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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:30pm CEST

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as far as the iberian, and then so if anything continues to circulate around the northern hemisphere, these waters sometimes flow all the way up to the arctic getting where they cool back down again. motor driving the circulation isn't arctic. one of the most important projects at the one carlos the 1st station, is it study of the heard and johnson glaciers would be really valuing the stays, the mass balance. the van talked because she found the gains of us have been granted that if it's similar to opposite, if you know, is it getting colder and antarctica? see suspense for the another? yes it is getting cold. but our measurements are limited to the last 15 years or so we are trying to get studies need to examine the period of at least 30 if we close . so we can see that there was a gradual temperature in 15 years and a temperature drop in the subsequent 15 years. but globally,
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the trend is towards warming and i'm in the one me with the on our trip we didn't see much snow. but the year before, there was so much snow that the 2 meter high stakes used to monitor the glacier disappeared to find them, the spanish team had the big. oh, and dig. dig located next to livingston island is half moon island. ah, ah cruise . we made a discovery in this miniature size dance arctica. the weather here changes very
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suddenly. within minutes, the snowfall turns into a blizzard clocking winds of 80 kilometers in our city. this next stop is deception. island come to the station. gabrielle castillo. this island is the caldera of an active volcano,
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last erupt in 1970 huge glaciers are concealed beneath the ash regarding the cast station is run by the spanish army. wait, didn't we say the antarctic treaty bands all military activity? this time i said when i spoke with the allies, le, due to the eyelids difficult terrain and the danger posed by the okay, no, it was decided that the army with best equipped to operate visitation with linda. and i think our mission is to make the visiting scientists feel at home mega lunch because they come for a very specific time period to work on research. i take samples, do experiments and collect data with dollars. and i think our job is to ensure all the logistics are in place, so they can concentrate on their work for them in the laser. and so there are no weapons here. no, no, none that i know was i deception. ireland is home to a large colony of chin strap penguins and race barbosa has been studying these
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animals for 20 years. i expected from one other thing we know other species like the delay penguins, whose population have decreased dramatically on the and talked about an insular by about 60 percent. the penguin is also threatened by extinction. but it also species like the gen to penguin have profited from present a condition on its population of increased by about 15 to 20 percent. that's basically what's been happening over the course of 4000000000 years on our planet called evolution. and this is species the thrive on the positive condition of this . then they vanish and replaced by others. in the fundraiser installed a camera to monitor the penguins all year long. the images track the birds and their offspring as they gradually flee the onset of colder temperatures. in
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siegel fly by the drifting icebergs the arrival of storms that bury the camera and snow and then below it free again. the long lonesome winter. the formation of ah, the sunsets that no one else sees. in october, the penguins return, soon they begin to lay their eggs. and a few weeks later, chicks are born. ah, was one of the spanish navies. tasks is to map the undersea topography around these islands. the drive a deeper a fix
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because the arctic coast is so i'm in less than one percent of the area. underwater has been properly see feel for example, you have to change your ship because of an iceberg. and it can be dangerous to leave the zone for which there are accurate dating. and so we need to produce more maps to prevent shipment bills or other ex i get off the phone but not just to protect human life, but also to prevent damage to the environment. here we really have lots of work in animal who will take every country with the ability to cooperate pitching on me and i get caught on what i'm told me. the british captain william smith made the 1st recorded landing in an article in 18. 19 an accident after he was blown off course
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by powerful winds. spain claims the honor for gabriella castillo, who it says, discovered the continent in 16 o. 3, though that's never been proven. it's probable that seal hunters set foot on these islands before william smith, but they kept quiet about their discovery, so as not to have to share its treasure trove of fir. the assembly of organisms from the widow's c a. nobody knows what family genius or species they belong to. they have yet to be classified, which is true, lots of completely different types of animal malice commentary indoors me despite its remote location, far removed from almost all human life. the southern ocean is the vital and precious region of the planet
