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the up next. how big form it is gaming the system in our documentary doc film? remember, you can always find the latest news and analysis on our website that d w dot com. i'm michael locus from me and the entire team here in berlin. thanks again for your company. the use me on the green. you feel worried about the panel? i'm neil's host of the on the green fence. it's clear we need to change. join me for the size of the green transformations for me to you, for the plan. ah,
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ah, the pharmaceutical companies hiking the prices of drug martin currently is the former ceo of turning pharmaceutical, who's responsible for hiking the price of at least $1.00 drug by 5000 percent. are you going to change the price? no. nothing's margins greatly as a phenomenon healer straits, that the system is broken and that the drug ecosystem is completely money driven in getting richer and more powerful than ever underpinned by its influence network. the pharmaceutical industry stands unchallenged in its ability to dictate government health policies. the industries power is comparable to that of a state, the pharmaceutical industry, so rich and so powerful. it's law being effects congress greatly also the sta while the industry. and if it's hugely,
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from publicly funded research, it manages to steer health care expenditure towards its most expensive medications . no good idea goes forward without a pharmacy company partner. and yet, the current pricing is absolutely indispensable. in my opinion. the pharmaceutical industries, main concern is now profit that concerned the shareholders. what patient, it's very cruel. this is because if you can't pay for you, don't get the battle against the cupboard. 19 pandemic has further wet the pharma companies, appetite as the pharmaceutical industry, thirst for profit become a threat to our public health systems. who's
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ah, dera prim is on the world health organizations model list of essential medicines, an invaluable weapon in the fight against malaria, and a serious infection caused by h. i. v. a young us financier martin squarely manager of a hedge fund, investing in health products, bought the rights to the drug in the united states. he then bumped up the price of dera, prim from $13.50 to $750.00. a 5000 percent increase i me,
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the martin squarely refused to budge on the price of his medication. now please welcome to the stage martin scrolly founder facing the financial press. he tried to defend the indefensible. thanks for coming up here. if you could rewind the clock a few money, i wonder if you would do anything differently. i probably would have raised the price higher. is probably what i would have done. like i think health care prices are inelastic. i could have raised that higher and made more profits, which is my primary. and again, no one wants to say, no one's proud of it. but, you know, this is a capitalist society, capital system, the capitalist rules, and my investors expect me to back to my profit, not to minimize them or go half or go 70 percent, but to go to 100 percent and immoral increase maybe. but perfectly legal.
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as part of an investigation into the scandal of unchecked drug prices, martin squarely was summoned to appear before a u. s. congressional committee. what do you say to that signal? pregnant woman who might have aids? no income. she needs dera prem in order to survive. what do you say to her when she has to make that choice? would you state her on the advice of counseling, vote my 5th amendment privilege against self incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. somebody's been if the taxpayers end up paying for some of them. i know you're smiling, but i'm very serious or so i asked now that the committee skews the witness from the table without without objection. so order will pause for a moment mister squarely escorted out. the martin squarely was soon dubbed the most hated man in america.
