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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CEST

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the ah was, ah, this is the news lies from berlin. if we do on global taxation, the wealth, richest countries, i can reach with global minimum corporate tax rate. it's aimed as raining in tech companies that do business around the globe and pay taxes only where they are based . also coming out of the un security council boards unanimously to keep the syrian a current of open after we last minute deal of accounts. russia and objection and pay the way for another year supply of the billions in the rebel consumer. also in the program the interim government acts pulling international chines to help
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stabilize the country after the fascination of its president, 17 members of his squad in custody. an amount of hands is on the way to catch others on the run. the. ah, i am eddie micah julia, welcome to the program, members of the world's richest nations. the g 20 have reached an agreement on a global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent. that really aims to prevent countries from lowering tax be excessively to attract investment tax shines like amazon and google wouldn't be able to shop around for the most attractive tech space anymore than you tax could be in place by 2023. but some countries like islanders dounia and hungry have not signed up. still german finance minister, shoals is optimistic. you described a deal of equal oh,
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so progress in tackling tax avoidance. the minimum takes takes a real great advantage for not to see and for the whole family station. and it will give us a chance to, to, and the race to the now, just after we are fighting against to 19 and we are taking a lot of steps to fight against the house crisis to fight against the economy crisis, it's absolutely necessary that we take this step, and i'm really, really happy that we are step i'm not to invite you to use that bad. he get who's in venice at a g 20 meeting. bad. why this agreement now we've had only about paying for the huge that create that doing lock downs because the countries need money. and this is one of the main reasons. all of the g 20
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countries spend a lot of money and the estimates that you would tax system will fall in 150000000000 years a year into the coffers of the finance ministers. and there's also the vendor opportunity which is open now because the new administration in the u. s. genet yellow and the new finance ministers pushing for this tax reform because she says we need a more just and more of a tech system. so not only american companies like the guy giant google, but all other companies that earn above to 20000000000 years a year now no longer able to avoid the texas tech savings of other concerns. german companies and chinese companies and the minimum texts will also be applied to many other companies that this threshold, there's only 750000000 years a year of turn over. and so there will be a lot of companies that have to pay this minimum tx. so what will this mean for
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developing countries that might one to attract more investments with low taxes? some of the developing countries of course, argue that the means of competition and now curtailed. but if you see the, see the framework almost all of the formerly formerly known counties as tax havens have signed up to this deal because the, the big camp countries are going in the lead. and then you can avoid also doing that only nigeria and kenya and africa, and the beta it's in the caribbean, caribbean not on board so far, and some european countries, but you don't need them. there's no unanimity needed for this tax reform. the magenta yellow and also shows that they can go ahead without everybody on board because there's minimum tech scheme incorporates some procedures to make sure that
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this 15 percent at least 15 percent ok every there and the industrial countries will have higher thresholds. i have more like 5020 or 30 percent of texas on revenues that we get in venice. thank you. now the un security council has voted unanimously to continue humanitarian aid shipments through tacky into rubber territory and syria. that's the spice. initial position from russia. aid will continue to pass through the border cross and i still via google about how awful, at least the next 6 months. moscow is an ally to the syrian government and claimed that the aid operation valley serious sovereignty by going through a back door border crossing. rather than passing through the capital damascus. it took a last minutes compromise with us to keep the corridor open. aid organizations see that deliveries are vital for displaced serious the bible, however,
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border crossing a lifeline for 3400000 people can stay open, at least for now. for another 12 months, trucks can continue to deliver food medicines and corona virus. vaccines from turkey into northwestern, syria. it's a region at war. almost daily, islamist insurgence and government forces fight russian jets dropped bombs and people have to flee more than one and a half 1000000 people living crowded camps here. many have been displaced multiple times. they lack jobs and don't have prospects for the future. they're dependent on you and aid for survival. now, well then, if they had everything we have to endure in this camp and sometimes a harder than living under a tree. if these deliveries didn't come, every month, we would die and the un security council reached the compromise after tough
