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the news this is didi of the news was from berlin. tax reform looks to go global. the g 20 group of wealthy nations backs and minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent targeting tech giants. you do business worldwide, but move their profits to tax. that's also coming up, a stark choice for bulgarian populace. conservatives and pro you parties are in a dead heat as the country goes to the poles again to end months of electoral deadlock. aah!
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and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael. ok. the finance ministers of the g 20 group of wealthy nations have back to global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. the deal aims to stop countries setting low taxes to attract investment for multi nationals, especially tech giant doing business world wide. the endorsement by the g 20, which accounts for 80 percent of the global economy will help the deal take effect internationally. a historic setting for a historic deal. finance ministers from the g 20 member countries came together in venice to secure a global tax reform for a digital world. the g 22 agreement is an important achievement that will contribute or to stabilize the information of the back system in the coming years. it will grant,
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great tax certainty and the store the race to the bottom. the aim of the agreement is to make multi nationals pay tax in the countries where they make their profits at a minimum rate of 15 percent. it's designed to make it no longer worthwhile for companies to shift profits to other countries. g, 20 finance ministers said the pandemic forced them to act the minimum dictation, real great advantage for democracy and for the whole family inflation. and it will give us a chance to do and the right to the want to know just after we are fighting against corporate 19. and we are taking a lot of step to fight against the crisis to fight against the economy crisis. it's absolutely necessary that we take this step and i'm really, really happy that we are demonstrated took to the streets of venice to protest
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against the deal. they say the 15 percent tax rate is too low. we've only come up and they claim they are fighting against tax havens, but they are creating one themselves for them. 15 percent is okay. that's not ok. i mean, you're building a number of the you countries like ireland are against the riff lawn, but this will not stop. the global corporation tax says us treasury secretary janet yellen. i should emphasize it's not essential that every country be on board disagreement contains a kind of inforcement mechanism that can be used to make sure that countries that are holdouts are not able to undermine the global corporation. tax rate is set to come into force in 2023, but negotiations are still ongoing. a final agreement is not expected until the g
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20 leader summit in rome and october. the w bad regard was effigy 20 meeting in venice. we asked him about the implications of this agreement, big companies with a turnover of more than 20000000000 years a year, which are highly profitable. they will not be able to shift around revenues anymore and to avoid texas, they have to pay more taxes. and now the estimates at $150000000000.00 euros will be more in the coffers of the finance businesses. and on the other hand, there will be minimal text for many, many companies which have a turn over over 750000000 euros. and this would apply to hundreds and thousands of companies. and it has to be paid in every country so that you can avoid it anymore . the business model of tex havens is gone. voters are going to the poles and bulgaria for the 2nd time in 3 months. elections in the spring were inconclusive. no party one enough support to form a government. this time 2 parties are running,
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neck and neck, and the poles, one populace and the other pro europe vulgarians are confronted by alarming revelations of state corruption. transparency international describes it as the worst in the you and last ditch effort to reach your voters. it is a better candidate for democratic bulgaria in the lines of pro europeans and liberal, standing a good chance becoming a sizable block in the elections took with what we've been trying to do is corruption. because corruption, the country is an enormous, enormous problem. people are waiting for and wanting a new government and we'll do everything we can about. so what do i guarantee want in this 2nd attempt at voting, i wanted everybody, one of the less grew up politician. and i hope that people will grow up and get some real change. what are the 1st thing to do is cut the hand to co corruption
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group to the lot of this anger is directed against the chief prosecutor of the country, who many hold to the linchpin and the corrupt networks of politicians or the guard and the judiciary. and finally won, the chief prosecutor will investigate the real crime and tried to protect the mafia . the market of this small protest parties program is in its name, rise up matthew out. it sparked of last year's master ministrations and the will for change. we have to change the justice system holds just them all the police departments because to go go to get it. we have no justice. we have no democracy. whether that change, those really come depends on the biggest opposition party. the populist theory is such a people off talk show host and sync slab retrieve enough. the polls show them on track to in 1st place, but their program seems somewhat vague and undefined volume. say we fight to change
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everything we've seen in the past. the administration works the whole way of thinking for many nation and me for in a, on the outskirts of sophia final pre election meeting of the group party with bus boy cooper, itself, rules bulgaria for over a decade. he's fighting a losing battle to keep his hold on power. so the supporters seem defy, and even if you're still mistakes, they can fix them because everyone makes mistakes. but it's likely that the old face of book air in politics will be gone and not fear come back after this election day. the some other stories now making headlines around the world at this shower in ethiopia, the ruling party has won an overwhelming majority in last month national election. securing prime minister, i'll be met another 5 year term in office. med is facing international criticism
