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tv   Geschaft mit dem Babygluck  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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rise and sale, but the online giant has not paid any corporate tax. that's because it pays taxes for all of a european business. in the low tech country luxemburg. i'm an amazon ship, much of the profit it makes in germany to knock somebody where it pays less than 15 percent in tax from luxembourg. the profits then go to the usa, if a minimum tax rate comes in now, amazon would have to pay 15 percent in germany, 15 percent in luxembourg, and at least 15 percent in the u. s. but german corporations, like car manufacturers, will also have to pay taxes wherever they do business going forward. the european union wants a similar tax treaty across the holy you. but so far, ireland, hungry and stony are resisting it's i'm not joined by abuse by the guy who is in venice at a g 20 meeting at band. why this agreement now?
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but the d 20 countries need money after the cobra prize is said they want to generate up to 150000000000 years more revenue per year. they have to see if the estimates are correct. but anyway, that's the window of opportunity to do it. now because agenda jelena, the new us finance minister is also pushing for this now. and she's setting on betting on international cooperation. now this is new, the trumpet and ministration didn't do that. and also there's an appetite to design and you tech system for the digital age to get our money from google and other internet giles. so what will this mean for developing countries that might one to attract more investments with low taxes? when tax havens in developing countries have come, have to come up with a different business model. now they will not go out of business,
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but there must be other means to attract businesses. and they will also be some car outs for poor countries in this new system. but in general, almost every tax haven subscribe to this plan under the we see the rule is only a few like nigeria by betas island not on board yet. so explain a bit more to ask, how will this agreement be implemented? well, this is not a new law which can be just implemented in the countries it's, it's an international agreement that has to be transcribed into national law and the countries now are pledging that they will do that. there are some difficulties, especially in the united states, where the congress, with its republican opposition has to agree to this deal. but janet, janet jones in the us senate finance minister said she is very optimistic that this can be done. and the beauty of the system is you don't need anybody about,
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they can just start, they don't have to wait for island or hungary other how it out. so this system is designed to, you know, to start in 2023. use bad, he got in venice. thank you. the us to meet the counselor has both had to extend a vital aid through taki into rebel held northern syria. supplies will continue to cross the border by law. russia claims the aid oppression violates syria and sovereignty. but the last minutes compromised with us have kept the corridor open. 8 organizations say that deliveries i important for displaced the variance, the bible, however border crossing a lifeline for 3400000 people can stay open at least for now. for another 12 months, trucks can continue to deliver food. medicines and corona virus. vaccines from turkey into northwestern,
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syria is the region as war. almost bailey islamist insurgence and government forces fight russian jets, dropped bombs and people have to flee more than one and a half 1000000 people living crowded camps here. many have been displaced multiple times. they lack jobs and don't have prospects for the future. they're dependent on you and aid for survival. now, all that, and i say you have everything we have to endure in this camp is sometimes a harder than living under a tree. if these deliveries didn't come, every month, we would die and the un security council reached the compromise after tough negotiations. russia was opposed, but eventually agreed to the extension. the price for doing so is still unclear. united nations coordinator mark cuts was hoping for more. and we need to make sure that we can just about food security. it's also about the health situation. it's
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about clean water, it's about shelter. what we really want to be doing in that area is we want to scale up this 8 operation a sigh of relief in the camps of it live. a food emergency has been averted. but alas, the solution to the conflict, or even peace and northwestern syria are still out of reach. just look at other stories making headlines around the world. parents of how the video for more than $120.00 students getting up from the school and idea gunmen read at a school and do not choose to do to god's mckayla. it's the latest in a series of school abductions in my area, a confederate monument, that's a white nationalist, probably in the us of charlottesville is being taken down, removing the figure of general rabbit, the lease that you else to end. yes or community. i wish we asked, as opposed to leave the confederacy of long spare control
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id has asked us on the united nations to send in hundreds of trims below, in the fascination of its precedents, juvenile malise beliefs have captured 17 suspects and killed 38 others on the run, we've is killing, has left a power vacuum, and many patients are wondering whether it's safe to stay in the home country. seems outside the u. s. embassy important prince. dozens of people have come here. desperate to find a way out of the country, the president. so sasa nation has leapt patients shocked and fearing for their safety sums they know other solution to flee. min and i haven't been able to close my eyes. i can't sleep at night. i came here because i'm scared. there are so many gunshots. you don't even know where they're coming from. i've abandoned my home. i can't go back. i don't know about my family. the
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investigation into president yup. and l movies is murder is underway. patient police have detained a group of former soldiers from columbia and to do haitian american citizens. columbia police said then national, indicated in the med, were recruited by 4 companies and travelled to haiti by the dominican republic. the interim government has off the us to send troops to help safe got its key infrastructure for the time being the u. s. has no plans to do so. both washington and budget had pledged to sent officials to support the investigation. i have a couple of items for all of you who will be sending senior s t i n d h s. officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist. the assassination has also exposed political false lines as different factions via to lead the country to men as taking claims to become prime minister.
