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highlighted corruption and messages him behind the beautiful veneer financial support for the development of the screen play has already been approved in germany . constantine both plans to shoot in a route into if we want to help in any way, it's by telling stories from here. and it's also by making a film here and employing our friends in the, in the film industry and like, you know, bringing, there's so much talent here. so the best thing we can do is make something here and shoot, ah ah, ah, there's young and they are carrying that bad economy made in bangladesh
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town. the story of shima seems to be working in a factory. an accident occurs, the colleague dies and shima realizes how defensive the work is done, i should say. but i'm going to talk about something i think it will be the only the women can help themselves. you know, why don't be suitable for my social privilege. double the said, going to act must be this full provoking statement by the activist. same thing and fuels shaman's anger. she decides to form a union. it's based on
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a true story that has been stress. dalia, director ruby at hussain met her while researching the textile industry. when i met her, she immediately expressed interest. and i also feel that her life story was also very dramatic. that leaving home when you're 12 and coming to the city already said something about this young woman that she wanted to see it. you know, she will fight and that's what i think really attractive me to her. that i was like, wow, you know, she has that spirit. there's something special about her when i was writing or talk to her a lot. and of course, the script we shared with her, she was in the rehearsal would, are actors, she thought, are active, to operate the sewing machine. so we became, office became friends, you know, the actors and dana. and so we are wanting to tell the story to get back up with
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the film dahlia convinced one because to form a union, if we don't want to do it again, we don't know if it is. i know voice is affecting what them is on the level of local so i will not let them. i'm working with unit with them. i think when things got disciplined, people started doing their job search the boss finding out that when her turn it to her enemies, because then they're like, no, i don't wanna lose my job because i can keep my family to feed my children. it's really important that i have shopped up. i think these women, these young women are very much aware of their right. but maybe
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a lot of them do not have it in them to fight to the end. you know, takes a real leader to do that. oh, my answer, spend 2 years researching before filming and bangladesh. she likes working with women, both in front of the camera and behind it. the director also spends time in the us, but her work focuses on her home country. she wants with n g as leads workshops for women in trains female directors. she's also creating an initiative to prevent domestic violence group. i anticipate film premier that the toronto film festival and was shown in la cano, one of the things i'm going to thanks to a young woman's courage. the 1st garment workers union was founded and registered against the odds. i think it's happening. it's about women's rights are
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moving, workers have not seen one. i think all of these things have happened because of the activism of workers back to director. actually coca his comedy akasha has fun with cliches. so the i'll a v wanted to make sure is to show the idea of war and how little quick way she was given it soon. and i don't know because i'm good. let me know. give me that number 25. now let me know if he has a so i was going to get the allowed to the look on august, and i wanted to make sure that we don't just keep having this heroic idea of warren . where is this amazing thing and to become a man and to become a hero and to go to war? so if i wanted to destroy that, but at the same time, i wanted to make sure that the causes real so so that balance of
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be bar fighting for real rights and all that at the same time fighting is a really dumb, crazy thing that hopefully wars will stop, so i wanted all that to be played with shoots during the rainy season when the fighting stops. most of the new mountain villages take in the film in the l in a and i think the lower mileage unless you read one, but i look on there's a happy ending at 9 remorsefully returns to lena, but he has to learn at women a much stronger than he thought i'm said, most of what a lebanese
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cinematographer, christopher own enjoying working with women on films like the satirical drama, the man who salt his skin. it was a big success for him. thanks to an intensive collaboration with the writer director council ban honey from tunisia. in 2021. the film will net christopher, another nomination for the german cinematography prize. and i just have the feeling that they want to get to the next day. they have a question that haunts them more than men and they want to get to that answer. and there's something that's that doesn't mean the way they are approached instance. and they just feel like being to them and fighting for that right now. he's on the island to flight of antonio. his latest film copilot will premier at the berlin international film festival. he and director and sorta better shape
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preparing. it's very atmospheric, but it could be anything. the film portrays a love story between 2 students. ashley and i eat. once i eat suddenly disappears, his family comes off to sleep, but the 2 have sworn to keep their secrets. he's telling me when the best thing is for the site, i will, i just like him. you know, i know in my, through the, my wife and the 10 mom in the piece, he is kind of dancing with the axis. it's kind of they need to rock together very close to my mother's no, but kennedy's been i, i don't capture the sense of like in a small stage play,
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i mean to assist for by, beneath my phone number i've gets, gets known owns his blo, be here, with my deals they prepare for the films, world premier christ about noon and on a soda about a shame, a choosing press photos. ready meanwhile, in berlin, how shoes cooker is recovering from a stressful time in sudan. a lot has changed that the civil war has eased, but it's a fragile piece. destruction ethnic tensions, and high levels of corruption. a slowing development happens. for years, the filmmakers supported the revolution, taking to the streets, among thousands of others. since 2018, there's been, the parents break in the fighting. but there's still no calm in sudan. the country remains torn apart. it's exhausting and not just by how shoes coca his hopes have
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a new beginning have been dashed. at the end of last year, he was arrested because of a theater workshop in which women took part displeased the religiously minded police. it took an outcry from international filmmakers to get how she was cook, i released from prison, where on the steps of getting into vo piece. but we're struggling with new new things. we're struggling with the technocrats government that can really deal with running the government alongside this military and the national security and the remainder of the all 3 diem with the old mentality with all my chip. so now where we're set where like we could do it is the time into that history where we could do it. if we fail, if us failing, but it still needs a lot of energy to go forward as use cooker isn't giving up. he's planning
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a film about the odyssey of african people trying to reach europe a form of african road trip. the despite the challenges these filmmakers will all continue to make films in their own unique way . the the news the news
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the the the the the daily life in europe like beyond the framework of debate the how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect her daily lives. film producer, alice brown and publish eve cool man. examined what it's like being jewish
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ah ah, was was right in front of them here all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with 202421. from of course during the qualifying ground. these for sports heroes, actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during lock down. the go to tokyo, georgia july 19 dw. oh,
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against the corona virus pandemic has the right of infection in developing what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context, ah, i recently dated the central monday to friday on dw, i think in everything challenging, i make so much different culture between here and there. so challenging for everything. ah, i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and i got my license to work as this one, instructor. and now i teach children, and i don't wanna invest as what's your story take part
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serious on info migrant? ah, me the news the news live from berlin, a brick through on global taxation, the well to richest countries that lead to a global minimum corporate tax rate. it's aimed at reigning in tech companies that do business around a deal, but pay taxes only where they are. also coming out of the us security council voted unanimously the key is seriana de corridor open after me last minute deal of comes
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russian objection. it pays the way for another year of applied for civilians. the rebel.


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