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sometime later, he was arrested by the f. b i and convicted by a federal court on securities fraud. he was sentenced to 7 years in federal prison . beyond his individual case squarely became the embodiment of the excesses of the pharmaceutical industry and the embodiment of its cynicism. the price of darrow prim has never returned to its original level. i knew that some useful fools attract attention by their behavior, which while cynical, is actually very useful in giving a clear picture of what these people and their abuses of the system represent. the candidate even associates
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over the past 10 years, the landscape of the drug industry has dramatically changed. a handful of pharmaceutical companies manufacturers, the vast majority of drugs, the me, one of the world's top 5 is swiss company. novartis, having acquired a host of smaller companies, it boasts an annual turnover of $45000000000.00, and now hold some promising patents and treatments for cancer and other rare diseases. the 2 american giants, pfizer and johnson and johnson, and also bought dozens of rival firms to expand their market. another top 5 company is rush, a swiss drug manufacturer, which is acquired $25.00 competing therapies. and the french giant, son of fi, has an annual turnover of more than $40000000000.00. the 2 has bought
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a dozen pharmaceutical laboratories in europe and north america with each having 100000 employees. these multi nationals make up the global market, commonly known as big pharma. ah, to maintain their monopoly on certain diseases. large laboratories are accused of playing down or hiding from the health authorities. some of the results of their clinical trials. me. the upshot is that some of the drugs released on the market triggers serious side effects in the patients. they are supposed to be treating like media tar, a drug produced by saturday laboratories from friends and withdrawn from the market . 30 years after launch, amid a major scandal or depth, keen,
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and epilepsy treatment, one of the world's most widely distributed drugs in the last 50 years. made by the french giant son of feet. the drug, while effective, is at the center of a huge health scandal in europe. its use has been proved to be extremely dangerous for the unborn child in pregnant women. 2 2 bob, i often compare my condition to the fact that the vine and shock like a short circuits in electrical phone. it can be everything disconnect when i lose consciousness, suffer convulsion, lenient than come round a few minutes or a few hours later. the fear of never waking up is a constant for me. while for me, medication is vital. no question about it without medication, because i wouldn't be here today. slipped by me. yeah, i was well prepared for my pregnancy. i mean,
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i knew i had to consult my doctor. first, i asked my family physician if this suitable for pregnant women. i was told it was fine. we're like i nicole just the neurologist told me the same thing when the olga memo, i don't know. so nathan was born with your genital after morality. does he? i went on and nathan passed the age when he should have started talking and sitting out. he didn't either to marine mantell and her husband became increasingly worried. they filmed their son the time to document his delayed development as evidence to doctors, an abnormally com child. he did not smile, lacked muscle tone, and exhibited signs of language, delay and relationship disorders. and i was told he wasn't in a developer. it was a disorder. natal suffers from severe neurological
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shaquilla marine mouse embarked on an extensive investigation into the side effects of the drug. deborah keen, eventually becoming a whistleblower, and filing a complaint against no fee in a bid to have the company's responsibility recognized. she's created an advocacy group with thousands of victims in france and switzerland. several individual law suits and a class action are currently underway against tennessee. the firm is under investigation for aggravated deceit and accidental injuries. city was he wanted to have the initial, it was also a way for me to make amends. risk to guilt was overwhelming your heats when you take medication every day, twice a day and my case poison your baby. so difficult for me now has to she not for me how the process of making a memories and exposing the no fees to think that was essential. so he,
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i couldn't have left with myself response. i had to help the other families aged for the shootings. the back in the team, fucking victims, grievances that they were not forewarned about the risks of taking the drug during pregnancy. and please dismiss him up on august. according to the health authorities, since the drug was 1st marketed in 1967, tens of thousands of children in europe have suffered birth defects and mental impairment. ah, in what is a pharmaceutical authority that doesn't play the information game and fails to communicate to the information that has to the health authorities? it may not have been 100 percent. sure. but we know that the lab wrote in 2003 that it had been aware of the issues since 970 ended up a laborious res reply, isn't it?