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while the senate has nominated a 3rd to take charge at provisional president, the poorest nation in latin america has struggled to achieve political stability for decades. i mean, a series of crews and driving gang violence, the assassination of president my ways is plunging it into even deeper chaos. civilian hearing they'll bear the cost that he puts so far into some i've got to stand has led to c. s by thing. and taliban, tara group has seized much of the country. driving out government forces many $50000.00 on the run, both from the conflict and from the taliban in suspense on islamic law. the vehicle has lost everything. so we got her husband was killed by the telephone just a few days ago, and then she was forced to flee from her home in north afghan instead, at least here in refugee camp and low about she sinks for now the level
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of coverage emission situation here has gotten much worse since the foreign troops left me the number for him. it took women can't go in the streets alone, around the extreme are making the rules that and there's fighting everywhere. i tell her all the fear that the taliban is gaining ground daily. at present, they control around half of the country and claim to have captured up to 85 percent . and the fighting has only intensified in recent weeks. parts of afghan stands armed forces capitulated without a fight lean to neighboring to g, because then the african government then had to secure their safe passage back to afghanistan. and those that went on are coming back in are once again going to be in the service of their people in defense of about their day being brought back. people are standing, it's water, there is pressure. sometimes things work in our way, and sometimes they don't cold comfort for the girl and her family. they hope peace
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will come soon. but for now, there's little sign that the conflict will end one of the last survive s. as in nancy osby, step come half died at the age of $96.00. as the best around the people with her life to the fight against anti semitism and racism. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. jeremiah president frank about a sine my office had death is a great loss. the music saved ester bass around o's life. she was taken in by the girl's orchestra and now schmidt and survived the desk. um at the time she could only play piano. she had to improvise to play the accordion. the funds on this one, it was really a miracle. i still don't know how i managed to do that. stuff. has there been around i was born in southern germany in 1924. she was sent out. she went to the
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age of 18, as part of the girls orchestra, and she had to play the gates of our shreds. when forced labors were sent out to work. when you devotee's arise by train, these are worst memories of our shreds. do you how much suca they will have us? they thought that if music is playing, it can't be that. that was the tactic of the tactic. nazis estimated her life's work to tell school children about the horrors of outfits she call this her avenge. gets them the students asked me, what should we do? i tell them not to be silent niche like esther besser anna was gone. 2 now it is up to others to make sure her stories are still told to tennis. now, an extraneous ash bazzi has one half bath wimbledon title of the beaten cowley annapolis cobra in the woman single spinal. the weldon mulanda followed up here
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when the french open in 2019 with 3 sets victory. it follows a remarkable come back from batty, who wasn't even sure she would be fit enough to compete in this. yes, grass grand slam. i all out today's vac stopped e d w documentary antarctica message from another planet. that's after the break. i maybe mike a junior. thank you very much for watching the news . the goal was right in front of them. it's then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with 2020 throne. of course, during the qualifying ground, these for sports heroes countdown during lockdown starts july 19th
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on d. w. ah, the antarctic continent, mystery natural wonders covered with ice 4 kilometers. deep temperatures can draw 2 minus 93 degrees celsius and 75 percent of our planets. fresh water is locked up in its ice sheet and yet it's classified as the largest desert on earth. this could be the only place in the world where diverse countries
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have rallied together in the name of peace and science to protect the environment, the part about the ice and the temperatures. sure, but the part about peace in the environment. it's hard to believe the not just because i'm concerned about nature, but also because i lived in syria in 2009. so i don't have much faith left in peace or in the international community. but i'd love to be proven wrong. we've come to pointer irene, us where the polar research vessel espied. edith is picking up a group of spanish scientists to take them to antarctica, already nervous, you'll get used to it or that it's no big deal.
