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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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hey, ah ah ah, this is dw news life in berlin, football, fever, europe as england prepared to face italy in the euro. 2020 final. so is football coming home or will it be another case of la built to a veto with the result seen is wide open fans. hope the clash lives up to the hype, after a tournament full of drama, also coming up a stark choice for bulgaria populous conservatives. and pro you parties are in a dead heat as the country goes to the poles again to end months of electoral deadlock. and nato and ukraine wrap up 2 weeks of military exercises in the black
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sea. a shot across the bow of an increasingly a sort of russia. ah, michael ok. welcome to the program. the european football championship reaches its climax tonight when a believe phase england in the final. while england will have the support of most of the $60000.00 fans at london's wembley stadium, italy will look to continue their incredible transformation. under coach roberta mentioning it, promises to be a very tight encounter. oh, balls coming home, then the team on the bus to the unwelcome guest looking to crash the party. but at least some people were happy to see a li arrive in london for the year 2020 final
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o. b u. k. base italy, fans with their own spin on the classic england, and that team survived the 10th penalty shootouts against spain to reach the final and the now hoping to weigh in the 1st european championship since 1900. 68. got to get physic. i meant for to answer england, physically stronger than natalie, but football is played with a ball on the grass. and we hope we can do better than them knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones, when i want to be j to be called a crystal, a check up the, the bus out there when the support for england has reached the very top percent prime minister. not one to mr. chance for some political capital voting and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team well in
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a letter. i didn't quote with the hope that history will recall not only your success, but also the spirit commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also feature in a different time than before the final. but it's this one, but the skin has 3 lions that really captures the english move. arrogant so. so that for cation the faxes england, not one the major tracy since the world cup in 1966. ah, we're in a final and we were here to we're to win. so everything is important. how we've represented paper them. we're pleased that that legacy is been there, but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody to do that. so have to be the most inform
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side and wells football player on beach and in $33.00 matches under roberto mancini . and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments, and whispering, they're pretty good at penalties to mark meadows from d. w. sports joins me now to revel in the build up to this massive, massive game mark, given how the tournament has passed out so far. i think some people out there many in fact will believe that this is a we're the final. yes, i think so. i mean, england, only conceited one goal. and if we think back to the beginning of the tournament exactly a month ago when italy opened the tournament against turkey, they destroyed them 3 now and were like, hang on, this is a new italy team. this is an engine team and happy to win one nail. want to keep on attacking. so yes, i think it is the fair final, obviously england, the host nation. and you know, france and belgium have you no real hope going into this tournament, but they just didn't play when it mattered most. it's raining and did so. yeah.
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it's a fair, final impact. i was picking belgium, frankly. but surely italy will be england's biggest test. so far, tell us how men sheeny was able to transform this italy team into the well oiled finally tune, winning machine that it seems to be yes, i mean it's been a fantastic job. i mean, they won't, the will cut the last title. they won in 2006 here in germany. but then i remember i was in the stadium and johannesburg for the 2010 woke up when they went out in the group state against slovak. here. that was a real, real low point for italy. they take themself up a bit and got to the final euro, 2012, but then they got destroyed in the final by spain for nil, and that really hurt them. and then they're in the a quite a few years they didn't even qualify for the last will cope. the job mancini has done is absolutely phenomenal. and as i say, it's the difference. you know, yes, italy are always go to defense. we know that. but now that happy to attack as well and get more than just one go. and i think that means tonight's final is going to
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be really, really intriguing. if england does managed to win this final, what will it mean for the country after 55 years of heard? yes, a long time isn't. it doesn't come along very often for them, fans. i mean they're already going absolutely balmy. i'm in the streets of filled with daunting and flags and everything i've been looking on. social media, people are worried actually the, the match is happening so late in the evening. they were the people will spend the whole day in the pope and they'll be drunk before the game. never mind after it because we normally play football in the afternoon in england on the weekend. so yeah, it's a, it's a massive moment, but i do feel the actually getting to the final is the kind of most important achievement. because in the last 3 big semifinals, in the distant past it was that was the issue. they have to get over. they had to stop this semi final genes and they have them so even if they end up losing and they'll still see it as a successful turnover. of course, as you're in the final and you're home, you've got to take the opportunity right?
