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fired up and ready the down, drilling, walk down the road to tokyo, july 19th on dw, the news . the news line from berlin tax reform looks set to go global. the g 20 a group of wealthy nations backs a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent targeting tech giants to do business worldwide. but move their profits to tax haven. also coming up. if you are ruling party to clear the land line winner in national elections, but with
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a little war ranging in the countries north, there are concerns about the both integrity plus nato and ukraine wrap up 2 weeks of military exercises in the black sea shot across the boat and increasingly asserted russia ah, nicole early, welcome to the show. the finance ministers of the g 20 group of wealthy nations have backed a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. the deal and the stock countries setting low taxes to attract investments from multi nationals especially tech giant doing business worldwide. the endorsement by the g 20, which accounts for 80 percent of the global economy will help the deal take effect
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internationally. a historic setting for a historic deal. finance ministers from the g 20 member countries came together in venice to secure a global tax reform for a digital world. the g 20 agreement is an important achievement that will contribute to stabilize the information back system in the coming years. it will grant great tax certainty and the store raised to the bottom. the aim of the agreement is to make multi nationals pay tax in the countries where they make their profits at a minimum rate of 15 percent. it's designed to make it no longer worthwhile for companies to shift profits to other countries. g 20 finance ministers said the panoramic force them to act the minimum to face the real great advantage for democracy and for fan gilbert station. and it will give us
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a chance to do and erase to the now, just after we are fighting against corporate 19 and we are taking a lot of steps to fight against the house crisis to fight against the economy crisis. it's absolutely necessary that we take this step and i'm really, really happy that we are demonstrated talk to the streets of venice to protest against the deal. they say the 15 percent tax rate is too low, but they claim they are fighting against tax havens. but they are creating one themselves for them. 15 percent is okay. that's not ok. i mean, if you're building a number of e u countries like ireland or against the riff lawn, but this will not stop the global corporation tax says us treasury secretary, janet yellen. i should emphasize it's not essential that every country be on board
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. this agreement contains a kind of enforcement mechanism that can be used to make sure that countries that are holdouts are not able to undermine the global corporation. tax rate is set to come into force in 2023, but negotiations are still ongoing. final agreement is not expected until the g 20 leader summit in rome and october. tracy ok, now where are the ruling? prosperity party has been declared the winner of last month. national election. not in a landslide victory secures prime minister. i'll be off let another 5 years and office after coming to power in 2018. i went over so profound political reforms and even won the nobel peace prize, but now he's being accused of committing war crimes and the battles northern t region. the supporters of prime minister
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b amid cheering him on an election day. their votes helped secure his landslide victory. his prosperity party emitted 410. the 436 available parliamentary c a, b is touted. the vote is the country's 1st free and fair election. a view not shared by all, given an opposition. boyd caught ethnic violence and most notably, the ongoing war and t grier, which remains a big worry from any if he opens the situation would take rise. extremely disturbing to me not. i have 2 brothers there. i'm not only worried about them, but about the entire town and the region itself. and because the children are not attending school properly and not the mothers cannot go about as they like. people can't leave their lives that they want to cover. so for me, that is what a be should work on your muscle would make pieces to grow. and i think that's the relation to, you know, perform tokyo and all i want these people, each country of that hope for peace is one shared by many v,
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o peons who want their prime minister to use the 2nd turn to end the fighting can key grow the catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world. the wife of haiti's assassinated president has made her 1st remark since the killing of her husband, martine moiz said the attack happened quote, in the blink of an eye without her, and getting the chance to say a word. haitian police accused foreign mercenaries of carrying out the killing, which has plunged the caribbean republic. further into a political crisis. firestorm have ripped through forests and dozens of villages in eastern russia. hundreds of people have lost their homes. forest fires and russia have become more severe in recent years because of heat waves and long dry period.