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achievement modern day explorers has been dispatched to the region by the university of barcelona. i got more people thought that because it's so cold with cheese resources in terms of food. they would be little phone or on the see did. that's not true. but organisms, the dat speaker systems to then talk to the oldest on the plan. the species had a long time to adapt to their a species that are in fact unique to the system here. the most. do you feel a bit like explorers? what? well, yeah, i do. explorers
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of antarctica today. and in times past in 1911 norwegian explore rolled ominous found of norway and britain's robert falcon scott race to be the 1st to reach the south pole. month in triumph to well scott team perished trying to return. though his expedition ended in tragedy. scott was celebrated as a hero. on his way back, scott had picked up a fall from a tree also found in south america. and india. defined supported the theory that the continents were once joined and had drifted apart. and so the race to the south pole contributed to a better understanding of our planet's evolutionary history. ah,
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the remnants of an old whaling station can still be found on deception island. long ago the location was referred to as bred bay because of the bloodstained water or stinking bay. due to the stench of rotting meat and processing oil. it was shut down in 1931. an international ban on commercial wailing came into force in 1986 japan was allocated a quota for scientific research purposes. it was long suspected of violating the terms of this quote by pursuing commercial wailing and antarctica.
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we support sustainable use. we'd like to see ways forever in the future. because the only way we do it as soon as possible, and it is free for any nation to have any, to have particular ways of dealing animals in the nation and culture. in 2014, the international court of justice in the have ruled against japan's wailing program called concludes that the special pam is granted by japan for the killing. taking and treating a whales in connection with john by 2 are not for purposes of scientific research. for this young to article 8, but i got one of the convention japan complied with the court decision, but only for one year after which it ships were back out wailing and the southern ocean again
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wailing is not the only problem we should be concerned about. the patagonia tooth fish is an antarctic treasure. it's subject to catch limits, but i'm in high demand. poaching is a lucrative business that basically ignore closer than from fishing company. because these mandate the long line in which allows the select efficient german drift indiscriminate. they killed the homes of other fish as well. the in 20142016 spanish police, interpol, and the news. the lind navy took joint action against to be done out of my daughters. a spanish company accused of illegal fishing. when it went out on me and span, yeah, but it was a milestone internationally because jane issued a public knowledge saying, we admit this is an expired fission company,
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and we know there are many others, but this story didn't have a happy ending to dial amador this appealed little conviction of the supreme court decided to do it said the ruling that the alleged punching had taken place. international and spanish courts had no jurisdiction to try the case. me use from here. the readers head south. it sales into the gala sh straight. one of the most spectacular locations on the entire continent. me
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this is the argentinian station primavera. but anyway, that's the prima very station is run by the army here that i was just unlike other station picked him up, has a system of res walkways. so we avoid trampling on fragile plan including mosse and algae, as to cause the least possible damage, you know, feeling why is it that international cooperation works here, but not at the when loan can on, on nothing which, which i believe i'm not a foreign policy expert so i can't allow that, but the antarctic treaty works very well because you asked me why i can't really say it just does have a double again, i say i wish the rest of the world this way,
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but probably there is more egoism in other places. sevea here for about another part of the main to really is there cooperation between argentina, sheila and the united kingdom to law. yeah. in fact, when i arrived with the freight station, there is no problem that we've been here in antarctica. it works perfectly unofficially i'd be happy to show you a bit more of the station i. 2 go my last bit off. the commander mentioned the phrase station which is to lay in, but nothing specific about the u. k. it may just have been coincidence. or maybe he was avoiding a sensitive topic. in 1982 argentina and britain went to war over the falkland islands. for many, it left wounds that never healed. for days we watched other worldly scenes unfold before our eyes.
