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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 11:15am-11:30am CEST

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bit this for him on game will be held at rios mark kinda where just under 8000 fans will be allowed in due to current virus concerns your law up to date at this point. next stop. sports fly follows the rocky road to the toko olympics. a michael ok, thanks so much for joining me. we'll be back with more news at the top of the next tower. ah, me the me me
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ah. me the the the the, the vio lympics for athletes in countless disciplines. the ultimate dream. just after i was 10,
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when i 1st watched the olympics on tv, it was estimating and i've been fascinated, ever since limping towards relate to tokyo, is already underway with the games set to open on july 23rd despite the rising cobra. right. i love the lympics and the movement. what makes the thought relate so special for me? 3 german athletes, a fence, a javelin fro and a high jump at their rocky road to tokyo. and i definitely want to be there as well that it is a bit scary. maybe i can find out is there is a really concern on almost limbering up at a training camp in turkey for him. it's been an extraordinary year. after the postponement of the olympics, he took a break to concentrate fully on physical preparation as opposed to competition over
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the winter. that meant training in doors, but now he's finally back outside the unit and then suddenly picking up the javelin. again, feels just amazing. this is like a child having that bicycle taken away and then being allowed to get on it again. here's something you never get to do and it's exciting to you pick up the job and it's immediately gratifying to have that feeling back is important to me is crucial. it's a really special feeling if you haven't done it in 6 months, you're so hungry that you can't wait to launch a long and powerful fro again with bites of from the power of a powerful in this case means 90 meters plus something he's managed time and again, in recent years, his goal now is to repeat that this year. oh,
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i don't know, has a ready competed in a major meet this year. she entered the qualification tournament in kaz on russia, determined to secure her ticket to the olympics, as were 204 rival fellow fences, dolo attacks and fainted, but failed to make the grade her dreams of making her 1st olympics could now be dest. ah, he's speeded up the olympics. are my big goal now? especially i tell you, i think this is a huge sporting festival with so many discipline of the same place, the highest level of life. and it's the biggest event out there for most important . and i want to be part of it, but sometimes there's one final chance for alexander and dolo via tournament in madrid in april. that's what she's focusing on now. but only the window will
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qualify for tokyo will full years of high intensity training for the big goal proved to have been in vain. ringback the me, it's been a complicated past 12 months, so high jump in the last young flies. the pandemic turned her plans upside down. the olympics postponed, training under difficult conditions, and no tournaments, the resulting lack of security about the future. also compromise and motivation. and cobit 19 is still impacting on her daily life. her boyfriend's, nikolai has been a pillar of support, helping him make it through these challenging times. to get him to do something with friends again or visit relatives without a guilty conscience fund. i also went to work with my coach again without any
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issues going on with the only thing one and a half or 2 meters distance and just isn't normal. this is michelle my. she has the experience and almost fatherly support of her coach, gary and thomas case is in charge of the german national high jump, a team having worked with young flies for over a decade. now you also provide some much needed confidence as, as my mind, especially because then you recognize my weaknesses and helped me to improve, i think on the harmony between us. that's a good streamline porter comes, come fish. it's been official for our work together and for our goal, i'm in the home for the 2 of them have already been to the canary islands for whole training this year. the young flush has been using the time without competition to hold her, run out perfecting those all important full t steps is crucial for her take off the height, she can clear something on the run up is very fact you have to spend
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age is fine, but and even then years later, it's not ideal. ideally, she just wants to be proving her talents on the big stage. and it could happen in may. if the pandemic does, gets in the way again, it's tough to assess her current level of performance. jeff has no idea when you jump in again competitive at a similar level, then you automatically jump a bit higher because of the pressure amount of look at the 2016 games in rio de janeiro. she finished 7th after clearing one meter 93 while and young slices, kate, it's all about focusing on her body. thomas also has a silent partner to consider the more popular sign and it was pretty accurate and i don't have any extremely emotional bonds to
