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tv   Meisterkuche  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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w, so you want to know what makes love be a bad thing away. i'm not going to have my own call. everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the job and then join me. rachel, do it on the w, the me. hello guys, welcome to your favorite youth program. the 77 percent. this is the platform for africa, young majority i, i'm mike a junior foster, you'll see belt and ride with us. more than 60 years ago, many african countries gained the independence from the colonizers. but how independent are we and why does it even matter to ask the young generation now will be digging deeper into that question on the issue. but yes, what's coming up?
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i report that he did kamani talked to the young canyons about nuclear, the out as a drop off, he drops a few lines on what it means to be africa. then you can go about it for a 2nd. now, east africa has been ramping up efforts to expose it. citizens to chinese culture, articulately through language in canada for example, monitoring is offered at the selective language in schools. in uganda, it is now become palsy, subject in some schools. so is this in mir exchange of culture has always been much more to it. 25 years old, andrew meant to tie is not a free to get his hands. he graduated in december. he's been helping us on the family farm and like many young, recently and the job market was looking for works. but andrew has an leave.
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he speaks mandarin. this decision came as more chinese contractor flooded kenya to build it through. and he thought learning the language might give him an edge, an experience that would be revealing. my name is in english. so the soon gets to under. so this was the name i used to go by, even in school, in class, in the exams. and he used to use and over the years there's been a steady trickle of chinese cultural and language centers opening in kenya. many like andrew school offer scholarships. and in some cases, high achieving students are even sent to china for competitions. but the content of and with classes made it apparent to the instructor was teaching more than language . he was, the statistic he started by showing us did not change history, chinese festivals, chinese poems and songs. for instance, if you choose to do french, you might not need to align all the things pertaining to history and culture. you
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may just need to learn how to communicate. like in chinese language, you get to, they want you to become like them. they're kind please 59 confucius institutions. but of course, $44.00 african countries institute together with existing economic ties to china could nip the country, reach over the continent. i know rudy based journalist writes just to be on after chinese relations. she argues that while the chinese government may have a firm economic group on the continent, the most significant partnerships being created outside the board rooms. i think the important thing to understand when we talk about the kind of chinese culture that is exported is that it is a very specific cocktail of mainstream. generally mainstream han culture that has passed through the prism of, of the ccp come trying to come this party. but at the same time,
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not everything that comes here in kenya that, that makes its way here from china is passed through that lens of the party. there are a lot of day to day interaction between individual that i feel like is a much more rich and interesting place to look at. because those things are not mediated by the state in bustling they, ruby, it's hard not to see how these more formal intercultural interactions have influenced everyday life. the city has already played host to chinese can joint performances which are growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation. 3 china towns have popped up across and i will be the 1918 offering traditional chinese cuisine with a can into the back in l. doris andrew is under no illusions. he knows that a one sided cultural exchange is no exchange, but he's also in need of a job. and he's that means working in china says that's exactly what he'll do.
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you know, that's very interesting. and this wondering if it would be possible for people in china to learn african languages like swahili or tree. i guess we just have to see how things pan out now talking about the influence or not of foreign powers in africa. we had the streets of abu job to ask young people this question. after 60 years of independence from british rule, how really independent is nigeria today? right, the only thing i think isn't the question of how independence we will we be able to use our independence for we have our government, we have, we make decisions ourselves. and we have a way of electron leaders without actually being actually anyone for permission to do what we're doing for me. i think we are really independence. just like how you
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know, when you present them with you for a very long time, even when yes we in your mind, these seem like, you know, still increasing, you would take some time for them to sort of realize i'd be asking if we, if you look back on the past year, you'd realize that things continually got worse. so i don't think is equation of independence, but we'll be meeting with use it. we've not been even sees as much as we could have . we are not so independent to because where we are from what we are known for we kind that's took a step back because we are trying to be like our colonial masters. there's some form of new colonialism, but i don't like to see that people's face exists and it might be happening subconsciously. but i think people are trying to take advantage of us because market, it's easy for me. it just shows the potential that we have. so way that people take advantage of it or we take advantage of it is
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a different question. i think the best thing we can do is, is continue to involve thus was helped various countries. conchella, india for example, doesn't have any natural resource as such, but the people is what of really help the country pool. and now they're more or less, it will power. there's this return in confidence. returning to all of niger in which i find very interesting to see and i think it should continue. i think people should be talk more about where they are from and thoughts to appreciate this land this place. so we have had the voices of young nigerians, some argue that africa still dealing with the effect of colonialism. but who's really to blame for that? and what can we, the young generation do to break free and calm, our own pop?