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yes. but the risk seemed slight. sophie is one of the main big pharma companies. the biggest in france, in terms of research and development of new drugs, with branches in a 100 countries worldwide. their slogan is empowering life. after weeks of negotiations, their management agreed to an interview under one condition. so no fee refused to discuss the ongoing legal proceedings in the cases of marine, macau, and victims associations in europe due to how long have those in charge. it's been aware of dep again, serious side effects on or to answer your question. firstly, fucking is used in the treatment of epilepsy. we can use that to therapy for which we will license to sell the product sample on the remember, epilepsy is a serious condition. is to know if he has been rigorous and monitoring and
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supplying information to the health authority, who's going to the medical profession. and patients in the health authorities say your application like to detail and your warnings were fully explain the multi path room. i don't think we are vague. we report all the information we have in our possession of potential. let's picture the inspector general of social affairs carried out the lower examination of the depak in case you can use it a larger shortage since i think that concluded in 2016 that it was scientifically impossible given the dates are available at the time to conclude a direct correlation between val pruitt and neuro development, probably 2004. so the point is if you wanted to, as long as you can, we approached the health authorities in 2003 oil filter underneath medicaid to cause bite everything. how do you explain your failure to convince the health
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authorities to act foster and informing medical professionals and above all patients who might be pregnant and don't use it? a concept through a lot of it is the responsibility of our company to ensure at all times that the information we gather about the use of this product, pharmaca vigilance, scientific developments to be constantly transmitted to the health authorities. so that's all duty, and we do that regularly, systematically, and transparently in special cause panel. while the evidence was piling up on the link between the drug depth of keen and serious disorders affecting children, it took another 11 years for patients to be alerted me in 2015. sophie finally came to an agreement with the n f. m, the official bonnie, that licenses drugs and france, the patient package insert supplied with epa keys was amended to clearly indicate the significant risk of deformity and developmental problems. almost 50 years after
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the drug was 1st launched, despite all of the warnings fit, the warning in the patient package insert was finally included in 2015 and extremely precise terms. would you mind reading the 1st hard hitting paragraph? no, no. you'd rather i did it. yes. go ahead. santa fees patient package insert is now very clear and all languages dep, akin can seriously harm and unborn baby when taken during pregnancy. expose children are at high risk of serious intellectual and motor development disorders and up to 30 to 40 percent of cases. and or deformities in around 10 percent of cases. you're not guessing? yeah. argument is the state license me to sell this product. so don't blame me between the in the volkswagen diesel gate scandal, the government clean because we hope, worthy. but it is volkswagens responsibility to pay for the nice and the defects in
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their cars. not the government reported if it was, it's observed. manufacturers are responsible for their products. i, anita pharmacy says with deborah, can the authorities were a mess. but the main responsibility lies with the manufacturer. oh, only after a 2 year battle was marine midtown able to ensure a warning would be fixed on the death of kean label. like those found on alcoholic drinks. mm. the all pharmaceutical companies are looking for what they call a blockbuster, a drug that treats widespread diseases and can be marketed worldwide. to preserve exclusive rights, big pharma companies have developed some powerful strategies the
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this is the story of a revolutionary treatment for a n d age related macular degeneration, a severely disabling i disease that can lead to blindness. millions of patients are effected worldwide. me. it's also the story of the competition between 2 equally effective drugs. one costing 40 times more than the other. until 2005, there was no effective treatment. and many patients lost their site. you know, cache on invoices. you waited in quite to the for me from people i see want to see if you just particularly symptoms in d and allow you to understand what she's the miller not on the path then came a new drug that significantly slows the progression of the disease liquid injected
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directly into the i i, the therapy had been developed in the united states and was said to revolutionize treatment of the disease. several major off the mileage is launched clinical trials on thousands of patients. they were unable to treat. it's the leading cause of permanent blindness and people over the age of 65. in fact, perhaps for any disease worldwide. there is a role for pharmaceutical companies, particularly in research and development of new medications. they, they invest many years and, and a lot of dollars, that being said, you know, they are for profit company. and their objective is to, is to find what they call the blockbuster drug that they can sell a lot up to a large population. which is why there is a lot of r, n d, or research and development going into macular degeneration, because it is such
