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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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birth wishing the team while in a letter, adding quote, with the hope that history will record not only your success, but also the spirit commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also feature in a different time than before the final. but it's this one, the deal and skin as 3 lions that really captures the english mood oregon. so. so that for cation the faxes england, not one the major trophies in the world cup in 1966. ah, we are in the final and we were here. we had to win, so everything is important. how was represented paper them, we're pleased that that, that legacy is being there. but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody. to do that, so have to be the most inform,
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aside in wells football, italy or, and beacon in $33.00 matches under a bathroom and she me and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whispering, they're pretty good at penalties to my meadows from the sports joins me now for the build up to this massive game. we are looking forward to mock. i mean, after how the tournament has turned out so far, what kind of final should we expect? i think we'll have a dramatic final, but i think the drama a bit different to what we've seen in the rest of the term and the rest of the former. i think a little players are quite tired because of the corona virus pandemic with 2 seasons kind of extra back to back. and you can tell with the amount of own goals we've had, we've had 11 own goals. mister own goal is the tournament top scorer and i think defenses have just got too tired and then there's been mistakes being made in in italy a different day. the 2 sides have shown how to defend england considered one goal.
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so i think there might be drama, but not because of mistakes or excitement, but trauma because it's going to be so tense and just one moment of magic might make the difference. or it is all the way to penalties, or one mistake or cause data team deli, now, to italy, 33 games on beaten what house for better minds you need done to bring out the best in this site. they've always been hard to be defending has always been very important to italians. but in the past there were sort of happy to win while mill, this is different. we saw in the opening game against turkey, exactly a month ago that they just completely destroyed turkey free. now they went for those extra goals. the italian sides of the past never did. so that's a positive development i'm looking at tonight. if they get ahead, it might mean they won't shut up shop like in the olden days. but i remember in 2010 when they were world cup holders. and i was in the stadium in johannesburg when they were beaten by slipped back. here to go out in the group stage and that
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was a real low point. they're not many high point since they didn't get to the final in euro 2012. but they were batted by spain for now they won't want that to happen again. so what might you need to has done is actually incredible. it's decided didn't even qualify for the last will cup and here they are in the final undeservedly. so yes, but if england go on to win, how much will this really mean to the side after what 55 years of going to pay? it's a long time for the suppose it inventors of the modern game of football to have to wait to only of ever 1. 1 will come in 1066 and then never made an of a final is quite staggering, really. and it's on home. so again, just like in 66, the love 60000 and find behind them. and you have the countries that actually crazy, this does the bone thing all over the place and flags. and yeah, they're really going to milk it for everything is worth because the final doesn't come along very often. and actually i think the english are just happy to be in the file because they've got over their semi final jinx. but of course,
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now you're reading the final and you've got to take that chance, but it's really the toughest team they say sofa ok, only time will tell mark meters from d. w. sports. thanks for your time to haiti now, where the interim government has ox, the u. s. on us for help in stabilizing the country. at the precedents, you are now moisture as a nation. many haitians are alarmed by foreign involvement in the attack, which also left his wife. when did. she has now spoken to half fellow citizens by our audio message for the 1st time since a half bond was slain. the streets bear the scars of a violent arrest. colombian mercenaries fought with haitian police here hours after they allegedly assassinated president young, no mo, ease his wife, survived the attack and from a u. s. hospital she described the killing of her husband. was too much in. we've seen marie is speaking to you. i am alive, thanks to god. i am alive,
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but i lost my husband ship and now in the blink of an eye, the mercenaries entered my house and riddled my husband with bullets. gave him battle. she urged patients to remain united bobby's him. this is my tears will never dry. my heart will always believe me, but we cannot let the president die a 2nd time. i'm crying it is true, but we cannot let the country lose its way to be investigations or underway into the murder. with more than a dozen, columbia mercenary, arrested, or killed to hasten, americans have also been detained. the foreign involvement in the assassination has struck a nerve in a country with a history of suffering. the consequences of international interference. 18th election minister defended the government's request for help from the us military. so far, the u. s. has not announced its decision. what do we do in country for in the
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private for destroying people? yes, authorization for government new will prevent by preventing info. exactly. ask was for the leadership how a vacuum after the assassination has thrown haiti into another state of unrest at haitians. deal with another set back on the journey to self determination and political ability. now, to some other stories making headlines around wild boats. as i go into the pool in bulgaria for the 2nd time in 3 months, 2 parties are running neck and neck and pulls one populace on the other, pro europe elections in the spring way inconclusive. no party one and not the courts to form the government. was now as marking the anniversary of this