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ah ah ah. during those weeks we discovered and arctic as infinite beauty and one of its biggest threats. as i know that we saw rank or faces numbers in 2008, 2009. with some 46000 tourist in the financial crisis, hit the tourism industry and numbers dropped over to below 25. recently they went back up again. thanks 1000 to one of the numbers keep rising as base even if you
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don't get to that, we don't know what will happen. i think numbers will increase, but these trips aren't cheap. and of course a cost between $5.10 euros per trend. you would say no, i would just not a lot of people can afford such luxury and look for that in for every researcher in antarctica, there are now 10 tourists. it's a business that rates in some $400000000.00 euros per year. a few years ago and n g o opened a new them here inside a british station, dating from the 1950s bought out up lateral rules of conduct visitors, but more needs to be done and it would help if tourists were required to make a monetary contribution. to regional conservation up, it's currently only 10 of the 521-0000 heroes day,
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but have for them to order raising their footprints off. but what i'm going to conservation management, and i like about the often in the tourist themselves to file a complaint against the tour operators who flowed regulations that really yeah. do you think tourism may have a negative impact in america? personally, you know, we were, we were able to have a lot of time to walk on track and there's been a lot of time walking around the islands. and so far we've found some trash, which is very surprising in a way because you know, in our mind, at least in my mind, i thought an article would be a very per seen, a remote location would be untouched. but then looking at, you know, a milk carton from china and i'm tiny that can read that and then looking at different water bottles and waste on beaches is shocking in away me. it's not just tourism. any human presence in an article can pose
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a threat that they were looking for aliens for sally, less when i aliens in a sense of species that didn't exist in the region before. they arrive, check out the local conditions. and if they meet their ecological requirements, they settle and propagates. in fact, we want to identify the invasive species of displaced local population. out of local is c, last, the temperature rises even slightly moment. the issues that we previously had been unable to propagate can invade occupied the happy dance of native patience to plump it open. okay. and how do these invasive species reach and article, why not in but they arrive through different natural channels? either on the when i see or tree trunks or on a floating object or on animal natural root. the main civil asian
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human inadvertently carried on vehicle wheels or actually stopped by the many species die in a harsh conditions which are that other more hearty ones become innovative. it gets on come up on the test. i got what i mean. that's why we were required by the spanish polar committee to carefully vacuum each one of the items we took with us to antarctica. can you solve the problem alone to know what to get? you know, what the great thing about it arctic as a cooperation between the many countries active here employ is a good example, is our success in eradicating and invasive species. 2 years ago, when i go to the not the on that it was a coordinated effort to spanish, british in argentine polar communities for me to pull out of. and that despite the fact that britain and argentina have a history of conflict and eligibility come in, they're going to be a radical database of not all the money. actually,
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the salary got young 1000000000 by or some other maybe ecologists of the earth. dr. jacqueline, we've diagnosed the business for both. now the owners on society to follow the doctor's order and medical me after a week on the gala straight. the sb this makes its way back to the spanish station . from there it will return home. but i couldn't leave antarctica without investigating the world, single, biggest threat to peace and the environment, environmental and therapy data. without a doubt, there are mineral resources in your hand. there's always all you got to move in and they're not just hydro copies in the form of natural gas petroleum, but also minerals like nickel, gold, and silver. i think the fully come recent occasion, or even finding a time that may have a diamond. if the medical covers as much coming creasing the easier and cheaper to
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reach and articles because there could be minerals here with a value so great might justify their exploitation as yet. and even in such a remote location and hostile environmental split was brought up, you know how to handle it when i'm going to still do this, then we missed the prestige oil still. and we conducted research to determine the impact along the entire coast of northern spain. and the findings with devastating oil isn't just hard to remove. it's impossible unless we take off the upper layer. but the rest of the data they got when we're going to finish the customer and we'll spill in and talk to, to on the scale of the prestige would be a total asset catastrophe. if, if the oil impact on the ship would be far more dramatic than any of the effects you can have in other regions. and it does not to do this. but why was it will be
