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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 4:15pm-5:01pm CEST

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coming up next to show ship looks at how household robots evolving in japan. rember . you can always find the latest news and analysis on our website. that's d w dot com. i am at a, micah junior, thanks for the time, but stay with us. we have all coming up the news and then how many questions turn out in the world climate change of income stores. this is much less the way from just one week. how much less can really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all
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women in asia in the me for the role of money and money and on the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire women asia as weekend on d. w. i doing the dishes, floating laundry and pecking lunchbox. scientists exploring the different ways in which robots could help us. so exactly could roberts shape our everyday lives. our topic on shift today. the japan produces around 50 percent of the was robots. no one is called the robot
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nation. this even an official government scheme that focuses on a new industrial revolution through robotics. but robots are commonplace in many other areas to and japan where nearly 30 percent of the population is 65 or older robose and more important for personal use. he is, he rossi is gurro a world leading robot assist on why just fine, we need to have them are all bought that can help all of our life. i believe they can have to the rock but that kind of a lot society thing. human symbiotic, in the future. symbiotic robots of sounds a little to science fiction need to me. still, many tech companies claim that their robots can really make a difference in house work. but this is still far ahead in the future, even in japan. at the moment, most robots take care of one specific chore and leave the rest to humans like me. it is the japanese thought of however, working on robert,
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which they claim will take care of all the housework. but there's a catch introducing you go all around talent and future household. the superstar you go can grid is height, adjustable enrolled on wheels. the startup neuro bought ex promot, you go, it's a more discrete and cheaper alternative to a human cleaner. we're pretty uncommon in japan at the moment. you go still appears to be quite slow and clumsy. but in the future, this new robot butler is supposed to be able to take on any household chore imaginable credit cards. so when you, unless you book a ticket that i would like to let robot handle to switch and routine to us so that people can be more creative. for example, a lot of the robot does the housework for doing that. we can dedicate this time to our family fun, that's almost all we have more time for us. got the sort of this is how we want to improve the quality of life for people in japan. you goes equipped with
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a total of $22.00 sensors and 3 cameras to assist and navigating space and recognizing objects. despite being equipped with an ai system, you go is still incapable of doing chores properly on its own. so a staff member has to operate by remote control, a controller synchronizes the robot movement with those of the human operator, hugo is still a long way off from working autonomy. so hugo is operated by someone i don't know from the remote place. what do they see? and as the camera ever get turned off, what happens to my data who protects my privacy mirror body, same that operators only see blurry images. so do robots have to guess what they're cleaning? so someone like me, that's not very convincing. i can be a bit of a neat freak. toyota is also working on autonomy robots to help manage housework. but there's one issue that is difficult to solve. the robot has to know how much pressure the sponge needs to apply on 2 different surfaces to properly clean them.
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with an expensive flat screen tv. the machine should be very careful when humans and robots work together, security becomes important. this robot is already working with humans in japan and europe. next age is a humanoid robot, developed to collaborate with human colleagues. companies like run and a lot of robotics are leading the race and developing collaborative robot. please new colleagues have one important advantage over people. their work is precise and they never get tired really, we have to make various productivity improvement for that. so we japanese that use machines the robot to do this. we're still robotics trade fairs. like i read tokyo
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show what the future workplace could look like in japan. robot production has long been a key industry around 130 companies make robots here in the past. these trade, there's were opportunities for companies to show off big robots used in industrial production. now there's a trend towards service and partner robots. thank you. know where we also know or got a recently the government's focus has shifted from making new robots teasing them sensibly. society. so no matter what the total you go to the more than ha hi. i could check i need just source. they got talk. i did call to do you and i think we need to think of robots as tools or partner. so to reach our goal of building a better societal where people can feel good and helping them all or more, you can go to get it ready or that's all you stuck with. you could ask you about the use when you know that it's a big vision. it's a long way to go. there are still many technicalities that need to be addressed,
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particularly because collaborative robots are often a security risk for their human colleagues. since robot can't estimate their own strength, next age operates in battery, saving the mode. 8 cameras attached to his head and arms are supposed to help the robot to analyze face and objects. interchangeable. robot hands used to grip enhance if many users. but at around 900000 bureaus, a piece, not every company can afford this technology right now. next age is just working in the after just size of collaborative robot will be needed. we're hoping that we'll be able to take the present construction site for 3 homes in japan. they will not be taking away john, there'll be, there'll be core workers, partners like many other western countries,