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doesn't come along and during close and when imagine if they lose on penalty kicks . god, help us all. mark meadows from d. w. sports really appreciate it. in another continental football championship. argentina have beaten our tribal is brazil, one nil to win the cope. america final and rio and held the maria score the mattress . only goal with the chip. over keeper edison's head, fans streamed onto the streets of argentine as capital bernice areas to celebrate the victory to their national teams. first title in 28 years. and the 1st major international trophy for argentina's, captain leno, messy. now let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world. the wife of haiti's assassinated president has made her 1st remarks since the killing of her husband martine louise said the attack happened in the blink of an
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eye without her husband getting the chance to say a word. patient police accused foreign mercenaries of carrying out the killing. the g 20 a group of wealthy nations have back a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. the deal aims to stop multinational especially tech giants, doing business globally from shifting profits to tax havens. the new levy could be in place within 2 years. british billionaire richard branson is preparing to take off on his virgin galactic space, plain branch and 5 other people will fly 80 kilometers above the earth surface. the flight comes just days before amazon founder jeff bezos, blast off in his rocket and make it seem as we can make, taking a look now, at some developments in the krona virus pandemic, scientists say it's possible to catch to corona virus variance at the same time a 90 year old woman from belgium is believed to have died after contracting
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variance 1st identified in the u. k and south africa. sidney remains in lockdown as australia as big as city battles and outbreak of the highly transmissible delta variant. an elderly women has died their australia's 1st death from cobra. 19 in 2021. and u. k. authorities have warned against large gatherings ahead of the euro, 2020 football final. they worry fans could fuel the spread of the delta, very to eastern europe now, and bulgaria where voters are going to the polls. for the 2nd time. in 3 months, selections in the spring were inconclusive. no party won enough support to form a government. this time 2 parties have been running, neck and neck, and opinion, pose one pos list and the other pro europe. they've promised drastically different solutions in a nation raw by alarming revelations of state corruption. transparency international
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describes bulgaria as the most corrupt country in the e. u. last ditch effort to reach o voters, it is a better candidate for democratic bulgaria in the lines of pro europeans in liberal, standing a good chance of becoming a sizable block in the elections. so good to what we've been trying to do is the corruption because corruption, the country is an enormous, enormous problem. people are waiting for wanting a new government and we'll do everything we can. so what do barbarians want in this 2nd attempt at voting? i wanted everybody one full of the yes, correct politicians on you. i hope that people will grow up and get some real change. what are the 1st thing to do is cut the hand to collection group to the lot of this anger is directed against the chief prosecutor of the country, who many hold to be linchpin and the corrupt networks of politicians. oligarchs and
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the judiciary finally won, the chief prosecutor will investigate the real crime or not try to protect the mafia market. the this small protest parties program is in its name, rise up matthew out. it sparked of last year's master ministrations and the will for change. we have to change the justice system holds just them or the police department, because go go to get it. we have no just, we have no democracy, whether the change, those really come depends on the biggest opposition party the populist. there is such a people of talk, show host and sing us laboratory for enough. the polls show them on track to win for a place, but their program seems somewhat vague and undefined volume. say we fight to change everything we've seen in the past. the administration works the whole way of thinking for me and me sitting on the outskirts of sophia final pre election
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meeting of the group party with boss boy cool boris of rules bulgaria for over a decade. he's fighting a losing battle to keep his hold on power. still, his supporters seem defiant. even on the syllabus mistakes they can fix them because everyone makes mistakes. but it's likely that the old face of bulgarian politics will be gone and not fear come back. after this election day, the nato and ukraine have concluded 2 weeks of military exercises in the black sea. the seabreeze drills involved $5000.00 troops plus in dozens of ships and aircraft, the more than 30 countries that took part aim to demonstrate the strength of their alliance. to an increasingly assertive russia, the w correspondent in economy has been on board the u. s. s. ross, a destroyer that took part in the maneuvers. he reports from the ukrainian port of
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odessa person ships shadowing the u. s. s. ross and its allied vessels just a few kilometers in distance. here in international waters of the black sea. joint us ukrainian exercise is nothing new, but this year is far from normal off the rushes unprecedented troop build up, friends, borders, potential conflicts, the russian forces, especially what he said is a training for is very definitely not something the u. s. navy will talk about crew members scrupulously avoid talking about russia, even though much of their time spent monitoring russian activity around them. i don't sense that this is any different than any other exercise that we do or that we've done in the past. how far away from the nearest question, but right now, about 2 to 3 minus what we have seen is russian fighter jets operating in international airspace. much in the same way that we've seen seabreeze participants operating in international airspace. a russian jet, making its presence felt
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a reminder if anyone needed that. the united states insistence and freedom of access to international waters isn't an argument to cut any ice in moscow. she use the black sea spect yard, and it complained of, quote, provocative muscle flexing with $5000.00 troops, participating on land and on. see the u. s. ukrainian lead exercises may have been the biggest ever, but they still easily dwarfed by exercises. russia holds in this part of the world and building tens of thousands of participants. the unspoken message behind these war games is, ukraine won't be left alone for this home predictable neighbor, russia. but what exactly happens when these foreign ships returned home with nature membership ukraine? no closer to becoming a reality, and the formal security guarantees given ukrainians still have many good reasons to worry about their country security. coming up next, our tech show ship looks at how household robots are taking over more and more
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tasks in japan. remember, you can always find the latest news and analysis on our website that d w dot com, a michael located from me in the entire news team here. thanks for your company. i'll be back with more news in 45 minutes. the news people in trucks injured was trying to see the city center. the more and more refugees are being turned away. families to be crated and treated. peters clean, clean drams. ross getting 200 people.


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