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the report that you did kamani put the question to young cajuns and i'll st debating i will be the the 77 percent is in a row, be the capital of kenya, and it is in this city that became flog when top we were declared independence. but how independent is kenya and indeed the rest of africa. this is the question that we're asking today on our subject near colonialism. why is it still a thing in africa and who is to blame? but before we go too far, let's come through nigella. who is a political analyst and a writer here in kenya? how would you describe new colonialism? what does it mean to you? i think that coming from, i gave us the best definition for leo colonialism which is late stage imperialism. what you have is indirect influence of political decision making of you can make decision making. okay. so let me come to the farmer right here, mr. michael, keeping it. because your firm, as you mentioned, is over 100 years or suddenly older than the nation of kenya. do you feel like
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you'll beholden to the person who began this farm? absolutely not it. and i believe we need to both the colonize our minds and hearts as, as kenyans. we really shouldn't be complaining too much about your colonialism. let me come back to angela. i want to challenge you basically, based on what michael has said, we should be talking about near colonization right now. look at me, unfair view from where doing it on our own when we're talking about colonization and we're talking about imperialism. we're not talking about individual experiences . we're talking about a systemic issue. yes, you're able to grow your coffee and run your coffee tours. but is the price, for example, that you're, that you're selling your coffee at reflective of the labor that has gone into producing that coffee? or is it reflective of political priorities that have been said elsewhere? exploitation of power disparities for the profit of certain regions and certain parts of the world is the very definition of new colonialism. okay. i'd like to come to shape because i just want to, you know, piggyback on what angela thing, but it is a system and it is explosive. but we're
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a politician. the people who should be those international tables making better deals for thing. this doesn't work for us anymore. kind of struggled with cancer, political leadership, but is dysfunctional that it's explosive, that it's violent. that's discriminatory. there's also discussed that stems from a neo colonial space of leadership that excludes people from the leaders, which is putting the people into this vicious cycle of constantly seeing. we need better, we need better, but nothing ever changes because the bubble of and the shield of nicholas is so thick. so we're saying that, oh my goodness that the, the neo colonial is more 2nd, he's sleeping into basically every single effect of our lives. politically, economically, even how we think ya socially. and i'm just wondering from tony, in what ways does new colonialism still have an impact in the way we govern? i mentioned the french very briefly. the french has never mentally left africa ever . you can see what goes on the conquer lease. the highest glory of african
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evolution is to become a frenchman, or mademoiselle, the france has never lost that mentality. but one might argue that kenyans have not lost that mentality. we are, after all having the conversation in english. no, but ken is a very different country. we may be confused there, but don't address immediately. political leadership on your colonialism. relies on somebody having the lead in their pocket. it in that case, is your great then with your own government. oh, with the colonial government. that created structures in which we are governed as we are, that is very live we. others tend to blame the british, your oldest strength all the time. we keep complaining about all white people, baby to mean europe, young people in the 2 of these, these the new colonies that say now, all right, i'd like to get some more views on the side. the problem came with a philosophical foundation, movies, country. like if we're talking about export,
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we didn't center canyons or the people who live in this land we are in. so what we are experiencing now is a result of what happened then. so the west is still to blame, but we reproduce what we did. but is it fair? let me ask schafer here. is it fair to sort of lump the whole western world into, you know, the white saviors. they're trying to come and save us. we don't need their help. is there room for collaboration or is it just going to be this bipolar dialogue? well, i think i think room for collaboration that existed, assumed that, that seem to exist has existed in their white terms. that even as we collaborate, we're collaborating within their own structures within the agreements within their own, in gauge meant within their own requirements. right? white people level we've wanted to enforce and to carry forward their weakness and the supreme, etc. we should be able to enforce and carry forward our blackness, our black supremacy. but it's never going to happen because we don't have the leadership that is capable to imagine our own governance and engagement out of the
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3 that is most neo colonial tele. but the necessary tool is out this way to send me into this again. we are playing here and sometimes it gets to this. it won't take way to grant that i want something specific to us. your government never. i've won a lot of scholarships and so don't lose weight. but you tell your story in your own week. i feel like, what's this way to sentiment? i love the fact that both being colonized by the british of all the colonies, the school history and you know, we had this, please, please, please contextualize i will never be side to because that's the we real politic of the wheel. history had really been colonized like the belgians they didn't give a damn. but i'm not going to go and keep repenting about 18. 80 name. yes, yes, yes, yes. and i'd like to give, i'd like to give, let me come to shape because she's so exhausted her hands on her head. i'm about to give up. because the thing is this raid. so the context is when we,