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was still prejudiced against industrial robots. here in germany. the main argument is they take away jobs, but they're leaving out something else co working can also make jobs easier. venture about as this young teacher has been working and living in japan for a long time. she says that co working with robots is used differently there. there is something like just about craftsmanship and about the art of making things perfect. and there was also like a very clear social care by companies. and so they never introduced replaced workers, but they're introduced us to make their work better. working with the robot is something that is really cool or like having a robot in your company, something that is really nice. this attitude that role as i cool is a sentiment that you go developers also share a remote control used by an operator isn't exactly cool, but it's only a temporary measure. you go believes that intelligence machines will take on choice
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independently and the future. you go to target audience for the elderly professionals. the company believes that you can make a real difference in their life, but it's also expensive. depending on operating times, the monthly rental costs are between 800 to 1600 euro's the upside. if you go was supposed to make life longer and more comfortable, you could put a lot of them are in the future. i envision, re bought and houses and doing or chewing on the home, or on all. so along with the advancement of medical care in japan, i think that this will enable people to live longer than i do not know what the robots. hugo also saw off that for the ability to assist in medicine, especially since the outbreak of the corona virus. now, robotics companies, i clipping their robbers to assist in 3 key areas. cleaning robots could be contaminated rooms or dispose of spittle waste,
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so humans avoid risks. checkups robots could help check on patients confined to their bed or in quarantine. this could alleviate the pressure on medical stop. telemedicine robots have been assisting during surgery for a while in japan that also creating so called surgical robots. tokyo based that river field wants to launch its new model in a few years to compete with a current m. b. p of surgical robots made in the u. s. when it comes to surgical assistance, davinci is state of the art. this robot can remove tumors tissue from someone with prostate cancer, but it doesn't operate autonomously a control panel. let's surgeons use the robot arms and real time, which has one big advantage, motion, scaling and tremor filters. this allows the surgical robot to work more precisely, but the da vinci robot has to disadvantages. it doesn't receive any have to feedback, meaning it can't feel for specific body parts. and it's very expensive. davinci
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costs up to 2000000 euros. tokyo based company river field is trying to solve these problems there. robot is quite similar to davinci and will cost less. here the robot arms are powered by air pressure. this enables happy feedback, reducing the risk of patient injury. so this should make the operation more intuitive. we believe the use of a surgical robot become much more important in japan because the aging society is coming and the rate of towns are becoming increasing in japan. so these are what are mainly for account for cancer treatment. many other countries are also turning to robots to help in the medical and care sectors. future physicians will have to train intensively to use these new technology. a robot
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have a lot of benefit. not only for the patient, but also the surgeon for the patient. hospital stay would have become shorter or recovery. it becomes faster. also for the doctors. they can do the surgery by sitting in the chair. so you can be minimized by using the robot. surgeons probably won't be replaced anytime soon, but with the right mobile communications, doctors could soon be performing tele surgery across the long distance. and this may be beneficial for people living in remote area without access to medical care whether they're assisting and surgery or doing chores at home. robots are supposed to help people with things that are difficult. all that we simply don't want to do . in japan. i saw how a i machines i used in daily life,
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and if it were up to professor who taught you mon sooner we wouldn't even be aware of the role that machines play in our lives. there is a lot that i always use, which is that of the disappearing robot. kill by that. so i mean, in the future robots will become invisible to be such a common part of our lives that we don't really think of them as robots. and you know, well, if my own vacuum robot had only done his job properly, then i'd probably still be using it. robots for personal use at home, helpful, or just you electronic waste. let us know what you think on facebook or the w dot com. had to use you for more videos from japan, including war robots. that's it for me today. see you next time. ah. in
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the the merchandise is children? german couple desperate for baby ah. the owner of a reproduction empire and the biological mother. the complete story behind the baby business ukraine's surrogate mothers next on the w to daily life for shoes in europe. like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect daily lives. film producer, alice brown, and publish cooler man, examined what it's like being jewish. ah,
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these places in europe are smashing the records. dip into up all the venture. the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking on your you tube. and now also in book form me ah, me surrogate mothers in ukraine. they have their own children, but also give birth to children for strangers. thousands of children are born this way every year. who are these women?
