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tv   Aschenberg  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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w. o, in the night of that change, africa mega. what's the story here? what do you have for their future? c, w dot com, african megacity, multi media insight clicks and enter this is the news africa coming up in the program, fighting for democracy in africa, the last monarchy. but at what cost is thousands already bad. on the cross down, improved them on kathy didn't want to keep the government in the want to the part of the government. you must see cities the rest of us involved with everyone. then we visited was natalie in south africa, where members of the village community, the local mind,
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is destroying the livelihood. the also started on march 10 years of independence. what are the wells young countries in the last decade? all this does, i mean i think they must take them back and give it to the people. what got to do with the panoramic? we mean even bobby and scout tassels where it is helping to raise awareness about the coping. ah, i eddie mike, a junior and you are welcome to the program. it's why feeney is africa the last i still use monarchy at a pro democracy protest as we've been taken to the streets there. once ken, him swati that, that to change that and soon puts
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a sense of class with belief. but days demanding democratic reforms in the kingdom formerly known as switzerland, is 14 easy, small montana state between south africa and was on beek build a government. and the position gave different, i guess they both agreed that doesn't diet, other hands as security forces. in the ensuing crackdown, the terminal from the government to impose tight restrictions on the population party justified on the grounds of the fight against the crew and a virus pandemic. by the measures, including school closures and a half, you only seemed to hide intentions on the shops and businesses on fire chaos on the streets, roads blocks and stores looted these were the scenes as anger boiled over among protesters, calling for democracy in s. what teenie? we are in. any way so much the bread by the government. sounds good. i'm with
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whichever time if our government can't say no, you get all of them is. is that the ones that the one miss lynn? the one man he's talking about is king's what to said. he's ruled estimate teeny, for more than 3 decades is an absolute monarchy, appointing the prime minister and retaining the ultimate power. the king is known for his lavish lifestyle and 15 wives. he's also been accused of repressing any opposition, but there's growing demand for change by the young people to believe. we don't want to keep part of the government in the want to part of the government. you must be citizen like the rest of us in court where everyone of us so did is why the people of the kinder on the streets making sure that the business operations of the land and t i 10 for many of the businesses targeted in the latest wave of protest have linked to the royal family expertise. government imposed the curfew,
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and called the com where a nation that believes in dialogue. and it is with that in mind that we once again request or chris to my 2nd to use alternative tonners to express their grievances. government has opened an email address where must, what can continue to direct their concerns and petition, security forces were sent in to deal with the unrest and opposition. great. say several dozens of protesters were killed. un has put the crack down deeply concerning, amid a tense come their fears, that could be more bloodshed to come. my next guest spent a year behind boss, and he saw the new jail for contempt of court after he criticized swaziland to just a little system. and the international declared him a prisoner of conscience introducing that prominent human rights lawyer, delani me,
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a circle. how does that? thanks for joining us. you are the chair of a multi stakeholder, coordinating team, an umbrella group. what do you represent or who do you represent and what exactly are you calling for? thank you, the group, then all the political party, the fatherland, political part is kind of in the group. then the, the, you know, i'm trying to do it and i think your women and your youth and the people and the rest of the groupings and putting for the call that we're making as the trans, you know, the country into a multi party session. and then we had a question where then one defiant in that one key issue is that protest s have a challenge with the king and the power. he wails,
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someone's him to step down. what do you expect him to do? they go, let's get for the thing to step down. there is a call for him to t k. no commitments doing gauge in the process of that process which we determine out of them or not in the country right now there are some boys which i think even the met him and, and because in the end the met before by the army. those last thing they had come to consider whether to just pay for the one i think was at the moment says step down, cause for him to make a commitment to me, did it by the to get to that. so that the so people are already dead. is there any sort of compromise on the solution now, we're not endanger the lives of pro democrats. he protested when the situation is
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so the, the people continue been by the army on or on. you can bait the private home to allow them to make them to break that bond and clear court that they move from the street to be the thing and heading our people and allow an environment where you see the dialogue. that's what you want stuff what you want, but if that is not exactly the case, at least immediately, what kind of compromise can you reach to and show that no one else loses the allies in this protest. know why there's been taught at the moment that call is clear. that's right. yeah. has to ensure that the process that, that you to
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a new position where people enjoyed that from the government. so what role can the international community play and all of this? and then right now it may just be unwilling to open that to negotiation, the pin. let me sad that to be a you to the you. and in order for them to admit to open that door, there is no commitment or anything down. you know what the best way to do that is called to the west virginia and i meant to see that there's no way don't thing down and talking as opposed to on the defense that he would miss. i'm a cycle you do simply for criticizing judicial system,
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7 years later things look worse than ever. do you sometimes news? hope that things will never change can never have never lose hope and never give up on their right to job for the people will lend them up at one moment and think that would remain on the conditions. there must be something you for the food of the country and they're well in every manner possible to ensure that those one of the gates are forced to engage in that data to take the time to for till i didn't cycle human rights lawyer in the multi stakeholders coordinating theme, thanks for your time. thank you so much. thank you very much. the . now an escalation in community violence has force global mining james wheel team
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to spend operations on one of its mines in south africa. the company close that bridge at the minerals operation in cross we do not how after a seniors, i guess it was killed and millions of rounds worth of equipment was destroyed. many see the mine has ruined the livelihoods of use. christine will report from south africa because we do not how province this is them, longer family homestead in so go live village people here are angry. they've been up in arms about the richest bay minerals mine begging him flung goal is one of the communities leaders. he said the minds management has long been ignoring the community and the grievances they've raised. he shows us cracks in the houses. he sais, the course is clear. they appeared because of i abrasions from the mines digging activity. longer phase, the drinking water has also been contaminated it
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looks clean, but it doesn't taste good. one of the minds fights is just a short distance from here. it has long caused conflicts between locals and the mine operators. the villages say the land is not just being contaminated, but also desecrated. that's all community phase. there used to be grades here that were cleared to make way for the mines activities. they take issue with the fact that when the mind discovers remains they don't give them back to the community, but instead dispose of them. now the community sees that it's very disrespectful, but it also doesn't afford them the opportunity to perform the necessary cultural rituals for when remains are removed from one location and taken to a another. so google is one of 4 communities surrounding the mind. young people here say they get passed over when the mind is jobs to outsiders.