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my javelin. that's because they get broken too frequently for me to connect with them. like you do with get a feel and there's a whole range of them. and they, they're not just in terms of color. there are different materials to it's called the cyber metal, the minium steel, alan minion, with carbon fiber on the surface are all the same rules. why 2? because at the same land, same weight, same thickness, that's really important. the only difference is in the use your particular javelin, according to the wind machine. feeling then personal technique. and the vibration is also important with javelle in that silence. after all, there's a particular noise when you throw them, cuz it's going to give it a go up 1st. and that involves absorbing one ton and weight. javelin flowing might look straightforward, but it puts the body on the enormous strain. and that to means specific training to
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smooth uses a subtle and perhaps unexpected method. for years he's been practicing his stones and stability on it's like, like he suspect it's pretty stick. but it's basically about having an elite in the surface. it helps train even the smallest muscles and what's going on, the key words here, injury prevention for us, it's not about growing as far as possible, regardless by what about insuring a healthy career in sports or something. we also tried to change it up and coming talent. practice won't enable me to immediately fro further, but it will help to maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time. i'm invited for the harrison. you're willing of a site license, but it's up to me and he'll need that high level come august 7th, when his biggest event of the year takes place at the tokyo and then picks
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the fall from feeling nervous. he's looking forward to tackling the new outdoor season with less stress and more confidence. i mean, i mainly just entering the phase where things are getting gradually more intensity . if the weather is getting warmer in germany, we're doing more targeted training and gradually doing more javelin frozen. and then now be the focus on competing, more specifically on the olympics and madrid at the end of april. for alex, and i don't know the tournament in the spanish capital is her last chance to get to tokyo. there's no room for error, only the window will stamp their ticket to the olympics. the rest will have to watch from home. alexander and dolo has high hopes
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and she gets off to a very promising stuff, comfortably beating an opponent from lithuania and then from hungary. but the city final presenter with arrival of a different caliber rena neva from bella rues. the 2 had never faced each other before and although maintains her focus throughout the bouts and ends up as the 15 point to 9 when she's now in the final standing in the way of her pastor toto is all in creepy guy from ukraine a to time brahms metal, when the world championships see the favorites and promptly takes the lead. alexander on dollar try to recover repeatedly lending hits on a opponent's folly,
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but not often enough emerges victorious and it headed for tokyo. for alexander. and although the olympic dream is over, i hi jump in my, the law was young flies, it will now also be do old die time. the olympic countdown has begun with less than a 100 days to go. the focus is also on finding the right hopefully i'll jump at a level, i'm happy with it and we'll be able to go to the games. basically comes from spin. com. hopefully i'll jump over 19. i have office location, maybe even to meet him. told us is also feeling the exertion of these very special conditions, a prerequisite for all and then pick hopefuls
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a corona virus job. and once in tokyo, there'll be no limping village. and a limited number of fans in the stadium. again is an unlimited champion. i'll be really determined because there's always a gambled up. i don't want to pin too early. there's no help the season. i want to hit my peek in late july early august. that's crucial. performance present, arkansas, and one thing is for sure. good. i won't have any more time in the coming weeks for his hobby fishing. and after recharging his batteries, he'll be out to defend his crown in tokyo. ah . busy the
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everybody knows that nobody was times it always comes out several times. pain is a warning from our body and can have many causes. what can we do to prevent it from becoming i was wanting to companion. we become finally timeframe in good shape. next on w, the proper preparation i would say i'm the source and roman legionnaire bike expedition into the room and board the famous line border gosh room and through germany, changes in 60 minutes, d, w. these places in europe are smashing the wreckers me
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into the printer. the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of european record breaking on, you know, also in book form food. sometimes it's all you can think about. your stomach growls message is clear. you're hungry. when you're unable to suppress the yawn, it's also a sign you're tired at bodies of good at getting a signal. pain is another. it tells us there's a problem.


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