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when i hear people talk about, they don't have a problem. and having been colonized, i question, how deep are you in this neo colonial struggle that you've actually embraced your, your abuse and made them feel made her feel that she was right for doing what they do to you. tony is saying that the facts can be changed, that the world order at the time was, as it was, the work order was white. people stealing from black africans. that was the work order. i think sometimes if you speak very carelessly and very casually about very fundamental thing that i've got, that is the message and i really don't appreciate it. ok, tony, do you agree with the charge that he was so deeply neo colonized yourself that you don't see why you're utterances could have been that is absolute bollocks? yeah. let me use b to languages. so people who are more in your call and let it looks because read you can't read in this week. yeah. it's like those people who fail in life and keep talking about their father was an alcoholic, or their mother never loved them enough. and we like that to we must lose that
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victim mentality about the british suspicion which we as in this country, we started with a very critical question. neil colonialism. why is it still in africa? well, the answer is the history and who is to blame for it? apparently, we all are. thank you for watching the flow. now that's what i call a debate. so should we keep drowning in the past or swim towards the new future? what's your view on new colonialism and its impact on african countries? now we would definitely love to hear from you, so pay us a visit on youtube to watch the for discussion and keep the debate going. guess a different perspective from another part of the continent. wrap up. fine. one bid boy ag. him obese. an easy to send down. so i may be an independent spite and bid boy is his take away africa fans.
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oh oh, we don't know what she'll regionally visited, but i'm proud of it by the fact that met because like getting these kids involved from what it is caused it to people with that slow the the the not that doesn't even if you've got a predefined that could wrap, and that is how that goes to the american president and the same company, but i think is not a black man's by the good thing properly. i can go to india to epic and gums do. keeping people fed up with id to veto view and why?
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yeah, only blacks always seen this. oh, actually open ended. that was so that you opened up the inviting people to stay on the weakness and even today, but the was even home until now. men in your neighborhood than in this deep into school shop and, and noting picking from the boy was wrong. and this last till bowles hills and the question was the by the rules, the wise of those who died. that is great. leave old, the members district when we have been, what is the now when you think, and i don't know what's really with them, proud to be what they read to and get these own behalf of scarlet, said the hardest words when he was caught all a helpless chickens business clothes then feed him off the words after they suffer,
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they'll start to serve the no those are really deep lyrics. it's a good reminder to learn from history. so those traumatic events never repeat it. now musician l sumbawa has also penned strong words on this issue. so that's how we have family moved from cumberland to germany. the intertwined histories of both countries are reflect that electro inspired beats sound arch needs, old electronic beats calcium by la pen and produced you had to me in camera room after a painful breakup. she says women and camera ruling what traditionally treated with more respect before the european colonialists arrived in going and isn't have such an impact,
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but also people mentality. they were purposely erasing also the culture of the people stumbling of the imagery of a black man of 21st century. i couldn't swallow my pride. trust. i try you you elsa barlow was 10 when she left a common room and moved to germany along with her 2 brothers. their mother wanted to complete her doctorate at a german university. coming here, it was a dream, as a small african child. white culture is on know a t, v, 's everywhere is the norm is the standard. so when you know, as a 10 year old that you're going to europe, it's like the shoot. can you please? but she was the only black girl in a small town in southern germany. she soon experienced the effect of racism and ignorance on teacher mar, calling, in terms of where the resources come from. and how did well come to europe in such an amount. it came from the colonies and it really seems to me to be
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in this world and go to school. so many years when a teacher supposedly about the world you're going to be living in and live. ready out the huge part of history. and when she was 20 else invalid decided to return to come a room to reconnect with her roots. she channeled her experiences into music. she discovered a new site to her world in the recording process, inspired by her home countries rich culture. doesn't. byler now spends most of her time in germany. she lives with a young daughter in berlin known as the capital of electronic music. but africa remains a strong part of the mix. bada has found a way to bring both worlds together. on this track. she samples speeches of the pan africanist and 1st gotten a president. kwame cru,
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mom is now now independent, not by law, feels at home in berlin. she has discovered a space for herself, somewhere between her german upbringing and her can ruin your heritage. it's a healthy mix. she says, and it's something she helps to pass on to her daughter. it can be a healthy mix. and why not? i have a dream that one day africa in europe will have a truly mutually beneficial relationship. thumbs up. if you agree, i'm sure you do. now let's take you to a hidden african tressa. talk the way in this in the galleys. customize region is a provincial capital. the control graffiti artist can buy bought shoes as a rounds. is small hometown along the shores of the river. the hello my local bank of america. my name is robert mccafferty. notice yes sir.