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impossible to reach all of the affected areas that he had an effect when it's free oil. some of the ice will be much harder for marine oil in the last week. in 1989 signatories of the antarctic treaty were poised to open the door to limited oil and mineral prospecting that had new countries lining up to join the club. but then once again, a miracle happened on the day saw the signing of the madrid protocol from the agreement names to protect the environment of antarctica. the only remaining christine territory on our planet went up to stay in forests for the next 50 years . peter, gwen daniels at the our last so often the world's most powerful countries were divided. now minerals around erupted between the more environmentally conscious european nations in the united states. and they also viet union china and britain
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in the southern, maybe ambient over to them about the lawsuit or bales in the end all agreed to a 50 year moratorium on the exploitation of mineral resources. the ban can only be lifted with the unanimous agreement of all signatories, which is virtually impossible. i'd prefer the protocol was a compromise between the 2 sides. band, the exploitation of resources and cause severe pollution, irreparable damage to antarctica. but it found to impose a permanent ban on this process. the madrid protocol will be subject to review in 2048. what happens then that she's been consensus for anything is, is a very hard thing to do. so as long as you haven't convinced all of the countries that change from current policy is needed, then the current ban on mining continues as a legal matter that may be,
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but some are still tempted. in 2007, britain asserted new claims to a vast area of the sea bed off antarctica. it says for the reasons why countries go to great lamp shipping, are also people to open stations in antarctica or yes, they will not want to insure they'll be there when the continent is or even if no one will say so. we know the couple of the company as a researcher, do you feel you're being exploited for that end? no, but i know that but no, not at all, but a shallow lies. i have always believed the answer to join with your enemy, but i probably just prefer to take advantage of all that. i mean, but see the best course the most through our research we can obtain it will help protect taken out later. but i guess it because every time they've
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done a uni, let me call me back. if i missed them, i don't know investing news and so the spanish researchers and military personnel take leave of the southernmost continent. the news shortly before we reach the mainland, we received footage of the penguin colony on deception island. the chicks were born 20 days ago. the embryo in this egg is dead. its parents can't lay another until next year.
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it's hard for them to let it go. the human kind also tried desperately to protect a thing that loved and science has shown that the human heart is bigger than that of the language. or would you beg to differ? the no, that's the one thing we can agree on. ah, the
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a the i the show the issue is shaping the continents from c w. news, africa, the government. what's making the headlines and what's behind the industry to give you in the reports and insight all of the trends that to
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use in 30 minutes on g w. ah. the secret to discover new adventures in the 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage sites w world heritage 360 now women in asia in we can definitely work with them all the money and the voice. the only way i can be up top is to create my own the see they're standing stories,
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me women in asia this weekend on d w. ah, this is the news that live on berlin. it went through on global taxation. as wealthy countries agree on a minimum of corporate tax, levy targets take giants which pay taxes only and some of the bases do business worldwide. also coming out of venice, dance is battling that taliban are the most vulnerable people in the price we do every g. com to meet some of those lead fighting. she survives our space that comes and spends the rest of their life competing
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against racism and answer somebody. now as far as around the outside of the ground, the age of the me i, i'm mike a junior and you are welcome to the program. a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. that's what rich nations have agreed on. that deal aims to prevent countries from sets and low taxes to attract investments, especially from high tech companies. the new umbrella tax could be in force within 2 years. a historic setting for a historic deal. finance ministers from the g 20 member countries came together in venice, including china, the u. s. and germany. the group represent the world's largest economies and now
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has a common goal to set a minimum tax rate for companies of at least 15 percent. the minimum is really great advantage for democracy and for station and it will give us a chance to, to, and erase to the want to know just after we are fighting against corporate 19. and we are taking a lot of fight against health crisis to fight against the economy. crisis is absolutely necessary that we take this, and i'm really, really happy that we are, that every major economy already wants the multinational corporations to pay a fair share of tax tick, amazon, for example, business boom. during the pandemic last year, in germany alone, it saw 33 percent rise and sailed. but the online giant has not paid any corporate tax. that's because it pays taxes for all of