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red beneath the massacre in which more than $8000.00 muslims were killed. combinations include the burial of $900.00 newly identified victims. the atrocity july 1995 was europe's west massacre. since the 2nd world war 2, he said he could see both frances has appeared in public for the 1st time since under go and fetch me upon to appear on the balcony of a hospice in rome and lead weekly prayers process. how do we our ration last week has not office in test message but to shondra for now, richard branson is preparing to fly to the edge of space. he will be joining the fast food recruit test flight launched by virgin galactic with 6 people aboard. branson is one of 3 billionaires along with jeff bezos on isla mask. vital to us in a new era or private commercial space travel. the billionaire
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space race is on. first stop is richard branson. his b s. s. unity will carry a full convoy of travelers beyond us atmosphere for the 1st time on sunday, france and has been trying to do this for the last 10 years. and he's had numerous delays technical delays. he's 70 years old. i think he wants to, to see his venture succeed and i think by going up himself, it's a bit of a publicity stunt to some degree. branson slide will last about 90 minutes during which the rocket pine will climb to a peak of 89 kilometers above the new mexico does it? the crew should experience a few minutes of weightlessness before descending. the think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket and go to space that, that is truly special. it's going to be a game changer. i think for space, but branson isn't alone in his venture to commercialize space travel work. amazon
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found a just phase off is scheduled to fly aboard his company blue origin rocket later this month. meanwhile, ellen mosque says his company's 1st private space flight will take place in september, but space x, which is also received funding from the u. s. government has big plans to which space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and other, other space systems to earth or visions. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of micro gap microgravity time. regardless of the ambitions, all 3 men changing the space industry forever. it's getting hot times thing temperature inside the house or 244 degrees celsius. send and visit us
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carrion for shade and to cool off in fountains. whether that's the heat wave is down to hot air, cross in the mediterranean from africa. a welcome escape from the heat, as temperatures in seville, hit 44 degrees, while some quenched the 1st and the shade. others prefer to cool off in the nearest fountain. the slow but obviously the i'm only in seville for today and i didn't think it would be this hot. we have gone to the fountain with and it feels like almost in half an hour we'll try all running for the moment. it's perfect yadda. norfolk, i was told this battle about any moment that the heat wave caught many tourists by surprise. festivals, residence these temperatures on nothing you but even they are having to be careful
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about plenty and stay in the shade. there's not much more you can do. it's more or less normal, the temperature ups and downs drive you crazy. whatever the full cost of have issued extreme weather warnings because of hot air, massive crossing the mediterranean from africa. people here are calling it the for can beast the 1st heat wave to hip spain this summer. it's unlikely to be the last and when it rains, it pours that tokyo olympics can't get to break at the moment. less than 2 weeks before it begins. after spectators, whereby from the events due to rice cohen, a virus, i guess the olympic media center has now flooded. torrential rain cost a roof leak of the main press center. it will host around $6000.00 journalists and it's due to be the venue for international olympic committee. press conferences.
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next up, the 4th lie full of the rocky roads with a talk. you lympics this time joining 3 jim or not leaves who been trying to stay on top of the game despite upon i, mike, i do the small coming up the the loosely listen carefully. don't know how to go. i feel the magic the discover the world around you
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subscribe to w documentary on you to me the the the the the elim picks for athletes in countless disciplines. the ultimate dream. i
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was 10 when i 1st watched the olympics on tv, so it was fascinating and i've been fascinated, ever since the pic totes relates to tokyo, is already underway with the games set to open on july 23rd despite right and copays. right. i love the lympics and the movement. what makes the thought really so special for me? 3 german athletes, a fence, a javelin pro and a high jump at their rocky road to tokyo. and i definitely want to be that, well, that is the best scary. maybe that can impact out is because there is a risk and concern in almost limbering up at a training camp in turkey for him. it's been an extraordinary year. after the postponement of the olympics, he took a break to concentrate fully on physical preparation,
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as opposed to competition over the winter. that meant training indoors. but now he's finally back outside the amplitude and then suddenly picking up the javelin again, feels just amazing. like a child having that bicycle taken away and then being allowed to get on it again. this is something you never get to do and it's exciting to you pick up the javelin and it's immediately gratifying to have that feeling back is important to me. technique is crucial. it's a really special feeling if you haven't done it in 6 months, you're so hungry that you can't wait to launch a long and powerful fro again with bites away from the power of app was powerful in this case means 90 meters plus something he's managed time and again, in recent years, his goal now is to repeat that feed this year. oh,
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i don't know, has a ready competed in a major meet this year. she entered the qualification tournaments in cars on russia, determined to secure her ticket to the olympics as were 204 rival fellow fences dolo attacks and fainted, but failed to make the grade her dreams of making her 1st olympics could now be dashed ah, the speed of the olympics are my big goal now, especially i think that the huge sporting festival with so many disciplines are the same place the highest level of life. and it's the biggest event out there for most reports is what and i want to be part of it. but sometimes there's one final chance for alexander and dolo via tournaments in madrid in april. that's what she's focusing on now. but only the window will qualify for tokyo will full years of
