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tv   Klosterkuche  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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oh, live on demand me, hon. cast language courses video and audio anytime anywhere the b w media center ah . busy it's so painful to see so many people leave the country now because they just don't be any future here anymore. ah, it's the time in history where we could do it. if we fail, it's us failing, but it still needs a lot of energy to go forward. making
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films against all the rules of creating images that have never existed before highlighting problems. that's what filmmaking is about. for many young people. we've met a lot of them over the years and the knowledge talents program, which always takes place at the same time as the burning international film festival. bringing together over $200.00 up and coming to make us from all over the world we caught up with for them again. and partials could come from saddam konstantin vault and christopher own from germany and lebanon. andrew by a host thing from bangladesh. the has
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huge qu, concerns, he wants to make films for his people. we met him in berlin in february, when it was freezing cold. he was visiting friends and taking a break from the stressed and so damned thing in terms of the ship. you can never be your true self, so you never know what your identity is. so i feel like for us to, to become really who we are as people, we need this freedom we need to face and we need to be able to play. and i feel like our culture is cinema. is that space for us to play, to try to understand who we are and to show it to ourselves. we 1st met how she was coca in 2016. it was living in the middle of a war zone in the new mountains and south sudan. he participated in the bell and on a talents program after making the award winning documentary beats of the answer.
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now, the film about music identical ways to learn about the war using music within that country, music and culture on daily life and concentrated on people. me as you can move to the new mountains in 2012. as a war raged between the government and ethnic groups fighting for independence and the right to that own cultural identity. it was a war for resources, self determination, and over the role of religion. you scared like you naturally scared everybody around you scared. everybody is running into foxholes. there's a moment when you come out that you want to to everybody's okay,
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there's that moment of fear. but as soon as you notice everybody's okay, then there's that moment of extreme happiness. i choose coco, one offense documentary audience award at the 2014 toronto film festival before moving to the new mountains. he had lived in new york, but he gave up his secure existence to support his people. living in brooklyn had my little fix the bike that i love. and it's an easy life if he's fun, is very creative. but my work there doesn't matter. wow, the simple thing of being in her words, i'm just, my presence makes a difference. joey co kind of walk as a wall chronicler, organized theater workshops, and set up an artist collective in 2018. he made his 1st fiction film, an anti wall comedy. akasha is about a nun, a soldier and his girlfriend, lena,
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after they spend the night together. at nun gets into trouble when lena becomes jealous with some of the ship. you know whether the shop is in front of me and not the dish. and the funny little, you know, the last year the director shop the phone with a small team area without running electricity. it premiered at the 2018 finished film festival. when we 1st started making the film with the film that we were making for ourselves, we felt we need, we, we had that need for coming together and celebrating. and this is where it's covered from my 1st documentary be said that enough. so with a cash out, we wanted to create a film that had the backdrop of war, but still had enough humour and life and whatnot and questioning of revolution and
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what it means that it means a lot to us. and it was amazing that the film actually also ended up in huge festivals and went around the math, constantine voc and christopher own when they participated in the 2019 thomas program that worked together on the international co production. kappa. now konstantin ball kinds editor and christopher own as cinematographer cafe. now put the spotlight on people fighting for their survival. poor children in the slums of a root like 12 year old zane's. that was the moment when you realize that the fiction that we're doing that the reality is surpassing the fiction that we're doing. and that made everyone realize how important this fictionalized version that we're creating here is and that these topics do need to be talked about children without childhood through see those goods on the streets. everywhere. you'd see
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families also between lanes and like on the highway, you're just just ignore them. you just treat them like animals or like ghosts that that don't exist, but they're everywhere. non professional lankton were plucked from the streets and much of the film was shot from them. perspective. it was not a the story but the wrong direct and truthful way of telling the story that made the film so exceptional. in 2018 at one the jury prize at the cannes film festival and in 2019 it was nominated for an oscar. it's easy to blame people, but it's much harder to understand why they act the way that they act. what is wrong with the system that makes them act this way? how were they brought up? ah, we caught up with him again this year, but not together. kevin now may not have one the best foreign film oscar 2 years
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ago, but the nomination propelled their careers forward and christ of our own one, the germans, send them a talk. graphy, a woman konstantin bulky, is currently in a route conducting research. one christopher own is on lots of tura, they were both invited to join the academy of motion, picture, arts and sciences after the oscar nomination. the whole experience in l. a. for us, with a door open or even beyond the academy, what it meant. first and foremost, and this is very important to us there to get to put in the doors that we signed with an amazing agency there. and they set up a lot of meetings and they really encouraged us to, to take that step. and especially for you, chris, i guess it's from, from, from across the world at the moment to choose from which, which is what a, what i've been looking for last summer. he was the cinematographer for the
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international co production, the man who sold his skin janisa submitted it as its entry for the best foreign film oscar. and it made a short list of 15 films. yeah, this is enough story that bekins in syria. some ali is in love with a b. yeah. yeah, good. what was the henry? hello. henry digital with johnson, you can use the revolution will be on doing. the police will hunt him down. crossing him to say like one of the stays behind mary's diplomats and moved to belgium. will some ever see her again?