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a european business in the low tech country luxembourg. i'm a sort of amazon shit much of the profit it makes in germany to knock somebody where it pays less than 15 percent in tax from luxemburg, the profits then go to the usa. if a minimum tax rate comes in now, amazon would have to pay 15 percent in germany, 15 percent in luxembourg, and at least 15 percent in the u. s. but german corporations like car manufacturers, will also have to pay taxes wherever they do business going forward. the european union wants a similar tax treaty across the holy you, but so far, ireland hungry and stony resisting it's i'm not joined by the abuse band that he got who is in venice at a g 20 meeting at band. why this agreement now? but the d 20 countries need money after the covered crisis said they want to
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generate up to 150000000000 years more revenue per year. you have to see if the estimates are correct. but anyway, that's the window of opportunity to do it. now because agenda jelena, the new us finance minister is also pushing for this now. and she's sitting on bedding on international cooperation. now this isn't your, the trumpet and ministration didn't do that. and, and also there's an appetite to design and you tech system for the digital age to get our money from google and other internet child. so what will this mean for developing countries that might one to attract more investments with low taxes? when tax havens in developing countries have come, have to come up with a different business model. now they will not go out of business, but there must be other means to attract businesses. and they will also be some car
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outs for poor countries in this new system. but in general, almost every tax haven subscribe to this plan under the we see the rule is only a few like nigeria by beta island not on board yet. so it's been a bit more to ask, how will this agreement be implemented? well, this is not a new law which can be just implemented in the countries it's, it's an international agreement that has to be transcribed into the national law and the country now are pledging that they will do that. there are some difficulties, especially in the united states, where the congress, with its republican opposition has to agree to this deal. but yet it's jenny jones in the us sentence, find this minister said she's very optimistic that this can be done. and the beauty of the system is you don't need anybody on about, they can just start, they don't have to wait for island or hungary other how it out. so this system is
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designed to, you know, to start in 2023. use bad and he got in venice. thank you. that he pads. how far in troops from? i've got to them as lead to vs fighting the taliban terror group has seized much of the country driving out government forces. many citizens are also on the run from the conflict, but also from the taliban insistence on islamic law. z, a girl has lost everything and her husband was killed by the telephone just a few days ago. and then she was forced to flee from her home in north afghan instead, at least here in refugee camp and low about she's safe. for now. i was told it was a very mission situation here has gotten much worse since the foreign troops left me. the number of women can't go in the streets alone around the murder,
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the extremists are making the rules that and there's fighting everywhere. i heard all the fear that the taliban is gaining ground daily. at present, they control around half of the country and clean to have captured up to 85 percent . and to fighting has only intensified in recent weeks. but parts of afghan stands armed forces capitulated without a fight lean to neighboring to jacob, and the african government then had to secure their safe passage back to scan the stamp. and those that went on are coming back in are once again going to be in the service of their people in defense of about their day being brought back. people are standing, it's water, there is pressure. sometimes things work in our way and sometimes they don't cold comfort for the golden or family. they hope peace will come soon. but for now, there's little sign that the conflict will end that style catch up on some other
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stories making headlines around the world. 8 to 6 people, and i confirmed that i thought an apartment building in florida last. rescuers are still searching for the bodies of death. and both victims are. it is investigating why the complex fell. more than 2 weeks ago. aaron's upheld the vigil for about $120.00 students kidnapped school. and jerry gunmen read at a school in a state killing to commute to god's in the process. if the lead test in the series of school fashion, nigeria, i, security forces in the venezuelan capital cut off because i have read a neighborhoods insured by gangs. several people have been killed in 2 days of fighting. one will be used in nation and he's baffling from a deep into nomic crisis that has pushed up crime