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they 5 people are dead after an earthquake hit the central asian country to seek it's done. officials say the magnitude $5.00 quake destroyed nearly 20 homes and left several villages without power. ester bass, ron, one of the last survivors of the ash with death camp has died at the age of 96. after losing her entire family in the holocaust, she devoted the rest of her life to fighting anti semitism and racism. she passed away peacefully in her sleep sermon president stein my ass, as her death is a great loss. the music saved ester bass around o's life. she was taken in by the girls orchestra and schmidt, and survived the desk ham. but the time she could only play piano, she had to improvise to play the accordion. the
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one finds one, it was really a miracle. i still don't know how i managed to do that. as the best route i was born in southern germany in 1924. she was sent out of the age of 18. as part of the goes orchestra, she had to play the gates of our wits. when forced labors were sent out to work. when you deputies arise by train, these are worst memories of our shreds. do you want to conform? they waved at us. they thought that if music is playing, it can't be that. that was the tactic of the not to talk to them, not fix estimated her life's work to tell school children about the horrors of outfits she call this her avenge. it's the sheila, the students asked me what should we do? i tell them not to be silent, didn't niche esther besser anna was gone. 2 now it is up to others to make sure her stories are still told. nato and
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ukraine have concluded 2 weeks of military exercises in the black sea. the sea breeze drills engaged 5000 troops, dozens of ships and aircraft. the over 30 countries involved aim to demonstrate the strength of their alliance to an increasingly assertive russia. the w correspondent, nick connelly has been on board the us as ross, a destroyer that took part in the maneuvers. he reports from the ukrainian port of odessa person ships shuddering the u. s. s. ross and its allied vessels and just a few kilometer distance here in international waters of the black sea joint us ukrainian excise nothing new, but this year is far from normal. after rushes unprecedented troop build up, friends, borders, potential conflicts, the russian forces, especially what the status of training for is very definitely not something the u. s. navy wants to talk about crew members scrupulously avoid talking about russia.
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even though much of their time spent monitoring russian activity around them. i don't sense that this is any different than any other exercise that we do or that we've done in the past. how far away from the nearest question, but right now, about 2 to 3 minus what we have seen is russian fighter jets operating in international airspace. much in the same way that we've seen seabreeze participants operating in international airspace arrest and jet making. the presence felt or minds or if anyone needed that the united states insistence and freedom of access to instructional waters isn't an argument the cuts and the ice in moscow use the black sea and it's back yard and has complained of quote, provocative muscle flexing with 5000 troops participating on land and sea. these u. s. ukrainian lead exercises may have been the biggest ever, but they're still easily dwarfed by x. russia holds in this part of the world involving tens of thousands of participants down spoken message behind these war
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games is. ukraine will be left alone for this. hon. predictable neighbour russia. but what exactly happens when these foreign ships returned home with nature membership ukraine? no closer to becoming a reality and the formal security guarantee given ukrainians still have many good reasons to worry about their country's security. some sports now the european football championship reaches its climax on sunday night was italy face england. and the final, while england will have the support of most of the 60000 fans at london's wembley stadium, italy will look to continue their incredible transformation under coach for bertram when she are both coming home. then the theme on the path to the unwelcome guest looking to crash, the posse. silly some people were happy to see lee arrive in london for the year 2020 final. oh.
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these u. k base. it's the fans with the own spin on the classic england dance, and that team survived the tense penalty shootout against spain to reach the final and the now hoping to win the 1st european championship since 1968th, got to get a physical mentor for to answer england, physically stronger than natalie, but football is played with a ball on the grass. and we hope we can do better than then knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones, when i want to be j. p color crystal just be the out the when the support for england has reached the very top percent prime minister, not one semester chance for some political capital loading and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team while in a letter adding quote, with the hope that he free will record not only your success,
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but also the spirit commitments and pride with which you have conducted yourself. should also feature in a different time than before the final. but it's this one, the deal and skin is 3 lions that really captures the english move. arrogant. so a self set for cation, the fact is english not one the major trophies in the world cup in 1966. ah, we are in a final and we were here to where to win. so everything is important. how represented people them. we're pleased that that legacy is being there. but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody to do that. so have to be the most inform
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side and wells football. if we are on beacon in $33.00 matches under roberta, men sheeny and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whisper it. they're pretty good at penalties 2 and antennas. australia is ashley barty has won her 1st wimbledon title after beating carleen a place called in the women's singles final. the world number one followed up her when the french open and 2019 with a 3 set victory. this wraps up a remarkable come back from barty. who wasn't even sure she would be fit enough to compete in the tournament. she's australia 1st woman champion for 41 years following in the footsteps of her idle even glove. it took me a long time to verbalize the fact that i wanted to, to data dream it. and so i wanted to win this incredible corner and being able to live at my dream right now with everyone who's made it better than better than i ever could. have imagined i it was just, i mean i didn't sleep last night. i was,
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i was thinking of all the water, but i think when i was, i was coming out on this course, i felt at home in a way. and i think being able to share that with everyone to share that with my team is incredible. ok. you know, use new theories on women in asia is up next that her right after the break. remember, you can always find on the latest news and analysis on our website that is the w dot com for at least for me and the entire team. thank you so much for companies. the green you feel worried about the i'm the host of the on the green fence podcast remains to change join me for the size of the green transformations for me.


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