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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CEST

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me the news the news line from berlin tax reform looks set to go global. the g 20 groove, as wealthy nations backs a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent targeting giants to do business worldwide. but move their profit tax haven also coming up. nato and ukraine wrap up 2 weeks of military exercises in the black sea intended as a shot across the bow. increasingly, a 3rd of russia and she survived the best camp and spent the rest
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of her life campaigning against racism. and anti semitism now died at the age of $96.00. mm. ah foolish. welcome to the show. the finance minister of the g. 20 group of wealthy nations have back a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. the deal aims to stock countries setting low taxes to attract investment from multinational especially tech joins doing business worldwide. the endorsement by the g 20, which accounts for 80 percent of the global economy will help the deal take effect internationally. a historic setting for a historic deal. finance ministers from the g 20 member countries came together in venice to secure a global tax reform for a digital world. the g 20 agreement is an important achievement that will
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contribute to stabilize the information back system in the coming years. it will grant great tax certainty and the store for the race to the bottom. the aim of the agreement is to make multi nationals pay tax in the countries where they make their profits at a minimum rate of 15 percent. it's designed to make it no longer worthwhile for companies to shift profits to other countries. g, 20 finance ministers said the pandemic forced them to act the minimum fixation real great advantage for democracy and for station. and it will give us a chance to, to, and erase to the now, just after we are fighting against the cobra, 9 team and we are taking a lot of steps to fight against the house crisis to fight against the
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economy. crisis is absolutely necessary that we take this step and i'm really, really happy that we are step demonstrators, talk to the streets of venice to protest against the deal. they say the 15 percent tax rate is too low. they claim they are fighting against tax havens. but they are creating one themselves for them. 15 percent is okay. that's not ok. i mean, you're building a number of e u countries like ireland or against the reform. but this will not stop. the global corporation tax says us treasury secretary janet yellen. i should emphasize it's not essential that every country be on board disagreement contains a kind of enforcement mechanism that can be used to make sure that countries that
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are holdouts are not able to undermine the global corporation. tax rate is set to come into force in 2023, but negotiations are still ongoing. final agreement is not expected until the g. 20 leader summit in rome and october. nato and ukraine are wrapping up till weeks of military exercises in the black sea. the war games and all $5000.00 troops plus dozens of ships and aircraft commanders aim to demonstrate the strength of the alliance to an increasingly assertive russia. the w correspondent in economy has been on board the u. s. s ross at a story that took part in the maneuvers. he sent us this report on operation seabreeze from the ukrainian port of 1st ships shuddering. the u. s. s. ross, its allied vessels just a few kilometer distance here in international waters of the black sea. joint us ukrainian excise is nothing new, but this year is far from normal off the rushes unprecedented troop build up
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friends, borders, potential conflicts, the russian forces precisely what the sailors. a training for is very definitely not something the u. s. navy will talk about crew members scrupulously. we're talking about russia even though much of their time spent monitoring russian activity around them. i don't sense that this is any different than any other exercise that we do or that we've done in the past. how far away from the nearest question right now, about 2 to 3 minus. what we have seen is russian fighter jets operating in international airspace. much in the same way that we've seen seabreeze participants operating in international airspace. a russian jet making his presence felt a reminder, if anyone needed the united states insistence and freedom of access to instructional waters. isn't an argument to cut any ice in moscow which have used the black sea expect yard and has complained of quote, provocative muscle flexing with 5000 troops,
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participating on land. and on c d. 's us ukrainian lead exercises may have been the biggest ever, but they're still easily dwarfed by exercises. russia holds in this part of the world. building tens of thousands of participants down spoken message behind these war games is. ukraine won't be left alone for this one, predictable neighbor, russia. but what exactly happens when these foreign ships returned home with nature membership ukraine no closer to becoming a reality. and the formal security guarantees given ukrainian still have many good reasons to worry about their country's security. let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world at the sour. the wife of haiti's assassinated president has made her 1st from march since the killing of her husband martine moines, said the attack happened to quote in the blink of an eye without her husband getting the chance to say your word. haitian police accused for and mercenaries of carrying out becoming, which has plunged the caribbean republic into political ne feel. the ruling party
