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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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the ah was ah, the news life from berlin, football, fever mountains as england space italy, and the euro 2020 final. so he's football coming home and will it be another case of ladaja? the fans are hoping that a class lives up to the hype. also coming up the 1st bill was about to blast off richard. branson of virgin galactic counts down to beating his rival tide pools for the edge of space. baffling, the delta vary from sunset as compulsory fascinations for medical workers. but not
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all of them agree with a strategy. ah, i am eddie micah junior. welcome to the program. now in just a few hours time, italy, faith, england in the finals of the european football championship. while england will have the fevans support of nearly all the $60000.00 bands at london's wembley stadium, italy hoping to build on the transformation and a coach of a better mancini. it promises to be a mouth watering the encounter. ah, if football is coming home, then the team on this pass the unwelcome guest looking to crash the party. but at least some people were happy to see italy arrive in london for the 2020 fine oh oh. these
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u. k base italy, fans with that own space on the classic england. then that team survived the tense penalty shootout against spain to reach the final. and now hoping to win the 1st european championship since 1968. got to get these come in there for to answer england's f physically stronger than natalie. but football is played with a ball on the grass. and we hope we can do better than then knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones, when i want to be j to be called a crystal, got be the out that we need support for england has reached the very top person's prime minister, not once and missed a chance for some political capital voting and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team while in a letter, adding, quote, with the hope that history will record not only your success,
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but also the spirit commitments and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also feature in a different time before the final. but it's this one, the deal and skin has 3 lines that really captures the english move. arrogant, so a self protection. the faxes england, if not one, the major trophies in the world cup in 1966. ah, we're in a final and we were here to we're to win. so everything is important. how we represent people them. we're pleased that that legacy has been there. but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody. to do that. so have to be the most inform side and wells football. iran beef and in 33 matches under reverse him and genie.
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and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whisper it. they're pretty good at penalties to my videos from the sports join me now for the build up to this massive game we are looking forward to mock. i mean, after how the tournament has turned out so far, what kind of plan should we expect? i think will have a dramatic final, but i think the drama a bit different. what we've seen in the rest of the toilet and the rest of the former. i think quite a lot of players were quite tired because of the corona virus pandemic with 2 seasons kind of extra and back to back. and you can tell with the met loan goals we've had, we've had 11 own goals. mr. own goal is the tournament top scorer and i think defenses of just got to tired and then there's been mistakes being made in an italy a different day. the 2 sides have shown how to defend england, money continued $1.00 goal. so i think it might be drama, but not because of mistakes or excitement, but trauma because it's going to be so tense. and just one moment of magic might
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make the difference or is all the way to penalty. or one mistake will cause the team deli. now to italy, 33 games on beaten what house for benjamin c need done to bring out this beast in this side, they've always been hard to be. defending has always been very important to italians, but in the past there was sort of happy to win. we'll nil this side is different. we saw in the opening game against turkey, exactly a month ago that they just completely destroy turkey free. now they went for those extra goals. the italian sides of the past never did. so that's a positive development. i'm looking at tonight. if they get ahead, it might mean they won't should up shop like in the olden days. but i remember in 2010 when they were world cup holders. and i was in the stadium in johannesburg when they were beaten by slipped back here to go out in the group stage. and that was a real low point. then not many high points. they didn't get to the final in euro 2012. but they were battered by spain for now they won't want that to happen again
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. so what months you need to, as don't, it's actually incredible. this is decided didn't even qualify for the last will cup and here they are in the final undeservedly. so yes, but if england go on to win, how much will this really mean to the side? after what 55 years of going to pain? it's a long time for the suppose it inventors of the modern game of football to have to wait to only of ever 1. 1 will copy 966 and then never made an of a final is quite staggering really, and it's on home. so again, just like in 66, the love 60000 and find behind them. and you have the country's going to actually crazy that's does this boom thing all over the place and flags. and yeah, they're really going to milk for everything. it's worth because a final doesn't come along very often. and actually, i think the english had just happy to be in the file because they've got over their semi final things. but of course now you're reading the final and you've got to take that chance. but it's really the toughest team they say. sofa. ok,
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only time will tell me this phone did of you sports thanks for your time. but the shots are for an average at branson. it's about to fly to the edge of space . he'll be joining a fast fully crude test flight launched by virgin galactic with 6 people on board. bronson is one of 3000000000 along with jeff bezos. elan mask buying to show you a new air of private commercial space travel. the billionaire space race is on the stop is richard branson, his b s. s. unity will carry a full convoy of travelers beyond atmosphere for the 1st time on sunday. branson has been trying to do this for the last 10 years and he's had numerous delays. technical delays, he's 70 years old. i think he wants to, to see his venture succeed and i think by going up himself, it's a bit of a publicity stunt to some degree. branson slide will last about 19 minutes during