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branches in june. tina have been processed and again government plans to restrict meet export. the game is to cat increases domestic i vote as i go into the pools in bulgaria for the 2nd time. in 3 months. elections in the spring where inconclusive. no party want enough support to form a government. this time, 2 parties are running neck and neck in the poles, one populist and the other pro europe, and last ditch effort to reach her voters. it is a better candidate for democratic bulgaria in the lines of pro europeans in liberal, standing a good chance of becoming a sizable block in the elections. look to see what we're trying to do is the corruption because corruption, the country is an enormous, enormous problem. people are waiting for wanting a new government and we'll do everything we can. so what do guarantee want in the
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2nd attempt to devote team one is what everybody, one of the less correctly politicians you. i hope that people will grow up and get some real change. the 1st thing to do is cut the hand to cool group ship. a lot of this anger is directed against the chief prosecutor of the country who many hold to be linchpin and the corrupt networks of politicians. all the guards and did you deserve and finally won, the chief prosecutor will investigate the real crime or not try to protect the mass of the market. the this small protest parties program is in its name, rise up matthew out. it sparked of last year's master ministrations and the will for change. we have to change. the justice system holds just a system called the police department. because to go go to get it. we have no justice. we have no democracy. whether that change will really come depends on the
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biggest opposition party. the populist theory is such a people of talk show host and sing us laboratory for enough. the polls show them on track to in 1st place, but their program seems somewhat vague and undefined. boeing say we fight to change everything we've seen in the past. the administration works the whole way of thinking for me and me sitting on the outskirts of sophia final pre election meeting of the group party with boss boy cool, very self ruled folk area for over a decade. he's fighting a losing battle to keep his hold on power. still, the supporters seem defy, and even europe still has a mistake. they can fix them because everyone makes mistakes. but it's likely that the old face of bulgarian politics will be gone and not fear come back after this election day. one of the last survivors of the
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nazi ow spits that come has died at the age of $96.00. as the best around the devoted her lives to the fight against anti semitism and racism, she passed away peacefully in her sleep. german, the president frank about the stand. my affairs had death is a great loss. this music saved ester bass. around o's life. she was taken in by the girl's orchestra now schmidt and survived the death camp. at the time she could only play piano. she had to improvise to play the accordion. the one find this one. it was really a miracle. i still don't know how i managed to do that. stuffed up. esther bessie ronna was born in southern germany in 1924. she was sent out. she went to the age of 18. as part of the girls orchestra, she had to play the gates of our shreds. when forced labors were sent out to work. when you deputies arise by train,
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these our worst memories of our shirts. do you how much soup? they waved at us. they thought that if music is playing, it can't be that. that was the tactic of the nazis tucked it did not fix. estimated her life's work to tell school children about the horrors of outfits she call this her avenge. it's the shoot. the students asked me, what should we do? i told them not to be silent, given 5 missions esther besser anna was gone. 2 now it is up to others to make sure her stories are still told. in tennis news, australia, ash body has one have fast wimbledon tides, all up the beating carleen up the cobra and the woman single spinal the well, number one followed up here when at the french open in 2019 with a 3 set victory at wimbledon trial, seals the remarkable come back from batty, who wasn't sure she would be safe enough to compete in this yes,
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grass grand slam. now where your truck star customs by holland has continued his build up to tokyo olympics with his 2nd consecutive diamond league when and when i call the world record holder, easy, wonderful. 100 meters head and looks good back to be his own time of the games. and the woman 800 meters, birth and lot, i mean, finished. my now the regretting head is the ship to run only the $1500.00 b. as in japan, us wildlife bring just have carried out on aerial fish restocking program. thousands of fish were dropped into leaks in accessible areas of the state of utah . official. see the fish fall slowly from planes into the water and suffered no ill effects. the state has been running successful, they still can abrasions, for decades. aircraft can drop $35000.00 fish on each flight. you're watching
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d. w news. yes. remind of our top story based countries. i've agreed on a minimum global corporate tax rate of 15 percent. levy tax tag signs which paid tax will mean some of the bases. do business 12 lived next after the break for the life looks like rocky roads, which will give lympics. i have made my country now. thanks for your company to stay with me please. i listen carefully, don't know how to go. i feel the magic discovers the world around you
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subscribe to the w documentary on youtube. the, the the the the the the olympics for athletes in countless disciplines. the dream. i was
