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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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matches under reverse him and she and yet to lose to england in a major tournament, and whisper it, they're pretty good penalties to up next world stories looks at how russia is sounding the alarm about a new wave of corona virus infections. that's after the break. i'm michael, look for me and the entire new scene here. thanks for your company. m. as many portions of loss turn out in the world, climate change income stores. this is my place the way from just one week. how much we can really get we still have time to and i'm doing all women in asia. i me for all the money and
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lunch and on the loan. but the voices, the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire. the women this weekend on the w me the news this week, world stories protests and turkey against the planned mega canal streams. euthanasia law takes effect. we begin in russia where vaccine fatigue has led to the rise of the delta variance. the kremlin is tackling the problem. the st. petersburg city beach
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to be busy with the temperatures about 30 degrees celsius. thousands of russians have come to the gulf of finland to escape the hot weather and social distancing. russia is in the middle of its 3rd quarter on a virus wave thanks to the rapidly spreading, built a very sort of sounding alarm within you taishan account for almost 90 percent over the u. k. scale restitution will go with 19 explorer if you have had record numbers of new mortality statistics. i'm not looking to go either because i've been here to we've had record number of deaths within one day to switch. officials are talking about more than 20000 new infections every day. most of them in moscow to get to the situation under control. the ration capital has re open field hospitals and built medical stations. it's specially for corona
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virus. all the hospitals are quickly being re equipped to handle 19 patients. but their main goal is to get more, it is inspection the against of 19 russia was the 1st country in the world to get a theme to market with sport leak v. so however, only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government wants that to change by degree from now on. all companies in moscow must have at least 60 percent of their workforce vaccinated. and the other brand, the mayor is right, everyone has to get vaccinated to stop the corona virus at night, the 70 or they shouldn't force us, they should try to motivate us. so that means all service sector employees have to get the jap, like those here in this house alone. anyone who refuses won't be allowed to work. those who take part will be rewarded for brian brian. yes, we had
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a meeting with all the employees and told them that they would receive a cash bonus of around 35 years if they were vaccinated, that motivated them. but even these unprecedented measures are cry from tough lock down the government imposed last year as an sections began to rise. where ologist say it's a case of too little too late and that the 3rd wave could be rationally oil . the news . it has been an exhausting month, but yet john, for weeks his son has seen was jacked by fever and trouble breathing. so one
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who reads a scatter for a living, finally arranged the car to take his son to the hospital in the city. has seen tested positive for the corona virus. 40 leto, he was discharged. not because he was feeling better, but because they had already jacked up a bill of about 1500. your old. i had seen a d d b joe own spice your of the day when he can find work or it didn't improve at all at the hospital. somehow it eased an oxygen cylinder at home with great difficulty . i had to borrow money from several people. we didn't have a ruby for your child, you do anything. so nice might have the car and could afford treatment for his father and siblings. he even raised beds to contact. he lost all 3 of them last week. the doctors asked the family to arrange medicine, but they were told down to feed bottles in the oven when hospital charged twice as
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much. g counting the hotel is of what he saw. modest skeptical about the number of deaths being reported in the state. i kept getting calls from the authorities for 3 days after my father's death, asking after his head. i told them he'd boston, i don't even know if his death was counted and i thought it bodies getting out of the hospital with my father day to do or for my son without diagnosis. fever that's on the right. jimmy joe han hopping a social worker describes what has been happening. both they have a fever, then they feel better. many eventually die at home. in this how someone died in that house to i have thought of making the list of debts in the village. the cause of death for most, is feeble and breathless. almost none of these have been recorded at corona virus, that was the way the everyday people are dying, and nobody has been dest. you haven't been told anything about the vaccine. got
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nobody here has gotten no doctors have visited for the last year. this village has been relatively untouched by the pandemic. no destiny identified the field that are recorded keepers flag in open in the group about if we continue to rec and inhabit the crew is done. booth is a prestigious project for the turkish government intended to reduce congestion and the boss for a st. introduced to turkish economy. there is also opposition to the project. the these are the 1st scope of, of a colossal project that could change a symbol geography forever. a man made waterway that will flow through new urban districts with new settlements for hundreds of thousands of people. canal is