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high intensity training for the big goal prove to have been in vain. ringback the me, it's been a complicated past 12 months, the high jump on young slice. the pandemic turned her plans upside down. the olympics postponed, training under difficult conditions and no tournaments, the resulting lack of security about the future. also compromise and motivation. and cobit 19 is still impacting on her daily life. her boyfriend, nikolai has been a pillar of support, helping her make it through these challenging times. so again, we do something with friends again or visit relatives without a guilty conscience. and i also went to work with my coach again without any issues
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yet to see if 9 on the only thing one and a half or 2 meters distance and just isn't normal. this is so initial mom. she has the experience and almost fatherly support of the coach on gary and thomas case is in charge of the german national high jump, a team having worked with young flies for over a decade. now you also provide some much needed confidence as, as my mind, especially then you recognize my weaknesses and helped me to improve, i think on the harmony between us. that's a good streamline porter. it's beneficial for our work together and for our goal, i'm in the whole and so the 2 of them have already been to the canary islands for the training this year. young flush has been using the time without competition to hold her, run out perfecting those all important full t steps is crucial for her take off the height, she can clear something and run up is very good. thank you. have to spend
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age is fine, but, and even then years later, not ideal. ideally, she just wants to be proving her talent from the big stage. and it could happen in may. if the pandemic get in the way again, it's tough to assess her current level of performance is jeff has no idea when you jump in again competitive at a similar level, then you automatically jump a bit higher because of the pressure amount of the 2016 games in rio de janeiro, she finished 7th after clearing one meter 93. while and young slices case, it's all about focusing on her body. thomas also has a silent partner to consider. the consignment is pretty accurate and i don't have any extremely emotional bonds to my javelin. that's because they get broken too frequently for me to connect with them
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. like you do with get a feel and there's a whole range of them. and they, they're not just in terms of color, there are different materials to, it's called the fiber metal aluminum, minium steel, alan minion with carbon fiber on the surface are all the same rules. why 2? because at the same level, same wage. same thickness. that's really important. the only difference is in the genes your particular javelin, according to the wind machine. feeling the personal technique. and the vibration is also important with an javelin. that silent after all, there's a particular noise when you throw them, it's going to give it a go up 1st. and that involves absorbing one ton and weight. javelin flowing might look straightforward, but it puts the body under enormous strain. and that to means specific training
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must use a subtle and perhaps unexpected method forget he's been practicing his stance and stability on it's like like he was pretty sick. but it's basically about having an amazing the surface. it helps me to train even the smallest muscles and what's going on. the key words here, injury prevention for runs, it's not about growing as far as possible, regardless by what about insuring a healthy career in sports and something we also tried to teach up and coming talent practice won't enable me to immediately froze server, which will help to maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time, limit bite of effort, but never has and your billing of the type who are licensed by jeff to me and he'll need that high level come august 7th. when his biggest event of the year
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takes place at the tokyo and then picks the about far from feeling nervous. he's looking forward to tackling the new outdoor season with less stress and more confidence. i mean, it, i mainly just entering the phase where things are getting gradually more intense, but see if the weather is getting warmer in germany, we're doing more targeted training and gradually doing more javelin frozen. and then now be the focus on competing more specifically on the olympics and madrid at the end of april. alexander, i'm dolo the told them in, in the spanish capital is her last chance to get to tokyo. there's no room for error. only the window will stamp that ticket to the olympics. the rest will have to watch from home. alexander and dolo has high hopes
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and she gets off to a very promising stuff, comfortably beating an opponent from lithuania and then from hungary. but the semi final present with a rival of a different caliber pasha neva from bella ruse. the 2 had never faced each other before. and although maintains her focus throughout the about the ends up as the 15.29 when she's now in the final standing in the way of her path to tokyo is all in our creve. it's scott from ukraine a to time bronze metal. when at the world championships the seas the favorites and promptly take the lead. alexander on zillow tries to recover
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repeatedly lending hits on a opponent's body, but not often enough emerge is victorious and is headed. so alex, 100 on dollars, the olympic dream is over. i high exempt them, i was young flies, it will now also be do old die time. the olympic countdown has begun with less than a 100 days to go. the focus is also on finding the right form. look it up. i'll jump that level. i'm happy with it and we'll be able to go to the games come to the from the spin, come hopefully i'll jump over 19. i hope it maybe even if she isn't to meet us is also feeling the exertion of these very special conditions. a prerequisite
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for all and then pick hopefully a corona virus job. and once in tokyo, there'll be no limping village and a limited number of fans in the stadium. in canada, lincoln champaign. i'll be really determined. of course, there's always a gamble got by. i don't want to pin too early. there's no help the season. i want to hit my peek in late july early august. that's crucial star, the performance that comes off. i don't know. one thing is the sure good. i won't have any more time in the coming weeks, but his hobby fishing. and after recharging his batteries, he'll be out to defend his crown in tokyo. ah . the
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me han cast language courses video and audio anytime anywhere the w media center the ah . busy it's so painful to see so many people leave the country now because they just don't see any future here anymore. ah, it's the time in history where we could do it. if we fail, it's us failing, but it's still nice. a lot of enter.


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