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10 when i 1st watched the olympics on tv and it was amazing. and i've been fascinated, ever since. the pictorial relates to tokyo is already underway with the games set to open on july 23rd despite right and copays. even though i look at the lympics and the movement and what makes it really special for me on the 3 german athletes, a fence, javelin throw, and a high jump at their rocky road to tokyo. and i definitely want to be there as well, that it is a bit scary maybe that can impact out is that there is a risk and concern in almost limbering up at a training camp in turkey for him. it's been an extraordinary year. after the postponement of the olympics, he took a break to concentrate fully on physical preparation,
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as opposed to competition over the winter. that meant training indoors. but now he's finally back outside to shoot and then suddenly picking up the javelin again, feels just amazing. like a child having that bicycle taken away and then being allowed to get on it again. let me know if there's something you never forget to do. and it's exciting to evening. you pick up the javelin, and it's immediately gratifying to have that feeling back into a disaster. the technique is crucial. it's a really special feeling. if you haven't done it in 6 months, you're so hungry that you can't wait to launch a long and powerful fro again the vice, severe from the power to the powerful in this case means 90 meters plus something he's managed time. and again, recent years, his goal now is to repeat that feet this year. oh,
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i think sunday has a ready competed in a major meet this year. she entered the qualification tournaments and kaz on russia, determined to secure her ticket to the lympics as were $200.00 in full rival fellow fences, dolo attacks and fainted, but failed to make the grade her dreams of making her 1st olympics, could now be dest. ah, the speed of the make. so my big goal now, especially the huge coating festival, with so many disciplines and the same place with the highest level of life. and it's the biggest event out there for most importance is for and i want to be part of it. but sometimes there's one final chance for alexander and dolo via tournament in madrid, in april. that's what she's focusing on now. but only the window will qualify for
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tokyo will full years of high intensity training for the big goal prove to have been in vain. ringback the me, it's been a complicated past 12 months for high jump last young slice. the pandemic turned her plans upside down. the olympics postponed, training under difficult conditions, and no tournaments, the resulting lack of security about the future. also compromise her motivation. and cobit 19 is still impacting on her daily life. her boyfriend's, nikolai has been a pillar of support, helping him make it through the challenging times to get him to do something with friends again or visit relatives without a guilty conscience fund. i also went to work with my coach again without any
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issues on the only thing one and a half or 2 meters since just isn't normal. this is so initial my. she has the experience and almost fatherly support of the coach and gary and going to my case is in charge of the german national high jump, a team having worked with young flesh for over a decade. now you also provide some much needed confidence as, as my mind, especially then you recognize my weaknesses and helped me to improve, i think on harmony between us. that's streamline port beneficial for our work together and for our goals. i'm in the, for the 2 of them have already been to the canary islands for the training this year. young flush has been using the tide without competition to hone her, run out, affecting those all important full t steps is crucial for her take off. and the height she can clear on
6:22 pm
the run up is very fact you have to spend age is fine. and even then years later, it's not ideal. ideally, she just wants to be proving hotel. it's on the big stage. and it could happen in may. if the pandemic get in the way again, it's tough for her to assess her current level of performance. this is jeff has no idea when you're jumping against competitors at a similar level. then you automatically jump a bit higher because of the pressure on top of the 2016 games in rio de janeiro. she finished 7th after clearing one meter 93 while and young flies this case, it's all about focusing on her body. thomas also has a silent partner to consider me more popular sign and it's pretty accurate it's and i don't have any extremely emotional bonds
6:23 pm
to my javelin. that's because they get broken too frequently for me to connect with them. like you do with gibbs. and there's a whole range of them. and they, they're not just in terms of color. there are different materials to, it's called the fiber metal, minium steel, alan minion with carbon fiber on the surface are all the same rules. why 2? because at the same level, same weight, same thickness, that's really important. the only difference is in this particular javelin, according to the wind machine. feeling the personal technique. and the vibration is also important that javelin is that silent after all. there's a particular noise when you throw them. this is going to give it a go up 1st. and that involves absorbing one ton and weight. javelin flowing might look straightforward, but it puts the body under enormous strain. and that to means specific training.
