes care to keep the photos of the husband safe place, the important memories of him, the time they spent together and the challenges they had to overcome. especially after her husband, luis, started the fight against an aggressive type of multiple sclerosis and said that you were there was some disease devastating for him. it destroyed him within only 10 years until he died in new york and he was in great pain. it was so bad that he couldn't even stand the weight of the bed linen on his skin, and the pain got worse. there was no drug that could have helped him even a little. but the worst thing was, and that is what he always said, that there was no dignity in his life any more. i can tell us in the week,
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he was completely dependent on others. he didn't have any freedom anymore. he wasn't able to do anything by himself except move his head procedures and wisdom articles passed away 4 years ago. all the while he was fighting for the utilization of euthanasia in spain. he wanted the right to end his life and dignity . as miss window has continued her husband's fight together with many others until they will listen to in march, spain became the 4th country in the you to approve youth anadia supported by a clear majority parliament when the historical moment expenses that the law is now in effect, the association for a dignified death estimates that in densely populated regions like madrid, that could be one applique, asian for euthanasia per day. or yeah, mostly applicants will probably be people who have an advance for cancer and only a few months left to live. and we are those who have severe heart,
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long or kidney disease, and would also dive within months measures. this is still a lot to learn about. the new law says that and not only people who are incurable, the ill and of an unreasonable hardship can make a request for youth. in asia, people with mental illnesses excluded before the request is approved. several doctors into commission need to discuss each case and intentionally long process designed to avoid mistakes. the new law also means that doctors is the death won't have to stay hidden in the shadows anymore. some conservative politicians have criticized the law for putting life in the hands of authorities. the catholic church reject euthanasia to that resistance is why it took years for the law to be passed for her husband. the law comes too late, but his wife is sure that he would be please to hear that from now on a self determined death is legal in spain. the
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use the variance, the little mermaid, and split into a daydream, the reality into a world of fantasy. ah, stepped into the fairy palm kristin anderson, a special pilgrimage site in the birthplace of the danish author is now attracting fans from around the world. 0 d w. the challenge the me extreme people, the one electric mice, divide. hello message. the next.
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at the end of the day read 60 minutes on e w. they will make agenda love banning thing away. i'm not going to like my own and everyone with me to hold and every day getting you ready to meet the gym and then join me. rachel, do it on the w. ah ah, ah, ah, me take skating to a whole new let the crust over the board. lot important thing we
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