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geena, danny said his job applications that might have been rejected. he took part in recent protests against the mine police fire tear gas against the demonstrators. the protest was a peaceful. it was not a violent protest in for the people from being employed by the mind. and we had to go and meet and mama was, but there has been violence in may this year one of the mine senior executors was shot and killed on his way to work in june. these earth moving machines that belong to the mind was set on fire. police are investigating the murder and the vandalism . they have not yet made any arrests. security has been beefed up around the mine, but the company has halted its operations. and so the situation improves. in
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a statement real tinto said an escalation in the security situation had led to the decision to suspend operations. here at richard spain, minerals. the company went on to say that the safety of its employees and staff was its top priority. richard, bay, minerals, mines and exports titanium dioxide flag, which is used in products like paint plastics and toothpaste. its the biggest taxpayer in the province and employs about 5000 people the people in so who are demanding change. they say they have a mine in the backyard, but they don't see any benefit from it. while we show that, if that's a demand shoot to us and appreciate it, when we ask for some intervention from them as a mining company. if we ask for help, they must pass for now the mine is idle. without
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a clear social and labor plan, it looks like the longer it goes on, the harder life or get the, you're watching did up the news, africa still to come. that job of faith symbolizes the hope that africa will one day have you now school in 19 vaccines for everyone. by fast to the youngest country in the world, south don is mike in 10 years of its independence from sudan. on july 9th 2011 south saddam was a published of the 190 country in the world. by the birth of a new nation, came with great challenges and fridays anniversary was somebody where people have been told to stay home due to grow and a virus pandemic. one decade ago the people are sell. saddam only knew one thing celebration. this was their independence day. after more than half
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a century of civil war with a powerful north, the population of south don voted to secede by an overwhelming majority. 99 percent one favor, but the birth of the youngest nation came with a burden. many of these learned, seen on also fighting and that would have been men in to live and it was done, you know, own country, but the we have to you will not be good, but just to use later, civil war broke out again, regardless, ethnic divide, fueling the conflict president, so the key from the majority didn't say why the president leak much from the newer peace agreements between the 2 sides came and went almost 400000 people died
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finally in 2018, kia and agreeing to form another unity government in 2020, they were sworn in as president and vice president. it will be our responsibility to restore people's lives and to in his why them, why did to again, to believe in the probably of so i was who done yet. widespread corruption and violence have hampered efforts to build a functioning country self. so don is poor guy with nature resources. one 3rd of the population is displaced 60 percent dependent on food aid ramp. inflation and natural catastrophes make the situation worse. by 10 years on, people are still yearning. we does need to change these. neither does our,
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the but i think they take them back and give the country to the people for the and i have the situation and they hope for the 17th to take need of the census after 10 years of independence. so saddam is still very much dependent on outside. tell this little to celebrate in zuba from holland. as i am now joined by nicholas hayes them, he's the head of the united nations mission to south sudan and miss hello say welcome to d. w. use africa. now, 10 years ago there was great optimism about the future of south done fast forward to today. have those hoops been fulfilled? no, i think quite frankly, most sharpshooter needs are, except that they're, that they hopes of what independence would bring had not been achieved. i think the function of this an adverse or is really to remind people of those
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ideals and to put back on the agenda of the hopes that they had worked independence might to live in for sausage and needs 10 years or so have been any achievements over the last decade. well i think, you know, given a child to john started as a with what should i say change like they had no institutions, very little rogue. there has been some progress in standing at the stake. i think most people would say not as much progress as they would have hopeful, but they also would have to take on board it shows to john has gone through to civil wars in the 10 year period in the printing. so very doesn't mind. what is the daily life for someone in south sedan? we like to sink as much of this area. they would be
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a difference between someone in an urban area, somebody in a rural area. the particular concern that we have is the international community is the extent of food insecurity across the country. the very high percentage sudanese who fresh who faced me food insecurity to the real prospect of some of the causes of their natural and change that is been flooding that way. also some of the causes of the current food and security on manage. people have not been able to plant because they had their lives had been disrupted by conflict. and the planting season has come and gone with people plunging. yeah, now there's been a so called revitalized fees agreement in place for nearly 3 years now. is that making any difference?