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has won an overwhelming majority and last month, the national election, securing prime minister, meant another 5 year term and off it went and facing international criticism over alleged war crimes. during the conflict in the northern region, firestorm have ripped through forests and dozens of villages in eastern russia. hundreds of people have lost their homes, or aspires in russia become more severe in recent years because of heat waves and long dry periods. aysa based on one of the last survivors of the outfits death camp has died at the age of 96. after losing her entire family in the holocaust, she devoted the rest of her life to fighting antisemitism and racism. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. in a hospital and hamburg german president signed by the time maia says her death is
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a great loss. the music saved ester bass around o's life. she was taken in by the girl's orchestra, and now smith, and survived the desk ham. but the time she could only play piano, she had to improvise to play the accordion. the one find this one, it was really a miracle. i still don't know how i managed to do that. stuffed up. esther belcher . anna was born in southern germany in 1924. she was sent to the age of 18. as part of the girl's orchestra, she had to play the gates of eloquence. when forced labors were sent out to work. when you deputies arrived by train, these are worst memories of our shreds. do you how much suca they will have did us? they thought that his music is playing. it can't be that. that was the tactic of the nazis tucked down not 6. estimated her life's work to tell school children
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about the horrors of outfits she call this her avenge. it's the students off me. what should we do? i told them not to be silent. good. niche. esther belcher, ano is gone. 2 now it is up to others to make sure her stories are still told. 40 years ago, a civil war monument became the center of a violent white nationalist, raleigh in the us city of charlotte charlottesville. now, the statues of 2 controversial confederate general have been taken down. community leaders, hope removing them will be a 1st step toward a wider reckoning over historical racism and the united states. for years, the city of solid school virginia has been pushing to remove this statue of the confederate general robert, leave the city finally want a long legal battle and people are glad to see the back of the figure on horseback
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. ah, finally, ready to be a community that doesn't telegraph to our public arts that we are pretty fine with just the wash over the full gamut over most just happened to the lation, but said that you would have taken the get up to the field of georgia personally, almost 4 years ago, these images went around the world white nationalists and rightly extremists came to charlottesville, to protest plan, to remove the statute. a 32 year old woman was killed when a car drove into a crowd of anti racist protesters. it was they on a brian to get the ball rolling to remove the statue, and she was still a high school student with the young people out there. i hope that this empowered you to speak up on the issues that matter if they take part in your own cities in
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community, no platform for white supremacy, no platform rates for racism and no platform for now the statue and another of the civil war confederates will be put in storage until the city council decides what to do with them. and since voice, now the european football championship reaches its climax on sunday night when italy, england, in the final. while england will have the support of most of the $60000.00 fans at london's wembley stadium, italy will look to continue their incredible transformation under coach reverse and when she are both coming home, then the team on this passed the unwelcome guests looking to crash. the party. silly. some people were happy to see you arrive in london for the 2020 final o. d u. k
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base italy, fans with the own space on the classic england. and that team survived the tense penalty shootout again spain to reach the final and now hoping to weigh in the 1st european championship since 1968. got to get a physical mentor for to answer england physically stronger than natalie. but football is played with a ball on the grass and we hope we can do better than then knowing that these qualities will be important in a match like the final. but sometimes the smaller ones when i want to be j. p color crystal jacoby. the out that we need support for england has reached the very top percent prime minister, not one to miss the chance for some political capital loading. and the monarch herself queen elizabeth wishing the team while in a letter, adding quotes with the hope that history will record not only your success, but also the spirit commitments and pride with which you have conducted yourself.