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but i think it's just that it's amazing. but even got a window of bunk. it's done at the feet last night was wrong. we went to bed early, but i had a hard time falling asleep. but i must have slept just for hours because i was so nervous about the trip in the market. i embarked on this journey to explore the midst of antarctica. ah, after one day at sea, we reached the end of the world news at the southern, most of argentina, canada wiggle is still
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a 1000 kilometers from the continent of antarctica. this is the drake passage. eddies and wind sure, and freezing here, whipping up violent seas in one of the earth, roughest waterways. but i was invited for the summons that were stormed to date it this year. it was our 2nd trip back from arctic. you said the total for about 18 hours from south america when a severe weather system hit us from the starboard side. we said 7 meter highway winds of up to 50, not even what the think when ballast every time the crew sales into the drake passage, they have their mobile phones, camera re all i spent when it comes amongst the i could be told that these are the outlines of cape horn, a notorious maritime graveyard that harbors the sunken wrecks of hundreds of ships
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. even today, the drake passage commands respect. everyone batten's down the hatches. it wasn't so dramatic on our trip though. sort of them listen. i'm going to luckily technology has improved a lot to day before setting sale, we can check the weather forecast to find the best window for crossing the passage of the office to the adventure may not be as wild as it once was the but it's still beautiful me i oh and article has been subject to territorial disputes. for centuries. the passage was 1st failed
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by spaniards. francisco the orsis in 1525. 50 years later, it was discovered by the english explore sir francis drake and bears his name to this day. or in the early 20th century, 7 countries laid territorial claims to parts of antarctica. the overlapping claims of the united kingdom, argentina, and julie cause tensions that erupt it into armed conflict between britain and argentina in 1952 as the cold war set. and the last thing the world needed was a new geo political flash point. it was bad realization that gave rise to the ant arctic treaty. many people, including scientists, were looking for ways to cooperate. and there was the international physical year in 1957, 58. and that worked out so well that there was this idea that there could be cooperation in antarctica. the
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they found that there was a way, and it's showing that article 4 of the trinity to set aside the claims. and to say that there would be a demilitarization, but it's also, as you may know, one of the 1st arms control treaties. so it was focused on keeping the piece in that respect as well. but none of that was the result of goodwill alone. the extreme climate made it difficult to exploit the region economically, and the u. s. and soviet union stake their territorial claims quite late in the game. the 4 days after leaving printer us the city,
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this reaches antarctica. everyone is excited. we got up at 5 in the morning to catch our 1st glimpse of the coastline. what we hadn't expected was the fog now we are doing a half mile away and you can't see anything. oh, a few hours later the fog lifts and at last we can see antarctica. the 1st stop is king, george island, banish team is delivering supplies to the oregon lion station, artega, antarctic cooperation is running smoothly. so this, i want to see that the antarctic treaty is very effective under its turns this
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location is devoted solely to science. so late a key role in getting all countries to set aside, there are other interesting, at least publicly. and it's been that way for a very long time and for my guy yes, i've been, fortunately, the same is not true in other parts of the world, but i still usually economic interests take precedence, oversight, cooperation, and other than can you come up with this model be exported beyond antarctica. when does this mean that when that's a good question? it's something many on the planet would not want to spend the money because king george island offers the easiest access to antarctica. it has the greatest concentration of stations on the entire continent. there are facilities here belonging to uruguay, russia, chile, argentina, brazil, china, poland, peru, ecuador, the czech republic, south korea, and bulgaria. the antarctic treaty regulates how many new stations can open so that