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and why did they do this? at the end of the day, this job is the only way to earn money quickly in order to get a roof over our own child's head. the last, i know that this child is not mine. i'm only carrying it for other parents to see if i did it. me. the surrogate business is booming. so many patients send us frozen sperm. then we carry out the whole process. without them. we fertilize the egg of the biological mother or a donor eggs. remind me, clinics earn millions in this way. we see that the state has absolutely no control over these fertility assistance programs. there's a huge gray area for childless couples
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from all over the world. ukrainian surrogate mothers or their last glimmer of hope . i really want to have children and i want to be a parent has such a basic me the i denise at jim's nice now from hoof time and happen are embarking on a very special journey today. what time is $41.00? 20 pm. yes, you're right. they want to fly to ukraine to their child, which a surrogate mother will soon give birth to last been long to get here. and now we just really want to be able to get her straight away. our daughter is 2. in 10 days . she takes up the money she takes up to her daddy,
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vice on my cook. yes. let's see. the main thing is that she's healthy and that we're able to reach her back. when my wife says it's been a long road. that means it's been on our minds for the last 4 years. we tried artificial insemination several times here in germany. we really tried many, many times. we had a total of 5 attempts in germany, all of which failed to get the fun. then we decided to go to ukraine and had yet another failed attempt there, before our surrogate mother actually got pregnant with our little one. that's actually the lima, mit claims one in germany, surrogacy is prohibited in ukraine. it's legal. they signed the contract with the agency a year and a half ago. it's not one common it. many couples from germany and other parts of europe, all around the room, travel to ukraine, the sarah,
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to see option that the b o text. com and key of is the largest fertility company in ukraine. people wanting to start a family come here from all over the world. yes and denise, my snap child was also conceived here in the laboratory. i'm a touchy, lucky the owner of the company is a self confident business man. his fertility empire includes clinics, agencies and laboratories. he accommodates surrogate mothers and parents to be in his own hotels and apartment of any patients and us frozen sperm because they can't come here. for example, chinese patients from asia or people from argentina or brazil, or they send their sperm and we carry out the program. without them
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we fertilize the egg of the birth mother or a donor. a reminder, what is this under this florescent microscope? we can see what is called a p j. d signature which is used to determine the sex. therefore, this is because we have customers who specifically want either a boy or a girl because magically hopeful parents pay $40.00 to $60000.00 euros for a child to she love. peace company earns millions. at the beginning of the corona crisis, his clinic became known worldwide because more than 50 children, carried by surrogates could not be picked up by their parents. pictures of the waiting babies went around the globe the text. com has also repeatedly made negative headlines,
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including accusations of child trafficking, and italian couple that had arranged for their child to be conceived at the clinic . found out through a dna test that they did not share any genetic material with the child. the child was taken away from them, a court case and food that they should be some good to start grew in 2010. i had just opened the clinic. those were just my 1st programs. of course, this is a tragedy, but this is not human trafficking. that's just ridiculous. of what does human trafficking have to do with any of this? this was a medical error due to negligence in the lab was as hello. the court case has been settled. he assures us, his laboratories would now perform double checks when fertilizing eggs is much more difficult. he tells us to find surrogate mothers, hundreds of ukrainian women between 18 and 40 are under contract with biotech, st. tom, he says, but the demand is steadily increasing. there is really
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a fight over surrogate mothers here, and there are enough patients for all the agencies, but there are not enough surrogate mothers. that is the reason why having great mediators is so important for 3 of the me, alina conan info is one such mediator. however, not for b, o tech. com. she works with other agencies. it's a huge market. she says. what colors are the flowers on red glass in the trees green after the birth of her son nick quito. the 25 year old has twice worked as a surrogate mother herself. once for an american couple, and once for a ukrainian couple financial hardships,
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she said is the main reason why women work as surrogate mothers in ukraine. i grew up as an orphan and the state never supported me. never gave me an apartment . i had my child when i was 20 and i had no idea where to go, because i had a stipend of $100.00 in an apartment cost 50 mile of what was going to do. so i worked as a surrogate mother and bought an apartment with lena seeks contact with potential surrogate mothers on special internet forums. come inside me. yes. once look, i'm inside. that's yours to my yes and i always look at the comments i need. yes, there are girls who are afraid to write a private message. i'm sure i posted an ad for them here. oh, well if, if not, every week i send about 5 to 7 girls to the clinic and they are scream or bad girl
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can participate. only if she doesn't drink, doesn't take drug and doesn't have any diseases. over the years from the catholic lena also wants to be a surrogate mother, a 3rd time soon to earn money again for herself and her son. yann's. and denise might not have been staying in a key of suburb for 2 weeks now. their daughter is due date was 4 days ago, but she's keeping them waiting for the last time we were here. we always said the next time we can, we might already be able to pick up our child here that we didn't know that was, that was at the time the picture during the puncture. an egg was taken from denise, and then mixed with vianza sperm, genetically. it's her child, even if the child is growing in a stranger we kept in touch through the
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agency room for the can fill in, but we plan to get to know her helped us all. not there would be sexual lounge this following the birth to have personal contact if both sides want to. that's what we want. and we have found out that our surrogate mother eula, has said that she would like to meet us can, can them, wouldn't that shouldn't. strange for the 1st whole, the idea of sorry, just to deal with seems that the contracts we had to sign everything because she somehow think okay, it's all about bringing your child into the world and then read a contract about it. i'm sure you can do this part without me. i think i got this today given to me of metabolism, of course, we would have liked to become parents naturally. and we would have liked to see the child grow and my wife's body and watch rebellion bigger and bigger. and because of