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i think it has made a difference. we've seen a reduction in the levels of violence, please politically inspired violence. but we've also nurtured an increase in what is often called your into community violence, which is largely taken up to into community violence is more reflection of inter communal tensions, but also the poverty and the economic conditions. and just sit down very often centered around the safety of capital and the perpetration of revenge, revenge attacks. so we are trying to make a difference in that picture is our peacekeepers. but also through gauging elders and representatives of the communities in deliberating and agreeing
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arrangements by which communities can live together other than in the presence of arms police. so that you took off as a special representative this year. what's the main change you hope to achieve for the people of south to that? and during your time, what we would like to do to support the sharpshooter needs people to make progress in the transition down the transitional pathway. as it were, that they have agreed to follow. and that involves some quite significant tips they will have to accomplish, including the green one, a new constitution that is the arrangements by which they can live together in peace making progress in the arrangement of the 1st democratic tradition in the country. and more generally in building the institutions necessary for a state to be a young democracy. and to begin the development trajectory,
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we would like to see would be groups of chelsea on would like to see nicholas hayes . i'm head of the united nations mission in the republic. us out to down. thank you . the church with almost 6000000 confirmed group at 1900 cases. the panoramic has hits an africa hot. the main problem is the lack of access to vaccines across the continent. to highlight that the african union has commissioned a sculpture by his and bobby and tony and artist to stand outside the use headquarters. nadisa rabbit david ingram is that he is documenting the pandemic for the benefit of future generations. our correspondence of mashanda re tell of more and this report from her i. b, as in bob, when i teach the david the where me waking on his piece of the general faith, it was commissioned by the african union. it would be going when
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a permanent display, their headquarters in the job in capital a d 's ababa. where room he sees he's carving pandemic prevention messages in stone, hoping to capture the world's attention with these expressive twigs. the african is also playing a bit of people are all around the issues of vaccine in terms of even encouraging each and every country to take steps towards getting their citizens vaccinated. so i've done this culture piece in this period of amplifying vibes. they're sending across the continent. some of the call, the series at weeks will display it. divvied studio include hype, your genes, a depiction of the hand washing we at, torn portraying a person, sneezing into their elbow. they knew normal. it must african queen. and the
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figure of a woman getting vaccinated in the most talked about peace is david depiction of the late king of pope miko jackson. he sees one to the well it must of before time. it's a message the fuse is relevant to date. my wait portrays the moment in time. we are in this course find image and i am very visual for that. kept chatting this vaccination programs going one in the wall world or make people see that this is the way that we should be taking at the moment since the q a is not yet been found. although coming vaccine, hesitant in raising awareness of the panoramic through the dividend, where my hopes are, he's probably 19 inspired health messages. we will continue to have an impacts in africa and around the world. and that's how we wrap up the show from all of our
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stories. go to d, w dot com, slash africa, or visit us on facebook and twitter. so from sculpture about is in africa to sculpture that will soon be returning to africa. gemini has begun negotiating the return of the ban in bronzes looted by british troops in 1897 more than 400 of them in museums. here an official, c, a stand show returns should be under way by next year. and i, j. n. occasion has been in berlin for talks on the bronzes. we leave you with some of those amazing objects and the next time i've been out with the news
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. the news news. the news
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the the the what's going on here? oh no. the house of your very own from a printer computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. just explains, delivers fact, and choose what the future holds. living in the digital world, shift in 15 minutes on dw,
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the 77 percent. some are calling kind of new coolio isn't pure and simple in st debate. yeah. why is this still a thing in africa and who is to blame the world? was like people stealing from black african probably new legs on somebody, hobbies, death. the 77 percent in 30 minutes on the w o. b. right in front of them. they gave it. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00 3rd off course there is a qualifying ground for sports heroes. and i'm fired. been ready.
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the count down during locked lock, you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on dw, in december 2019 the european council president sean me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear door to make europe the 1st time to turn on the planet. by 25th all member states supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of the power of god who will win the game. diplomatic poker tree power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on d, w the
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the was, ah, this is g w new the live from berlin. a breakthrough on global tax reform. wealthy nations agree on a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent targeting tax giants who do business worldwide, but avoid paying taxes by setting up shop in territories with a lower rate of coming up on the show. katie appealed for help over the.


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