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a common disorder. i, this 1st treatment was developed by the american laboratory genentech. it was called of athens newly licensed by the f. d. a in america, the drug was officially used to treat colon cancer. then by accident, an american professor discovered that it properties significantly delay the development of a m d, and improve i activate, generate slowly and it causes legal blind feel. rosenfeld began experimenting with interveners re baston for the treatment of near vascular am d. there was really no studies done by the pharmaceutical company to do that. it was really some doctor and a pharmacist who worked together to come up with what might be the optimal dosing
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of of asked and in the i the treatment worked flawlessly. professor rosenfeld presented his results at the annual office molig g conference. me the results for like nothing that ever seen before, every threatening specialist that i know who is at that meeting our jobs were on the floor because the 1st time we have seen improvement and visual acuity, whereas every treatment that came before it had a decline. ambition over a one year period, we'd never seen that before. and because and asked him is price to be given for cancer was inexpensive. so for the 1st 6 to 12 months, everyone all over the world with using a vast and to treat these patients until this meanwhile,
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often monte researchers at the very same american genentech, pharmaceutical laboratory, that manufactured of asked for cancer were developing a new treatment specifically for a m d lou center introducing loose santas, a breakthrough in neo vascular am, the new center redefines efficacy and the all the studies show that the 2 treatments were identical except the new lose dentist treatment was much, much more expensive for a vast and that would make a vast and about $50.00, an injection. and then when lou centers comes out a single dose in the eye is $2000.00. meanwhile, in france, pharmacists and hospitals were becoming interested in treating the i condition with the vast and used for cancer. and after
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is dosed in bottles for injection into the i. pharmacists had to re package it in syringes at a lower dose. the fact you take a file, a small bottle containing 16 millimeters, then use it to fill a number of syringes, maybe a batch of 50 off. now milan, surgical injection, excuse me, it entails re packaging the contents of a bottle into an injectable form form so long as me really important thing is to ensure the preparation is completely sterile before delivering it to the administration by the off l. molig. just the syringe must be absolutely sterile. ah, sends it the immediate meant we could make syringes for around 50 euros each. we're
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going to hope you have to include stuff costs and testing costs plus the premises and the equipment has to be paid for the material. when it is over, the cost for us was $20.00 times less than it was for lou centers, so which cost around a $1000.00 euros, a syringe. so in europe, while expensive the cost of the new centers, i, treatment was still only half what it was in the united states, where prices are not controlled. the drug was marketed by swift laboratory novartis of asked and sold by the other big swiss laboratory rush, which bought out the american company, jeanette tech. the new demo was novartis and rush, especially roche, don't like it when products they sell to treated specific condition or used by us
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to create other medical conditions. it is full door for purposes other than those designated size, of course, and we can distinguish novartis and rush then concocted a strategy to prevent doctors from using of asked and to treat conditions, and convince them to inject lou centers that it was who she also sent me will you visited by representatives of nevada. so ross at that time about that treatment at the new plan. yeah. they came to say they didn't understand why we were using a cancer treatment to treat or found. the logical condition that provides from cornerstone region is in the sixty's vaughn of the i had a meeting with the general manager of nevada who came to the hospital to ask me why i insisted on making these vast in syringes. when lou center was
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a license treatment, so i get the rest of your sense of a new toy show me sort of l. c. those would be expired. so i explained my thinking which was how best to serve the public and patient. so visual highlight, he cannot make an health considerations, it has a little conversation with mostly about the potential danger to patients. this will admit all those in the pursuit. very do you think about it with putting pressure on you sitting. so if it was pressure, it carried no threatening, so enough. ah, since all international studies demonstrated the equal effectiveness of the 2 treatments hospital pharmacists naturally favored the least expensive option the 2 laboratories rush and novartis launched a long legal procedure against the french state. the maneuver was doomed to fail,
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of aston was eventually authorized for use in france, but it was too late. lady, she could do all the policies them this on the problem now for the health system us is that it has a set up that is so complex to help them all to manage the basically everyone is give enough to more the boulder they thus almost all patients treated for a m d, or given an injection of the more expensive products, including the one made by nov artists. the in italy, in 2014 rush and nevada. we're find some 180000000 euros for enlisted price fixing of the 2 drugs. in late 2020 france find rush and the artist, 444000000 euros. there were people in the family community who
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really liked using lu centers. it's a great drug. i have the utmost respect for the role. the pharmaceutical industry plays in our field. no good idea goes forward without a pharmaceutical company partner. and yet the pricing to me, particularly when you've got a $50.00 disruptor that's equally effective. the current pricing is absolutely indefensible. in my opinion, it's estimated that the u. s. saves $3000000000.00 a year by using a fasted instead of the centers. according to the regulations, the french medicines agency cannot force rush to manufacture of asked in syringes for the treatment of a m. d. just by 2 months of negotiations,