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debbie, what's that just didn't work out for us? who then we decided on a surrogate and humvees imputed to stuff. and she to be completely honest, we have to say it was the price in the, in the try this to ukraine because it cost about a 3rd of what it would have cost in the us census had them ah, for many desperate couples, ukraine is their last chance for a child. and unlike in america, where clinics charge $150000.00 or more for fertility programs, it's more affordable. but these bargain prices carry writ, says renowned lawyer, sergey until nov. he specializes in reproductive law. the,
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this is the says she's not with but i'm from what no one knows how many contracts are signed with hopeful parents and what happens to the children often they are not real agencies, but just one or 2 people. if they are not regulated, not registered anywhere, and they do not pay taxes, most of it because of the numbers. and this applies to 60 percent of all fertility companies in ukraine capital in the end. they carry no responsibility for the mistakes that are made on your last year. there were several cases where embryos were mixed up. the infrastructure from the french dark skinned couple is given a fair skin to child of the and there were other scandals where the dna test did not match the parent in the, in 2019 alone, 9 couples came to me when the dna test could not be confirmed personally, but for me following the ukrainian parliamentary election in 2019 lawmakers promised to finally create laws. there were proposals for reforms
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including by sergey on turn off. but unfortunately nothing happened. the large fertility clinics are not interested in changes are enough from what the problem is . we know how our parliament works, what's often laws are past due just for a certain business interest. so unfortunately, reproductive medicine has also fallen prey to this situation of newport news. that is, no law has been passed yet much the good nor the uncertainty is advantageous for some of them. and this continue to the state has absolutely no control over the reproductive programs on offer control. up until now, many issues have not been clarified. for example, what happens to a child who is born disabled and whose parents do not come to pick it up? in ukraine, the law only stipulates that surrogate mothers must have at least one child of
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their own. and that intended parents are not homosexual. and must have had at least 4 failed artificial insemination like eons. denise, my, it's not for them. the big day has come have never been so excited. their daughter was born 3 days ago. they were not allowed into the hospital because of corona today. the hand over is to take place in a hotel right after their daughter's birth a d n, a test was able to confirm that their daughter was a genetic match. in a few minutes. they will see their child for the 1st time, the then the car finally arrived with their daughter, allow her, an employee from the agency has brought the baby here from the hospital
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here. hello, telling me she has your hair a sleep soundly just like a place where very happy she's already had her 1st check up from the doctor and so far everything looks good. all she's healthy. he's already eating some very good, healthy side and
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a nice vice. now i have to stay in ukraine for another 3 week. they still have to visit the authorities and the german embassy, so that lao becomes their daughter and by law, they will also meet their surrogate mother. you are young for the 1st time me uriah, my income lives in a village, 3 hours away from ts, just 3 days ago. the 30 year old returned here from the clinic. she's already been a surrogate mother twice. she has a husband and a 7 year old daughter. together, the small family lives in cramped quarters at her parents small home during the class or 2, or this is my daughter's desk where she does her homework. by now, this or not,
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we sleep here. stop this one and this is our living room. e and my brother's room, but this my daughter stuff is over there. if you could, i could be like a baby about this bear when i came home from the clinic and cooper that i it's a gift for my daughter. well the good the because i was away from home for so long . but me if the 1st photo of my daughter with my husband and mother in law crying tears of joy at the time, i guess it's like that with your 1st child. 6 just a week ago, she was still pregnant with denise and jens madness,
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baby girl. her family has mixed feelings about her job. i will go to the school, of course, my husband was against it, but i talked to him, explained everything to him. and then he understood it really well possible since it's more dad sees what i do pretty negatively because he does not understand how you can give away a child that has been growing inside. you can go, but i stand by what i do doing that this child is not mine. i'm only carrying it for other parents. better for you? correct. so keep vendors out of after the birth i bled a lot and wasn't conscious for almost a day. oh, never had general anesthesia and never saw the child feel like this is not my child . louis i have been supervising, and so i have no special feelings toward her. she has so much number
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with my mom, my mother and my 3 sisters understand that because miss miss. and they always knew that i could build a new house with the money from the 3rd to see. that's why they didn't ask many questions. thought up by them both knocked your fellow also particular neighbor right next to her parents home is her late grandmother's small house. you know, wants to move here with her husband and daughter very soon. oh, neither did we get to know. now we're in the kitchen and that's where the shower goes, the think a fridge. that's basically everything. no friendship is show. this we didn't of this will be our living room. and my daughter's room,
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my would have you on for was about all of the 3rd the money to here with us with their mom. i think it with them. and then as we finally, we will be able to live alone as you go with, listen, you go, i'll be independent. i won't have to listen to anyone. nobody can tell me what to do. i don't know, but we've been planning a long time for a little kingdom of our own. thanks to the 3rd of the money we can now realize our dream of finally becoming independent from our parents. we don't know how to delete the the people in the village know about her work as a surrogate mother. you will, ya has never hidden it, but she knows that there are still many prejudices. that's why she doesn't want to show her family or her daughter in front of the camera.