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which the rocket fine will climb to a peak of 89 kilometers above the new mexico desert. the crew should experience a few minutes of weightlessness before descending. the think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space. that is, that is truly special. it's going to be a game changer. i think for space, but branson isn't alone in his venture to commercialize space travel work. amazon found a just phase off is scheduled to fly aboard his company blue origin rocket later this month. meanwhile, ellen musk says his company's 1st private space flight will take place in september, but space x, which is also received funding from the u. s. government has bigger plans to what space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other others. space systems to earth orbit and ultimately what they want to do
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is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of my crew get microgravity time. regardless of the ambitions. all 3 men changing the space industry forever. that's not take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. the wife of a piece fascinated precedent us booking out for the 1st time since her husband was killed. my team luis as a half bond was mad at we're trying to develop a t t issue the record, a statement from hospital after being injured in the attack, police accused foreign medicine. i was carrying out a killing against our voting for the 2nd time in 3 months, pose for 2 rival parties that can make one populous on the pro year of elections in
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the spring way inconclusive. no party one enough support on government was marking the anniversary of the 3 the need some mastercard, which killed more than 8000 muslims. collaborations include barry and 19 newly identified victims. yeah, trust a t 2060 s ago was yours, west since the 2nd world war now government across europe stepping out to fight against the delta variance of the current a virus health authorities hope to see one step ahead or the west. if i had of rise and infections by increasing vaccinated rates, france is focusing in particular on health workers. and we make immune nice ation compulsory. but not everyone agrees. this is the way to go. just celine has had her hands full during the pandemic,
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hoping some of the most vulnerable at this retirement home southeast of paris to protect them. the assisted nurse has been wearing masks and gloves, but there is one precaution. she'd rather not take, at least not for now. i don't care, but today we want to wait a bit longer before i guess. i mean, i do know we need to know more about these new vaccine 1st roll. the government got lots of things wrong at the beginning of the pandemic. i don't want to rush in today. i'm at no precipitate show like her almost for francis nursing stuff have not yet been immunized, but forcing them to would be unfair, says jocelyn. to see where the pandemic heroes and now are the black sheep because we prefer to wait before guessing the make so angry a probably guess it just means manager agrees. she says such
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a rule would cause major problems for the nursing home from you. they should try something, instead of forcing the already struggling fine personnel and several of our highly qualified stuff. yes. and then i said that if they had to get the vaccine, they'd rather quit their jobs. yes. so do you excellence? but this far all just things that a france is going to prevent the next cave in 1900 way from overwhelming hospitals . vaccination will be crucial and that includes health work as near port to have a 12 on cast books on the vaccine give 95 percent protection against severe symptoms causes mis say, you know, if we need to guess 80 or 90 percent of the population immunized exit you especially with the delta variant, know which are those in an infecting infecting of others. and for them i pick the
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thought a huge number rita skeeter, you know, so for just over one 3rd of the french population is fully vaccinated. and the number of 1st jobs per day has been falling over recent weeks. but the government knows that time is of the essence. that's why it has been ramping up its campaign to push people to go back sunday in the media through post and with a temporary vaccination. like this one just outside harris city for here you can get a code with 19 jap without having to book a law and it's on making health care workers get vaccinated might help the country approach the crucial vaccination threshold. but reaching it remains an appeal struggle. let's take a look at some other developments in the pandemic. israel is offering a booster shots of the bio intake 5 vaccine 2 adults with weak immune systems.
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scientists now the it's possible to catch to virus variance or the same time in 90 o, one on from belgium is believed to have died from strains. press identified in the u. k. on south africa and british authorities wanting against large gatherings before the year 2020 football final. finally, when it rains in japan, it pores the tokyo olympics can't get a break at the moment. less than 2 weeks before the opening after the thief has whereby because of the panoramic, the media center has now flooded. so many show rain has caused the roof to leak. the center will host around $6000.00 general is doing the games. the building is supposed to open next week. coming up next, our tech show ship looks at how household robots evolving in japan. rember you can always find the latest news and analysis on our website. that's d w dot com. i am
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at my junior thanks for the time, but stay with us. we have them all coming up the news and then how many questions turn out in the world climate change stores? this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get, well we still have time to go. i'm doing all women in asia in.


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