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the multinational rush refused to be interviewed. it's legal department told us, we do not wish to speak or be filmed on this subject, but are more than willing to answer any questions you may have in writing. question . why does the laboratory refuse to manufacture of aston syringes for the treatment of a m d. answer. rush develops drugs only for medical needs not covered by existing drugs where there are no therapeutic alternatives. rushed then says no. and the public authorities are powerless to force their hand. lobbying has paid off, the cheaper alternative is rarely used. the big winner is no artist. which coincidentally owns a 3rd of rush in
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the united states, the price of drugs is completely unregulated. as soon as the f d, a approved the drug, the pharmaceutical companies are free to impose their prices, elected officials, democrats and republicans alike persist in trying to force manufacturers to lower the cost of new treatments in vain. one recent medication has changed the health economy, an overpriced treatment that has launched a new scramble for profit between the biggest pharmaceutical companies. this is a major american discovery, a new treatment against hepatitis c. it helps cure the often deadly chronic liver disease by eradicating the virus.
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civility made by juliet the world. the 10th largest pharmaceutical company was launched on the u. s. market in 2014. the price of the 3 month treatment. $84000.00. that's a $1000.00. a tablet to devante is the 1st of the drugs that actually cures have the time to see in 3 months. the virus is that is manufactured by what is now a very big drug company called gillian sciences. but gillian had nothing to do with the research that that discovered survosity gillian sciences bought pharmacy and they bought it because that way they could get their hands on. so they are concentrating more on diseases for that. don't affect that many people better life and death diseases so they can charge you whatever they want. so
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they charged $84000.00. the sales gilliard sciences came to $32500000000.00 of which 55 percent. this is, according to the annual reports, was pure profit the american drug then hit the european market at half the price. the price of treatment for a course of so volley was $42000.00 euros. the still exorbitant cost aroused a great deal of outrage among patients. the n g o mid sound who mourned launched an awareness campaign in france. 230000 patients were affected at 42000 euros a pop in terms of health insurance. the hepatitis c treatment was one of the most
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expensive around company of michigan in the welcome a survey di press good. we can thank juliet for marketing savell, the because they showed the wider public that today drugs are not sold for the price. they should be sold that you can read on your cellphone and eat, reflects the necessity for gillian to recover the huge costs involved. and having spent 10000000000 they had to fix a high price function is a poker. if i heard the temper title could be treated against the treatment now available was expensive. i think you were the disease in 12 weeks in, in the patients who had for the most part and so than been condemned by hepatitis thing. we think when they need to get it within the position of relative strength or having a unique treatment that offered a key all getting really good negotiations that were rather robust antenna then got under wayne vall,
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the price today has come down by more than half crudely more, you know, under pressure, the american pharmaceutical lab, lower the price of the 3 months of all the treatment in france from 42224000 euros . a u. s. senate commission revealed to companies confidential marketing strategy for the use of all you actually need to do more. i'm telling you dad, we had access to thousands of pages of internal galia documents. so we could see that in gillian meetings. marketing ideas were ed in particular ideas for pricing, but no mention was ever made of the actual outlay for r and d manufacture and marketing on the tail that was yesterday. mon put a trunk of interest in this internal presentation. the gillian sales team recommends an introductory price of between $8085000.00 dismissing concerns about
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any potential scandal and the press. let's focus jones, because the sole concern was how to maximize profits achieved strong financial margins and cover costs. then moved on. public health considerations were never an issue. just wanted to recap. my story to n is now director of unit aid, a body operating within the world health organization charged with negotiating significant price reductions with large pharma companies to treat patients in the southern hemisphere. 71000000 people worldwide carry the hepatitis c virus. the extended drop in price was considerable and was established by introducing generic drug and giving the farm lab at shore. and since that we would open major market rather than sell a little at the high prices, we offered the chance to sell a lot. it's a lower price preschool to victory by ensuring treatment was excess for
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a reasonable price. he does treatment for hepatitis c using the generic drug produced by milan costs less than $80.00 available, only in developing countries in the northern hemisphere. a course of treatment still costs tens of thousands of euros. the price of drugs no longer reflects the real cost of research, rather the financial power of a few large companies. scrambling for disproportionate profit. with the appearance of new gene therapies to treat certain cancers or rare diseases, prices are still increasing. reaching several hundreds of thousands of euro's all.