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it doesn't get too crowded. earlier. it's always better to kind of exist peacefully with your neighbors and get along. the 1st thing we did was to establish good relations with all our neighbors. cooperation is vital in antarctica when the tension between the united states and russia. that's it affect the competition in antarctica. i wouldn't say there's no effect, but by and large, the cooperation has continued. and that doesn't mean that those tensions aren't in some respects in the background somewhere, but at least in terms of the antarctic programs in the arctic programs and the work of the scientist together by and large that, that continues. in 2004 russia imported would from siberian pines, its national tree to construct a small orthodox church here in antarctica,
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critic say it's a sly way to stake a territorial claim. the delay and station has its own church to. it also has a school for the children of soldiers station on the base the around it's the closest thing you'll find to a settlement and antarctica. in the 1970 argentina's military dictatorships and pregnant women to give birth and antarctica to underscore its territorial claim to land dictator. august open, oshea copied the tactic, but it was widely viewed as provocative. and after the birth of 8 argentinians and 3 children in both countries, ended the policy today. more subtle strategies are used to cement territorial claim as seen on chalet and television and will be because we partially counted these
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guys whereas gillian and talked to julian and talked to cause it will be mostly sunny. what actually and think about their countries claims to antarctica up and then it could be on there isn't much public debate on the topic. don't record when i was little people did talk about it a bit. but later on, the political discourse subsided when people primarily associated with environmental protection, logical, where that's the trend i've observed, especially among young people who don't really have in this and they sell in the horn for me. 5 millions. my hardly the issue for us is simple. we santana to us place where many nations come back, get us on the think. they don't know. there's no reason why we should be more entitled to any one else so they can escape. what do you think we can save antarctica if we fail to do the same and other places you get to?
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i think it's exactly because we've made mistakes and other places that we have a shorter saving antarctica. the the spain has 2 stations in antarctica. its national research center operates the one carlos the 1st station on livingston island. it was built in the late 1980, and remodeled in 2008 into a modern facility. that looks a bit like a space station. the dictation is summer,
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it doesn't need to with the harsh conditions you'd expect to encounter and talk to her you know, they didn't respond to any wind, but 2 days ago we had 800 kilometers an hour, which tries the wind chill factor down to minus 20 degrees celsius had only lopez and his team study the continent geology, which they say is of essential importance to the rest of the planet. and article affects the whole world climate doesn't it as public either free or no? it's the planets cold factories will be on a lot of it's really cold in the arctic to but not to the same again. and a lot of there's a lot more ice and there are bigger than in the architect. but the water reaches as far as the syrians and insulin,
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and continue to circulate around the northern hemisphere. these waters sometimes blow all the way up to the arctic getting where they cool back down again. motor driving the circulation is it arctic? one of the most important projects at the one carlos the 1st station is its study of the heard and johnson glaciers. and this would be really nice with the state, the mass balance advantage, because she found the gains of us have been granted losses. if it's similar to opposite, if you know, is it getting colder and an arctic sea suspense for the another? yes, it is getting cold, but our measurements are limited to the last 15 years following us. so we are trying to get studies need to examine the period of at least 30 if we close. so we can see that there was a gradual temperature in 15 years and a temperature drop in the subsequent 15 years. but globally,
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the trend towards women and i'm in the one me with the.


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