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over alleged war crimes. during the conflict in the northern te grind region, the wife of haiti's assassinated president has made her 1st remark since killing of her husband. martine louise said the attack happened in the blink of an eye without her husband getting the chance to say a word. station police accused for mercenaries of carrying out the killing, which has plunged the caribbean republic into a political crisis. wanda has deployed a 1000 soldiers to move and be to help combat and islamic insurgency in the north of the country. they will fight alongside national forces and troops from the southern african development community. since october 2017 thousands of civilians and soldiers have been killed by islamic insurgents, invoice and be tens of thousands of people in south west. china have been evacuated after heavy rainfall triggered flash flooding. homes and buildings were
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swept away in bed, showing city in 61 province. so far they have been no reports of fatalities to the united states now where it last month was the hottest june on record. and it's not looking like july will give americans a chance to cool down the u. s. is west is sweltering under yet another heat wave in northern california firefighters are battling to control of wildfire which has doubled in size since friday. some 3000 people have been told to evacuate. fires are also raging in several other states. 2 weeks ago, the canadian province of british columbia registered all time record temperatures. hundreds of people died in connection with the extreme heat. and the impact on ecosystems was devastating. scientists say up to a 1000000000 shellfish may have perished like days in western canada and normally ideal for shellfish,
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they thrive in the secluded neutral rich waters. but muscles and clans don't do well in extreme hate. and the regions, recent heat, white has literally cooked them alive. never smelled like this. never smelled like this before. the british columbia agriculture industry depends largely on the regions, mog climate that is changing. bombing families who are thrive for generations, and not worried about the future. that used to be alive. now there's nothing motional muscles around here now are all gone. my clams, you see the sand dollars and stuff for all dead. the mass time illustrates the impact of climate change here and now the climate ologist have concluded. it's virtually impossible the scorching temperatures could have occurred without global warming. we knew the heat might have been bad, but we were expecting to see what we saw or what we are seeing. and west and
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canada's recent record breaking have maybe a hobby, jo, things to come, threatening a way of life out here in the base of british columbia. some sports news now and origin tina had beaten arch rivals brazil, one neil to win the cooper america. the final in rio and hell demo via score the mattress, only goal with a chip. over goalie, edison rises, head fans streamed out into the streets of argentine as capital bonus aries to celebrate the victory. it's the national teams 1st title in 28 years. and the 1st international trophy for argentine is captain leonel messy. the european football championship reaches its climax on sunday night when italy, faith england, in the final. while england will have the support of most of the $60000.00 fans at london's wembley stadium, italy will look to continue their incredible transformation under coach were too
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many. ah, if before coming home then the team on this pass to the unwelcome guests looking to crash the party. silly some people were happy to see a 3 arrive in london for the year 2020 final. oh. these u. k base, it's the fans with that own spin on the classic england anthem that he survive the tense penalty shootout against spain to reach the final. and then now hoping to weigh in the 1st european championship since 1968. got to get physic. i meant the force it answer, england are physically stronger than natalie, but football is played with a ball on the grass. and we hope we can do better than then knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones,
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when i want to be j to pick out a crystal just be done by sat that we need support for england has reached the very top percent prime minister, not one to miss the chance for some political capital voting and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team while in a letter, adding quotes with the hope that history will record not only your success, but also the spirit commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also feature in a different time than before the final. but it's this one, but the skin is 3 lions that really captures the english moved oregon. so. so that for cation the faxes england, not one the major tracy since the world cup in 1966, the
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we're in a final and we were here. we had to win. so everything is important. however, at present to pay for them, we're pleased that that legacy has been there. but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody to do that. so have to be the most inform side and wells, football, italy, or on beach and in 33 matches and the reverse him and sheeny, and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments. and with brit, they're pretty good at penalties to the an antenna is, australia is ashley bertie, one her 1st wimbledon title. after beating catalina, please clover in the women. single final. the world number one followed up, or when at the french open in 2019 with a 3 cent victory. it wraps up a remarkable come back from barty, who wasn't even sure she would be fit enough to compete in the tournament. she's australia's 1st women's champion for 41 years following the footsteps of her idol.
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yvonne gould next up reporter looked at hale hong kong authorities shut down the territories last pro democracy newspaper. last after the break, a mike local here in berlin, you're watching dw, the, the news the ah, i think everything chinese search and i'm listening so much different culture between here and there are some challenges for everything. ah, i think it was worth it for me to.


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