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the major big pharma companies are in the race for these new treatments. they save lives, but at what cost? a new gene therapy to fight cancer is now marketed by swiss company no artist to treat leukemia. its name is kim ryan. its price is 320000 euros per patient. the therapy was discovered by a team of publicly funded university researchers at the university of pennsylvania, but flexing its financial muscles, novartis became co owner of the patent in professor of him. itala g. jean paul as a know, is renowned expert in blood cancers. technique. i think you've got the shenise, there's a whole technique involved with using gene therapy. a gene is introduced which
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allows t cells to target disease cells and enable them to be destroy. we sit dusty stem experiment. it's a very interesting system, but there's no justification for charging 350000 euros. or if state structures in france went along with it. so it would doubtless cost $30.00 or $40000.00, but not 350000 euros cycles. neil gamma 3 pharmacy ne is the farmer industry's job to keep a lookout for something interesting. explain why the research is no longer carried out, but the pharmaceutical industry on the work is tackled by publicly funded research level, shall be bleak, the drug companies, they don't do their own innovation anymore. they do 0 innovation or close to 0, or the innovation still comes from an age funded research. what we're seeing now is a big change that i think is terrible. and this
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big change is, instead of being focused almost exclusively on the size of the market on volume, it's now focused on price. they acquire a drug that's effective against a serious disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer serious disease that people will pay almost anything to get. and jack up the price so that it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for years treatment. i mean hundreds and thousands of dollars. it's very cruel business model because if you can't pay for you don't get it. so personal vehicle sales laundry cancer treatments now cost something like 300002400000 euros. while the number of cancer patients in france is around a 1800000,
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with 400000 new cancer cases every year. i cannot see how in the future we will be able to treat more than 1500000 people. when the price scale is some 300000 euros. i should think he's going to tell him there's a whole sales pitch relating to the therapeutic value and life saving value of these medications, which has been skillfully put forward by opinion leaders to convince governments which basically says that drugs he'll, they are a unique product to the high cost is the price of life in its pure marketing, basic queue as main, higher prices, marketing, precision, precision, no problem. there should be default. the problem is that each country defends its multi nationals of france. defense sanofi, the usa defense pfizer, and the big american companies, switzerland defends novartis and rush. explain hard to reach consensus to bring
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down prices to reasonable level c dominion repeat again. after 2 months of negotiations, the multinational no artist turned down our request for an interview. instead, they sent us simple press release, we price our new medicines based on the value they deliver to patients, health care systems and society. we strive to take into account income levels, local affordability barriers, and economic realities, while maintaining the sustainability of our business. no var just tells us as its representatives have explained to political decision makers that this new single dose cancer therapy must be compared to a treatment of drugs taken for life. in late 2019 the laboratory agreed to
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a slight decrease in france, where the price of camera went down from 320000 euros 229-7600 and 66 euros the f. d a now is on the payroll. pharmaceutical industry, they pay user fees to the part of the f d a that evaluate new drugs for approval. so this makes this part that the f d, a dependent on the company is that they are supposedly regulating the drug companies. love it because it makes the part of the f d a that evaluate their drugs extremely friendly since they supported it is a blatant conflict of interest. this ought to be well funded and there ought to be no conflicts of interest.
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i lose i lose the. what's going on here? no house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. she explains, delivers fact and shows what the future whole living and the digital world shifts. in 15 minutes on dw,
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