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gentle. so featuring a different time than before. the final but it's this one, the deal and skin as 3 lions that really captures the english move. arrogant. so a self set for cation, the fact is england, if not one, the major trophies in the world cup in 1966. ah, we're in a final and we were here to where to win. so everything is important. however, at present to pay for them, we're pleased that that, that legacy is being there. but now we want to go and, and bring the trophy home for everybody. to do that, so have to be the most inform side and wells football player on beacon in $33.00
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matches under roberta, men sheeny, and yet to lose to england in a major tournaments and whispering, they're pretty good at penalties to an intent is australia is ashley barney has one her 1st wimbledon title after beating curling a political in the women's singles final. the world number one followed up her when at the french open and 2019 with a 3 that victory. this wraps up a remarkable come back from bardy, wasn't even sure she would be fit enough to compete in the tournament. she's australia 1st women's champion for 41 years following in the footsteps of her idol . yvonne cool log on. it took me a long time to verbalize the fact that i wanted to, to dead a dream it. and so i want to win this incredible tournament and being able to live out my dream right now with everyone who made it better than better than i ever could have imagined i had. it was just, i mean i didn't sleep last night. i was,
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i was thinking of all the, what is, but i think when i was, i was coming out on this court. i felt at home in a way. and i think being able to, to share that with everyone here to share that with my team is incredible. on the party speaking there. more sports coming up, the frank, stay tuned for sports like i'm really for me and the entire team. thank you so much for your company. ah. in december 2019, the european council president shot me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time of this i don't see names on the planet by 20. she's not all in new member states supported and some persuasion is required. uprising into the very heart of
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our to host of when the game diplomatic poker treat power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august 5th on d w the the the the the elim picks for athletes in countless disciplines. the ultimate dream.
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i was 10 when i 1st watched the olympics on tv, it was with estimating and i've been fascinated, ever since the pictorial relate to tokyo is already underway with the games that opened on july 23rd despite right and copays, right. i love the lympics and the movement and what makes it really so special for me? 3 german athletes offense, a javelin fro and a high jump at their rocky road to tokyo. have all this and i definitely want to be that well that it is a bit scary. maybe it hasn't been a can you check it out is that there is a risk and concern in almost limbering up at the training camp in turkey for him. it's been an extraordinary year. after the postponement of the olympics, he took a break to concentrate fully on physical preparation,
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as opposed to competition over the winter. that meant training indoors. but now he's finally back outside the person who has been suddenly picking up the javelin. again, feels just amazing. like a child having that bicycle taken away and then being allowed to get on it again. it's something you never forget to do. and it's exciting to, meaning you pick up the javelin and it's immediately gratifying to have that feeling back is important to us is actually the technique is crucial. it's a really special feeling if you haven't done it in 6 months, you're so hungry that you can't wait to launch a long and powerful fro again, bites away from the power to the powerful in this case means 90 meters plus something he's managed time. and again, in recent years, his goal now is to repeat that feet this year. oh,
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i don't know, has a ready competed in a major meet this year. she entered the qualification tournament and catherine russia, determined to secure her tickets to the olympics as were 204 rival fellow fences, dolo attacks and fainted, but failed to make the grade her dreams of making her 1st olympics, could now be dest. ah, he speeded up the olympics, so my big goal now especially investing the boarding festival with so many discipline for the same place at the highest level of life. and it's the biggest event out there for most importance is what and i want to be part of it. but sometimes there's one final chance for alexander and dolo via tournament in madrid, in april. that's what she's focusing on now. but only the winner will qualify for
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tokyo will full years of high intensity training for the big goal proved to have been in vain. the me, it's been a complicated past 12 months for high jump money, loans, young slice. the pandemic turned her plans upside down. the olympics postponed, training under difficult conditions and no tournaments, the resulting lack of security about her future also compromise her motivation. and cobit 19 is still impacting on her daily life. her boyfriend's nikolai has been a pillar of support, helping him make it through these challenging times. so again, that's to do something with friends again or visit relatives without a guilty conscience fund. i also went to work with my coach again without any
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issues. with the only thing one and a half or 2 meters since just isn't normal. this is michelle myers. she has the experience and almost fatherly support of the coach and gary and going to my case is in charge of the german national high jump, a team. having worked with young flush for over a decade. now you also provide some much needed confidence as, as my mistress and then you recognize my weaknesses and helped me to improve thinker on a home. and he between us that's extremely important. beneficial for our work together and for our goal, i'm in the, for the 2 of them have already been to the canary islands for the training this year. young flush has been using the time without competition to hone her, run out, affecting those all important steps is crucial for her take off and the height she can clear and run up is very to,