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i get them i saw. there is hardly any work at the moment, especially for young people. that's my young mothers decide to work as surrogate mothers, so that they can provide for themselves and their families you yeah. has received 16000 euros for her work as a surrogate for the german couple. that is several times. her husband's annual salary junia is still considered the child's mother under german law. that is why she will soon need with denise and jen smyser and for the 1st time see the baby girl. lo huh. that she gave birth to the german embassy in kiev one week later. this is where the ukranian surrogate mother and the german parents
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meet for the 1st time you young has brought a gift for the baby, a traditional ukrainian dress. oh yeah. yeah. that's very sweet, very sweet. thank you very much on this way. why my month was? i'm doing my husband just with you. yeah, sorry, good. my thought at the german embassy. we as julia is now granted, my husband power of attorney said that he can determined that we can leave without a b and then decide everything in germany without alignment. all right now and the german law an nobody to address in germany. i have to adopt her because according to german law, the mother is the person who came to the child and on a ukrainian birth certificate, the child's genetic make up the county. and that way in some i for the german couple,
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the 1st contact with the surrogate mother feels good. has did you let mine will not? so filters did, she has spent the last 9 months with this because she was always so present even without us being here. all mature, always carried on our and when we actually got to meet her in person, i might be puzzled. and then you think, my god, how do you even say thank you. i hope that she's for just grateful to read has to be done by me 2 weeks later you, william at vanco returns to key f. once again, she has to confirm to a notary and the registry office that she is getting loud up for adoption. and that the child is allowed to live in germany. for the 30 year old, this is the end of her role as a surrogate. she just wants to buy
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a gift for her own daughter, and then go straight home. oh, those are my ha. i'm glad that i helped these parents give birth to a baby girl. i'm really happy that they have this little bundle of joy. that's done with a guy. so assessment that way if my mom or get mother's understand that we are able to make these parents happy after all, i am a mother. i have a child to for me, this is definitely such a great joy shot. this is the most precious and important part of a mother's life. julia would like to work as a surrogate mother again, but it's not possible. if i miss stephanie, unfortunately, i will not be able to do this again. i bled a lot after the 1st lesson to change. the doctor said that i probably wouldn't have
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any are children and wrong. my future is my child. rather than waiting. denise and james and i are back in houston. the 2 of them are open about the fact that ukrainian surrogate mother gave birth to their daughter. they say they would have never had this opportunity in germany. and so we just think it's sad that in a country like germany that not all the possibilities are exhausted because yes, exactly. it's one of the most conservative countries when it comes to reproductive medicine, monday people always talk about wanting children. and i always think it runs so much deeper than that, up in the money. if you really want to have children, if you really want to be parents, if you just want to get all the love, you know,
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little be that's not a wish. it's a basic need, sorry to see was the right time to take and cannot course, we would have liked to go in the new way. in the end was the best thing that could have happened to us is on best buy from patheon concert. they want to stay in contact with surrogate mother years young. their child should know that not 2, but 3 people were involved bringing her into this world. the the news. the news
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. the news the news is daily life for use in europe like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect. amy lives film producer, alice brown, in public schools mon exam,
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and what it's like being jewish ah ah cruise was right in front of them all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone beer olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes, actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the lucky you go to tokyo, georgia july 19 d. w. the green. you feel worried about the
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meals of the on the green fence is clear. we need to change. join me for the green transformation for me to use the plan. ah no rules. the news because that's cool.
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it's just me. in the moon, the room. the news . the news live from berlin, a billionaire last fall to the edge of space. virgin galactic spiritual france and gets off the ground before his rival typhoons belong from his mission. aims to us in a new era for measure space struggle also on the program. football field rising. i think land space italy in the year 22 in the final. so it's football coming home,
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all will the trophy be going to roll. fans are hoping that a class lives up to the hype.


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