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negotiations. russia was opposed, but eventually agreed to the extension. the price for doing so is still unclear. united nations coordinator mark cuts was hoping for more. and we need to make sure that we can just about food security. it's also about the health situation. it's about clean water, it's about shelter. what we really want to be doing in that area is we want to scale up this 8 operation. a sigh of relief in the camps of lip of food emergency has been averted. but the last thing solution to the conflict or even peace and northwestern syria are still out of reach. now, we spoke to mark scott's, he's the us step. it's the regional humanity and coordinator for syria. and he wasn't a report to just so we asked what the decision by the un security council means to people on the ground in syria. well, it means that millions of people who are trapped warden are going to continue to
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receive the vital humanitarian aid that they depend on. i mean, we're talking about almost 2000000 displaced people who are living in 10th and make ship show says in horrific condition. many of them do not have enough food or they don't have enough clean water and medical supplies and other support. they're entirely reliant on this 8 operation. it would have been a catastrophe if we were not able to continue that. but the fact that the security council has renewed this resolution means that we can continue this 8 operational now there's not take a look at other stories making headlines around the world when he's willing security bosses have entered or car cars, neighborhood controlled by heavily armed guns becomes after several people were killed in 2 days of fighting with a gun when he was
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a wealthy oil producing nation isn't a deep economic crisis that has led to high inflation and high levels of crime. thousands of parents have how they vigil for more than 120 nigeria and students kidnapped from the school. earlier this week. man read the school in the 2 security guards were killed. and yes, it is the latest on the way of a masculine factions. nice area us president joe biden has signed on a 2nd order aimed at creating more competition across us industries. parts of the new law target technology companies and gives the government greater power to scrutinize measures money to the use of consumer data and respond to unfair competition in online shopping. he's interim government has ox, washington and the united nation is to send hundreds of troops to protect its key
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infrastructure for the when the fascination of president job in illinois, the u. s. and columbia have already agreed to send intelligence officials to help the investigation patient. please say they've captured 17 suspects and killed 3 demand hands for each other's continuous moisture killing has created the power vacuum. on the terminal has left many haitians wondering whether they still have a future in the country themes outside the u. s. embassy. in puerto prince, dozens of people have come here desperate to find a way out of the country. the presidents assassination has limitations shocked and fearing for this safety thumbs. they know other solution, the flea, min, and i haven't been able to close my eyes. i can't sleep at night. i came here because i'm scared. there are so many gunshots. you don't even know where they're coming from. i've abandoned my home. i can't go back and i don't know about my family. the investigation into president the other now marie,
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this murder is underway. patient police have detained a group of former soldiers from columbia. and to do haitian american citizens, columbia police said then nationals indicated in the net, were recruited by 4 companies and travelled to haiti by the dominican republic. in from government has asked us to send troops to help safe got its key infrastructure for the time being the u. s. has no plans to do so. both washington and plug into have pledged to sent officials to support the investigation. have a couple of items for all of you who will be sending senior s t i n g h s. officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist. the assassination has also exposed political phone lines as different factions via to lead the country to men as taking claims to become
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a prime minister. while the senate has nominated a 3rd to take charge at provisional president, the poorest nation in latin america has struggled to achieve political stability for decades. i mean, a series of crews and bribing gang violence, the assassination of president my ways is plunging it into even deep chaos. which pavilion fearing though bare the cost to dentist and now where the patch of foreign troops in recent days has led to fierce fighting for control taliban rebels. have seized control of much of the country driving out the government forces. many i've done citizens are also on the run, both from the conflict from the taliban. strict interpretation of islamic law via google has lost everything regarding her husband was killed by the telephone just a few days ago. and then she was forced to flee from her home in north afghan instead, at least here in refugee camp and low about she's safe. for now. all of us
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have a mission situation here has gotten much more since the foreign troops left me, the number of women can't go in the streets alone, around the extreme are making the rules that and there's fighting everywhere. i heard all the fear that the taliban is gaining ground daily. at present, they control around half of the country and clean to have captured up to 85 percent . and the fighting has only intensified in recent weeks. but parts of canada stands armed forces capitulated without a fight. lean to neighboring to jacob. the african government then had to secure their safe passage back to scan the stamp and those that went on are coming back in are once again going to be in the service of their people in defense of phase about their they being brought back. people are standing, it's water, there is pressure, sometimes things work in our way and sometimes they don't cold comfort for the