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an artist offers a promising solution and sam becomes a living canvas. through my soul. i want your bags, i got open. not a whole bullet feel as though she was showing a list of don don. i like the idea of sterling i bought into this over there was a means to that person to become abused and that's going to just blew me away with my latest work. i am exploring you real biting and traveling around the world. because the look and all of this work about bad signature. we had that idea of having each scene look like a painting and have the be like a gallery or museum you're, you're,
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you're walking onto and looking at those different pieces of arts. so the, so the idea was to have different there was so we created those in the data from each other, but also all of them connected. and i was scared. he knew my biggest cache, the thing, this movie was that at the end, it turns out like a music video because it's all not because i've seen looking that different deceitful, off world stage in a visually large fashion. the critically acclaimed film celebrated its premier at the venice film festival. it also stars, monica bellucci, as the cynical gallery owner gives me this part of the expression, the real,
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what is inside. i almost feel like you guys were sort of like subconsciously inspired by the artist that did this in real life in the he had to the real guy. the work is called him he, he turned the human being into a piece of art which inspires caused her to write the script. and i feel like, yeah, that twisted in this is, is still in how you guys translated that with your visual beauty and the wickedness of the group. while christopher own was busy shooting a co production in the summer of 2020 constantine bunk was in bay route. on august the 4th 2020 the same day that 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port. he witnessed the nightmare up close and then the mushroom appeared out of nowhere and then took
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a few seconds before the shock wave hit us. but you know, i think the scary thing was not knowing what what's going on is that what does this mean? this war or someone attacking or what was happening were just so foolish and didn't realize what was going on. i say it's still unclear who is the plane. so they surrendered catastrophe. but many blaine upon occasions and lost faith in the state. the federal case that would be the ones that than men during the
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young people in particular don't see a future. and they root old lebanon anymore, and constantine bulk attitudes of video, his musician, friends. i think the fraction really goes beyond the physical destruction and really destroyed something and people, and in our friends or family in their hearts and souls. and that destruction is much, much harder to fix if it's even possible than the physical destruction of constantine bunk one to process the image interrupted research on a project together with a nice woman is developing the script for botox. a root, a dog's time to take aim at the widespread corruption in the country. it's a film from the fashioned scene that tries to highlight corruption and methodism behind the beautiful veneer. financial support for the development of the screen play has already been approved in germany. constantine vol,
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climbs to shoot in day route into yes. if we want to help in any way, it's by telling stories from here. and it's also by making a film here and employing our friends in the, in the film industry and like, you know, bringing, there's so much talent here. so the best thing we can do is make something here and shoot the the i mean there's a young and they are carrying the economy, made in bangladesh house. the story of shima 3 is working in a factory. an accident occurs a call,
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it dies. and shima realizes how defenseless the work is done. but i'm going to talk to somebody about this other guy only the women can help themselves, you know, quite a piece of furniture. and we will call that he said, going to act must have been this full provoking statement by the activist st. same . and a few shipments anger. she decides to form a union. it's based on a true story that seems dress dalia, director, ruby at hussein met her while researching the textile industry. when i met her,
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she immediately expressed interest. i also found that her life story was also very dramatic. that leaving home when you're 12 and coming to the city already says something about this young woman that she won't get defeated, you know, she will fight. and that's what i think really attracted me to her that i was like, wow, you know, she had that spirit, there's something special about her when i was writing or talk to her a lot. and of course, the final script we shared with her, she was in the rehearsal or after she dr. active to operate this doing the scene. so we became also became friends, you know, the actors and dana. and so we are wanting to tell this story to get some value convinced one because to form a union, if we don't like it, we don't know what's going on is affected by them is
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i'm a local local, so i will not listen listen looking unit with them, i think when things got difficult, if people started losing their jobs or boss finding out that when don yes that her friends turn to her enemies because then they're like, no, i don't wanna lose my job because i can keep my family to feed my children will be informed that i have shopped up. i think these women, these young women are very much aware of their way. but maybe a lot of them do not have it in them to fly to the end. you know, teach the real leader to do that. oh, finance was spent 2 years researching before filming in bangladesh. she likes
