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happens when these foreign ships returned home with nature membership, ukraine knew closer to becoming a reality. and the formal security guarantees given ukrainians still have many good reasons to worry about their country's security. next john report, it looks at how hong kong is so would you shut down the territories last pro democracy newspaper. that's after the great e w is right here for you. can you hear me now? yes, we can hear you. germans counseling. we bring you. i'm gonna call and you've never had before the price just so what, what is what it was? who is medical really important to people who along the way meyer is and critic join us for math class. the women in asia in the me will put all the money and
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lunch and on the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire story. when this weekend on d w. me the boon and harry were journalists for apple daily, the most outspoken newspaper in hong kong, the painful farewell, the headline of its final edition. the popular paper was forced to shut and the china is tightening control over. it's free, a city wide. apple daily didn't change when hong kong has what does the papers face tell us about the future of hong kong?
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this isn't a normal day at the office for poon, the 30 year old journalist has just learned that the newspaper he worked for for a decade would close at midnight. all day. i'm on hold. we just received notice that apple daly will publish its final edition tonight. so i'm rushing back to the office, although i still have a report pending publication with see if i can make it today. although were prepared for its ending, it still feels unreal. that morning. another staff member from apple daily, an editor, aerial writer, was arrested under hong kong national security law. it was imposed by beijing to outlaw act of some versions of session collusion and terrorism punishable by up to
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life in prison. all the people we know media workers are at risk, especially those from apple daily. all day. it's kind of expected, but journalists are humans to that. what we don't want it to happen because i don't know. poon is joined by harry. a photo journalist has worked for apple daily for 7 years. what's your last assignment today? none, i must, judy, i didn't expect things to end today. i regret that none of my photos will be in the final edition. will i understand? the freezing of its assets made it almost impossible for apple daily to continue operating or even to pay it. staff bubbles, he is. i'm bringing my own camera with me to document the historical moment. the ending is not ideal, but i understand the decision made by management because they care a lot about our safety. kodak hi to hold on.
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the as nightfall. more and more supporters come to bid a sentimental farewell. it's not just the paper that's coming to an end. all it's online. content will also no longer be accessible in a few hours time. welcome, got it so. so i run a new door, so many people read the newspaper and even traveled all the way out here to support us. but in the end, the only reason that forced apple daily to shot was government pressure because i thought it breaks my heart even more hold or to suppose i go. my last report was to test preservative and fast food. i knew it was published on the website that night and i couldn't be added to the print edition. that was there was no more room on my report, survived for 3 hours and then vanished all. so we couldn't do much on the last day late, but during the last few hours we were still journalists. we fulfilled our duties to
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continue reporting. paula, now perhaps we won't find anywhere else as free to report as here. the oil which i haven't kept any printed record of my previous report. well, we want to. all of them had vanished. i don't think, but it's not enormous pity for me personally. i only lost a little hungry, but the whole of hong kong had locked numerous important pieces of news and history, as well as a large group of journalists, deijani. and that's what's most regretable. global was something a white 1000000 copies of apple daily's final edition were published a record high in this city of 7500000 people. the popular paper just marked it 26th anniversary 3 days before its closure. founded shortly before the former british colony was handed over to china. apple daily had long been seen as an indicator of hong kong free speech under painting through it. but it was also an outspoken thorn
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in the authority side. it's founder jimmy ly is currently in jail for organizing illegal protests and charged with collusion under the smithy national security law . last year we spoke to him right after police 1st rated apple daily news room. i was saying with the ship. because this space gave me everything, you know, i'm in depth to this race. i'm very grateful for the what the say that given me, i told them that consider your own safety, your conscience, and your prediction to that society. we are not asking you to be the marker was, you know, do whatever you think is the right thing to do. so we would just continue to do it and test the water. his media empire did carry on, but was constantly tested a week before its closure. apple daily was dealt another blow. 5 executives were arrested reporters,
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computers were seized on that night. the remaining editorial board continued publishing. the massive raid was front page news. then the government froze, its assets, putting the papers very survival at risk. even worse, 2 executives were brought to court for conspiracy of collusion with dozens of apple daily articles cited as evidence by young. suddenly our editor in chief became a suspect and we saw him in court. all, i'd never imagined a reporter having to undergo this boy, and i argued during the court hearing on that day and we realized that reports and commentaries we once deemed ordinary were now problematic. and hope hope things are going on that have been impacted us a lot. one. how can the remaining freedom of press and expression protect? i only know someone. yeah, we were frustrated on that day bold already man. a journalists can hardly feel protection since then. i got your whole so use the red lines are everywhere,