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goals and her family. they hope peace will come soon. but for now, there's little sign that the conflict will end you know, again, football is governing body you a for has ordered hungary to play 3 games behind closed doors of punishment for the behavior of the fans during the year 2020. and gary and fans had been investigated for racism and homophobia doing the country as much as it would up and we spoke well, association was also find 100000 years on massive chill, a banner with a slow than equal gain you in future much as a giant cut spending 8 meters high instead him heads in tokyo and nearly 19 meters in length. the huge 3 d billboard is one of the biggest to go up on display japan as life like imagery, attracting, including audience, both on the street and online. but it's feline depiction,
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it's just for technology has been with the official display to be launched on july 12th well, you all up to date next stop report looks at how i'm calling with the shut down details. she's laugh food them because the newspaper that's after the break. i am heading, mike a junior oh, where i come from. we have to fly for free press. i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with one tv channel and a few newspapers with official information as a journey. i had worked on this trip of many countries, and there are always the same for to mean equality. and that the freedom of the press corruption was on the floor to say sign. and when it comes to the defense of
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the human from steven white to those who have inside for their drug. my name is candy perez and i work at the w ah ah, boon and harry were journalists for apple daily, the most outspoken newspaper in hong kong. the painful farewell, the headline of its final edition. the popular paper was forced to shut and the china is tightening control over its free a city. the apple daily didn't change when hong kong has what does the papers fate tell us about the future of hong kong?
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this isn't a normal day at the office for poon, the 30 year old journalist has just learned that the newspaper he worked for for a decade would close at midnight. all day. i'm on hold. we just received notice that apple daily will publish its final edition tonight. so i'm rushing back to the office, although i still have a report pending publication. i see if i can make it today. although were prepared for its ending, it still feels unreal. that morning. another staff member from apple daily, an editor, aerial writer, was arrested under hong kong national security law. it was imposed by beijing, 2 outlaw active versions of session collusion, and terrorism punishable by up to life in prison. all the people we know media
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workers are at risk, especially those from apple daily. all day. it's kind of expected, but journalists are humans to what we don't want it to happen by young poon is joined by harry, a photo journalist who's worked for apple daily for 7 years. what's your last assignment today? none, i must, judy, i didn't expect things to in today. i regret that none of my photos will be in the final edition. what i understand the freezing of its assets made it almost impossible for apple daily to continue operating or even to pay it staff i was, he is, i'm bringing my own camera with me to document the historical moment. the ending is not ideal, but i understand the decision made by management because they care a lot about our safety. hi,
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hold on. i. as nightfall, more and more supporters come to bid a sentimental farewell. it's not just the paper that's coming to an end. all it's online content will also no longer be accessible in a few hours time. clock. ok so, so i run a so many people read down newspaper and even traveled all the way out here to support us. but in the end, the only reason that forced apple daily to shot was government pressure because i thought it breaks my heart even more. hold on to suppose i go. my last report was to test preservatives and fast food i did. it was published on the website that night and i couldn't be added to the print edition and there was no more room on sunday. my report survived for 3 hours and then vanished all we couldn't do much on the last day. or during the last few hours,
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we were still journalists, we fulfilled our duties to continue reporting. paula: now perhaps we won't find anywhere else as free to report as here. all the oil. oh, i haven't kept any printed record of my previous report. well, we want to, all of them had vanished. i don't think you want to be, but it's not enormous pity for me personally. i only lost a little hungry, but the whole of hong kong had lost numerous important pieces of news and history, as well as a large group of journalists, deijani. and that's what's most regretable. goal was something away. 1000000 copies of apple daily's final edition were published a record high in this city of 7500000 people. the popular paper just marked its 26th anniversary 3 days before its closure. founded shortly before the former british colony was handed over to china. apple daily had long been seen as an indicator of hong kong to free speech under beijing through but it was also an