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to the fact you have to spend age is fine and even then years later, not ideal. ideally, she just wants to be proving her talents on the big stage. and it could happen in may. if the pandemic get in the way again, it's tough to assess her current level of performance. this is jack has no idea when you're jumping again competitive at a similar level, then you automatically jump it high. and because of the pressure amount of the 2016 games in rio de janeiro, she finished 7th after clearing one meter 93. while in young slices case, it's all about focusing on her body. thomas also has a silent partner to consider the most popular top and it's pretty accurate and i don't have any extremely emotional bonds to my
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javelin. that's because they get broken too frequently for me to connect with them . like you do with gibbs. and there's a whole range of them. and they, they're not just in terms of color. there are different materials to it's called the fiber metal, minium steel. alan minium with carbon fiber on the surface are all the same rules. why 2? because at the same level, same wage, same thickness, that's really important. life. the only difference is in this particular javelin, according to the wind machine feeling and personal technique. and the vibration is also important with an javelin that silent after all, there's a particular noise when you throw them. if this is going to give it a go up 1st and that involves absorbing one ton in weight. javelin flowing might look straightforward, but it puts the body on the enormous strain. and that to means specific training
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tomorrow uses a subtle and perhaps unexpected method. for years he's been practicing his stones and stability on it's like line he, i suspect that it was pretty spect basically having an uneven surface and it helped me to train even the smallest muscles and what's going on, the key words here, injury prevention for us. it's not about growing as far as possible, regardless by what about insuring a healthy career in sports and something we also tried to change it up and coming talent lafelle. you won't enable me to immediately for further, but it will help to maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time. and i'm invited for the book never harris and your billing of the site, the whole license. but it's up to me and he'll need that high level come august 7th, when his biggest event of the year takes place at the tokyo and then picks about
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fall from feeling nervous. he's looking forward to tackling the new outdoor season with less stress and more confidence. i mean, i mainly just entering the phase where things are getting gradually more intensity for the weather is getting warmer in germany. we're doing more targeted training and gradually doing more javelin frozen, and then now be the focus on competing, more specifically on the olympics and madrid at the end of april. alexander, i'm dolo the tournament in the spanish capital is her last chance to get to tokyo. there's no room for error, only the window will stamp that ticket to the olympics. the rest will have to watch from home. alexander and dolo has high hopes and she
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gets off to a very promising stuff, comfortably beating an opponent from lithuania and then from hungary. but the semi final presents her with a rival of a difference. caliber caps. yeah. rena pasha neva from bella ruse the to had never faced each other before. and dolo maintains her focus throughout the bouts and ends up as the 15 points tonight when she's now in the final standing in the way of her pastor. tokyo is all in our creve. it's got from ukraine a to time bronze metal when at the world championships to see the favorites and probably takes the lead. alexandra and although tries to recover
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repeatedly lending hits on a opponents body. but not often enough. it emerges victorious, and it headed, fits for alex, $100000.00. the olympic dream is over. i hi jump my the loans, young flies. it will now also be do old die time. the olympic countdown has begun with less than a 100 days to go. the focus is also on finding the right form. the hope of your stuff is i'll jump at a level, i'm happy with it and we'll be able to day to the games basically comes from spin. come hopefully i'll jump over 19. i have office location maybe even though she isn't to meet him at the school bus is also feeling the exertion of these very special conditions. a prerequisite for all and then pick hopefully
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a corona virus job. and once in tokyo, there'll be no limping village. and a limited number of fans in the stadium in an impact on again is jump in. i'll be determined. of course, there's always a gamble about, but i don't want to be too early. there's no help the season. i want to hit my peek in late july, early august. that's crucial performance parts in dot com. and one thing is for sure. good. i won't have any more time in the coming weeks for his hobby fishing. and after recharging his batteries, he'll be out to defend his crown in tokyo. busy ah . busy the
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ration poto on, i would say i'm the person roman legion. there we in bike expedition into the room in the city fort the theme of blind order was gushed a trace route through germany checking everybody. so nobody was time to always several times. pain is a warning signal from our body can have many causes. what can we do to prevent it from becoming i was constant companion. we become finally timeframe, in good shape. in 30 minutes on d, w. d,
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w, crime fighters are back africa. most successful radio drama series continues. all episodes are available online course you can share and discuss on w africans, facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters, tune in now. mm. ah. excuse me. this is me. me. how to i was i would say i'm the perfect roman legion, their new castles, steegal is maximus. i think you already know what.


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