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symbol is the largest infrastructure project. turkey has ever seen. it's long been a dream of president reggie type out once again. today we're starting a new page in the history of turkey's development. today we are adding a new step to the path of progress for our country, the strengthening of our nation. any, anything that i do. but the controversial project is pitting turkey the president against it stumbles me up. these will not cause she's, we're against it because it threatens is dembo completely its water. it's nature security and earthquake safety it threatens life in this k to that. make the according to polls, that's of you share the majority of the cities residents. 1 thank you to do for my future. i say no for my kids. i say no for my grandchildren. i know that i'm
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again investing billions of leroy to such a project that they insist on the canal and we will insist on stopping them. we go, it's one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, more ships, transit the boss brought than the susan panama canal, combined to many according to the turkish president. he says a 2nd, waterways needed to prevent accidents like these. the 45 kilometer long camel has an official price. take a $15000000000.00. chips like these, the government argues will no longer have to wait days to enter the boss for us. and turkey will collect fees on them. but critic say president ed one's dream is an environmental nightmare. the canal will cut through agricultural land and forests, often refer to as one of the few remaining green lungs of a stumble. it threatens marine ecosystems and crucial water reservoir where they
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did not wash the canal. we'll start from this lagoon and run through the saddler dara dam, which is an important source of fresh water for east on board. the city is already struggling, opening new areas for real estate development, bringing new population, and destroying everything natural will make the city uninhabitable on how to get. the president, however, hopes to boost the construction sector, create thousands of jobs and turn the gears of an ailing economy. the louder the opposing voices grow. we've seen the more determined he is to proceed. the only if you countries worldwide allow use of easier stain. the new law isn't coming into effect. that's what allows terminally ill patients to end their lives. ah.
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as soon as miss boy takes care to keep the photos of the husband, have placed the important memories of him. the time they spend together and the challenges they had to overcome, especially after her husband luis, started the fight against an aggressive type of multiple sclerosis. and said to me that you will give us the disease devastating for him. it destroyed him within only 10 years until he died in new york and he was in great pain. it was so bad that he couldn't even stand the weight of that linen on his skin. and the pain got worse. there was no drug that could have helped him even a little but the worst thing was, and that is what he always said, that there was no dignity in his life any more. he was completely dependent on others. he didn't have any freedom anymore. he wasn't able to do anything by himself except move his head, pushing them
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a little and i wish they marcos passed away 4 years ago. all the while he was fighting for the legalization of euthanasia in spain. he wanted the right to end his life and dignity, as if, when all has continued her husband's fight together with many others until they will listen. in march, spain became the 4th country in the u to approve youth and asia supported by a clear majority in parliament. historic moment expenses that the law is now in effect, the association for a dignified death estimates that in densely populated regions like madrid, that could be one application for youth and ada per day. or yeah, that christmas applicant will probably be people who have an advanced form of cancer and only a few months left to live or those who have severe heart lung or kidney disease and would also die within months. this is this still a lot to learn about. the new law says that, and i mean only people who are incurable ill and stuff. an unreasonable hardship
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can make a request for youth. in asia, people with mental illnesses excluded before the request is approved. several doctors into commission me to discuss each case and intentionally long process designed to avoid mistakes. the new law also means that doctors this to death won't have to stay hidden in the shadows anymore. some conservative politicians have criticized the law for putting life in the hands of authorities. the catholic church reject euthanasia to that resistance is why it took years for the law to be passed for her husband. the law comes too late, but his wife is sure that he will be pleased to hear that from now on a self determined death is legal in spain. the news
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secrets? why behind these walls discover new adventures in $360.00 degree and explore fascinating world heritage site. he w world heritage $360.00 now the ah . busy it's so painful to see so many people leave the country now because they just don't be any future here anymore. oh, i use the time in history where we could do it. if we fail, it's failing. it's still nice. a lot of.


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