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outspoken thorn in the authority side. it's founder jimmy lie is currently in jail for organizing illegal protests and charged with collusion under the smithy national security law. last year we spoke to him right after police 1st rated apple daily's newsroom. i was saying with the ship because this pace gave me everything. you know, i mean, death to this race. i'm very grateful to the what the say that given me, i told them that consider your own safety, your conscience, and you operate cation to that society. we are not asking you to be the marker, as you know, do whatever you think is the right thing to do. so we would just continue to do it and test the water. his media empire did carry on, but was constantly tested a week before its closure. apple daily was dealt another blow. 5 executives were arrested reporters,
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computers were seized on that night. the remaining editorial board continued publishing. the massive raid was front page news. then the government froze, its assets, putting the papers very survival at risk. even worse, 2 executives were brought to court for conspiracy of collusion with dozens of apple daily articles cited as evidence by young. suddenly our editor in chief became a suspect and we saw him in court on call. i'd never imagined a reporter having to undergo this last night during the court hearing on that day, we realized that reports and commentaries we once deemed ordinary were now problematic. the hope hope things are impacted us a lot. one. how can the remaining freedom of press and expression protect? i don't know how someone. yeah, we were frustrated on that day bold already man. a journalists can hardly full protection since then. i got a whole so use the red lines are everywhere,
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but which are enough to homeless. you know, i felt like the hide fishing blamed opposition media for the mass protest in hong kong. and vowed to clamp down on what it called subversive dissidence. even month before it's closure, rumors and threats of shutting down apple daily had struck fear into its journalists. some left, others chose to stay until the bitter end, including poon and harry. i sees every last opportunity to perform a duty when it comes on even before it's closure. reporters for opposition media like apple daily, already encountered many restrictions just a day before the newspaper closed. harry was on his last photo assignment. outside the court. all reporters movements are monitored by the police to worry about this good for reporting had changed fundamentally. when the government
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classifies you as a position media, it often exclude you from certain press events and information. therefore caught news and our own interviews are some of the few things we can still cover. the climate has become totally different in the wake of the protests. in the past, we could shoot freely, but now there are always metal barriers everywhere. always hang on. just 2 days later, harry's life has been turned upside down. he's no longer a photo journalist. this gear, which helped him to record many historical occasions, has to be returned to the now defunct newspaper outlet. well, i can't get used to it when i feel empty. woodall, there are so many uncertainties ahead in so many question marks in my head. i haven't been like this for a long time. hunger news in hong kong makes me feel really exhausted and powerless
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. every time i shoot in the field, there's a great sense of powerlessness. we're hot, there's nothing else i can do more for you. i want to come in as a photo journalist. i witness the collapse of hong kong and it's most frustrating era. once the most vocal critic in china, the unprecedented death of apple daily raises another pressing question. who's next? the domino effect it triggered intensifies the chill, a number of opposition media outlets have removed, commentaries, suspended service, or even left hong kong. yet another editor from the now shut, apple daily was arrested at the airport when he tried to leave the like a fact. i didn't think it was. i was like, the chinese proverb says, with apple daily's like the sacrificial animal that slaughtered to intimidate the
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other farm animals and make them obey god, how pessimistic this always takes her. hi. when get go, we also wonder whether a previous reports will cause us trouble getting home language. but we can't be fearful as long as we work in line with journalist to conduct a towards our meeting again, or you'll have the chance to enjoy the last light of press freedom. every journalist is under pressure. i think a lot already. i haven't come up with a conclusion of whether i can still be a reporter. even if i can, it will be very difficult. no, no, no. this is the 1st time they've met since sample daily close. it felt so strange to have nothing to do yesterday on such a busy day for all reporters. i learned a few of their former colleagues are now on social media to continue reporting as independent journalists. but many are
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quitting the industry. how are the photo journalists doing? so these are some plan to get a tax to license and b drive is not shooting anymore. it's hard to find another liberal platform. take a cold and independent journalist must bear all the risks and consequences on their own designs on the pressure and burden are different. go, go out and pull my powerful. yes, in hong kong. nowadays. any article control various accusations. it could be a huge risk by, by the shooting photo safer. so who knows? maybe a photo could also be blamed as incitement. hong kong detour from democracy has forced them to put the brakes on their journalistic endeavors. does it also spelled the end of freedom of the press in their home city own?