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and i'll take your own can see i'm here that i was coming to my city. this is big. ensure the capital of the custom, all region in the south, west of cynical with its mild tropical climate and its laid back mood. the small town at the custom was river is not only a trading port, but a gateway to the nearby beach destinations of the region. welcome golf allen. i mean, but i mean to my home, i'm here the emily bratcher and bring my right is the road to another left to go farther into customers. but what do you see here is because i'm i river, which gives us all the resources that i put it. and i look for that because i'm, i look on king is the man behind a lot of the street art in dig, in short from simple name tagging to awareness about corona, his mural capture. the moment his new piece is a tribute to d,
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w. 77. percent show unfortunately, king barbers are, it's rarely earns him enough money to live on, which is why he tries to make a buck wherever he can, even if he has to play for it. why didn't you want to come in? because you can see what i'm doing here. this is my childhood from played for money . what are you hoping to make a win? because in the city, there were no ones that are going on in, but you look for the work that most people in dig in. char, depend on, is the regions, fish trade. and like many king, bob has a close connection to it. while we're here in the big fish, mike, because the fish from other city, when i'm from come to cup, scare me about it for my children here with my mom who sold fish of the mike. yeah . dennis i another call about a young fellow, margaret outside is the number to some of his mother's old colleague,
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phil work at the fish market, the phil haggling for the best fish on offer away from the busy market. the senegalese are known for their love of attire as strongly brood green tea with lots of sugar. fortunately for a king and his friends, the next tea shop is right outside their shared green printing workshop. where the team is printing a very special shirts and not to today's shoot and to their home town. to end the day, king bye bye, takes us to a highlight of dig insurance culture alive. a conquering masquerade. it's mending initiation, right? used to pass down indigenous knowledge in dig into or where old traditions mixed with a new it's a huge party but also as tours of local pride. my going to now present to you the gym by doing another good dentist leaves kind of defeat. considering is 2nd to protect people against evil spirits. and does the jump on
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the i've not been just in a go yet, but i'm looking forward to doing that down with you again. bye bye. and hey guys, this is how we wrap up the show. thanks for sticking with us. so the end. but a, let's continue to stay in touch. send us an email at 77, d, w dot com, or connect with us on facebook. little play you out with king by, by the favorite song. actually, he was listening to it over and over doing our production. this is deanna from one of the finest roughest se, se wraps to mondanca. this truck is all about african friday and the vast monday and culture until we meet again, stay strong and healthy and remain proud. i'm
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gonna be giving you something that you do me use the news, news
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news. the news. the news the continents and use africa, the were gone. men. what's making the headlines? what's behind the way on the street to give you enough reports and insight all the trends to use in 30 minutes on d. w in happiness is
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a national goal. it's laid down in the completion. i didn't even message the 1st national happiness index. but how does one of the poor countries in the wealth competence we came to him on his way to unhappiness in 75 d w. ah ah what people have to say to us in that's why we listened to their stories reporter every weekend on
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d w. ah me oh. oh. because you're in this. oh small. no, i no, no no.
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no. the news is d w. news ally from berlin. a breakthrough on global tax reforms, wealthy nations agree on a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent targeting 10 giants could use business worldwide, but avoid paying taxes by spending up shot in territories with lower rates. also coming up on the show stands army is battling a baton lavonne, but the most vulnerable people are.


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