6:24 pm
uses a subtle and perhaps unexpected method is he's been practicing his stones and stability, honest, black line he, i suspect that it was pretty stick, but it's basically about having an even the surface to train even the smallest muscles and what's going on. so the key words here, injury prevention for us, it's not about growing as far as possible, regardless bias. what about insuring a healthy career in sports and something we also tried to change it up and coming talent with practice won't enable me to immediately for further. but it will help to maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time. and i'm invited for the never heard you billing of upside the who are licensed by just to me and he'll need that high level come august 7th. when his biggest event of the year
6:25 pm
takes place at the tokyo and then picks the bus fall from feeling nervous, he's looking forward to tackling the new outdoor season with less stress and more confidence. i mean, i mainly just entering the phase where things are getting gradually more intense. let's see if the weather is getting warmer in germany. we're doing more targeted training and gradually doing more generally in the frozen nathan. and then now be the focus on competing, more specifically on the olympics building and madrid at the end of april for alexander on dolo the tournament in the spanish capital is her last chance to get to tokyo. there's no room for error. only the window will stamp their ticket to the olympics. the rest will have to watch from home. alexander and
6:26 pm
dolo has high hopes and she gets off to a very promising stuff, comfortably beating an opponent from lithuania, then from hungary. but the city final presenter with arrival of a different caliber cap, serina pasha, neva from bella ruse to have never faced each other before. and although maintains her focus throughout the bouts and ends up as the 15 points tonight when she's now in the final standing in the way of her pastor toto is all in a creepy guy from ukraine a to find bronze metal. when the world championships sees the favorites and promptly takes the lead. alexander on zillow,
6:27 pm
trying to recover repeatedly lending hits on a tone and body, but not often enough emergent, victorious, and is headed for tokyo. so alex, $100000.00. the olympic dream is over. i hi jump in loans, young flies. it will now also be do old die time. the olympic countdown has begun with less than a 100 days to go. the focus is also on finding the bright hopefully, i'll jump at a level, i'm happy with it and we'll be able to go to the games console from spin com. hopefully i'll jump over 19. i hope it will maybe even meet him. told us is also feeling the exertion of these very special conditions,
6:28 pm
a prerequisite for all and then pick hopefully a corona virus job. and once in tokyo, there'll be no limping village and a limited number of fans in the stadium. and as you go again is lynn champion. i'll be really determined because there's always a gambled up. i don't want to be too early. there's no help the season. i want to hit my peek in late july early august. that is crucial. performance present dot com solve and one thing is for sure. good. i won't have any more time in the coming weeks for his hobby fishing. and after recharging his batteries, he'll be out to defend his crown in tokyo. ah . busy the
6:29 pm
best i told the issue is shaping the continents of news. africa were gone. med, what's making headlines? what's behind the industry to give you enough reports and insights, all the trends. my time to use the next dw 77 present. some are calling chinese new colonialism. you are in st debate. why is it still a thing in africa and who am i to lean towards white people stealing from africa? probably new legs on somebody hobby. the percent 60 minutes dw,
6:30 pm
in the change africa. what's the people who with one of the deals for their future w dot com, african megacity multimedia insight clicks and enter the vis as d. w. use africa coming up in the program? fighting for democracy in africa. last absolute monarchy. but at what cost is thousands already bad. on the cross down demo testing process is what we don't want to keep the government in these want to part of the government. us citizen like the rest of us, involved with everyone. then we visited was natalie in south africa.


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