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working with women both in front of the camera and behind it. the director also spends time in the us, but her work focuses on her home country. she wants with n g 's workshops for women and trains female directors. she's also creating an initiative to prevent domestic violence group. i enter st. film premiered at the toronto film festival and was shown in la cano, one of the i'm going to thanks to a young woman's courage. the 1st garment workers union was founded and registered against the odds. i've been the, it's happening various about living rights and we have not seen one. i think all of this happen because of the activism of workers. fact
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director actually coca his comedy akasha has fun with cliches. so the f r a v wanted to make sure is to show that idea of war and how lucas was 7077. and oliver adam, i'm good. let me know that natalie natalie as a fish, i was going to get the allowed to the look on august. and i wanted to make sure that we don't just keep having this heroic idea of war. and why is this amazing thing and to become a man and to become a hero and to you go to war. so if i wanted to destroy that, but at the same time i wanted to make sure that the causes real so so that balance of beep are fighting for real rights and all that at the same time. fighting is a really dumb,
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crazy thing that hopefully wars will stop. so i wanted all that to be played with shoots during the rainy season when the fighting stops in the new mountain villages take in the film in the l in a. and i think together your level mileage on our read one, i have a look on the list. there's a happy ending at 9 remorsefully returns to lena, but he has to learn that women a much stronger than he thought i'm said, i know that we're getting lebanese cinema talker for chris does not own enjoying working with women on films like the satirical drama, the man who saw his skin. it was a big success for him. things to an intensive collaboration with the writer
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director counter than honey from tunisia. in 2021. the film will net christopher another nomination for the german cinema telegraphy prize. i just have the feeling that they want to get to the next day. they have a question that haunts them more than men and they want to get to that answer. and there's something that that touches me in the way they are approached infants. and they just feel like being next to them and fighting for that. so right now he's on the island just quite of antonio. his latest film copilot will premier at the berlin international film festival. he and director and sorta better shape preparing. it's very atmospheric, but it could be anything. the film portraying so long story
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between 2 students, ashley and say eat. when i eat suddenly disappears. his family comes off to athlete, but the 2 have sworn to keep their secrets. he said we were most of the best sight. i was just like him. you know, i know in my room the, my wife and the 10 mom in your piece. he's kind of dancing with the axis, it's kind of they need to rock together very close to my mother's love, but he's been, he, i capture the sense of close to like in a small stage play needs to assist for by isn't listening for humble. i've yet get sooner owns he is like to hear my deals
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that they prepare for the films, world premier christopher a noun and sorta about a shame, a choosing press photos. meanwhile, in berlin, how shoes cooker is recovering from a stressful time in sudan. a lot has changed that the civil war has eased, but it's a fragile piece. destruction ethnic tensions, and high levels of corruption, slowing development efforts. for years, the filmmakers supported the revolution, taking to the streets, among thousands of others. since 2018, there's been an apparent break in the fighting. but there's still no calm in sudan . the country remains torn apart. it's exhausting and not just by high shoes, coca, his hopes have a new beginning, have been dashed. at the end of last year, he was arrested because of
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a theater workshop in which women took part displeased the religiously minded police. it took an outcry from international filmmakers to get her jewish cook released from prison. where on the steps of getting into the piece. but we're struggling with new new things. we're struggling with a technocrat government that can really deal with running the government alongside this military and the national security and the remainder of the old regime with the old mentality with all my chip. so now where we're set where like we could do it is that is the time into that history where we could do it. if we fail, if us failing, but it still needs a lot of energy to go forward as use, coca isn't giving up. he's planning a film about the odyssey of african people trying to reach europe, performers, african road trip. the despite the challenges
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these filmmakers will all continue to make films in their own unique way. the the news, the news, the news . the
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news, the news the, what's going on here, the house of your very own from a printer, computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world shift in 15 minutes on the w
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news of the news life from berlin, football field, mountains, england's face italy in the year 2020 final. so it's football coming home or will it be another case of ladaja? the fans are hoping that a class lives up to the hype. also coming up the 1st bill was about to blast off richard branson. version galactic counts down to beating his rival.


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