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i don't think hong kong press freedom has died than although it's seriously wounded things things all say and we have been all, i've witnessed the change of hong kong from a place with free speech where there is basically no taboo for journalist to a place filled with red lines for the whole, you know, how we would all seen many opinions and acts are now prohibited. hello my uncle and it's not only me as a journalist that witnesses it but all hong kong or she hung on him. i think i will get like hong kong itself. boon and harry are at a crossroads and there's no clear path ahead. so he faces an uncertain future who says he's done his best and has no record of john's welcome. will be with me. ah
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films that touch on hearts made with courage, perseverance and talent. by young filmmakers we met years ago as a band. what are they doing now? against all? barely knowledge talents. we visited on daily life for jews in europe. like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect their daily lives? film producer, alice brown, and publish cooler mon examined what it's like being jewish. ah, 45 minutes in the eye of change
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africa, mega store. what do you have for their future? v w dot com, african megacity multi media insight clicks and answer me. ah, ah, it's so painful to see so many people leave the country now because they just don't see any future here anymore. me. ah, the time and then history where we could do it. if we fail, it's failing, it's still needs a lot of energy to go forward. making
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films against all the rules of creating images that have never existed before highlighting problems. that's what filmmaking is about. for many young people. we've met a lot of them over the years and the bell and all that trans program which always takes place at the same time as the burn and international film festival. bringing together over $200.00 up and coming to makers from all over the world. we caught up with for them again, and partial is coca from saddam constantine vault and christopher own from germany and lebanon. andrew, buying a host thing from bangladesh, the jews who
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consents, he wants to make films that his people the we met him in berlin in february, when it was freezing cold. he was supposed to drink friends and taking a break from the stressed and so damned thing in times of dictatorship. you can never be your true self. so you never know what your identity is. i feel like for us to, to become really who we are as people we need this freedom we need to face and we need to be able to play. and i feel like our culture is cinema. is that space for us to play, to try to understand who we are and to show it to ourselves. we 1st met how she was coca in 2016 and it was living in the middle of a war zone in the new mountains and south saddam. he participated in the bell and on a talent program after making the award winning documentary beat of the anti,
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the film about music. i didn't take it away, you know, and about the war using music within that music and culture on daily life and concentrated on people. we actually moved to the new mountains in 2012, as a war raged between the government and ethnic groups fighting for independence and the right to their own cultural identity. it was a war for resources, self determination, and over the role of religion. the you scared like you naturally scared everybody around you scared. everybody is running into foxholes. there is a moment when you come out that you want to make sure everybody's ok. there's that
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moment of fear. but as soon as you noted everybody's ok, then there's that moment of extreme happiness. as huge. coco one, the best sell commentary audience award at the 2014 toronto film festival before moving to the new mountains. he had lived in new york, but he gave up a secure existence to support his people. living in brooklyn, there had my little 6 c bike that i love and is an easy life is these fun is very creative. but my work there doesn't matter. wow. the simple thing of being in her words, i'm just, my presence makes a difference. her jewish cook, i walk as a wall chronicler, organized theater workshops, and set up an artist collective in 2018. he made his 1st fiction film, an anti war comedy. akasha is about up none a soldier and his girlfriend, lena,
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after they spend the night together, at none gets into trouble. when lena becomes jealous with some of the furniture, you know, rather than the shop is in for on the, on the meal and not the dish out. the funny little, you know, the last year the director shop assume was a small team area without running electricity. it premiered at the 2018 finished film festival. when we 1st started making the film, it was a film that we were making for ourselves. we felt we need, we, we, we had that need for coming together and celebrating. and this is what i discovered from my 1st documentary be said that enough. so with a cash out, we wanted to create a film that had the backdrop of war, but still had enough humour and life and whatnot and questioning of revolution. and
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when he means that it means a lot to us and it was amazing that the film actually also ended up in huge festival and went around ah, we met constantine voc and christopher our own when they participated in the 2019 nala thomas program. that went to canada on the international co production caffeine. now konstantin ball kinds editor and christopher own as cinematographer. cafe. no puts the spotlight on people fighting for their survival. poor children in the slums of a root like 12 year old zane's. that was the moment when you realized that the fiction that we're doing that the reality is surpassing the fiction that we're doing. and that made everyone realize how important this fictionalized version that we're creating here is and that these topics do need to be talked about children without childhood. you'd see those good on the streets everywhere. you'd see