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but which are not on the scene. i felt like go hide fishing, blamed opposition, media for the mass protest in hong kong, and vowed to clamped down on what it called subversive dissidence. even months before its closure, rumors and threats of shutting down apple daily had struck fear into its journalists. some left, others chose to stay until the bitter end including boon and harry was. i seize every last opportunity to perform my duty. when i'm gone, even before it's closure, reporters for opposition media like apple daily, already encountered many restrictions just a day before the newspaper closed. harry was on his last photo assignment outside a court. all reported movements are monitored by the police officer and this guy for reporting had changed fundamentally when the government classifies you
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as a position media, it often excludes you from certain press events and information. therefore, court news and our own interviews a, some of the few things we can still cover. the climate has become totally different in the wake of the protests. in the past, we could shoot freely, but now there are always metal barriers everywhere. always hang on. just 2 days later, harry's life has been turned upside down. he's no longer a photo journalist. this gear, which helped him to record many historical occasions, has to be returned to the now defunct newspaper outlet. well, i can't get used to it. i feel empty with all there are so many uncertainties ahead . so many question marks in my head. i haven't been like this for a long time or hung. a news in hong kong makes me feel really exhausted and powerless. every time i shoot in the field, there's
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a great sense of powerlessness. we're hot, there's nothing else i can do. more with my total gum. as a photo journalist, i witnessed the collapse of hong kong and it's most frustrating era. boys. once the most vocal critic in china, the unprecedented death of apple daly raises another pressing question. who's next? the domino effect it triggered intensifies the chill. a number of opposition media outlets have removed commentary suspended service or even left hong kong. yet another editor from the now shut, apple daily was arrested at the airport when he tried to leave for the fact i didn't think it was. i was like, the chinese proverb says, apple daily is like the sacrificial animal. that fluttered to intimidate the other
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farm animals and make them obey god. how pessimistic there is always stakes are high. when get off, we also wonder whether our previous reports will cause us trouble getting home language. but we can't be fearful as long as we work in line with journalist to conduct a whole meeting again or or to do what i had the chance to enjoy the last light of breath freedom. every journalist is under pressure. i think a lot i haven't come up with the conclusion of whether i can still be a reporter. even if i can, it will be very difficult. please know. this is the 1st time they've met since the daily closed out. it felt so strange to have nothing to do yesterday on such a busy day for all reporters. i love a few of their former colleagues are now on social media to continue reporting as independent journalists. but many are
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quitting the industry. it was a photo journalist who's doing some plan to get a tax license in b drive is not shooting anymore. it's hard to find another liberal platform to go called an independent journalist must bear all the risks and consequences on their own on the pressure and burden are different or go go out and pull my powerful yes. in hong kong. nowadays, any article control various accusations. it could be a huge risk by this shooting photo safer. so who knows? maybe a photo could also be blamed as incitement. hong kong detour from democracy has forced them to put the brakes on their journalistic endeavors. does it also spelled the end of freedom of the press in their home city all summer?
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i don't think hong kong press freedom has died than although it's seriously wounded things only to say we are being all witnessed the change of hong kong from a place with free speech where there is basically no taboo for journalists to a place filled with red lines. for the whole, you know, how, okay, with all seen, many opinions and acts are now prohibited by overland. it's not only me as a journalist that witnesses it but all hong congress she hung on my if i didn't think, i think we'll get like hong kong itself. boone and harry are at a crossroads and there's no clear path ahead. so he faces an uncertain future. who says he's done his best and has no record will be with me. the
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challenge. me extreme one an extra my son like. 15000 kilometers. the next. how is not good at the end of the day? read on 77 percent are calling chinese new colonialism, pure and simple in st debate. why is this still a thing in africa and who is to lean towards white people from black african probably new legs on somebody, harvey? 7 percent. 60 minutes on these places in europe
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versus making all the records step into a ball and venture for modern globe trotters. discover some of you to record breaking on you tube and now also in book form the in the news, the news we are living during the most extraordinary times in the history 5.4, hopefully electric ref. the auto and mobility show.


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