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families also between lanes and on the highway. you're just just ignore them. you just treat them like animals or like ghosts that, that don't exist, but they're everywhere. a non professional actors were clamped from the streets and much of the film was shot from them. perspective. it was not so much the story, but the wrong direct and truthful way of telling the story that made the film so exceptional. in 2018 at one the jury prize at the cannes film festival and in 2019 it was nominated for an oscar. it's easy to blame people, but it's much harder to understand why they act the way that they act. what is wrong with the system that makes them act this way? how were they brought up? ah, we caught up with him again this year, but not together. caffeine now may not have one the best foreign film oscar 2 years
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ago, but the nomination propelled their careers forward and christ of our own one the germans, cinematography of constantine bulk, is currently in a route conducting research. while kristof own is on a flight of insurer, they were both invited to join the academy of motion, picture, arts and sciences after the oscar nomination. the whole experience in l. a. for us, with a door open or even beyond the academy, what it meant, 1st and foremost, and this is very important to us. they are to get to put in the doors that we signed with an amazing agency there. and they set up a lot of meetings and they really encouraged us to, to take that step. and especially for, for you, chris, i guess it's from, from, from across the world at the moment to choose from which, which is what i would have been looking for. oh, last summer he was the cinematographer. so the international co production,
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the man who sold his skin janisa, submitted it as its entry for the best foreign film oscar. and it made a short list of 15 films. yeah, this is enough story that bekins and syria, some ali is in love with a b was when henry and henry 3 we did deal with the challenge. you can use the revolution will be his own doing. the police will hunt him down, crossing him to let her know while via stays behind, mary's diplomats and moved to belgium. will some ever see her again?
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an artist offers a promising solution, and sam becomes a living canvas. if you apply. so i went back and sort of thought i would feel as though because she was showing some don don, i like the idea of turning into this over there was a means to that person to become a piece of art. and that's going to just blew me away with my latest flooring you real fighting and traveling around the world is going to be look and all of this work about signature. we had that idea of having each scene look like a bathing and have the be like a gallery or museum you're, you're,
1:41 pm
you're walking onto and looking at those different pieces of art. so the, so the idea was to have seen the different the exist. it was so we created those in the data from each other, but also all of them connected. and i was scared. now my biggest shooting this movie was that at the end, it turns out like a music video because it's all not because i've seen looking that different a deceitful off world stage in a visually lash fashion. the critically acclaimed film celebrated its premier at the venice film festival. it also stars monica bellucci. as the cynical gallery cues me, part of the explanation, the real,
1:42 pm
what is inside. i almost feel like you guys were sort of like subconsciously inspired by the artist that did this in real life. in the he tattooed a real guy, the work is called tin. he, he turned the human being into a piece of art which inspires caused her to write the script. and i feel like, yeah, that twisted in this is, is fill in how you guys translated that with your visual beauty and the wickedness of the crib. while christopher own was busy shooting a co production in the summer of 2020 constantine bark was in bay route. on august the 4th 2020 the same day that 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port. he witnessed the nightmare up close and then the mushroom appeared out of nowhere and then took
1:43 pm
a few seconds before the shock wave. but you know, i think the scariest thing was not knowing what, what's going on is that what does this mean, this war or someone attacking or what was happening were just so foolish and didn't realize what was going on. ah, ah months later, it's who is to planes for this arrested catastrophe, but many blame the politicians and have lost faith in the state. the federal funds gave them to me and what would be to be quicker than men doing the
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young people in particular the future. and they root, old lebanon, nemo constantine, bulk of video, his musician, friends. i think that the fraction really goes beyond the physical destruction and really destroy something in people and in our friends or family in their hearts and souls. and that destruction is much, much harder to fix if it's even possible than the physical destruction of constantine bunk once to process the images interrupted research on a project. and together with a nice woman, is developing the script for botox, a root, a dog satire that takes aim at the widespread corruption in the country. it's a film from the fashion scene that tries to highlight corruption and methodism behind the beautiful, the near financial support for the development of the screen play has already been approved in germany. constantine vol. plans to shoot in
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a root into. yes. if we want to help in any way, it's by telling stories from here. and it's also by making a film here and employing our friends in the, in the film industry and like, you know, bringing, there's so much talent here. so the best thing we can do is make something here and shoot. ah ah ah, it's remarkable young. and they are carrying that bad economy made in bangladesh town. the story of shima as seems to be working in a factory. an accident occurs.


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